Escaping The Aliens

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					Escaping The Aliens
 There was once a group of space-men who
were on a mission to search for hidden planets.
      Witch planet shall we go to?

Pod            Tople         mosy
You have arrived at planet Pod
You have seen some aliens with
 laser guns,what do you do?

  Run like      Go into a
  mad.          room.
  You have met some angry ones
       and they shoot you!

 You found two weapons.

sword           Gun
    You made the right choice,the
       aliens bleed to death.

Carry on
 Oh-no the alien was bullet proof
and the bullet comes back at you!

    You register the planet Pod on
            your laptop!

Click to go back
to planets.
  You see a space-base,what do
            you do?
Run up and        Stay and wait
investigate.      and see if
                  anything comes
There are some aliens out-side,
           do you…

Shoot them.       Ask them if
                  you can come
  In a few seconds lots of aliens
   come out of the building and
            shoot you!

You have killed the aliens inside
 but more come out and shoot

The aliens let you in and appear
Inside the building you see a
giant laser pointing at Earth.
                  Do you…

Take out your         Sneak up and try to
gun and fire at       disarm it.
the aliens.
 You manage to kill all of the
aliens and shut down the laser.
                     Click to
Click to choose
another planet.
You have arrived at the planet
You have landed and you see a
    lot of aliens out side.
 The aliens aren’t so as friendly
this time and they take out there
                   Do you…
Get out your gun       Put your hands up
   and shoot.            and surrender.
You are able to kill them all but
    more come in,do you.

 Run and           Shoot them.
 You drop your weapons and put
 your hands up but the aliens get
   suspicious and shoot you!
You hide under a desk, they don’t
see you, whilst there looking, you
  go into the room they were in.

 Click to
 You try to shoot them but you
   have run out of bullets!
 You find information about the
  planet and register it on your
Click to
choose another
Well done you have found all about the
 different planets and the government
rewarded you with one million pounds!