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Harvard Harvarduniversity


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									Harvard Harvarduniversity
    ?Harvard University, Harvard university
             ?- Up to hundreds of millions of the world's richest university
Harvard University is a private university in the United States one of the first, to
foster scientific research-oriented graduate students and comprehensive university,
headquartered in Boston, Cambridge City, the total address Byerly Hall, 8 Garden
Street, Cambridge.
She and the world's first underground railway, the first telephone line to
live in the same city! Since the American War of Independence are almost all from the
revolutionary pioneer in her Ha, she praised as the U.S. government think tank. Has
eight U.S. President was born, 40 Nobel laureates and 30 Pulitzer Prize winners. Her
every move will determine America's social development and economic
trend, business school teaching is the most famous case. Training Microsoft, IBM
founder of a commercial miracle. Her Yenching Institute Qing Li on China-US
cultural exchange and communication of Sino-US relations Henry Kissinger, the
foundation of the modern Chinese humanities and natural sciences of Lin Yutang, Zhu
Kezhen, Liang, Liang, one a famous name, are and this is closely related to the
world's most famous institutions of higher learning.
Harvard Zip Code is 02138. Medical and business schools in the Boston urban area.
In Cambridge City, and Harvard is the eponymous neighboring Massachusetts
Institute of Technology (MIT).
Harvard University, formerly known as Harvard College. October 28, 1636,
Massachusetts Bay Colony Assembly passed a resolution and decided to build one as
institutions of higher learning like the University of Cambridge, funding
£ 4,000,000. As the founder of a lot of people came from the University of
Cambridge, Harvard University, where they put a new town called Cambridge. 1638
Official opening of the first students in nine. September 14, 1638, Pastor and Dean of
Emmanuel College, J. Harvard died, he saved £ 720 and half of more than 400
books donated to the school. March 13, 1639, Massachusetts Bay Colony Assembly
passed a resolution this school named Harvard College. In the school's first
century and a half, the school system is mainly modeled on the European universities.
Formally established in 1721 professor of theology at positions 1727 to establish
mathematics and science professorships, established in 1780 a professor of medicine
jobs. Expansion into Harvard the same year; in 1816 the establishment of seminaries,
the establishment of School of Law in 1817, after the college have set up in the 19th
century. Institute of Education was established in 1990; in 1936 it established the
Institute of Politics (1966 named J.F.'s Kennedy School). Since 1966, a
total of 10 Harvard University Graduate School, the arts and sciences, business
management, design, dental medicine, theology, education, law, medicine, public
health and the Kennedy School of Government; two undergraduate students enrolled
in colleges, namely, Harvard College and Radcliffe College; and set up the Office of
Continuing Education, specializing in summer school, affiliated programs and
lifelong learning centers. Dentistry, medicine, public health, 3 Graduate School set up
in Boston, the rest are concentrated in the Cambridge University. Relative
independence of the Institute, Harvard served as president insisted 3A principle that
academic freedom and academic autonomy and academic neutrality (the three
principles of the first letter of the English words are A).

Today, Harvard has developed has 10 graduate schools, more than 40 faculties, more
than 100 major professional institutions. Registered some 18,000 degree candidates,
in order to graduate level, including undergraduate students. There are also 13,000
non-degree students in their expansion Academy one or more courses. Harvard faculty
to work in more than 14,000 people, including more than 2,000 professors and
lecturers. There are more than 7,000 teachers in all teaching hospitals in their work.
Over the years, Harvard University, in addition to cultivating a large number of
American students, but also accepted a large number of students from around the
world and visiting scholars.
Historically, a total of eight graduates of Harvard University was elected as U.S.
president. They are John Adams (second president), John Quincy Adams, Rutherford
Hayes, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt (his fourth consecutive term), John
Kennedy, George W. Bush and Barak waiting 赛因奥巴马. Harvard professors had a
total of 34 Nobel Prize winners.
Early school courses offered to the British model of university-based, but in terms of
ideology and the colonial frontier in the prevailing Puritan philosophy consistent.
While many of its early graduates became the New England Puritan settlements of the
pastor, the school had never formally joined a particular sect. Published in 1643 a
booklet sets out the early presence of Harvard University: "to promote
knowledge and make it last forever and future generations."
In 2008, Harvard Business School, MBA (MBA full-called Master of Business
Administration, or MBA) education was named the world's first MBA
Harvard early in the school motto is "to test and truth" (Veritas
[1643 years]), "Glory to Christ" (In Christ Gloriam [1650]), and
"for Christ ? The Church" (Christo et Ecclesiae [1692 years]).
Harvard opened early seal showing three books, two face, the one facing down, a
symbol of reason (reason) and inspiration (revelation) of the dynamic relation
between. The earliest literature of a Harvard - 1642 years of college legislation - so
wrote: "Let every student to give serious consideration to the knowledge of
God and Jesus Christ as the source of eternal life (about 17:3), as his life and The
main objective of learning and thus to all orthodox Christians as the only basis for
knowledge and learning. all he saw, under the Lord gives wisdom, lunch seriously by
prayer in secret seek his wisdom. "
Training Introduction
Harvard Library on the wall:
Training Introduction 1 This moment will nap, you will have a dream; But this
moment study, you will interpret
Training Introduction 2 I wasted today, was precisely yesterday perishes tomorrow
which person of the body pray
Training Introduction 3 that it was too late, exactly is the earliest time
Training Introduction 4 Do not wait until tomorrow
Training to learn the pain of 5 words is temporary, has not learned the pain is life
6 training made learning this matter, lacks the time, but the lack of effort
7 Motto happiness may not be ranked, but will drag
Training Introduction 8 learn not the life complete. But since even the life part of -
studies also is unable to conquer, what butalso can make?
Training Introduction 9 Please enjoy the unavoidable suffering
Training Introduction 10 compared to the others early, diligently diligently, can feel
the successful taste
Training Introduction 11 Nobody can casually succeed, it comes from the thorough
self-control and the will
Training Introduction 12 The clock is ticking
Training Introduction 13 Now drips the saliva, will become tomorrow the tear
Training Introduction 14 The dog equally study, the gentleman equally plays
Training Introduction 15 Today does not walk, to run tomorrow
Training Introduction 16 The investment future person will be people
Level of education and training made by 17 representatives of income
Training Introduction 18-day, has not come
Training Introduction 19 Even now, opponents does not stop changes the page
   Training made 20 not difficult, then does

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