Henry Tang

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					Henry Tang
Date of birth: 1952
Birthplace: Jiangsu Wuxi
Hong Kong Financial Secretary Title: Director
School: University of Michigan
August 2003, Mr Tang was appointed as Hong Kong Financial Secretary, the third of
its main duty is closely related bureaux, financial supervision, financial, economic,
trade and employment policy formulation and the context of implementation. He is
also responsible for the preparation and publication of the Government Budget. He
also served as Chairman of the Exchange Fund Advisory Committee, together with
the other members of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.
After taking office, Mr Henry Tang, said his priority is to improve our economy. To
emphasize that although Hong Kong is facing severe economic difficulties, but should
not be lost sight of the unique strengths and a very good economic fundamentals. By
strengthening our close cooperation with the Mainland economy, Hong Kong must be
improved. He said, with community- level dialogue, to better understand their
expectations and needs, with an open, pragmatic and enterprising attitude,
brainstorming, development of more effective measures to address challenges in our
economy. Will do our best to work more closely with the community to work together
to overcome current economic difficulties, the establishment of a prosperous,
harmonious and caring society.
Mr Tang has held many public offices over the years, a remarkable achievement.
Since 1997 as a member of the Executive Council, and has worked in from 1991 to
1998 served as the Legislative Council for seven years. Prior to his tenure as Financial
Secretary, a former Hong Kong Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology
Before joining the Government, Mr Tang was a leading industrialist. In 1989 he
received the Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong, in 1993, selected by the
World Economic Forum Global Leader for Tomorrow. 1995 to 2001 he served as
Chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, and was a member of the Hong
Kong General Chamber of Commerce and the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Hong Kong
SAR in 2000, he was awarded the Gold Bauhinia Star.
Mr Tang held by the University of Michigan Bachelor of Arts degree awarded by the
Hong Kong Polytechnic University awarded honorary Doctor of Business
Administration and City University of Hong Kong awarded honorary doctor of laws.