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									Harvard University

    ?Harvard University Logo
Harvard University (Harvard university) - the world's most billionaires
attending the University of
?About Harvard University
She and the world's first underground railway, the first telephone line to
live in the same city! Since the American War of Independence are almost all from the
revolutionary pioneer in her Ha, she praised as the U.S. government think tank. Has
eight U.S. President was born, 40 Nobel laureates and 30 Pulitzer Prize winners. Their
every move will determine America's social development and economic
trend, business school teaching is the most famous case. Training Microsoft, IBM
founder of a commercial miracle. His Yenching Institute Qing Li on China-US
cultural exchange and communication of Sino-US relations Henry Kissinger, the
foundation of the modern Chinese humanities and natural sciences of Lin Yutang, Zhu
Kezhen, Liang, Liang, one a famous name, are and this is closely related to the
world's most famous institutions of higher learning.

One of the earliest private universities. To train graduate students and scientific
research-based comprehensive university. Headquartered in Boston, Cambridge City,
the total address Byerly Hall, 8 Garden Street, Cambridge, zip code 02138. Medical
and business schools in the Boston urban area. In Cambridge City, and Harvard is the
eponymous neighboring Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Interestingly,
the two campuses, and no clear boundary between.

Harvard University, formerly known as Harvard College. October 28, 1636,
Massachusetts Bay Colony Assembly passed a resolution and decided to build one as
institutions of higher learning like the University of Cambridge, funding
£ 4,000,000. As the founder of a lot of people came from the University of
Cambridge, Harvard University, where they put a new town called Cambridge. 1638
Official opening of the first students in nine. September 14, 1638, Pastor and Dean of
Emmanuel College, J. Harvard died, he saved £ 720 and half of more than 400
books donated to the school. March 13, 1639, Massachusetts Bay Colony Assembly
passed a resolution this school named Harvard College. In the school's first
century and a half, the school system is mainly modeled on the European universities.
Formally established in 1721 professor of theology at positions 1727 to establish
mathematics and science professorships, established in 1780 a professor of medicine
jobs. Expansion into Harvard the same year; in 1816 the establishment of seminaries,
the establishment of School of Law in 1817, after the college have set up in the 19th
century. Institute of Education was established in 1990; in 1936 it established the
Institute of Politics (1966 named J.F.'s Kennedy School). Since 1966, a
total of 10 Harvard University Graduate School, the arts and sciences, business
management, design, dental medicine, theology, education, law, medicine, public
health and the Kennedy School of Government; two undergraduate students enrolled
in colleges, namely, Harvard College and Radcliffe College; and set up the Office of
Continuing Education, specializing in summer school, affiliated programs and
lifelong learning centers. Dentistry, medicine, public health, 3 Graduate School set up
in Boston, the rest are concentrated in the Cambridge University. Relative
independence of the Institute, Harvard served as president insisted 3A principle that
academic freedom and academic autonomy and academic neutrality (the three
principles of the first letter of the English words are A).

Today, Harvard has developed has 10 graduate schools, more than 40 faculties, more
than 100 major professional institutions. Registered some 18,000 degree candidates,
in order to graduate level, including undergraduate students. There are also 13,000
non-degree students in their expansion Academy one or more courses. Harvard faculty
to work in more than 14,000 people, including more than 2,000 professors and
lecturers. There are more than 7,000 teachers in all teaching hospitals in their work.
Over the years, Harvard University, in addition to cultivating a large number of
American students, but also accepted a large number of students from around the
world and visiting scholars.

Historically, a total of eight graduates of Harvard University was elected as U.S.
president. They are John Adams (second president), John Quincy Adams, Rutherford
Hayes, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt (his fourth consecutive term), John
Kennedy and Barak ? ? Hussein Obama. Harvard professors had a total of 34 Nobel
Prize winners.

Early school courses offered to the British model of university-based, but in terms of
ideology and the colonial frontier in the prevailing Puritan philosophy consistent.
While many of its early graduates became the New England Puritan settlements of the
pastor, the school had never formally joined a particular sect. Published in 1643 a
booklet sets out the early presence of Harvard University: "to promote
knowledge and make it last forever and future generations."

In 2008, Harvard Business School, MBA (MBA full-called Master of Business
Administration, or MBA) education was named the world's first MBA
?Harvard University prestige and academic contribution
In the world's major newspapers and the list research institutions, the
Harvard University's ranking is often in the world. World Brand Lab in the
University (World Brand Lab) prepared by the 2008 "World Top 500
Brands" list ranks first. For example, in the prestigious
"Newsweek" ranking, Harvard ranked first all year round.
World Wide Web in 2007 world university rankings, the Harvard University ranked
second in the world (second only to Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Princeton
Review in 2006 the United States at Harvard University in the U.S. "most
difficult for the university" in fourth. Today, Harvard University, both in
the United States or have a major influence in the world, is one of the most
competitive universities. However, a recent report in 2007 pointed out that the
Massachusetts      Institute    of    Technology      in   the     modern     scientific
"revolution" of the contribution to the current leader, is training
21 Nobel Prize winners than any other university; same report noted that the
contribution of scientific research at Harvard University has In recent years a number
of weak, and the Harvard traditional teaching method in this century, MIT has not
keep up with cutting-edge high-tech teaching methods.
?Harvard, with the advantage of the special
HBS school in 1908, this year is the 101 anniversary of the. Famous as a hundred
years, HBS has been to train leaders to change the world mission (We educate leaders
who make a difference in the world), have distinctive features. HBS in its official Web
site sums up the characteristics of the seven major areas:

Case Teaching (The Case Method)

Case teaching is an HBS signs, is the largest teaching characteristics. Since opening in
1925, since the case teaching, HBS case has been the world's largest
provider, now, business schools around the world for nearly 80% of all cases are
provided by HBS, HBS shows leadership in this area is undisputed. Other Top School
with the coexistence of a variety of different teaching methods, case teaching has been
the most important teaching HBS.

Close to reality (Closeness to Practice)

HBS case itself is an exact reproduction of the actual business situation, and HBS
research directions and topics are not confined to academic subjects, but choose the
actual problems faced by enterprises             ù steal the enemy's hasty
tomb     , large companies, and non-profit organization and so on. In addition to HBS
faculty and accomplished academic depth, the large proportion of people have a
wealth of practical experience, they have management consultants, entrepreneurs,
investors, consultants, directors, and corporate executives, etc.. All of these, so that
teaching can HBS close to reality

Independent Community (A Vital Residential Community)

HBS is the only one with independent business school campus. All of the teaching
program, MBA, Ph.D., executive training and so on in the same campus, involving
networking very easily. Although the HBS MBA is the world's one of the
largest, the entire class will be divided into 80-90 people section, each section there
will be many opportunities for students with learning and life. In addition, everyone
must abide by HBS values, including honesty, respect for others, personal
responsibility, the pursuit of excellence and so on.

Unparalleled resources (Exceptional Resources)

HBS's resources are unmatched by all the business school. The entire
campus covers an area of 40 acres (about 162,000 square meters), 33 buildings,
including the first-class classrooms, conference rooms, Baker Library. The entire
campus has a very sophisticated IT system, and constantly introducing the latest
technology. Finally, HBS's financial resources is the most abundant of all
business schools, and continued innovation for the HBS to provide funds to protect

Harvard University Library

Harvard's library books more than 15,000,000 copies, is the
world's          fourth      largest     'one       million     library
(mega-libraries)' (the top 3 is the Library of Congress, British Library, the
French Bibliothèque Nationale, ranking in the New York Public Library 5); Harvard
University, in all research institutions receiving the greatest number of donations in
2006 to reach, 200,000,000 (second only to Bill Gates. Melinda Gates
Foundation's largest donor funds)
?Harvard School Motto
Harvard early in the school motto is "to test and truth" (Veritas
[1643 years]), "Glory to Christ" (In Christ Gloriam [1650]), and
"for Christ ? The Church" (Christo et Ecclesiae [1692 years]).
Harvard opened early seal showing three books, two face, the one facing down, a
symbol of reason (reason) and inspiration (revelation) of the dynamic relation
between. The earliest literature of a Harvard - 1642 years of college legislation - so
wrote: "Let every student to give serious consideration to the knowledge of
God and Jesus Christ as the source of eternal life (about 17:3), as his life and The
main objective of learning and thus to all orthodox Christians as the only basis for
knowledge and learning. all he saw, under the Lord gives wisdom, lunch seriously by
prayer in secret seek his wisdom. "
Harvard School of institutions and settings
Harvard University's school governing bodies, one at Harvard University
Board of Trustees, and the other is the school oversight committee.

Harvard University Board of Trustees, the University is responsible for financial and
school management. Education policies and institutional arrangements relating to a
major transaction, the principals and the director to the board discussed setting.
Harvard University Graduate School Dean and all the various departments of the
Head of the Department, appointed by the President.
Harvard School Oversight Committee, composed of 30 members. These members are
mostly from the Harvard College and Radcliffe College alumni are elected for a term
of 6 years. School Oversight Committee held regular meetings on the work of
research universities, on the university's education policy and educational
practice recommendations in support of the major activities of the school.

Harvard scale, superior assets, often dubbed the "Harvard
Empire." A total of 13 college school. One undergraduate division 2, that
Harvard College and Radcliffe College; Graduate School of 11, that Arts and Sciences,
Business and Administration, John F. Kennedy School of Management, School of
Design, Education, Law School, Divinity School, School of Medicine, Dentistry
College, School of Public Health and University Extension department.

Graduate of several major well-known system, the Department has:

* Institute of Arts, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Department
of Biological Sciences, Applied Science, Computer Technology Research Center,
Department of Geology, Chemistry, etc.;

* School of Medicine Department of Cell and Evolutionary Biology, Microbiology
and Molecular Genetics, Neurobiology, Biochemistry, Biology and Biological Physics,
Department of Pharmacology, Immunology Committee, together with
MIT's Health Sciences Building Department, etc.;

* Department of Microbiology, School of Public Health;

* School of Design Department of Architecture and Design, etc.;

* Institute of Education, management, planning and social policy, teaching,
curriculum and professional academic environment, human development, such as
reading and counseling psychology profession.

Harvard has 2,400 professors, 6,700 undergraduates and 12,400 graduate students, the
school color is dark red (Crimson), dark red (Crimson) is Harvard's sports
teams and the daily The Harvard Crimson's name.

Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) there has been a
friendly between the competitive relationship, this relationship can be traced back to
1900, when the two schools been widely discussed issue of the merger, even at a time
agreed by the authorities ( Ma later all Serb state court canceled), today, these two
schools, cooperation and competition remains equal, Jing Chang have many co-研讨
会 and projects, including the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology,
Harvard MIT Data Center, Dibner Institute for History and Technology. In addition,
two between undergraduate and graduate schools can not pay the additional costs can
be registered with each other, get school credits to get their degree.

Harvard University recently established School of Engineering and Applied Science.
As Harvard's engineering disciplines the nearby Massachusetts Institute of
Technology is not perfect, many Harvard students to the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology repairman courses or doing research (Harvard University and
Massachusetts Institute of Technology have made several attempts to merge, but one
limited by the two sides views within the campus, together with the University of
dominance for the prevention of Massachusetts Grand Chamber ruled illegal in 1904,
the merger has no move)
?Harvard celebrity list
So far, Harvard has produced a total of eight U.S. President, 33 Nobel laureates and
32 Pulitzer Prize winners. In addition, a large number of renowned academic founder,
world-class academic leaders, writers, thinkers, such as 诺伯特德纳, Ralph Emerson,
Henry Thoreau, Henry James, Charles Peirce, Robert Frost, William James, Jerome
Bruner, Qiaozhimeiao so. Well-known diplomat, former U.S. Secretary of State Henry
Kissinger also from Harvard. Modern China, there are many scientists, writers and
scholars who studied at Harvard, such as Hu Gang Fu, Zhu Kezhen, Yang Xingfo,
Chao, Chen Yin Ke, Lin Liang, Liang, Jiang Zehan, Li Hehe, and even to warm days,
Fan Fan is also a Harvard graduate.

Harvard's outstanding achievements, but also in school history and
today's teachers are still teaching school, has turned out many Nobel Prize
winners. Sort by time, they are:

Richards, determine the chemical elements by atomic weight of the research results,
in 1914 he received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry;

乔治明诺特, as committed to the rule of anemia therapy in liver success, in 1934 he
received the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine;

珀西布里奇曼, because of the strength of various materials at very high pressure,
generated by its internal changes, in 1946 he received the Nobel Prize in Physics;

Edward Persil, nuclei were found in the measurement of nuclear magnetic resonance
method, in 1952 he received the Nobel Prize in Physics;

弗里兹李普曼, as confirmed by a protein "coenzyme A" and
the understanding of protein found in the basic method, in 1953 received the Nobel
Prize for physiology and medicine;

约翰恩德思, as tissue culture, cultivate a polio vaccine, in 1954 received the Nobel
Prize for physiology and medicine;
Fred 里克罗宾斯, 托马斯韦勒, due to the tissue culture method for the study of
viral diseases, in 1954, shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology and 约翰恩德思 and

乔格贝克西, as in the study on the acoustic response of the ear, and found a traveling
wave, in 1961 received the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine;

James Watson, known for writing the DNA molecular structure of DNA, in 1962 he
received the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine;

Kangladebu Lodge, for studying the biochemistry of cholesterol and fatty acid
synthesis reaction model results, in 1964 he received the Nobel Prize for physiology
and medicine;

Julian Williams Wenger, due to the contribution of quantum electronics, in 1965 he
received the Nobel Prize in Physics;

Robert Woodward, for synthesis of complex molecules in the laboratory, in 1965 he
received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry;

George Wald, a result of biochemical processes of the visual outcome, in 1967 he
received the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine;

西蒙库兹内兹, as proposed to the concept of GNP as a measure of changes in
national economic growth as a measure, in 1971 he received the Nobel Prize in

肯尼思阿罗, due to the overall economic equilibrium theory and welfare theory has
contributed to the research, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1972;

瓦西利列昂 Jeff, because of proposed plans and forecasts for economic input-output
analysis, in 1973 he received the Nobel Prize in Economics;

威廉范弗里克, because the leading theory of quantum mechanics for magnetic
studies, in 1977 he received the Nobel Prize in Physics;

谢尔顿格拉索, Weinberg history for Finland, both with the number of hypotheses to
explain because of the weak electromagnetic field and the interaction of these two
fundamental forces of nature have the same law, in 1979 jointly awarded the Nobel
Prize in Physics ;

巴鲁贝拉塞 Bluff, were found although the date of each person's immune
response genes are different, but the human genetic disease and to pass through, in
1980 he received the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine;

Walter Gilbert, for creating DNA preparation method, in 1980 he received the Nobel
Prize in Chemistry;

David Hugh Bell, 托森韦塞韦, both because of the visual system information
processing, in 1981 jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine;

尼利里斯布鲁 Bergen, invented the laser beam splitter, so that people can more
atomic precision to study, in 1981 he received the Nobel Prize in Physics;

卡罗鲁比亚, discovery and research of new Morrison atomic particles and their
properties, in 1984 he received the Nobel Prize in Physics;

贝尔纳德洛 Well, because with the then Soviet Union, Yevgeny Nikazhuofu who
co-founded, "Federation of International Society for Prevention of Nuclear
War", in 1985 received the Nobel Peace Prize;

杜德利赫巴 odd, because the invention to enable scientists to observe the techniques
of molecular collisions and Products, in 1986 received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry;

诺尔曼拉姆 West, because of the separation of oscillation field, so that people can
accurately measure atomic and molecular interaction between the ministries that he, in
1989 and Washington University in the United States Stewart Han Side, West
Germany's physical Wolfgang Paul, three scientists shared the Nobel Prize
in Physics;

Ellie A Sike Rey, a result of the invention allows scientists prepared by ordinary
chemical means new complex molecules, while in 1990 the Nobel Prize in Chemistry;

Joseph Murray, for the successful development of an organ transplant before the
method, with the University of Washington Donnall Thomas was the 1990 co-Nobel
Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

Jiang Zehan: mathematicians, mathematics educators. Early long-term as Head of the
Department of Mathematics, Peking University, the Department of Education has set
a fine fashion. Committed to topology, in particular, fixed point theory of the study is
one of the pioneers of our topology.

Kezhen: (1890-1974), also known Shiu Wing, word lotus Fang, Han.
China's well-known scientists and patriotic educator, contemporary famous
scientists, geographers and meteorologists, the Chinese founders of modern
geography and meteorology.
Chen Yinke: (1890-1969) most famous historian of modern China, classical literature,
linguists, Jiangxi Xiushui County. Son of the famous poet Chen Sanli, Yinke little
time studying in study hall in Nanjing, under the influence in the family environment,
childhood can recite classics, widely read history, philosophy and classics.

Hu Gang Fu: (1892-1966) physicist, educator, my career one of the founders of
modern physics. The X-ray identification spectra, absorption spectra and atomic
experiments between the law extended to 25 to 34 elements, and the frequency
determined by X-ray and photoelectron velocity relations, the development of x-ray
science has made important contributions. Nanjing Higher Normal School (later
changed to Southeast University) and Tatung University have created such school
physics laboratory, has developed a training Wu, Yan Jici, Zhao Zhongyao, Shi Ruwei,
Qian Linzhao, Yu Ruihuang and other famous physicists. During the war, as President
Dean moved westward to assist Kezhen Zhejiang University and Zhejiang University
of Science Yuanban it became one of the best college.

Chao: (1892-1982 2.25) Chung declared the word, they should re-word Wujin,
Jiangsu Province, born in Tianjin. 1910 Tour Aesthetic Services Department for the
2nd batch of students received Bachelor of Science degree in 1914. Ph.D. Harvard
University in 1918. 1919 appointed lecturer in physics at Cornell University.
Qing-Hua Ren returned in 1920, Professor of School Psychology and Physics. 1921
Harvard University study phonetics re-entry, then of Harvard University philosophy
professor, professor of Chinese. In June 1925 accepted the position of any of Qinghua
University instructor, guidance range of "Modern Dialectology",
"Chinese               Phonology",              "General
Linguistics", etc..

Lin Yutang: (1895.10.10-1976.3.26) Fujian Longxi (now Fujian Zhangzhou) man.
Original name and music, after the change Yutang, but also to change language
Church. Pseudonym donkey, Zai Yu, not at young and so well-known contemporary
Chinese scholars, writers, linguists.

Liang: (January 1903 -1,987 on November 3), are silent number, formerly known as
Liang Zhihua, words really fall pseudonym good son, autumn Lang, Cheng Shu and
so on. China's well-known essayist, scholar, literary critic, translator,
domestic first study of Shakespeare's authority, native of Hangzhou,
Zhejiang, China County (now Yuhang), was born in Beijing.

Yang Xingfo: (1893 - June 18, 1933), also known as Yang Quan, the word apricot
Buddha, Jiangxi Province Zhangshu Bridge Township (now renamed the Bridge
Street offices) Hang Zhongxi Village people. Joined the League in 1910. In 1911 he
was admitted with a Tangshan Road, Mao Yisheng Mining School (the famous
Tangshan Jiaotong University, Southwest Jiaotong University this year, when the
school site in Tangshan). Wuchang Uprising broke out, went to participate in the
Battle of Wuchang. January 1912, the President of the Republic of China Sun Yat-sen
office, he went to Nanjing, president of the Secretariat of sending and receiving team.
Sun Yat-sen resigned, he went to Cornell University in the United States into the study.
After graduation, then transferred to Harvard University. Students was launched
during the founder of "Science" magazine.

Lee Hehe: Born August 21, 1978, son of Li Zhaoxing. In 2001, Lee Hehe full-year
ranking first graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, 2004, outstanding, he
was enrolled at Harvard Business School and received dual degrees. Now the United
States, a large computer company. Lee Hehe small talented, clever name, studious,
witty, so the major mainstream media with his thin guagua, Shenbao Feng, Han Han,
as with the three gold medals Sitaicaizai. January 8, 2009, Li Hehe married, the bride
Yan Jingjing is the daughter of a famous singer Yan Weiwen.

Fan Fan: March 18, 1976 Health, Taiwan singer, since his debut, to Harvard, Harvard
aura of the top students active in the entertainment industry. However, the education
system in the United States, shall be law students majoring in tax law, the United
States of any university law school, must be obtained after a bachelor's
degree (postgraduate), before they can read the research. Fan Fan, therefore, whether
claimed tax transfer to the University majoring in economic, financial transfer to or
from the legal argument are educated on the Supremacy.
?President of Harvard University 8
Seven graduates of Harvard University was elected as U.S. president. They are John.
Adams (second president), John. Quincy. Adams, Rutherford. Hayes, Theodore.
Roosevelt, Franklin. Roosevelt (fourth term), John. Kennedy, George W. Bush, an
incumbent U.S. president Barack Hussein 赛因奥巴马.
Cost estimates
Undergraduate tuition / year 448

Master Fee 470

The total cost of undergraduate / year 651

Master of the total cost / year 673

Taking more than 11.38%
?Performance requirements
SAT Math 750 SAT Verbal 750 SAT writing 750

SAT Total 1500 ACT 30 ~ 34

AAA a-level results
Harvard Library Motto wall


Training Introduction 1 This moment will nap, you will have a dream; But this
moment study, you will interpret

Training Introduction 2 I wasted today, was precisely yesterday perishes tomorrow
which person of the body pray

Training Introduction 3 that it was too late, exactly is the earliest time

Training Introduction 4 Do not wait until tomorrow

Training to learn the pain of 5 words is temporary, has not learned the pain is life

6 training made learning this matter, lacks the time, but the lack of effort

7 Motto happiness may not be ranked, but will drag

Training Introduction 8 learn not the life complete. But since even a part of life
Studies also is unable to conquer, what butalso can make?

Training Introduction 9 Please enjoy the unavoidable suffering

Training Introduction 10 compared to the others early, diligently diligently, can feel
the successful taste

Training Introduction 11 Nobody can casually succeed, it comes from the thorough
self-control and the will

Training Introduction 12 The clock is ticking

Training Introduction 13 Now drips the saliva, will become tomorrow the tear

Training Introduction 14 The dog equally study, the gentleman equally plays

Training Introduction 15 Today does not walk, to run tomorrow

Training Introduction 16 The investment future person will be people

Level of education and training made by 17 representatives of income
Training Introduction 18-day, has not come

Training Introduction 19 Even now, opponents does not stop changes the page

Training made 20 not difficult, then does

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