'City Lights' brighten up Homecoming 2006 by ssh14851


                                                                                                                                             September 20, 2006
                                                                      Abingdon High School

                                                                                                                                              Fall Sports Preview p. 4

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‘City Lights’ brighten up Homecoming 2006
Mary Kate Burke copy editor      1990’s or 2000’s fashions;        rotate among the SCA coun-             the environment,” said Al- of the Month will be given a
                                 Falcon Spirit Day; and Pack       cil. This will provide a larger        der. “Abingdon High School free lunch and other prizes
     The SCA has big plans       the House.                        variety of music by allowing           needs more involvement and provided by Goodman Jew-
for the 2006 Homecoming               Other activities include     the different SCA officers to          participation by the school elers. Alder said, “There
week and the 2006-2007           a powder-puff game at the         play their music picks.                in the recycling program.”    are so many talented and
school year. “Fall Homecom-      Bash on Tuesday and on                  “Incorporating music                   Another change will be extraordinary students at
ing is always an exciting        Wednesday are teacher-vs.-        between classes adds excite-           an SCA bulletin board. The Abingdon High School that
week full of fun and spirit,”    student basketball games.         ment into the school day,”             bulletin board will notify deserve recognition.”
said SCA president Jillian       During Homecoming week,           said Alder. SCA will play              students of
                                                                                                                                  City Lig
Alder, “and this year’s spirit   SCA will sell shirts with         music in the six minutes               what is cur-
week is going to be awe-         the Homecoming slogan for         between classes and before             rently hap-                                ber 25
some!”                           around eight dollars.             and after school.                      pening in the                     S eptem
     This year’s Homecom-             SCA will sponsor a                 Alder was inspired by            school and             Homecoming Events
ing theme is “City Lights,”      canned food drive also dur-       E.B. Stanley M.S. to es-               SCA every
                                                                                                                           Monday      Mis-Match Day
with class halls named for       ing Homecoming week. Stu-         tablish recycling bins for             month.                       Hallway decorations 3-5 p.m.
famous American cities.          dents can bring items other       students’ aluminum and                       The Stu-   Tuesday     Decade Day
Because school is closed the     than canned foods, but they       plastic. Although AHS al-              dent of the                  Bonfire and Bash 6 p.m.
Friday of Homecoming, all        will only get spirit points       ready has an aluminum bin,             Month Award      Wednesday City Theme Day
the Homecoming activities        from canned foods.                Alder hopes to add a plastic           will continue                Teacher vs. Student games
have been squeezed into the           The SCA will continue        bin and get people more                and be se-       Thursday    Falcon Spirit/Class Unity Day
four-day week.                   playing music on Fridays,         involved.                              lected ran-                  Carnival & pep rally
     Activities include De-      starting Sept. 1. Instead of            “E.B. Stanley has reju-          domly from a                 Pack the House volleyball game
cade Day, where students         having a single DJ playing        venated its recycling system           list compiled    Friday      SCA tailgate
are to dress in clothes from     music between classes this        so that all students can               by teachers.                 Football game 7:30 p.m.
the 1980’s or earlier, no        year, the position of DJ will     do their part in protecting            The Student                  Homecoming Dance ‘til 11:30

AHS new home to four ‘This is Jeopardy!’... in Bristol?
                                                      “We waited in
exchange students
                                                                   Candace Sykes entertainment editor
                                                line for 11 hours to
                       “This is Jeopardy!” is a take a three min-
 Megan Hope news editor          and his father who owns his       phrase heard in households             ute test,” Breeding
                                 own business,                     all around the nation. Chil-           said. “The ques-
       Exchange students         as well as his                    dren have grown up hearing             tions weren’t hard,
 Leandro Riberio Costa,          15-year-old                       the popular slogan, hum-               just random.”
 Michael Kadilak, Rastislav      brother. Af-                      ming the theme song, and                     Jeopardy! con-
 Varchola and Maria Worsch       ter this year,                    wishing they could meet the            testants are asked
 plan to attend AHS for the      Kadilak plans                     host. Jeopardy! has been               10 questions while
 2006-2007 school year to        to return to                      a part of American life for            trying out to be on
 better learn our culture and    Slovakia and         Kadilak
                                                                   42 years. Recently, try outs           the game show.                                       Earl Neikirk
 language.                       graduate at his high school.      were held at the Bristol Mall                Some of the Jason Breeding works on test to qualify as a
       Senior Leandro Ri-        His host family is Larry          in Bristol, Virginia.                  questions include contestant on Jeopardy.
               berio Costa,      and Mary Kay Pionk and                  English teacher Todd             Shakespeare trivia,
               17, comes to      their children, Diana and         Necessary, math teacher                questions about the popular back from one of the four dif-
               AHS from Belo     Preston.                          Jason Breeding, and library            TV series, such as The OC, ferent tests they had for the
               Hiongiente, a           Sophomore Rasto Var-        secretary Amanda Lott were             and questions about the possible contestants.
               Brazilian city    chola, 15, also comes from        three of the participants.             “Last Stand” book series.          To Lott, the variety of
               with two mil-                  Slovakia. He               Necessary and Breed-                   Like most young chil- people who tried out was
               lion people.                   lives in Kosice      ing made it to the first round,        dren, Necessary played the most interesting part
                     C o s -                  with his moth-       both only missing one ques-            along with the game when of the day. Necessary said,
 ta lives at home with his                    er, father, older    tion that would pass them to           he was younger.              “Being an observer of other
 mother and father as well                    sister, and his      the next round. Lott, how-                   “I wanted to look into members of my species was
 as one brother and one                       dog, Solo.           ever, made it to the second            the camera and say ‘You will the most interesting part of
 sister. He will be staying                         This year,     round of trivia.                       rue the day you crossed me, the day.”
 with Bob and Trish Cury                      Varchola will              Lott waited in line two          Alex Trebec,’” said Neces-         “I actually met a lady
 and their son Adam. Costa       stay with Tim and Susan           hours to get to the try outs.          sary.                        who thought she was going
 would like to travel to New     Gresham and their son,            Breeding and Necessary ar-                   Unfortunately, it was to meet Alex Trebec,” said
 York, Miami, Boston, and        Nick Overbay. He enjoys           rived at seven a.m.                    one question that held him Necessary.
 other major cities in the       photography, music, com-
 United States.
       “I love soccer, skate-
                                 puters, movies, and sports.
                                 “It’s very similar, except of     Graves becomes new assistant
                                                                   superintendent for Washington Co.
 boarding, wakeboarding,         course for the language and
 and water sports,” said         the food,” said Varchola,
 Costa who also enjoys trav-     who will return to Slovakia       Mary Katherine Phipps copy editor            Graves was a five time             Now as Assistant Su-
 eling and playing peteca,       in June.                                                                 All American track run-            perintendent, Graves said
 a Brazilian sport. After                           Senior Ma-          Dr. Tom Graves is a               ner at Auburn University           he “basically does all the
 high school, Costa plans                     ria Worsch,16,       man of many places and                 and qualified for the 1980         things that the Superinten-
 to study civil engineering                   from Liebeuau,       many occupations. He has               Olympic Trials in the 5000         dent does not have time to
 at college.                                  Germany, will        lived in New Jersey, Chi-              meter.                             do.”
       Junior Micheal Ka-                     be staying           cago, Montana, Alabama,                      Last year, Graves as-              Graves took the place
 dilak, 17, enjoys playing                    with Mark and        Georgia, Virginia, Wyoming,            sumed the position of Direc-       of Dr. Lee Brannon, who
 soccer as well. He also                      Colette Rob-         Indianapolis, and Florida              tor of Logistics and Facili-       was named Superintendent
 participated in a dance                      erts and their       doing everything from police           ties. In this position, he was     in Norton, Va.
 group in his hometown of        daughters, Kirsten and            investigation to his newest            in charge of food service,               “I really like Abingdon
 Michalovce, Slovakia.           Amanda. She enjoys hip            endeavor, Assistant Super-             technology, transportation,        because of the country at-
       Kadilak left behind his   hop. Worsch plans to travel       intendent of Washington                and facilities/custodians/         mosphere and great weath-
 mother, who is a teacher,       the country next summer.          County Schools.                        warehouse.                         er,” said Graves.

                                                                                                                                         September 20, 2006

‘Watch out for pickpockets’
An overplayed warning comes to life
Becca Litton reporter

      Before leaving for Europe
                                           came up and touched my arm and
                                           shoulder. She was carrying a piece
                                                                                           World Trade Center:
                                                                                                 Define your own
                                                                                         Emma Callahan reporter

                                                                                               The idea of a “post 9/11
                                                                                                                              rubble after the attacks. Only 20
                                                                                                                              people were rescued prior to the
with Mmes Lenviel and Perdue,              of cardboard and holding her child            world” is ridiculous. Has your       collapse of the buildings.
my mother told me to pack lightly,         on her hip. Her presence fright-              life changed drastically since             Before the movie was re-
saving room for souvenirs, to take         ened me. This continued for about             Sept. 11, 2001, other than hav-      leased, Oliver Stone adamantly
comfortable shoes, and to watch            three seconds as I walked faster.             ing to take off your shoes and       declared, “This is not a politi-
out for gypsies in Rome.                   By the time I finally escaped her, I          throw away your fingernail clip-     cal film.” The movie rides on the
      Gypsies in Europe have a no-         had descended the steps and was               pers at the airport? Most of us      emotional journey of two men
madic or unconventional lifestyle.         frazzled. The entire group crossed            will say no. Sure, those who lost    into the fifth building of the
Some sit on street corners with            the street.                                   family members and friends in        World Trade Centers and their
cups in front of them, and others                A boy from another group,               the attacks on America will nev-     miraculous rescue. In no way
seek money in other ways. Some             merely kidding, pulled my itiner-             er be the same again, but here,      does Stone exploit the stories of
steal and pick pockets. When my            ary out of my purse saying, “Look,            in a world away from New York        these two men. Nothing about
mother warned me about this, I             I just pick pocketed you, and                 City, things have stayed the         their experiences is assumed.
did not take her advice. I fell prey       you had no idea.” I looked down,              same. I’m not trying to undercut     Jimeno and McLoughlin them-
to one of these gypsies in Rome,           observing my purse to secure my               the effect that 9/11 had on our      selves worked with producers to
Italy.                                     wallet, but it was gone. I quickly            country and our attitudes, but       make this film.
      On our first day in Europe,          told people around me and went to             honestly, we can’t live in a “post         Roger Ebert said, “You’re
we visited the Roman Coliseum.             find Mme Lenviel and Denis, our               9/11 world” forever.                 right down there with them, and
As we were heading down the                tour guide, to begin searching for                  Hollywood has joined in the    the actors play it for real. There’s
steps in front of the Coliseum, a          sight of gypsies across the street.           “post 9/11” parade and banked        no need to overdramatize some-
gypsy woman with two children              Denis ran across the street, but              a few good dollars on the emo-       thing as inherently dramatic as
(one on her hip and a small girl           they were gone.                               tions of Americans.                  this.” The New York Times review
who looked to be about seven)                    As our group toured the                       Oliver Stone’s World Trade     claimed, “World Trade Center is,
were standing there. At this point         Coliseum, I walked around, dazed.             Center might be one of those         from first frame to last, almost
I was walking with Emily Swan.             The aftermath was the oddest feel-            movies, but nonetheless it is an     unbearably moving.” Whether
The seven-year-old came up and             ing, one I had thankfully never ex-           exceptional film. It’s the true      or not you consider this film a
grazed my arm. I became nervous            perienced before. It was the feeling          story of Port Authority police       PG-13 disaster movie, an exploi-
and walked briskly. The little girl        of having nothing. All of my money            officers Sgt. John McLoughlin        tation movie or an inspirational
moved to Emily and began dis-              was gone. I did not cry until I told          and Will Jimeno, the 18th and        movie, see it before forming your
tracting her. Then the woman               my mother.       Pickpockets on page 3        19th men to be pulled from the       opinion.

‘Do what I say, and you live’
                ‘Snakes on a Plane’ markets to American audiences
Olivia Gibian viewpoints editor
                                           It includes almost every theme              said, “Go see Snakes on a Plane…            Snakes on a Plane may have
      Film is a medium for which           of a typical summer blockbuster.            Do what I say and you live!” I im-     attracted an audience because
fantasy can come alive. Often what         However, Snakes on a Plane also             mediately decided to see Jackson’s     Americans were eager to see the
may seem outlandish or impos-              managed to employ a fresh threat-           new film.                              good guy winning in the end or to
sible may be presented before a            airline terrorism and encounters                  Snakes on a Plane was one        laugh at horrible special effects
packed theater of eager viewers.           with poisonous snakes. Though               of the most terrible movies I have     and terrible one-liners. Snakes on
Sex, ruthless assassins, fast-             Snakes on a Plane sounded like a            seen, and I laughed really hard        a Plane whether taken seriously
paced action, and surfing have             guaranteed moneymaker, it only              when people had appendages bit-        or not, provides a diversion from
been popular themes brought to             grossed $13.9 million in its open-          ten off by killer snakes. Because it   real-world problems. Terrorism
life by film. Director David R.            ing weekend. One would have                 was so ridiculously overdone, the      seeps to the back of our minds as
Ellis brings together all of these         thought that a thriller featuring           movie came off as less of a thriller   a constrictor falls from the ceil-
elements with a loose plot in his          Samuel L. Jackson fighting snakes           and more of a cheesy horror            ing of an airplane, attracting our
thriller Snakes on a Plane. If you         with a blowtorch and an anaconda            movie. In the tradition of Attack of   undivided attention.
are looking for a movie to intrigue        swallowing a man on a plane                 the Killer Tomatoes of the ‘70s and         As long as there is unease
you, to force you to think, to en-         would have been much more suc-              Evil Dead of the ‘80s, Snakes on a     and tension in the world, sensa-
lighten you in some way, don’t see         cessful.                                    Plane will be preserved in history     tionalized movies will be created
Snakes on a Plane. However, if                   Snakes on a Plane took ad-            as the comical cult horror flick of    as a brief distraction from reality.
you are interested in being hit by a       vantage of a relatively new mar-            our generation.
tidal wave of cheap thrills and pro-       keting technique. The film had                    We live in a time of natural
fanity, mediocre acting and cheesy         an extensive website with photos,           disaster, environmental distress,
comedic timing, gruesome deaths            trailers, and a special feature             political conflict, and social un-
and overdone heroism, Snakes on            reaching a broad audience. On the           rest. Movies can show us a projec-
a Plane will satisfy your desires.         website, people could personalize           tion of our own world. The main
      Snakes on a Plane has tar-           a phone call from Samuel L. Jack-           difference between our world and
geted an audience of mostly                son, and have him call a friend’s           the world of film is that a script-
teenagers and preteens looking             phone to promote the movie.                 writer, not fate, has the power to
for a good summer night thriller.                When Jackson called me he             manipulate a situation.                                        www.movies.yahoo.com

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September 20, 2006

     Briefly                 Students experience Europe at its best
Band goes Bohemian           Becca Litton reporter                Aix En Provence, Cannes,              on June 15 for
      The AHS marching                                            Nimes, and Avignon as well            a 10-day trip to
band started their sea-            Many different groups          as the country of Monaco.             Greece and Ita-
son off early by attend-     of students embarked on                   Students who went on             ly. In Italy, they
ing camp at UVA-Wise         journeys to various coun-            this trip were AHS alumni             traveled to Sor-
this summer. There they      tries in Europe this sum-            Morgan Nunley, Will Hilte-            rento, Rome,
worked on their show         mer. Some students trav-             beitel, Clay Miller, Emily            and Pompeii.
“Rock and Roll Rhap-         eled with French teachers            Brewer, Sarah Grantham,               In Greece, they
sody,” which includes        Judith Lenviel and Vickie            Claire Lenviel, Rachel Pres-          explored Ath-
the songs “Roundabout,”      Perdue. Another group of             ton and Ian Ratliff and se-           ens and Del-
“Bohemian Rhapsody,”         students went with a group           niors Grace Small, Devon              phi.
and “Knights in White        from Virginia High led by            Keith and Emily Swan, and                   Students
Satin.”                      social studies teacher Karen         juniors Becca Litton, Sarah           of the group
      With around 115        Cross and Spanish teacher            Gregory and LeAnne Har-               were juniors
members this year, the       Kimberly Clear.                      vey.                                  Jessica Stepp,
band has grown from last           The Lenviel-Perdue trip                When asked what               Collin Hen-                                     Becca Litton
year with 95 members.        left on July 13 for 13 days          turned out to be her favorite         derson, Julia AHS students visit Eiffel Tower.
The marching band will       in France and Italy. In Italy        place, Lenviel said, “Every-          Smith, Rosie
be attending the Chil-       they visited Florence, Rome          where in France.”                     Jandrasits and Victoria Williams and Nick Proctor,
howie Apple Festival band    and also Vatican City. In                 The Virginia High                Proctor, seniors Jillian Al- and AHS alumni Tyler King
competition on Sept. 23 to   France they visited Paris,           School group left with Cross          der, Will Garrison, Brian and Lacey Stallard.
kick off the 2006 march-
ing season. The band then
will compete in three more
                             Students do mission work throughout country
                                                                                                              “I learned I have so
FFA at nationals             Group Workcamps                      Broken Arrow                          little to complain about,
     The Abingdon FFA        St. Petersburg, Fla.                 Vanderwagon, N.M.                     and God showed me how
Parliamentary Procedure      Emma Callahan reporter               Mary Katherine Phipps sports editor   much I complain. These
team will travel to India-                                                                              kids come from the worst
napolis, Ind. on Oct. 24.           Nine AHS students of           Junior Jud Alderman                  possible backgrounds,”
There the team will be       the Green Spring Presbyte- traveled to Vanderwagon,                        said Alderman.
participating and compet-    rian Church Youth Group N.M. the last two weeks of
ing in the FFA National      traveled to St. Petersburg, July to become part of the                     Caribbean Bible
Convention.                  Fla. to help families pre- Broken Arrow Bible Camp.
                             pare for hurricane season This camp, which runs eight                      School                                                 courtesy of ABC
     The team mem-                                                                                                                   Russell plays with children.
bers include AHS alum-       and repair rundown neigh- weeks throughout the sum-                        Grenada
ni Tanna Edmondson,          borhoods. Seniors Megan mer, is essential in build-                        Kenzie Green ad designer
                                                                                                                                        at the six Baptist churches
Lora Brooks, Samantha        Hope, Emma Callahan and ing relationships with chil-                                                       in Grenada and interacted
Dolinger, Amber Hick-        Margaret Hollifield, junior dren who come from broken                            Several AHS students
                                                                                                                                        with the people and chil-
man, senior Samantha         Shonna McVey, and sopho- homes and poverty. These                          traveled to Grenada during
                                                                                                                                        dren. “There were no rich
Hobbs, and junior Tyler      mores Katie Nichols, Hunter children are between the                       the summer on a mission
                                                                                                                                        people and no poor people;
McCracken. The team has      Cox, Caity Merritt, Sarina ages of eight and 12. Most                      trip to help out this once
                                                                                                                                        everyone is on the same
two alternates, sopho-       Porter and Katie                                            are Nava-      greatly prosperous farming
                                                                                                                                        level,” said Eason.
mores Sabrina Ball and       Grantham made                                               jos. When      country recover from Hur-
                                                                                                                                              In the afternoons the
Samuel Hickman.              the long trek                                               he arrived,    ricane Ivan.
                                                                                                                                        youth roamed the island
                             to Fla. to help                                             the Navajo           The category five storm
                                                                                                                                        snorkeling and visiting the
Wings still available        those in need.                                              children       wiped out 90 percent of the
                                                                                                                                        rainforest. The group got to
     The 2006 issue of              Upon arriv-                                          called him     houses on the island ac-
                                                                                                                                        see a different world from
Wings is still available     ing in St. Peters-                                          a “Bilaga-     cording to records at NASA.
                                                                                                                                        their own.
for $3. Wings features       burg the group                                              no,” which     Grenada was at that time a
artwork, photography,        was split into                                              translates     country surviving on farm-
and literature by AHS stu-   different crews                                             to “white      ing, nutmeg being the major     Pickpockets         from page 2
dents. See Pam Necessary     with differ-                                                man.”          crop. Ivan also took this            Everything ended up
in room 216.                                                    courtesy of Jud Alderman
                             ent work sites. Alderman poses with children.                    A l -     out, causing the population     working out. My mother
                             Some groups                                                 derman         of about 89,703 citizens to     put money into my friends’
AHS Alumnus has art show     worked at a food                                                           lose one of their sources of    bank account, so I would
                                                                                         had sev-
     Alumnus Matthew         pantry, others worked at a eral jobs while at camp:                        income.                         have money for the rest of
Harvey is showing his        free clinic and one group wrangler, counselor, and                               Sixteen of the group      the trip. At first, I thought
work at the Starving Art-    performed pre-safety inspec- janitor. In a normal day,                     of 33 people came from          it would ruin my trip, but I
ist Cafe for the month of    tions in the 14-story John he could be found cleaning                      the local Abingdon Baptist      had a fabulous time in Eu-
October. There will be an    Knox apartment building. bathrooms, setting up for                         Church. Graduate Jenny          rope. I would give anything
opening reception Oct. 7     The group was led by youth meals, or simply playing                        McCormick, seniors Martha       to be climbing the Eiffel
from 6-8 p.m.                pastor Katie Gomola and with the children.                                 Eason, Kyle Pollard, Morgan     Tower, swimming in the
                             AHS alumnus Josh Jessee.              While he was there,                  Russell, sophomore Eliza-       Mediterranean, or dancing
VHCC Governor’s School
                             Sophomore Katie Nichols he became known as the                             beth Russell, and Library       in the disco again.
      The Virginia High-
                             said, “The work was hard “official carrier” because he                     Assistant Amanda Lott were           If you travel, just re-
lands Community Col-
                             and the weather was hot, unloaded many heavy boxes                         in this group.                  member to be aware of pick-
lege’s Summer Governor
                             but I loved every minute of food from the Sysco deliv-                           They held vacation bi-    pockets, but, most impor-
School had four AHS par-
                             of it.”                        ery truck.                                  ble school in the mornings      tantly enjoy yourself.
      Senior Martha Ea-
son and sophomore Katie      Green and Gibian travel to VHSL summer editors workshop
Nichols attended the Play    Kenzie Green ad designer                  Gibian and Green were            journalism students from        find a story within Harri-
Analysis session with                                             two of 16 journalism stu-             across the state. It was        sonburg’s Valley Mall and
drama teacher Van Key-            Talon viewpoints editor         dents across the state that           hardcore,” said Gibian.The      report it.
ser. They attended Barter    Olivia Gibian and ad de-                         were chosen               students were                         Gibian followed the
Theatre plays and took       signer Kenzie Green worked                       to attend the             given four as-                  story of a store worker who
a trip to New York City      on building newspaper skills                     workshop.                 signments to                    wanted to become a morti-
where they saw three         for 13 hours a day.                                   “We were             complete dur-                   cian. Green compared the
Broadway shows.                   This grueling session,                      immersed in               ing the week by                 abilities and requirements of
      Sophomores Aman-       known as the 2006 Vir-                           a week full of            advisers Bob                    mall security guards to that
da Roberts and Emo-          ginia Association of Journal-          Gibian    writing, editing,         Button, Wilma      Green        of police officers.
ry Ernst attended the        ism Teachers and Adviser’s                       and design. We            Wirt (World                           Students were paired
Math Modeling session        Summer Editor’s Leadership           had back-to-back lectures             War III as she introduced       up to complete a profile sto-
with math teacher David      Workshop, was held at Har-           lasting from 9 a.m. to 10             herself), and Valerie Pen-      ry. All completed an editorial
Smith. This group took a     risonburg High School in             p.m. We were able to inter-           ton.                            policy for his or her school’s
trip to Washington D.C.      Harrisonburg, Va.                    act with advisers and other                Each were required to      publication.
                                                                                                                                                 September 20, 2006

 Fall Sports                                                         Cross-Country
                                                                     Mary Katherine Phipps sports editor   third.
                                                                                                                On the girls side, ju-
                                                                                                                                      Studholme and Lindsey
                                                                                                                                      Minnigh rounded out the

                                                                          The first cross-coun-            niors Kirsten Roberts and  varsity team, which placed
                                                                     try meet of the season was            Mary Katherine Phipps led  fifth overall.
                                                                     Run Fer Da Hills                                                                     The second
                                                                     at South Holston                                                                meet of the sea-

Football                                                             Dam on Sept. 2.
                                                                          The teams’
                                                                                                                                                     son was the Bays
                                                                                                                                                     Mountain Invita-
                                                                                                                                                     tional on Sept. 6.
Jonathan Richardson reporter        half, the Bearcats outscored     surely proved that                                                              Ninety-nine proved
                                    Abingdon 23-7 for a final        summer training                                                                 to be the Falcon’s
      Before almost beating         of 30-27. Junior receiver        and dedication                                                                  lucky number.
district foe Virginia High 30-      Tyler Bailey grabbed three       is a worthwhile                                                                 The boys placed
27, the Falcons dismantled          passes for 88 yards. Senior      way to spend hot,                                                               second with that
long-time Washington                running back Duran Carson        summer after-                                                                   score, and the girls
County rival John Battle            rushed for 108 yards on          noons.                                                                          placed third.
with a 44-17 victory. The           17 carries and returned a             Junior Griff                                                                    Graves lead
Abingdon Falcons seem to            kickoff 90 yards to score.       Graves won the                                                                  the boys with a
be on the rebound from a                  Next, the Falcons faced    race for the sec-                                                               second place fin-
disappointing 3-7 record            regional rival Richlands         ond year in a row.                                                              ish. Hobbs and
from the 2005 season.               at home on Sept. 15.             Only this year he                                                               Johnston placed
      Abingdon’s crushing           Richlands is usually a           set a new course                                                                18th and 24th, re-
blow to Battle was                  formidable opponent.             record. The tradi-                                                              spectively. Rob-
less an upset than it is                  Overall, Abingdon looks    tional three-mile                                                               erts and Phipps
the continuation of a               to have a tough schedule         course was con-                                                                 again lead the girls
long-standing tradition.            this season, with games          verted into a true                                                              team with respec-
The last Battle victory over        against imposing Carroll                                                                   Mary Katherine Phipps
                                                                     5K, making the Sophomore Kris Johnston leads a pack of runners at South tive seventh and
Abingdon came during the            County and Lee High.As           race a bit longer. Holston Dam.                                                 eighth place fin-
1991 game. Virginia High            made clear by the season              Along with                                                                 ishes.
was favored to win in the           opening, the Falcons are         Graves, senior                                                                       Graves won
Highlands District opener           definitely entitled to a new     Tyler Thompson, junior Lo- the Lady Falcons with 12th the Blue Decomon Invita-
on Sept. 8, but the Falcons         sense of confidence. The key     gan Hobbs, sophomores Kris and 24 th place finishes, tional on Sept. 9 shatter-
gave them a good run for            to the 2006 season comes         Johnston and Emory Ernst, respectively. Senior Emily ing last year’s record by
their money. At halftime,           down to Abingdon’s ability       and freshmen Ryan Mc- Clay, junior Sarah Gregory, 21 seconds. The next meet
the Falcons had a 20-7              to hold its ground against       Murray and Dusty Graves sophomore Meredith Hollo- will be Sept. 30 at Steeles
lead, but in the second             upcoming regional rivals.        helped the boys team finish man, and freshmen Emma Creek Park.

Collin Henderson reporter           the House night during
                                                                      Hannah Jamison reporter              Blankenship, Josh Newber-          district title in a row. Our
                                    Homecoming week, which                                                 ry, Timmy McGarry and Tim          ultimate goal is to make it
      This fall, the varsity        will be on Thursday, Sept.             To most high school             Johnston, juniors Brandon          to state,” said senior captain
volleyball team is looking          28.                               students, summer ends                Ketron and Andrew Seamon,          Nick Viers.
to take excellence, bump it,             Leading the team are         with the first day of school.        and freshman Jordan Pat-                 The boys came close to
set it, and spike it to a road      seniors captain Diana Pi-         For the golf team, however,          rick.                              going to state last year. They
of victory.                         onk, Elizabeth Basham, and        summer ends and golf prac-                 Official golf practice be-   were only one place away
      This year’s Lady Fal-         Kari Jackson, all three great     tice begins during the first         gan the first day of August,       from receiving a bid. The top
cons hope to repeat last            contributors to the team of       few days of July.                    and just two days later they       two at regionals attend the
year’s sweeping dominance           2005. There are six return-            The team is finish-             played their first match. The      state championship match.
of the district and their           ing juniors and two sopho-        ing the year with another            team has been very solid           Both the district, which will
strong appearances in re-           mores. Junior digger Allison      successful season. Ranked            with their play this year and      be on Sept. 25, and regional
gion and state and go even          Meade says, “We have a very       number one in the district           has stayed relatively consis-      tournaments will be held at
further.                            talented team this year, and      pre-season, the boys have            tent with the 2005 season.         Marion this year.
      They kicked off their         we all know if we put our         upheld their status and                    “We’ve had a good sea-             The boys are currently
season with dominating              minds to it, we can accom-        are well on their way to             son so far, and I am proud         ranked first in the district,
wins over Richlands and             plish our set goals.”             being district champions             to be the captain of a strong      but the region remains wide
Patrick Henry, and the team              It is as the team says,      once again. Players include          team. One more win and it          open. Their current record is
looks forward to AHS Pack           “One Team, One Dream.”            seniors Nick Viers, Aaron            will be our seventh or eighth      12 wins and one tie.

New teachers bring their talents to AHS
Whitney Elton                  Adam Ferris               Amanda Lott                    Joy Munsey                    Allison Stinson              Cara Taylor
Special                        Earth                     Library                        Business                      Special Education            Special Education Aide
Education                      Science                   Secretary
                                                                                        Graduate of                   Graduate of Bluefield        Graduate of
Graduate                       Graduate of               Graduate                       University                    College                      Tennessee Tech-
of Virginia                    California                of Auburn                      of                                                         Elizabethton
Intermont                      State                     University                     Tennessee                     Hobbies/Interests-           Hobbies/Interests-
College            Elton       University     Ferris                                                       Munsey     freelance writing,           working with kids,
                                                         Hobbies/                       Hobbies/                      speaking at women’s          instructor of AHS
Hobbies/Interests-             Hobbies/Interests-        Interests-                     Interests-                    conferences, youth           colorguard, sewing
running, playing               coaching Abingdon         stamping cards,                reading, church,              and church services
outdoor sports, all            High School football      scrapbooking, PTA,             scrapbooking                                               Family-
types of music                                           church                                                       Interesting Facts-           married for two
                               Family-                                                  Interesting Fact-                 “When I was 16           months to alumnus
Interesting Facts-             married for 10 years      Family-                             “I was strongly            years old, I helped        Paul Taylor
Formerly taught                with three children       married with three               encouraged by one              write a song that
at Washington Lee                                        children                          of my high school            became song of the         Interesting Fact-
Middle School.                 Interesting Facts-                                         teachers to go into            year in Christian         She spent five years
                               Formerly taught at        Interesting Facts-                teaching. She was             music. This same          marching in a drum
  “I am a member of            Palmdale High School      She formerly taught              one of my business           year I was diagnosed        corps, a professional-
 the Humane Society            in Los Angeles, Calif.    preschool at St. John           teachers. She asked             with Rheumatoid           level marching band.
 of the U.S. and am a          He also served in the     Lutheran Church                    me if I had even           Arthritis and told I’d
big animal lover. I am         U.S. Navy for five        Development Center.             considered teaching.           be in a wheelchair          “When teachers tell
  known for picking            years as a Combat         She has also worked                 I’m glad that is          by graduation. I beat       you that college is the
up stray animals and           Search and Rescue         backstage at Theatre               the career path I          the odds and am still        only way to go, well,
finding them homes.”           Swimmer.                  Bristol.                               pursued.”                    walking!”                   it’s true.”

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