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					FADE IN:


In the SOUTHSIDE where no civilians would ever go out at
night because of crimes, a GANG, led by BIG GEORGE
(GEORGE GOMEZ, JR.: Bulky Latin American male in his
early 40s), is secretly dealing COCAINE with their

Big George, of course, does not need to show up for this
deal, or any other deals. He tells one of his LIEUTENANTS,
JUAN DOZIER (early 30s, American male, funny but vulgar),
to finish all deals…

Juan seems upset as one of the buyers uses a TUBE to
sniff the cocaine. Juan is holding his BLUETOOTH HEADSET
with his hands as he is taking off his gloves…

               Would you just finish the
               shit already?… It‟s fresh and
               pure, alrite (slang)!?

The buyers do not listen to Juan and continue checking
until they are finished. Juan keeps talking…

                      JUAN (continuing)
               Good, eh?…

The buyers have finished checking, so a BRIEFCASE of
money is prepared. Juan is looking at a different

                      JUAN (continuing)
               Oh shit!… Take that away!…
               Ain‟t the time, ain‟t the

Just as Juan finishes saying that, one of the buyers
grasps the briefcase under his armpit.

All of a sudden, POLICE show up and crash the party…
(INSPECTOR JEFF JENKINS: mid 30s, wise but impulsive)

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Stop whatever you guys are

They do not desperately pour cocaine into the nearby
SEWER. Inspector Jenkins, as well as his COLLEAGUES,
thinks they do not have time to do so…

               INSPECTOR JENKINS (continuing)
               Got caught by surprise,
               Juan?… Told you would never
               get away from us.

Juan pretends not to understand what Inspector Jenkins is

               What the hell are you talking
               „bout!?… I was on the phone
               with my wife… I‟ve got no
               involvement with these guys!

Inspector Jenkins certainly does not think so…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
                      (wearing a smile)
               Whether you do or do not… We
               hope you can cooperate.

Inspector Jenkins turns around to wave at one of his
colleagues to get Juan into the POLICE VEHICLE. Juan
keeps yapping at the inspector…

               What if I don‟t, inspecta
               (slang)?… Are you going to
               force me in, like those
               police caught on tape?

Inspector Jenkins turns back facing Juan…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               You‟ve got no choice…

Inspector Jenkins is then being sarcastic…

               INSPECTOR JENKINS (continuing)
               It‟s just a way of being
               polite to… eh… you guys… How
               ironic is this!?… Anyway,…

Inspector Jenkins can finally tell his colleague, JAYSON,
to escort Juan into the vehicle…

It is in the rulebook that all police officers must tell
their suspects their rights, or the MIRANDA WARNING.
Jayson is professionally enough to tell Juan…

               You have the right to remain

                                                MATCH CUT:


Big George has acknowledged the news about the arrests.
He is currently on the phone with his ATTORNEY…

                          BIG GEORGE
                (skeptical / back facing the
                 screen / in a little Latino
               You sure (slang)?… You sure
               that thing interferes

               Don‟t worry Mr. Gomez, the
               police won‟t even know until
               it‟s too late.


Juan and the buyers have been arrested for drug dealing.
Inspector Jenkins is questioning Juan in this room while
his colleagues are questioning the others…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Admit it!… I don‟t want to
               waste time here… The
               environmental evidence shows
               it you are involved!

Juan, who has always been in and out of the police
station, knows the procedure…

               For the very last time
               Inspecta… Alrite I call you
               Jef-fery, OK?… I just
               happened to be on the scene…
               Wrong place at the wrong
               time… And,… I was on the
               phone with my wife…

Juan reminds Inspector Jenkins…

                      JUAN (continuing)
               Jef-fery, if you think you
               have enough evidence, then go
               ahead… CHARGE ME!… My
               attorney is coming to get me
               out of this hell!

Inspector Jenkins‟ trick of convincing Juan to admit has
been blown. He slaps the table and starts staring at

                     INSPECTOR JENKINS

Inspector Jenkins suddenly gets up from the chair to grab
hold of Juan. Juan gets, literally, pulled up. Inspector
Jenkins warns him the last time…

               INSPECTOR JENKINS (continuing)
               Listen up, CRACKHEAD!… I am
               going to beat you up if you
               don‟t tell me the truth!

Juan does not feel intimidated at all. He is pointing at

               Go ahead Jef-fery, beat me up

Inspector Jenkins is at the boiling point. While grabbing
Juan, he uses his free hand to start punching. Juan is
making a “come-and-get-me” motion.

The door suddenly opens. Jayson and Juan‟s attorney,
STEVEN THEMIS (mid 30s, clean shaven and wearing a pair
of glasses), come in. Jayson YELLS…

               Jeff, don‟t!

The YELL apparently wakes Inspector Jenkins up. As a
result, he transfers all his power on to the table. The
table almost gets splitted into two halves. He then lets
go of Juan…

After cooling down a bit, Inspector Jenkins thanks Jayson
for saving him…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Thanks, Jays!

Inspector Jenkins then turns back the attention to Juan
as Jayson is relieved…

               INSPECTOR JENKINS (continuing)
               I am not going to mess up my
               career and my hands because
               of you… I‟m going to let the
               judicial system to punish you.

Jayson has not told Inspector Jenkins that Juan‟s
attorney wants to see him…

               Eh,… Jeff…

Without the head turning back to Jayson, Inspector
Jenkins puts up stop motion on Jayson. He wants to remind
Juan the proper pronunciation of his name…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               My name is Jef-frey, not Jef-
               fery… But I prefer you to
               call me Inspec-tor Jenkins…
               Only my friends can call me
               by my first name… And you…
               will probably never be my

Juan makes a look as if he does not care about this
“tutoring session”. Inspector Jenkins asks Jayson…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               So what‟s up, Jays?

After asking, Inspector Jenkins sees a familiar face next
to Jayson. He looks disappointed…

               Jeff, this is Mr. Themis,
               Juan‟s attorney… Um… he has
               something for you…

Steven takes a seat and puts his BRIEFCASE on to the
half-broken table…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               What do you have for me?… A
               bail request?… I can‟t tell
               you anything right now…

Inspector Jenkins does not want to say this…

               INSPECTOR JENKINS (continuing)
               Mr. Themis.

But Steven surprises Inspector Jenkins…

               I have no intent to make
               bail… since there‟s not going
               to have any charges against
               my client…

Inspector Jenkins and Juan are surprised…

               Wow!… You serious (slang),

Steven only smiles as he opens his briefcase. There is a
LAPTOP inside.

               I want you to take a listen

Steven plays the RECORDING FILE from his laptop. The file
starts with Juan (DONNA: early 30s Latino woman)…

                      (V.O. / angrily)
               Would you just finish the
               shit already?… It‟s fresh and
               pure, alrite (slang)!?

               OK,… OK! It‟s almost finished
               baking… It‟s under a minute

The people inside the room then hear a “TING” sound…

                     DONNA (continuing)
               There… Hmm Hmm… The roasted
               chicken is ready.

               Good, eh?…

               Oh, fuck!… The chicken‟s
               still fucking raw inside!

                  Oh shit!… Take that away!…
                  Ain‟t the time, ain‟t the

Juan is wearing a smile on his face as Steven stops the
recording file. Inspector Jenkins looks more

                  As you guys can hear, my
                  client is innocent in this
                  incident. May my client leave
                  now, Inspector Jenkins?

Juan adds fuel…

                  Like I said, man… Wrong place
                  at the wrong time… Inspecta
                  Jef-fery Jenkins!

Steven COUGHS, like a warning to Juan for not to add fuel
to the fire. Inspector Jenkins, even though he is holding
his fist, has no other choice…

                         INSPECTOR JENKINS
                       (looks disappointed)
                  Go ahead, you may leave now…

Before they leave, Steven tells Inspector Jenkins
something about the onboard video tape during the arrest…

                  Be sure to watch the onboard
                  video tape shot from the
                  police car during the arrest…
                  I am sure you guys made a
                  procedure mistake.

Steven and Juan, who is curious about the mistake, leave,
as DEPUTY CHIEF, AARON FULLER (mid 50s, wearing a
mustache), comes in. Steven and Deputy Chief Fuller look
at each other as they pass by. The Deputy Chief informs
Inspector Jenkins about the mistake after his staredown
with Steven…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               I‟ve just finished watching
               the tape…

Deputy Chief Fuller looks at Jayson…

               DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER (continuing)
               There seemed to have a video
               interference when you
               provided the Miranda warning.
               Did you ever provide one?

Jayson is sure he did…

               I swear to God I did!

Inspector Jenkins thinks he knows Big George‟s gang has
something to do with it. He splits the already half-
broken table in half. That shocks Jayson but not his boss.

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               I‟ll give you the full
               explanation… I promise!

Inspector Jenkins rushes outside in disgust. He is
heading to Steven‟s direction…


Steven must make a phone call to Big George, but Juan is
already on the phone with him…

               Told you I am a cat… I‟ve got
               nine lives.

Big George GIGGLES…

                         BIG GEORGE
               If it wasn‟t Steven, you
               woulda been charged…

Big George adds…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               That dude would never know…

Juan comforts Big George…

               We are gettin‟ close… We are
               gettin‟ close…

These two “brothers” keep talking while Juan and Steven
are walking towards the exit. Steven, however, has to go
to the bathroom.

                   (covering the speaker)
               Can‟t hold any longa (slang),
               huh?… I am waiting you
               outside… But don‟t take too
               long though… Don‟t make me
               think you are jerkin‟ your
               dick inside. Haha…

Steven has got used to Juan‟s uncanny nature of humor. He
can only grin.

                                               MATCH CUT:


Juan‟s wait is about to be over as Steven is finishing up
his “pit stop”. But a surprise visit by Inspector Jenkins
prolongs his stop…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS

Inspector Jenkins locks the bathroom door and makes sure
there is no one in this BATHROOM besides Steven and him.

Steven looks at Inspector Jenkins in the MIRROR while
washing his hands…

               I was expecting you, Jeff…
               but not here, I suppose.

Jeff questions Steven right away…

               Steven, how did you guys
               interfere with the onboard

Steven lies as he shuts off water…

               We didn‟t do anything… the
               camera happened to get

Steven points to the ceiling. Water is dripping all over
the place…

                     STEVEN (continuing)
               God is watching… That is all
               I can say.

Jeff is getting devastated, so he begs Steven…

               Why are you still working for
               such a bad guy?… Does money
               really matter to you?… As
               your friend, would you ever
               not get involved with Big
               George and his business?

Steven finally has time to blow dry his hands and starts
walking near the door…

               You hadn‟t seen me for five
               years… No one trusted me the
               first two years as a licensed
               attorney… If Big George
               didn‟t hire me for his murder
               case, I wouldn‟t be this
               Steven you are now… begging.

With Steven‟s back is completely facing the door, he
unlocks the door. After he unlocks the door, he walks
back to the SINK, where he can see the door.

Meanwhile, Jeff is holding up his fist again, just like
he did when he was in the interrogation room…

               Have you forgotten my Dad
               already, Steven?… Your
               financial supporter… If you
               ever didn‟t get supported
               when you‟re at the younger
               age, you would never… NEVER…
               be an attorney.

Steven somehow keeps looking at the DOOR KNOB…

               Jeff, I visited Eric just
               last week… Even though he
               didn‟t recognize me, I will
               never forget how he picked me
               up when I was with the

Jeff grabs on Steven‟s SUIT…

               But you are back into the
               hole again!…

Steven, while being grabbed at, stays calm. He keeps
looking at the knob…

               Big George gave me the hand
               to get out of my career free
               fall… I won his case… I won
               his case when… other
               attorneys told Big George
               there was no chance of

Jeff is furious. His fist is getting closer to Steven.
Steven gets scared a little. He almost forgets to keep
looking at the knob. The knob is turned. Steven figures
it must be Juan…

                     (angrily / YELLING)
               I don‟t have any knowledge
               about the group, would you
               just let me go, Inspector?

The door is now completely opened. Juan is shocked when
he sees Steven being grabbed at…

               Hey Inspecta, let go of my
               friend!… I‟m gonna complain
               if you don‟t let go!

Inspector Jenkins just will not let go, so Juan YELLS out
to the HALLWAY…

               Inspecta Jef-fery Jenkins
               beating innocent up!…
               Inspecta Jef-fery Jenkins
               beating innocent up! (slang)

Inspector Jenkins must let Steven go. Steven brings Juan
out of the bathroom…

Inspector Jenkins, again, transfers all his power to the
mirror, making it shattered into pieces…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS


For the next day, Inspector Jenkins, with his hand
heavily wrapped, is thinking about all the words – both
good and bad – from Steven‟s mouth that night. He keeps
thinking about what Steven said about God…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
                   (wondering / MUMBLING)
               God is watching… God is

Other OFFICERS are looking at Inspector Jenkins like he
is possessed…

               INSPECTOR JENKINS (continuing)

The officers are now scared. Inspector Jenkins looks

               INSPECTOR JENKINS (continuing)
               God is indeed watching…

                                                MATCH CUT:


The police have finally arrived the suspected ROOFTOP
that might have some interfering DEVICES installed.

When Inspector Jenkins makes his first step outwards from
the stairs, he can see there are four words painted on
the rooftop SURFACE – “BIG GEORGIE WAS HERE.” The people
at the rooftop are shocked…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
                     (angrily / YELLING)

His YELL scares off a FLOCK of PIGEONS…

                                             DISSOLVE TO:


Juan, after getting off the hook, has some bad news for
Big George regarding his RIVAL JIHAD SHAKUR (late 30s,

               Big Georgie, that asshole
               Jihad is going to open a

Big George seems to be expecting this as he lights up a
CIGAR. He then asks…

                           BIG GEORGE

               I don‟t know yet… But we‟re
               gonna bust the place once we

Big George is leisurely putting his legs up on his desk
with his hands on the back of his head…

                         BIG GEORGE
               That‟s fine… Juan, we are
               going to have a meeting three
               days later at the office…
               Spread the words out…

               OK, Georgie… I must go…

Big George does not let Juan go yet…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Wait, Juan… Do me something
               during the meeting…

Big George takes a puff on the cigar and takes out of a

                         BIG GEORGE
               And one more thing… next time
               think of something neater…
               They complain stuffing the
               „number four‟ (heroin) into a
               fish as a sample is nasty…

It seems as if Big George and Juan can no longer stand
the smell of the fish. They both cover their nose with
their hands…

               Fuck, Big Georgie!… I‟ll take
               care of this… But now can you
               take that fish away?… It
               reminds me of Donna‟s…

Big George and Juan‟s chemistry is relatively high since
Big George knows what he wants to say. Hence, they both

After taking the fish away, Big George is back to the
serious matter regarding money laundering…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Anyway, it‟s about time to
               transfer the dough to the new

Juan is grasping for fresh air…

               Pwww… No worries, Georgie…
               I‟ve taken care of it

There is a CALCULATOR on Big George‟s desk. Juan shows
Big George the amount that they have earned by investing…

                      JUAN (continuing)
               Look at this figa‟ (slang)…
               Over four hundred K investin‟

Big George reminds Juan, but Juan knows what he is trying
to remind him…

                      JUAN (continuing)
               I know, Georgie… Always gain
               some and then lose some,
               right?… You‟ve said a million
               times already…

Big George is satisfied as Juan apparently cannot stand
the smell…

                      JUAN (continuing)
               It sure does smell like
               Donna‟s cunt and ass… I must
               go to a better place…

Big George knows where Juan is going…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Going to fool around again?…
               Don‟t go to those places that
               often… You‟ve got a wife…

Juan thanks Big George for giving him a friendly reminder.
He looks rather serious…

               Thanks, Big George…

Juan leaves…

                                               DISSOLVE TO:


Deputy Chief Fuller has also acknowledged that there will
be a meeting held by Big George with his GANG MEMBERS

Furthermore, Deputy Chief Fuller understands Jihad‟s
personality that he will crash the meeting. Therefore, he
has been following Jihad since this morning…

Jihad has been in his office for the last hour. Deputy
Chief Fuller must wait for him inside of his TOYOTA CAMRY
nearby. At last, Jihad shows up with his GANG MEMBERS. He
gets into his MERCEDES 500 SE. The Deputy Chief knows he
must “balance” the groups out; therefore, he makes a
phone call while driving…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Hello, Jayson… Listen… I want
               you to go to Big George‟s
               office right now… I‟ll meet
               you outside…


Deputy Chief Fuller tells Jayson the most important

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Oh, Jayson… Don‟t tell
               Jenkins anything…

Jayson certainly understand why…

               O… K…, Sir…

Deputy Chief Fuller hears Inspector Jenkins asking Jayson
in the background…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Who are you talking to, Jays?

Even though Jayson apparently covers the speaker, Deputy
Chief Fuller can still hear…

               It‟s… it‟s… my wife… So what
               are you looking for here?

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Looking for Fuller… Where the
               fuck is he?

               I… I don‟t know… haven‟t seen
               him today.

Inspector Jenkins suddenly YELLS at the receiver…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
                      (V.O. / YELLING)
               Hello, Amanda… He would love
               to go back home but our boss
               doesn‟t let us go early… Oh
               well,… our boss himself can
               leave hecka early…

Deputy Chief Fuller looks bitter as Jayson finishes the
conversation with his “wife”…

               I‟ll be th… home,…

Jayson clears his throat as the curious Inspector looks

                     JAYSON (continuing)
               Um… Honey…

Jayson must say the word “honey” just to fool the curious
Inspector. Meanwhile, the upset Deputy Chief continues
following Jihad and his crew…

                                               MATCH CUT:


Big George is holding a meeting with his “EMPLOYEES” for
what happened that night. His employees are sitting
around the OVAL-SHAPED CONFERENCE TABLE. The seats of Big
George, Steven and Juan are still not taken…

Big George‟s employees are anxiously waiting for their
boss as the door opens…

This DOUBLE DOOR is a little over two meters wide. There
is no way that Big George and Steven go through at the
same time. Hence, Steven lets the bulky Big George come
into the CONFERENCE ROOM first. But where is Juan?

Even though the deal was blown that night, Big George
does not lose any of his swaggers as he comes in with a
big smile on his face…

                         BIG GEORGE
               It‟s been a bad week for our
               group… Two pounds of coke‟s
               got confiscated… Fourteen
               hundred thousand bucks worth
               of coke…

Big George does not look upset however. That surprises
those who do not know the plan…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               That‟s OK… That‟s only a
               third of what we usually
               deal… So no worries, fellas,…
               that was a part of a plan
               reeling in the undercover…

Big George, with both hands pushed hard on the table
while standing, surveys the entire room. Everyone seems
to be nervous. He then lights up a cigar…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
                    (SIGHING after a puff)
               Since the first day you guys
               followed me, you must know I
               don‟t trust nobody (slang)…
               So if you think I trust you,
               I don‟t… And if you think you
               can find any criminal
               evidence, you better not or
               I‟ll KILL you!

Big George now calls Juan to come in through the

The door opens; Juan seems like he is dragging something
behind. It is a person. Everyone in the room wonders…

               Hey Big Georgie, Billy‟s here.

Juan then literally throws the already beaten up BILLY to
the conference table near Big George, making him in more
pain. Steven turns away in disgust as Lieutenant DIRK VAN
PELT (mid 30s), Billy‟s supervisor, scolds him…

               Why you?… I treated you like
               my son… Why!?

Billy is too severely injured; he cannot speak and cannot
even move…

Big George gets off from his chair. He is on one knee
grabbing Billy‟s busted cheek…

                         BIG GEORGE
               I would never kneel down for
               no one (slang)… except you…
               Don‟t you feel honored?

Big George just cannot kneel down for long because of his
enormous physical appearance. Therefore, he gets back up
on his feet and takes another puff on his cigar…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Fellas, let me introduce you
               the undercover – Mr. Billy
               whoever… He somehow tipped
               the police the info.… But I
               had known in advance so
               that‟s why Juan and those
               dealers were out of harm‟s

Big George turns his head back to Billy…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
                     (holding his cigar)
               If we didn‟t plan this, we
               wouldn‟t know it‟s you…

From his INNER POCKETS of his SUIT, Big George shows him

Some of the ASH, meanwhile, has already fallen on Billy‟s
BODY. Billy does not respond; he seems to be unconscious…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Look at this passage… “To-
               Ninja, four lbs French fries
               dog.” He‟s not making an

Big George takes another puff. Then he intentionally
knocks off some ash on Billy‟s motionless body.

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               …“To-Ninja” means “tonight”…
               “four lbs French fries dog”
               means “Junkyard”… How obscure
               is this message?

Big George throws the transcripts at Billy. He then
orders Juan…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Juan,… You know what to do,
               ain‟t you (slang)?

               Sure do, Big Georgie…

Just as Juan is trying to drag Billy out, Dirk tells

               Juan, let me finish him… It
               was my fault of bringing him
               to the group.

Big George stops Dirk…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Dirk, Juan‟s gonna do it
               clean… You gotta stay… I‟ll
               give you details for the next

Big George tells Juan…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Take him away… He‟s messing
               up my place.

Just as Juan opens the door, Jihad crashes the meeting.
Juan does not welcome him while dragging Billy.

               What are you doing here?… You
               ain‟t welcome here!

There have already been seven GUNS pointing at Jihad.
Jihad raises his arms…

               Hey, Big George… Is this how
               you treat your old friend?…
               Put down the guns… The police
               are coming.

Jihad already knew that Deputy Chief Fuller and his
colleagues had followed him since the morning. Timely
SIRENS are roaring through everyone‟s ears…

                     JIHAD (continuing)
               See… I never lie…

Everyone puts down their guns as Big George calmly
signals Juan to take Billy away through the REAR EXIT…

Jihad watches Juan and Billy go. While watching, he does
not know that his SUIT BUTTON gets cut and dropped to the
floor under a COUCH. He is more curious about the person
whom Juan carries away…

               What‟s up with that guy,
               George?… A police
               undercover?… Why don‟t you
               give him back to the police?…
               He seems useless now.

The SIRENS have stopped, meaning the police will come
here shortly. Big George finally speaks…

                         BIG GEORGE
               You‟re right… He‟s an
               undercover… But I am not sure
               if he‟s a police undercover
               or YOUR undercover.

Everyone, except Steven and Jihad, LAUGHS. Steven is just
playing his briefcase…

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Fuller, Jayson and the rest of
the police officers also join the party…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Wow Big George, you don‟t
               even have to lock the place…
               Oh right, of course no one‟s
               gonna break in to any of your

The sarcasm is cold. No one in the conference room LAUGHS
this time…

               DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER (continuing)
               Continue doing whatever you
               guys are doing… I‟ll help

Big George soothes the dead air…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Jihad and I were just talking
               about not crossing each
               other‟s line… I am going to
               keep trading minerals and
               he‟s going to keep trading
               his tree trunks… (NOTE: Mass

Jihad knows Big George is referring to his soon-to-be-
opened FACTORY. He neither nods nor shakes his head.
Deputy Chief Fuller is satisfied…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               That‟s good… That‟s good
               news… That‟s what I‟d like to
               hear… Balancing the area out
               makes great sense. Hope you
               don‟t eat your words, Big

Deputy Chief Fuller reminds Big George…

               DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER (continuing)
               And don‟t let us see and know
               what you are doing… You could
               get away of murder last time…
               You are not getting away if
               you do anything stupid.

Big George takes a puff on his cigar as Deputy Chief
Fuller looks at his WATCH…

               DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER (continuing)
               Oh, crap… It‟s almost one

Deputy Chief Fuller then gets up and YAWNS…

               DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER (continuing)
               Ah… I gotta go… Don‟t stay up
               too late guys… My colleagues
               will be waiting outside until
               all of you leave… Yeah, you
               know… not locking this place
               would invite burglars… so
               it‟s our responsibility to
               look after you… I meant your
               office… Later, guys…

Deputy Chief Fuller leaves. Big George‟s face has not
looked good since Jihad‟s visit. It is time, by the way,
for Jihad to leave as well.

               Guys… I must go as well…

Jihad “thanks” Big George…

                     JIHAD (continuing)
               Thank you, George, for the
               statement… But no one would
               ever earn enough money… So I
               guess it‟s time to touch on
               the mineral trading business…
               Anyways, bye guys.

After Jihad leaves, people inside start discussing to one
another. Big George promises…

                          BIG GEORGE
               Don‟t worry… I‟ll never let
               him cross the line until the
               day I die…


It is a little over 1:30 after midnight. Juan has dragged
Billy to an ALLEY near the office. Juan takes out a WHIP
hidden in the alley to finish the job…

               Good night… and good bye,
               Billy boy.

Juan starts whipping; he keeps whipping for two minutes…


Big George has finished giving out the details to Dirk…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Do it routinely… The place is
               secret enough.

               Yeah, OK…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Oh, tell Steven to come in on
               your way out.

Big George pads Dirk on the shoulder – a sign of trust…

               OK, George… See you after the

Big George grins and lights up another cigar, his third
of the night…

Steven KNOCKS on the door. He comes in…

               Hey George, you are smoking
               again… A cigar a night is
               enough for the… for the
               muscular men like you.

Big George puts his cigar in the ASH TRAY…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Steven, what makes you a
               doctor now?… Visiting doctors

Juan suddenly rushes in. He is grasping for air…

               Hell yeah,… This Stevie boy
               is impotent… He‟s been
               jerkin‟ too much… Hey, ain‟t
               you got a wife, Stevie?

Again, both Big George and Steven have really got used to
Juan‟s uncanny nature of humor. They do not laugh…

Steven changes the subject back to Billy…

               You‟ve finally finished,

               Yeah… Nobody saw me… not even
               the police outside.

                           BIG GEORGE
                 Is that why it took you this
                 long?… I need Steven‟s legal

Big George looks at the clock on the wall…

                     BIG GEORGE (continuing)
                 It‟s almost two forty… Brenda
                 must be waiting.

                 Don‟t worry George… I‟ve sent
                 her a text message telling
                 her to go to bed.

Juan then explains what he has done to Billy…

                                                 MATCH CUT:


There is a MINIVAN speeding to the police station. Just
as the minivan passes by, the body of Billy is thrown out,
literally a few feet away from the entrance. The minivan
then speeds up again…


Juan‟s cell phone RINGS…

                 Yo… You‟re done?… You sure
                 nobody saw you?… Good…
                 Remember to rid the fucking
                 van… I don‟t care, asshole!…
                 You burn it or dump it over
                 the sea cliff, alrite!… Gotta
                 go. (slang)

Juan hangs up…

                        JUAN (continuing)
                 Stupid asshole!…

Juan informs Big George…

                      JUAN (continuing)
               Job done… wel-ll done…

Big George looks satisfied as he picks the cigar back up.
Juan asks where Dirk is…

               Dirk‟s gone already… I missed
               seeing him the very last

Steven does not understand what Juan has just said…

               What last time?… He‟s going
               to be back after the deal‟s
               done, isn‟t he?

Juan is really interested in this subject as Big George
takes a puff…

               You didn‟t let me finish the
               sentence… I said the very
               last time… alii-vve!

Steven still does not seem to get it. Juan is begging Big

                      JUAN (continuing)
               Do you want me to tell him
               everything, Big Georgie?

Big George flicks the cigar – like a “go ahead” signal…

                      JUAN (continuing)
               OK… Dirk is the real
               undercover… That Billy boy
               was just his decoy… And he‟s
               just a part of our plan…

Big George stops Juan from telling Steven what the plan
is. Steven is shocked; he tries to stay calm by putting
both of his sweaty hands into the respective sides of the
pockets of his pants…

                      JUAN (continuing)
               So Dirk ain‟t coming back
               (slang)… He‟s going to get
               killed by… I don‟t know… a
               hit-and-run car I supposed.

Steven really needs some time to cool down now…

               Excuse me, guys… must go to
               the restroom…

Juan jokes again…

               Jerk less, Stevie… Then you‟d
               hold a little longa (slang)…
               E.D. man.

Steven neither laughs nor grins…

               Excuse me!…

Steven gets up and heads to the RESTROOM. Big George,
after taking another puff on his cigar, knows why he
needs a restroom break…

                          BIG GEORGE
                   (KNOCKING off some ash)
               Give him some time…


It has been a long night for everyone, especially Steven.
He has seen and heard how a decoy got beaten up to death
for no reason. He also sees the horror, brutal side of
Big George.

Although Steven has high E.Q. (Emotional Intelligence
Quotient), he is still horrified for what happened
earlier. Therefore, he needs to sober up in the restroom.

Steven fills up the sink with water. He then submerges
his face into the water. He does not even take off his
pair of glasses…

After thirty seconds or so, Steven emerges back from the
water. He looks at himself in the MIRROR. Out of
frustration, he pounds the water, making some splashes to
the mirror. He does not know what he can do, or maybe he


the background. Steven has just finished looking at one
of his many CHINESE CALLIGRAPHIES – read “伴君如伴虎” in
Chinese and read, literally, “You are with your leader
like you are with a tiger” in English. It is how Steven
feels right now…

“Fate” has now stopped; Steven throws his head back. He
cannot sleep, possibly thinking about what happened
exactly tonight…

As Steven keeps looking up, BRENDA CARLSON (early 30s,
smart looking blonde) steps inside the room…

               Steven… Steven…

After a few calls, Steven turns his attention to Brenda…

                       (looking tired)
               Yes, honey.

               It‟s fifteen „til five… Why
               don‟t you go to bed?

Steven does not tell Brenda everything…

               I… I just can‟t sleep,… but I
               am tired… Once my eyes are
               closed,… I… Never mind…

Steven wipes his face with his hands…

                     STEVEN (continuing)
               I don‟t know what I can do… I
               am lost.

Brenda knows she cannot help his husband…

               Stop thinking about it then…
               Maybe you should take
               tomorrow off…

Steven refuses since he is a workaholic…

               I‟ll be fine, honey…

Brenda has no other choice but to mentally support

               Anyway,… there‟s some coffee
               left in the pot… Drink some
               before going to work… And get
               some rest…

Steven wants to get up from his chair to kiss Brenda, but
he is mentally fatigued…

               Thanks, honey!… Good night…

                                               MATCH CUT:


Another fifteen minutes have passed. Big George is on the
phone with someone…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Listening to what?… I don‟t
               care… Keep looking after him…
               It‟s your job, remember

Big George VIOLENTLY hangs up. It seems like he is going
to smoke cigars for the rest of the night…

                         BIG GEORGE
                    (talking to himself)
               She is hiding something… She

Big George opens the drawer to take out a TYPED LETTER…


No one involved in the incidents the night before slept
well, if at all. Deputy Chief Fuller is one of those who
did not sleep at all as he is reading the reports for
Billy‟s case. He is holding Billy‟s IDENTIFICATION CARD…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               William Boland Fredrick?…
               Who‟s this guy?…

Someone KNOCKS on the door; it is Inspector Jenkins…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Aaron, this guy turns out to
               be Big George‟s man… Is he
               one of your…

Deputy Chief Fuller knows what Inspector Jenkins is
trying to ask…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               No, he‟s not one of our men…
               That guy hasn‟t given me much
               this year…

Deputy Chief Fuller is upset…

               DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER (continuing)
               What‟s this psycho thinking?…
               Trying to challenge us… We‟ve
               just had an agreement of not
               doing anything dumb… and…
               he‟s doing this?

Inspector Jenkins is puzzled…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               What!?… You‟ve met him… That
               fucking George!…

Inspector Jenkins is so furious; he goes crazy by
SLAMMING the chair…

               INSPECTOR JENKINS (continuing)
               Why, Aaron?… Why would you
               still meet him?…

Inspector Jenkins then asks rather a dumb question as
Deputy Chief Fuller is checking the chair…

               INSPECTOR JENKINS (continuing)
               Are you one of Big George‟s

Deputy Chief Fuller gets touchy; he denies…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Are you nuts, Jeff?… I am
               more eager to get him in jail
               than you all are… I almost
               got him executed… I am not
               letting him to get away the
               next time… So don‟t… DON’T…
               EVER SAY THAT AGAIN!

The atmosphere gets cooled down by the phone RING…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Yes, this is Aaron Fuller…
               Hm… OK, got it. Thanks…

Deputy Chief Fuller has some news for Inspector Jenkins…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Jeff, I‟ve just received a
               report that we‟ve found the
               vehicle believed to have
               carried William Fredrick‟s

Inspector Jenkins is stoked…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Then what are we waiting for,
               Aaron?… Let‟s go!

Deputy Chief Fuller apparently has not finished…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               But the vehicle is completely
               burned… So the investigators
               cannot get much except some
               blood samples… It‟s
               Fredrick‟s, apparently.

Even though the Deputy Chief and the Inspector know who
is behind all these, they cannot do anything about it.
Inspector Jenkins YELLS…

                       INSPECTOR JENKINS
                      (angrily / YELLING)


Steven should have stayed at home because of those
incidents. However, he chooses to go to work since he is
such a workaholic…

Steven really needs some laughter, so he stops by at the
open office to listen to a daily joke from one of his

               I found this on the net…
               Anyways, there‟s a woman
               trying to sue the broadband
               company for not exchanging
               her the defective modem… You
               know… red lights blinking on
               and off… and…

Lamar LAUGHS again…

                     LAMAR (continuing)
               Turns out to be she poked
               through the circuit boards so
               that the modem would be hung
               on the wall… Haha!… How dumb
               is that?… Everyone knows when
               a circuit board is poked
               through, the device would no
               longer work…

Everyone, including Steven, LAUGHS as Lamar turns to one

                     LAMAR (continuing)
               Hey Cindy,… don‟t tell me
               you‟ve never put any metal
               into the microwave oven…
               You‟re the dumbest woman I‟ve
               ever known of… Common sense,

All of a sudden, Steven speaks out from the back of the

                      (V.O. / GIGGLING)
               Stop the fun here already…
               It‟s almost nine…

Lamar turns around as Steven GIGGLES…

               Oh good morning, Steven…

               Good morning…

Steven somehow wants to get away from just being Big
George‟s LEGAL CONSULTANT. Therefore, he asks Lamar…

               So Lamar, do you have any
               opened case for me?…

Lamar is surprised…

               Are you… are you kidding me?…
               But you haven‟t taken any
               case that‟s not Big George‟s
               in about a year.

Steven confesses…

               Ah… I don‟t know… I… I am too
               tired handling his cases…
               Give me something that is
               more… more rightful…

Lamar is more shocked. Obviously, everyone in the LAW
FIRM thinks Steven mindlessly helping a crook is wrong.
But yet, he makes the most money for the firm,

               O… K…, I‟ve just received a
               case that will suit your

Steven is thankful…

               Thanks, Lamar… Bring the
               files to my desk in five


Steven walks to his room. The employees gather around
discussing why Steven wants to have a change now…


               Thanks, Lamar…

               No problem…

Lamar leaves the room after bringing Steven all the
necessary FILES about the case. Just as Steven is about
to read the files, his phone RINGS…


Steven‟s face turns sour…

                     STEVEN (continuing)
               OK… transfer the line,

Big George wants to talk to him…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Steven,… it‟s George… I‟d
               like you to go to meet Aaron
               Fuller with me… I want to
               report something…

Just as Steven thinks he would not get involved with Big
George‟s business for a while, he is involved…

Of course Steven could refuse. But since Steven still
remembers it was Big George who hired him for his murder
case, he just cannot refuse. So after a long thinking

               OK George,… I‟ll be there…

                                               MATCH CUT:


Deputy Chief Fuller is still clueless about Billy‟s case.
However, there is one man who may shed some light. The
man, ironically, is Big George…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Get him in…

A while later, Big George and Steven come in. Big George,
right away, sees Deputy Chief Fuller is having problems
figuring out Billy‟s case…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Hey buddy, I can see you are
               still scratching your head
               „bout Billy‟s case, right?

Deputy Chief Fuller feels annoyed…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Yes… what do you have for
               me?… I seriously don‟t have
               time for you.

Big George takes out a typed letter…

                         BIG GEORGE
               So what if I do have some
               clues that might help you
               solve the case… Here, take a

Big George gives Deputy Chief Fuller the letter. He
starts reading…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               So you are threatened?…

Deputy Chief Fuller looks skeptical to this so-called
“death threat”. Steven looks shocked and skeptical as

               DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER (continuing)
               But who would ever threaten a
               person like you – such a
               powerful, important person?…

Big George throws sarcasm right back at Deputy Chief

                          BIG GEORGE
               I don‟t know… it could have
               been anyone,… including the
               ones who want me to get into

Deputy Chief Fuller keeps reading the letter to the end…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Hm… It even says „one of your
               lieutenants gotta be careful
               – you will be next‟… I wonder
               whom this person is referring
               to… Tell me how and when you
               got this letter.

Deputy Chief Fuller then looks closely to the surface of
the letter…

                         BIG GEORGE
               It was snuffed underneath my
               home door… around a few hours

Big George looks scared…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               What… What did you find?

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Nothing,… even if we‟d find
               any fingerprints, it might
               have been contaminated
               already… Anyway Mr. Gomez,…
               thanks for the letter… You
               guys may go now…

Big George somehow has a clue before leaving…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Wait up, Fuller… I‟ve just
               come up with some suspects
               out from my head… It‟s Jihad…
               It must be Jihad Shakur… He
               wants to „conquer‟ my
               business… Why don‟t you get
               him here to have a

Deputy Chief Fuller is not thrilled…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
                  (bad taste in his mouth)
               We know what we‟ll do… you
               don‟t need to order us what
               to do next… Would you guys
               just leave, please?… I‟ve got
               things to do…

Steven has already started heading towards the exit.
However, Big George still has not finished…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Fine… I am not going to order
               you… But I am requesting to
               get protected until an arrest
               is made…

Big George must be out of his mind. He is requesting the
police to protect him. Both the Deputy Chief and Steven
are speechless. Big George asks Steven…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               I can request a protection,
               right Steven?…

Steven just stands still. He cannot believe that his boss
would ever make this request.

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)

Steven finally wakes up…

               Oh… Yes, anyone who feels
               threatened may make such a
               request… So you guys cannot
               refuse… Evidence shows the

Deputy Chief Fuller cannot refuse…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Since you put it this way… OK,
               we accept the request… Give
               us a couple of days to make
               arrangements… then we‟ll send
               officers to protect all of
               that on the hit list…

Deputy Chief Fuller gets up from his chair to shake hands
with Big George…


Steven still feels skeptical about Big George getting
threatened… He wants to ask. However, a smart person does
not ask; they only do…

Big George can figuratively see Steven‟s question marks
flying all over the police station…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Steven, I know you have so
               much to ask… OK, go to my
               office tonight.

               OK, George.

Big George is heading to his office. Steven still has not


Big George is enjoying his cigar, probably not feeling
threatened. He has been waiting for Steven to stop by
ever since leaving the police station…

Steven KNOCKS on the door…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Door‟s opened, Steven…

Steven opens the door…


                          BIG GEORGE
                 (while lighting up a cigar)
               Hey, Steven…

Steven comforts Big George…

               Don‟t worry, George… Jihad‟s
               just trying to scare you.

Big George seems relaxed…

                         BIG GEORGE
               No, Steven… You know me… I am
               never worried… But worry
               about your wife, she is
               staying at home all by

               It won‟t be long though… I am
               planning a trip to Florence
               with her… Anyway,… you still
               have to be careful…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Hm… A trip? Give me heads up
               when you are leaving…

Steven nods. He somehow senses how quiet the room is.
Juan is nowhere to be found. He takes a seat on the couch
and puts his briefcase on the TEA TABLE…

               By the way,… where‟s Juan?…
               He should be protecting you.

Big George takes a puff on the cigar…

                            BIG GEORGE
                      (clearing his throat)
                 He‟s not slacking… He should
                 be coming in a few moments…

Then Juan literally comes crashing in with beaten up Dirk,
one of Big George‟s lieutenants. Juan must thank Big

                 Thanks, Georgie, for keeping
                 Dirkie alive…

Big George takes another puff on the cigar…

                           BIG GEORGE
                 If my memory serves me right
                 Juan, you said you‟d want to
                 see him alive before he gets
                 killed… I am just doing you a

Steven was expecting Dirk would get killed, so he does
not feel as scared as when he found out that Billy was a
decoy that night.

                 So what ya‟ (slang) wanna to
                 deal with this turkey… I
                 meant Dirkie, Georgie?

                           BIG GEORGE
                 Whatever you want… But after
                 finishing him, be sure to
                 bury him… And Juan, don‟t
                 leave any trails behind.

Juan promises…

                 I sure won‟t, Georgie…

Juan is now fumbling his pocket. He takes out a PLASTIC
BAG, which contains a suit button that Jihad left during
the meeting…

               Here… Jihad‟s button… I am
               goin‟ (slang) to stick this
               into Dirkie‟s hands…

Big George is satisfied. Steven, meanwhile, now feels
more frightened. He feels that Big George is now beyond
horrid; he is getting crazy by framing Jihad like this.
His sweaty hands force Steven to stick them into his
pockets again.

                         BIG GEORGE
               Finish the job… and don‟t let
               anyone see you… You clear?

Juan walks next to Big George. He is looking around…

               Trust me… Ain‟t (slang)
               Steven and I your most
               trusted people?

Big George agrees…

                         BIG GEORGE
               You, Juan, are my left hand
               and Steven is my right hand…
               Would my left hand man go now?

But before Juan leaves with Dirk, he sees something
interesting across the street…

               Hey guys, look at the neon
               sign across the street…
               „Custom Framing‟… That‟s one
               more service I offer.

Only Big George LAUGHS…

               Hey Stevie, you tired?… You
               ain‟t smiling. (slang)

Steven intentionally COUGHS, pretending not to feel well…

               I am not feeling well…
               handling an outside case.

               An outside case?… Ain‟t we
               paying you much (slang)?

Big George has seen enough…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Juan, would you just leave
               now!?… Dirk is waiting.

Juan apologizes. He gets ready to leave by picking up
Dirk and throwing him to the tea table. That KNOCKS
Steven‟s briefcase opened on the floor…

Big George sees a BLACK BOX inside the MESH POCKET.
Steven quickly picks up the briefcase…

                         BIG GEORGE
                    (feeling suspicious)
               What‟s that inside the pocket?

Steven must act fast…

               Nothing… It‟s a… a little
               present I bought for Brenda…
               I am not going to see her
               much the next two weeks… so I
               gotta buy her something as

Juan humorously adds…

               What?… Gettin‟ (slang) her a
               fuck buddy?

Big George‟s attention is on much more serious thing.
Therefore, he lets Steven off the hook for now.

                         BIG GEORGE

Juan is feeling some heat…

               My bad… Gotta go, Georgie and

After Juan finally leaves with Dirk, Steven makes an
excuse to leave…

               George, if you don‟t have
               anything else for me, I am
               leaving… I‟ve got a lot of
               preparation for the case…

Steven gets up and leaves. Big George has finished the
cigar and started another one. He is feeling somewhat
suspicious towards Steven…


Inspector Jenkins has learned that they are going to
protect Big George and his people. So he crashes in and
starts bashing Deputy Chief Fuller while the Deputy Chief
is going over the procedure…

Inspector Jenkins slams the files on to the table…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Jenkins!… Don‟t you have any
               respect to your seniors!?…
               Coming in without knocking!…
               Are you out of your mind?

Inspector Jenkins shakes his head…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
                     (angrily / YELLING)
               I say you are out of your
               mind… Protecting Big George?

Deputy Chief Fuller explains…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Jeff, let me explain… Anyone
               who feels threatened and has
               a reason of needing
               protection, we cannot refuse
               their request.

Inspector Jenkins certainly understands as he gets cooled
down a bit…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               I know, Fuller… But he‟s
               just… he‟s just manipulating
               us to rid Jihad…

Deputy Chief Fuller explains further as Inspector Jenkins
grabs a seat in disbelief…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Let‟s put it this way, Jeff…
               Maybe, I say, maybe we can
               take this opportunity to look
               after Big George and what
               he‟s been doing…

Deputy Chief Fuller pads Inspector Jenkins‟ shoulder…

               DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER (continuing)
               We are not going to only
               listen to what he says… If
               he‟s manipulating us, then
               he‟s playing with fire… He‟ll
               get burned.

Deputy Chief Fuller stacks the files which are slammed by
Inspector Jenkins back to him.

               DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER (continuing)
               Here… Don‟t think too much…
               Start preparing.

Even though Inspector Jenkins is still mad, he has to
follow Deputy Chief Fuller‟s order. Protecting citizens
is a part of his job after all…


Steven has been in his home office ever since he gets
back home…

As usual, Steven sits on his chair listening to “Fate”
while looking at the “tiger” calligraphy…

The opening notes of “Fate” probably suit how he feels
right now. When Beethoven wrote “Fate”, he used the first
four notes for “fate knocking on the door”. Beethoven was
lost of why he was born deaf. The same goes to Steven as
fate is knocking on the same door. He is lost…


With Steven still inside of his home office, Brenda is on
the phone…

               I can‟t… But he keeps
               listening to “Fate” over and
               over… He seems to have a big
               problem bothering him.

Brenda then gets up from the couch to take a peek.
Steven‟s recent incidents make him not closing the door

                     BRENDA (continuing)
               He‟s still sitting… looking
               at calligraphy.

                                                  MATCH CUT:


It turns out the man whom Brenda is talking to is Big

                         BIG GEORGE

Big George remembers about Steven‟s presumably present…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Oh… Has Steven given you the
               present yet?… My bad if I
               spoil your fun.

               No… He walked straight to his
               room when he got home.

                         BIG GEORGE
               Hm… Maybe I messed up… Anyway,
               money‟s ready… Keep looking
               after him for me.

Big George hangs up. He has confirmed that something is
going on with Steven…


Brenda puts her cell phone back to her pocket. She then
walks next to the door. When she is about to knock, she
sees, from the gap of the opened door, Steven is stuffing
something into the “tiger” calligraphy.

Since Brenda is Big George‟s “spy”, she fumbles for her
cell phone. She looks at the phone; she somehow does not
want to report to Big George about this secret. The love
has taken her over.

The MUSIC has stopped; Steven starts heading to the door.
He sees Brenda sweating heavily after putting on his pair
of glasses…

               Are you OK, honey?… You are

Brenda‟s mind is someplace else. She wakes up after a
long pause…

                I am fine… Steven.

                If you are not feeling well…
                visit a doctor… I‟ll be
                always late back home for the
                next two weeks… So don‟t stay
                up late waiting.

Steven feels much better as he remembers to lock the door.
He then whines…

                      STEVEN (continuing)
                It‟s already been a long year
                for me…

Steven SIGHS…

                      STEVEN (continuing)
                Guess I must take a vacation
                with you after all the work
                gets done… You‟ve always
                wanted to go to Florence,

Brenda feels happy as she nods. She knows she will never
sell Steven out. Steven can feel Brenda has something on
her mind, so he jokes…

                      STEVEN (continuing)
                Not the one near L.A., of

Brenda grins; she does not want Steven to see her
thinking something else. Steven, meanwhile, notices the
T.V. is still on…

                      STEVEN (continuing)
                Honey,… don‟t watch T.V. too
                late… I am going to bed now.

Steven kisses Brenda goodnight. At first, Brenda got
married to Steven because it was Big George‟s idea. But
now, love has taken everything over – from Big George‟s
words to Big George‟s money…

                                               DISSOLVE TO:


The protection begins. The officers have set their
equipments up since early morning. The usual suspects,
Big George, Steven and Juan, are sitting on the couch
watching the officers set those devices up…

               Yo (slang)… Be careful of the
               vase… It‟s worth more than
               your annual salary.

The officer does not even turn his head to Juan‟s
direction. Big George takes a puff on his first cigar of
the day…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Juan, let them do their
               stuff… And we are doing ours…

Big George KNOCKS off some ash to the ash tray…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               So Juan,… what are you using
               as samples next time?… You
               come up with anything yet?

Both Juan and Steven are absolutely shocked that Big
George would ask this here – with these many officers…

               Wo… George… They are here…

Some of the officers are looking at them while they are
still setting the equipments up…

                         BIG GEORGE
               What are you guys scared of?…
               They don‟t know what we are
               talking about…

From the door, Inspector Jenkins joins the conversation…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               What are you three talking
               about?… I am pretty sure it‟s
               not about the recall of those
               baby strollers.

The three turn around and greet Inspector Jenkins. Steven
cannot make any emotions towards Inspector Jenkins since
no one knows their relationship.

                         BIG GEORGE
               Hey, Inspector Jenkins…
               Welcome… we are, of course,
               not talking about the
               strollers. We are talking
               about how police officers
               would never… never… buy a
               house like this.

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Yeah, George… But you used

Big George stops Inspector Jenkins…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Hey… Let me finish… I said
               you guys would never buy a
               house like this and how
               devastating it must be for
               you to protect such people
               like us.

Inspector Jenkins wants to reply, but one of the officers
derails his reply…

                       OFFICER THOMAS
               Inspector… The equipments are
               set up properly and they have
               been tested.

Big George finishes his cigar. He then gets up from the

                         BIG GEORGE
               Excuse us, Inspector Jenkins…
               We are going inside… We are
               having a meeting.

The three are heading to the home office. Inspector
Jenkins can only show his displeasure to them, especially
to Steven…


Without saying a single word inside, Big George takes out
his old PDA to write something down for Juan and Steven.
It reads “look for cameras.”

Juan and Steven are looking for any cameras, but to no
avail. Juan does not get used to silence however…

               Nothing, Georgie…

Big George and Steven put up a “no talking” motion in
unison right away. Big George writes, “They may be
recording us, so look out.”

Big George keeps writing, “So Juan, you come up with what
you‟ll use as a sample for our number four‟s yet?”

Steven just cannot believe that Big George is crazy
enough to ask such question. Meanwhile, Juan almost makes
another noise; he nods…

Big George writes, “Good… And for Dirk, you got a guy
yet?” Juan nods and needs to write the answer. Therefore,
Big George gives him the PDA…

Juan writes, “There‟s one guy in needs of dough. So he‟s
going to turn himself in.” Big George looks worried. Juan
adds, “Don‟t worry Georgie, that guy is willing to do
anything for his family.”

As for Jihad, Juan writes, “Jihad will not know what‟s
going to happen to him after getting bothered by the
police… Talk about perfect timing” Although Steven does
not make any wrinkles, he is wondering what Juan actually
means regarding Jihad and the police…

Big George is satisfied, even with a few feet and a door
separating between the police and Big George. He wraps
both Juan and Steven as a gesture of trust. Steven feels
numb; he does not know what Big George is going to do

Big George shows Steven what he is thinking. He writes,
“They think we are giving them a chance to watch over us,
but they aren‟t going to find a shit.”

They only SOUND that Big George makes in this room is
LAUGHTER. Juan follows suit by LAUGHING as well. Steven,
however, has not laughed from his heart ever since Billy
got beaten up to death. He can only fake a smile…

It is time for the three to leave. Before leaving, Big
George writes something for Inspector Jenkins on a piece
of paper…


Inspector Jenkins‟s eyes are locked on Big George‟s home
office ever since the three went in there. His eyes are
getting tired as they come out…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Hey Inspector, do you need a
               cup of coffee?… You look

Juan adds…

               Of course he needs some
               coffee… He musta been locking
               on that room like a closed
               circuit (T.V.)… Hey Inspecta,
               we are going to have a
               massage, you goin‟? (slang)

Big George and Juan LAUGH. Again, Steven only fakes a
smile since he cannot laugh at his childhood friend.

Before the three leave, Inspector Jenkins orders a group
of officers to protect them. Big George returns the favor
by allowing Inspector Jenkins to survey the entire house.

                          BIG GEORGE
               Do whatever things you want
               here… Legal that is,

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               I sure will…

Inspector Jenkins‟ first stop is, obviously, the home


Once inside, Inspector Jenkins sees a NOTE left on the
desk. It reads, “Big Georgie was here.” It reminds him
that day at the rooftop.

                       INSPECTOR JENKINS

Inspector Jenkins VIOLENTLY crumbles the note and throws
it on the floor…

Big George is indeed insane. No one actually knows for
sure what his next move will be…

                                               DISSOLVE TO:


A few days have passed. During the construction work, a
CONSTRUCTION WORKER has dug up a BODY. This worker is too
scared, so he runs away. His fellow workers come by to
check and see the body. As a result, they report to the


That is Inspector Jenkins – an impulsive and a no
nonsense guy. He is complaining to Deputy Chief Fuller
about the overall effectiveness, in terms of searching
for Big George wrongdoings, of protecting Big George…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Told you, Aaron… We would
               find nothing useful there…
               Big George is too smart… They
               wouldn‟t say anything about
               their business.

Deputy Chief Fuller must agree…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               So putting those recorders is
               not going to help… Take them

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               I‟ll take care of it… What a
               waste of time.

Deputy Chief Fuller does not blame Inspector Jenkins‟
rant. He, however, looks concerned toward a person…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               I am not feeling well today,
               Jeff… Something bad is going
               to happen… I hope it‟s not

Inspector Jenkins is wondering whom Deputy Chief Fuller
is referring to as the Deputy Chief‟s phone RINGS…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Hi, this is Aaron Fuller…

Deputy Chief Fuller‟s VOICE suddenly gets SOFT. He is
holding his tears…

               DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER (continuing)
                   (SOFT-VOICED / SIGHING)
               We‟ll be there…

Deputy Chief Fuller uses his left hand to cover his face
whereas he uses his right hand to put down the receiver
on to his desk. Inspector Jenkins senses something bad
has just happened…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Aaron… Sir…

Deputy Chief Fuller tells Inspector Jenkins the news. He
must first clear his throat…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               A construction worker has
               found a body of a male…
               Identity confirmed… He‟s Dirk
               Van Pelt…

It would not matter for Deputy Chief Fuller to tell
Inspector Jenkins everything…

               DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER (continuing)
               He‟s one of us… He had worked
               for me for seven years…
               Busting up Big George‟s
               places a few times… Why does
               he deserve this!?

Inspector Jenkins holds up his fist, and then he relaxes.
They know who murdered Dirk. But anyhow, he has to
comfort Deputy Chief Fuller…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Aaron,… Big George will pay
               for everything he has done… I
               know how… Anyway, we should
               go to that scene now.

Inspector Jenkins thinks he can get Steven to sell Big
George out. Deputy Chief Fuller, however, is too sad and
is not listening to what Inspector Jenkins said.

A while later, Deputy Chief Fuller‟s head is back to a
normal position. He has picked himself up. It is time for
them to go…


Deputy Chief Fuller and Inspector Jenkins have returned
from the scene. Even though they know who actually did it,
they do not have any evidence backing them up…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               It gotta be Big George…

Inspector Jenkins suddenly YELLS…

               INSPECTOR JENKINS (continuing)
               FUCK!… We haven‟t got much
               evidence except the button…

Inspector Jenkins holds up the button, which is sealed
inside a PLASTIC BAG. After looking carefully, Deputy
Chief Fuller knows whom this button belongs to…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               It‟s Jihad‟s… It‟s from his
               suit on the night when Big
               George, Jihad and I met…

Inspector Jenkins is confused. Deputy Chief Fuller thinks

               DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER (continuing)
               The death threat… this
               button… Big George wants to
               frame Jihad!

Deputy Chief Fuller gets mad and slams his desk. His
action surprises Inspector Jenkins because he always
thinks that the Deputy Chief is so laidback…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Fucking Big George!… Is he
               insane?… Plotting the death

Inspector Jenkins also thinks further…

               INSPECTOR JENKINS (continuing)
               But the button alone is not
               going to get Jihad though.

But Deputy Chief Fuller is sure of one thing…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               This is just a smokescreen…
               He‟s manipulating us to do
               something… FUCK!… Jeff, get
               Big George here.

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               But we can‟t charge him

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               It‟s his guy who is found
               dead… He has to give us

Inspector Jenkins understands…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               OK, Aaron…

Inspector Jenkins leaves for Big George. Meanwhile,
Deputy Chief Fuller makes a promise…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               I will do anything to get Big
               George… I swear to God!


Inspector Jenkins has “invited” Big George to give the
police some information. Steven comes with him as well…

Before Big George is taking his seat, he blasts the

                         BIG GEORGE
               Look at what you guys have
               done… One of my trusted men
               gets killed, just like the
               death threat stated!

Inspector Jenkins does not get rattled by Big George‟s
sudden rampage…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               You know he‟s been missing…
               Why didn‟t you tell us about

Steven, as a professional attorney, must warn Inspector

               Inspector, Mr. Gomez is here
               to give you information about
               Mr. Van Pelt… He is, by no
               means, a suspect.

Big George thanks Steven by patting Steven on his back.
He is now holding his CASE of cigars in his hands…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Inspector, Dirk liked
               traveling… And I don‟t know
               if he was traveling or taking
               care of my business… That‟s
               all I am going to say.

As Big George tries to open the case of cigars, Inspector
Jenkins reminds him…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               This is not your place… This
               place has rules… So please
               don‟t smoke here.

Big George takes his case of cigars away as a sign of
following their house rules.

As expected, Big George‟s focus is back to Jihad…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Inspector, I… I gotta say one
               more thing… I have already
               suggested Jihad since he
               always wants to get rid of
               me… but you guys would never

Big George reminds Inspector Jenkins the evidence…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Don‟t you have some sort of
               evidence that proves my point?

It is confirmed; Big George is the one who killed Dirk.
Steven looks at Big George of why he would ask about the
evidence here.

                       INSPECTOR JENKINS
               How do you know we have
               evidence?… Did you put it…

Steven quickly warns his friend…

               You gotta be careful about
               what you are going to say… We
               can sue you for defamation.

Inspector Jenkins does not know if he should thank Steven,
or beat him up. Steven explains…

                     STEVEN (continuing)
               Mr. Gomez is trying to
               suggest that if you have any
               evidence, do whatever
               necessary… like inviting more

Inspector Jenkins wants to slap Steven in his face more
than thanking him now. Steven, meanwhile, wraps their
visit up…

                     STEVEN (continuing)
               I think Mr. Gomez has given
               enough information for you
               guys to solve the case… So
               may we leave now?

Inspector Jenkins knows they do not have any evidence, if
at all, against Big George…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Go ahead… But should we have
               any more evidence, we will
               invite you again, Mr. Gomez.

Big George is holding that case of cigars again and
leaves the room…


Steven looks too tired for handling Big George‟s troubles
and the outside case. He has not gone back home for two
days already…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Money means everything, but
               don‟t leave your wife alone
               for too long…

Big George then implies…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               It must be hard for women to
               love a money-making
               workaholic… Hey, that‟s why
               I‟d never get girls, not even
               one, to bother me… Look at me,
               I am free and I am rich… I
               can do whatever I want.

Steven certainly does not understand the implication
behind the word “love” from Big George. He can, again,
only fake a smile. Big George now really thinks that
Brenda has already betrayed him for the man next to him…


It is necessary that the police must bring Jihad for a
talk. Jihad knows he is, of course, innocent, so he is
compliant. He is coming into the room with his ATTORNEY…

               It must have been a
               misunderstanding… I did not
               do anything wrong.

Inspector Jenkins, who also knows Jihad is innocent,
shows him his suit button. It is, allegedly, from his
suit after the Inspector‟s trip to Jihad‟s house…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Mr. Shakur, we have a reason
               to believe that this is
               indeed from your suit… and
               your suit is missing a

Jihad‟s attorney tells Inspector Jenkins his professional
point of view…

               My client is still innocent
               until proven guilty… So if
               you even do have evidence
               that the button belongs to my
               client, we have a proof that
               he was out of town for a
               couple of days during the
               time frame of this murder… as
               reported by your coroner.

No wonder Jihad is compliant; he has a proof. He would
not be able to kill Dirk himself since he was out of town,
even with his suit button was found inside Dirk‟s hand…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Whether or not you were out
               of town… we‟ll check…

Inspector Jenkins thinks this is a waste of time since
they all know Big George frames Jihad. Rules are rules
however; he has to do what a police officer must do – to
follow rules and boss‟ orders…

While the atmosphere gets lifeless, Jayson comes in to
give Inspector Jenkins a shot of jolt…

               Jeff,… there‟s a guy who
               turns himself in…

Inspector Jenkins and Jihad are surprised…

                     JAYSON (continuing)
               He even has the weapon,…
               believed to be the lethal
               weapon that killed Dirk Van

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Which room is he in?

               Room five.

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Take this place for me… I am
               going there.

Inspector Jenkins rushes to ROOM FIVE as Jayson must
finish for him…

                                               MATCH CUT:


It is getting close to midnight. The workers are busy
making cocaine and heroin for a deal in three days.
Someone is outside KNOCKING on the door…

One of the workers goes to the door and sees a familiar
face through the CLOSED-CIRCUIT T.V. But the outside guy
still has to make a secret code by knocking. He correctly
answers the knock, so the guy inside opens the door…

The guy inside is surprised. There is one other guy, who
then kicks the outside guy. This guy throws a couple of
grenades with one hitting the CHEMICAL TANK, causing a
huge fire…


It is finally time for the police to release Jihad. He is
so happy…

               That fucking Big George tries
               to frame me… Use a better
               plan next time.

It must be the winning messing up with Jihad‟s mind as
his attorney ruins his fun.

               Don‟t you think, Mr. Shakur,
               that something is going on
               behind all these?… A
               scapegoat at this time?… this
               perfect timing?

Jihad stops walking and starts thinking…

               Nah,… must have been one of
               my guys… Yeah, musta been!

Jihad then starts picking up his pace again…

                     JIHAD (continuing)
               Gotta go check my business
               now… You may leave… And
               thanks for your time anyway.

Jihad‟s cell phone RINGS…

               What‟s up, Marty?… What?

Without hanging up, Jihad throws his cell phone to the


It is ten minutes „til one o‟clock. The upset Jihad and
his lieutenants are going over how much they have lost.
It is not looking good…

               Mr. Shakur,… the factory
               alone, we‟ve… lost over… a
               million bucks… The deaths of
               four men inside, that will
               cost us another forty hundred

Jihad is so upset; he sweeps everything from his desk to
the floor…

               And we gotta give an extra
               five hundred thousand to the

Jihad pounds the arm of his arm chair…

                     JIHAD (continuing)
               FUCK!… Who would ever mess
               with Jihad?… Who!?

Before his lieutenants can answer, Jihad‟s office phone
RINGS. It is Big George calling…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Hey, how‟s it going, old
               pal?… Just heard your factory
               got burnt down… Oh, that‟s
               fucking too bad… You are
               supposed to have a deal with
               the Blanco‟s in a few days…

Jihad is speechless as his left hand is holding tight on
the arm of the chair…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Come to think of it, Jihad,
               we can take that order for
               you… Haha!… Gotta go…

While Jihad is still holding tight,…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Oh, I forgot one thing… Don‟t
               be mad now… Turn all your
               energy to your cell phone or
               something… Well, I‟d figure
               you have already done
               something to your phone… It
               transferred to your
               voicemail… Adios!

Jihad has some thoughts as he “unchokes” the arm chair…

               Marty,… are the weapons ready
               to test drive?…

Marty is concerned…

               Yes, but…

               Don‟t worry… I am just doing
               things according to George‟s
               death threat…

Marty and the rest of the gang must obey to what Jihad is
going to do…


Big George and his left hand man, Juan, are celebrating
the bombing of Jihad‟s factory. They both seem to be

                         BIG GEORGE
               See, Juan… It‟s great being
               alone without the appearance
               of the wife, slash,
               girlfriend once every five
               minutes… Hey, guess you gotta
               „report‟ to Donna.

               Fuck that bitch!… Even if I
               am leaving now,…

Juan pours in another glass of wine…

                      JUAN (continuing)
               I am not going back home…
               I‟ve got hella (slang)

Juan must praise Big George for what he set up…

               OK, don‟t be such a wet
               blanket… I gotta praise you
               though… You are my idol…
               Hitting two birds with one
               stone. (NOTE: Bombing Jihad‟s
               factory and stranding him in
               police station)

Big George LAUGHS, and then he gets serious…

                          BIG GEORGE
                      (looking serious)
               I had told him not to cross
               the line… But he didn‟t
               listen… I gotta do something
               to protect my investments…

The drunken Juan warns Big George…

               But I must „Juan‟…

Juan must be so drunk…

                      JUAN (continuing)
               My bad… warn you though…
               Jihad‟s going to retaliate…

Big George does not care…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Can he?… That girly man?

Big George and Juan both LAUGH. This is probably their
last laughter for a while…


After watching the news on T.V., Deputy Chief Fuller
finally knows why Big George frames Jihad. He also hopes
that Jihad would not retaliate.

                                               DISSOLVE TO:


After days of struggles, Brenda finally goes checking
what the secret hidden behind the calligraphy is. However,
she needs the door KEY, which is obtained by Steven, to
open the home office door.

Brenda thinks and thinks. She remembers she has learned a
trick, form Big George, that using a credit card would
unlock these kinds of locks. There, Brenda has unlocked
the door…


Brenda knows that Steven will not be home until late at
night. She has a lot of time to think over – either
telling Big George about this secret or keeping the
secret as it is…

Brenda is now next to the calligraphy. She tries to feel
where the opening is. She can feel there is a hole
between the calligraphy and the back. Her hand slowly
creeps in until there is something stopping her hand. She
can feel there is some type of sheet hidden inside, so
she takes it out. It is a SHEET filled with sets of
numbers on it. On the first look, she thinks one set of
these numbers represents the safe combination. However,
there are too many possible combinations and she does not
know where the safe is…

Brenda figures the safe must be either within the house
or this room, so she searches this room first. After a
lengthy search, there is a safe hidden behind the

Even though Brenda knows where the safe is, she does not
know the correct combination. She starts staring at the
sheet; hoping God or some extra force would help her. But
God and miracles do not show up…

                                             DISSOLVE TO:


Steven has not visited Uncle ERIC, Jeff‟s Dad, for a long
time. Today he is taking a day off from his cases and,
mainly, Big George to visit Eric.

Steven has brought a BOWL of porridge for Eric, who is in
a moderately severe stage of Alzheimer‟s disease. Eric
does not recognize anyone anymore.

Steven takes Eric to a GARDEN and has him look at the
trees and birds. Steven sometimes thinks he would be
happier if he forgets everything.

Steven then keeps moving Eric‟s arms and legs as exercise.
He also tells Eric how Jeff is doing at Eric‟s old

                Don‟t worry, Eric… Jeff is
                doing fine… He has been able
                to control himself lately.

Jeff sees his Dad is with Steven after a NURSE tells him
where his Dad is at. Jeff, too, brings his Dad a bowl of
porridge. Jeff knows he must thank Steven, and that is
about it between these two…

                Thanks, Steven…

Steven turns around…

                Oh hey, Jeff…

Steven jokes…

                      STEVEN (continuing)
                Finally we don‟t meet at your

Jeff grins for a moment, and then SIGHS…

                If you don‟t help Big George,
                we wouldn‟t meet there…

Steven does not agree…

               Why don‟t you say if I
               weren‟t an attorney, we
               wouldn‟t meet there?

Jeff reminds Steven of why he wants to change his last
name to “Themis”.

               Steven, do you still remember
               why you changed your last
               name to „Themis‟?… „Law of
               nature God‟… It used to be in
               you… Steven, help the ones we
               are supposed to…

And that is why Steven has taken a case that is not
related to Big George. Steven looks away; he does not
even tell Jeff anything about the case. Jeff is
disappointed as a result…

                      JEFF (continuing)
               I hope you still remember who
               sent you to college… who
               supported you.

               And that‟s why we are meeting
               here, Jeff… Jeff, I would
               never forget how Eric helped

               Then you must get away from
               Big George as a return favor…
               Big George is going to get
               you in trouble.

               George jump started my

The debate gets heated as people around the area are
looking at them. Eric, meanwhile, does not know how to
make emotions anymore. If he could, he would not want
these childhood friends going at it like this…

Both Jeff and Steven have calmed down…

               Steven, I really hope you
               could give us something about
               Big George‟s business…

Steven is not thrilled…

               I thought you would
               understand that we are on
               different sides… I don‟t know
               anything about his business…
               even if I have anything, I am
               not going to sell my savior

Jeff knows even if he keeps asking Steven, he would not
reveal anything. He ends the conversation by taking his
Dad back to his room. Before going back, Jeff warns

               I have already warned you…
               Don‟t regret when things go
               bad… Be mindful of that.

Steven obviously knows if he keeps hanging out with Big
George, things would go bad. However, no one would ever
think of things would go this bad…


Indeed, Juan has “hella” girlfriends. He is having a
“battle” with, not against, one of his girlfriends, LEILA.

               Damn,… look at your cucumber…
               It‟s thicker than…

Leila then searches for something…

                     LEILA (continuing)
               Than this coke bottle… Fuck!…
               I can‟t handle it no more…

               Bitch!… Hang in there!… Hang
               in there!…

Leila‟s hands are against the wall. After all the
“excitement”, she takes a MORNING AFTER PILLS and then
goes for a shower…

While Leila is in the bathroom, Juan takes a “victory
cigar” that he stole from Big George‟s office. He is
still thinking about the battle with Leila…

The victory cigar will not be finished as a GROUP of gang
members blasts in. Juan is not even ready to react. He is
at gun point…

Leila, with her BATHROBE wrapped around her body, goes
out to check. However, she gets brutally raped right away
by two of those men in front of Juan, who cannot move.

All of Juan‟s manhood is bullshit; he just cannot move.
He can only grab the MATTRESS SHEET in anger…

Not only does Leila get raped, but also does she get
beaten up. After taking out on a harmless girl, it is
time for the group to take out on Juan. For the first
time, Juan actually looks scared…

               What do you want?… Who are
               you guys?

The group does not answer. They then take out a HATCHET
from a BAG…

                        A GANG MEMBER
               Proud of your dick, huh?… Say
               goodbye to your wiener…

Talk about wet blanket, Juan wets himself as he tries to
get away. There are, however, three guys holding him as
the hatchet is ready to chop his penis into two pieces…

                 A GANG MEMBER (continuing)
               Here we go!…


                                              DISSOLVE TO:


It is one day later. Even though Steven helps his client
to settle the case, he celebrates this settlement by
opening a BOTTLE of champagne…

Steven‟s colleagues are surprised of why he would
celebrate like this, but today is Steven‟s happiest day
since he got married to Brenda…

Steven‟s fun is about to end as Big George calls him. He
wants to see him right away…

                         BIG GEORGE
               I know you have settled your
               outside case… It‟s time for
               you to work with me again…
               Come over to my office…

Steven must go since he has always thought Big George
jump started his career…

               OK, I am coming…

                                               MATCH CUT:


               OK, I‟ll look at it…

Steven stacks the files after giving out some legal
advice to Big George. Big George makes a rant towards

                          BIG GEORGE
                 (angrily / holding his cell
               When I need him, I don‟t
               often see him… When I don‟t
               need him, he pops up out of

Steven kind of takes a stab at Juan…

               He might be courting girls
               again… Anyway, give him a

                         BIG GEORGE
               Called him numerous times
               already… If he receives those
               voicemails, he woulda already
               called back.

Steven can see Big George is in hurry as he is pacing
back and forth in front of Steven…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Fuck!… I am going myself.

Suddenly, Big George‟s office phone RINGS. Big George
thinks it is Juan, but it is not…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Fuck!… Where‟ve you been?…

It is Big George‟s office RECEPTIONIST. There is a
PACKAGE for him…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Bring the package here…

Big George looks for time; he cannot wait any longer.
Meanwhile, the package is brought into the office…

Big George must go, so he gives Steven the package. He
starts heading out…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Open the package… I really
               gotta go… Tell me what it is
               when I come back…

Big George does not even look at who sent him the package
and leaves the office…

The package is sent from Juan‟s home. Steven wonders why
Juan does not give Big George the package himself. Hence,
he carefully opens this suspicious package. There is a
BOX of PUZZLE inside. On the side, there is a TYPED

Steven picks up the letter and reads it. It says, “Juan‟s
dick is inside. George Gomez, you‟ll be next.” That
scares Steven; he drops that box of puzzle on to the

Steven knows he must tell Big George about this threat,
but the force opening up the box stops Steven from going
right away. Inside the box, he sees there are pieces of
puzzles and a long, thick…

               A geoduck!?…

Whether if this is a real threat or not, Steven must
chase down Big George before it is too late…

                                               MATCH CUT:


Fortunately for Steven, Big George‟s huge size really
makes him slower than normal people. However, Steven is a
tad too late as he can only see his back inside his CAR…

Steven does not know where Big George is going, so he
must get into his CAR to follow Big George…

                                               MATCH CUT:


Steven keeps following Big George until he stops in front
of a FACTORY BUILDING. Steven tries to YELL at Big George,
hoping he would hear him…

                                               MATCH CUT:


Big George has already gone into the ELEVATOR. Steven,
again, just misses him by literally seconds. He must now
look at the ELEVATOR INDICATOR to find out which floor
Big George goes to…

               Fifth floor…

Without even waiting for the elevator to come back down,
Steven takes the stairs…

                                               MATCH CUT:


There is a “CLOSE DOOR” SOUND from his left. The
exhausted Steven follows the sound…

Steven is desperate; he pounds the IRON DOOR, YELLING…

               George!… It‟s… me,… Steven!

                                               MATCH CUT:


The workers inside are about to pull their guns out, but
Big George stops them…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Let him in…

The door opens for Steven, and then it shuts quickly. Big
George is furious…

                         BIG GEORGE
               What are you doing here?… You
               are not supposed to be here!…

Steven is too exhausted; he cannot speak right away…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Collect your breath…

Before Steven can collect his breath, he suddenly sees
there is a gun-shaped object at the ROOFTOP across the
street. Steven YELLS,…

               Look out!…

Steven uses his remaining tank of gas to push Big George
to the side as a ROCKET is shot from a ROCKET LAUNCHER
across the street. The shot causes a huge fire and some
casualties. Big George, meanwhile, is slow to get up.

As the shooter needs time to reload, the injured Steven
and the survivors escort their boss to the exit. There is
another shot fired, seconds after they have fled…

                                               MATCH CUT:


The ALARM has SOUND; the group of survivors is trying to
get out of the building as soon as possible. However,
smoke has blinded their vision…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Those people might be coming…
               Feel your way to the stairs
               quick… It‟s on the right…

Steven, with blood dripping from his injured left arm,
forgets the pain. All he cares right now is the stairs
that are nearby since he took the stairs here. Blindness,
however, does affect all the senses.

It is so fortunate that there are not many people inside
the building when the rocket struck. If there were more
people, things would go ugly…

Steven and others keep feeling for the stairs, until
Steven finds the stairs…

               Guys, here it is…

Steven, who is obviously more merciful than these men,
helps them to get to the stairs one by one. He is the
last one to leave as the FIRE TRUCKS arrive…


The survivors are desperately grasping for air through
the MASK. Big George must truly thank Steven…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Thanks, Steven…

Big George pads Steven by the side of his arm. He then
takes a deep breath…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               I don‟t know what to say…
               you‟ve saved my life again…

               This time it‟s pure luck…

After collecting themselves, Big George and Steven see
Inspector Jenkins coming over…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Mr. Gomez,… I think you know
               why I am coming to this
               scene… We believe that unit
               is your illegal drug factory…

Big George seems to have recovered as he is LAUGHING…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Inspector, what are you
               talking about?… I, as well as
               my people, only visited
               someone next door… I had no
               idea that unit is doing
               illegal stuff…

Big George is back to old self…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               If you have any evidence,
               Inspector,… charge me!

Inspector Jenkins has controlled himself a lot better
recently. He does not get mad at Big George…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Either way,… we‟d like to
               have you and the rest of your
               people to the station for

For Inspector Jenkins, Steven is no longer his friend
after their conversation at the CLINIC…

                         BIG GEORGE
               OK… Fine, I am going…


Just as they get on the police vehicle, Big George‟s
phone RINGS…

                            BIG GEORGE

It is Jihad…

               Hey, old pal… How‟s your
               feeling right now?… You
               probably would get a guy as
               your goat again, huh?… Please
               find a goat, I can‟t play
               with you in jail or if you‟re
               dead… I don‟t want you die

Big George, in front of Inspector Jenkins and other
officers, cannot react violently…

                         BIG GEORGE
               What are you talking about?…

               I am talking about how much
               you will lose… and how you
               can finish the deal without
               the powder… Talk to you later,
               pal… Oh by the way, call me
               if you‟ve bought a new cell…

Just like what Jihad says, Big George really wants to
throw his cell phone in anger. He just cannot show how
furious he is now. On the other hand, he has not even
learned that Juan is missing…


After another routine trip to the police station, Big
George goes to his office calculating the losses from the

Big George has now acknowledged that Juan has been
missing since yesterday morning. One thing he is sure of
is who has abducted Juan…

                         BIG GEORGE
               That fucking bastard… You
               wanna play with me… Be
               careful of what you wish for…

Big George‟s cell phone RINGS. The CALLER ID indicates it
is one of his gang members searching for Juan…

                         BIG GEORGE
               You got Juan yet?… Then why
               are you calling?… You either
               bring him here or leave your
               arm here!

Big George is really concerned about his long time buddy.
He understands that there is a “golden hour” of thirty
hours. In other words, if a person cannot be found within
thirty hours, that person would never be found alive
again. It has already passed that time frame…


Even though Brenda has already received Steven‟s call
saying he is safe, she keeps pacing back and forth. She
has to “see him to believe him”.

Brenda‟s wait is over as Steven opens the door. She
rushes towards him for a huge hug…

                    (concerned and glad)
               I thought I would never see
               you again…

Steven is touched…

                   (while hugging Brenda)
               Honey, I am here… safe and
               sound… I promise you; I would
               never leave you worried…
               Remember the trip to
               Florence… I am going to buy
               the tickets tomorrow.

Apparently, Brenda remembers not only the trip, but also
Big George.

               Steven… doesn‟t George need
               your legal advice?…

               I‟ve been thinking of leaving
               George… I… I guess it‟s time
               to cut tides with him.

Brenda is, from her heart, happy for Steven. However,
what Steven is saying is naïve. Big George is a crook – a
crazy crook. Brenda thinks Big George would never let
Steven go that easily. Brenda herself is an example.

                   (giving Steven advice)
               Um… Steven, you can‟t just
               quit on Big George that
               easily… You‟ve known him too

               I know… but I am just his
               attorney… I don‟t have
               anything valuable for him…

Brenda knows Steven is lying to her as he has something
in the safe, but she just does not know what it is. She
also understands Big George‟s personality…

               Big George is not what you
               think… He‟s going to get rid
               of you when there‟s a
               conflict of interest…

Steven is so naïve to say…

               Let alone I saved him twice…
               I am his friend… He wouldn‟t
               want to kill me…

But Brenda is still concerned. Steven promises her…

                     STEVEN (continuing)
               OK, honey… I am not telling
               him I am quitting for now…
               But the vacation will have to
               be postponed then.

Although Brenda has known about the sheet hidden behind
the calligraphy, she just does not care about what Big
George has told her anymore. All she cares about is the
man in front of her, who can give up his future just for
her. She really loves Steven.


Things are coming all at once for Big George, and he can
only do so much. He feels he is being squeezed by Jihad‟s
pressure. The most important thing for him right now is
to find his left hand man, Juan.

While Big George is feeling being squeezed, Juan‟s wife,
DONNA, calls Big George…

                      (V.O. / angrily)
               George, why‟s Juan all naked
               and scared when he came back
               home?… You told me he‟s on a

Big George is more relieved after hearing this partially
good news…

                          BIG GEORGE
               How‟s he now?… I am coming

               He just looks scared… and… he
               wouldn‟t talk to me… Where
               the hell did you send him?

Big George keeps lying to Donna since he lied to her that
Juan was on a trip.

                         BIG GEORGE
               Donna, let me come over
               first… and I‟ll tell you


After a DOCTOR takes a look at Juan, he diagnoses that
Juan has been irritated too much that he could not

               I am going to prescribe some
               medication for Mr. Dozier…
               And he also needs to see a
               psychiatrist. That‟s all I
               can do for him… You guys may
               help him by talking to him as

Big George thanks the doctor as he escorts him out. Donna,
meanwhile, wants to know what has happened to his big-ego

                      (waking Juan up)
               Juan,… it‟s me, Donna…

Juan wakes up and feels scared…

               No,… stop… the axe… the axe
               coming right down… I… I
               couldn‟t get away… I got

Donna is concerned as well as curious about what actually
makes this once big-mouthed guy turned into this paranoia

Big George rushes back after noticing Juan has wakened up.
He sees the scared Juan puts his whole body inside the
BLANKET. He must keep lying to Donna…

                          BIG GEOGRE
                      (consoling Donna)
               He might have been… robbed or

               I am reporting this to

                         BIG GEORGE
               Don‟t, Donna… You know your
               husband… He never likes
               police… Trust me, I‟ll find
               out what happened…

Big George consoles Juan as he keeps MUMBLING inside the

                          BIG GEORGE
               It‟s OK, Juan… This is your
               home… I am leaving now, take

Big George tells Donna…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Donna, call me if something
               goes wrong… Gotta go.

In fact, Big George knows all along that it was Jihad to
be blamed for all these – Juan‟s abduction and the attack.
His eyes are wide open while he is holding his fist.

                         BIG GEORGE
               Jihad, I‟ll make you pay…

As a result, the gang members from their respective
groups are fighting against each other for the next two


After being criticized and scolded by the media at the
press conference, Deputy Chief Fuller is really upset. He
is not upset because he is being scolded; he is upset
because it is getting out of hand between the two groups…

Deputy Chief Fuller is reading a NEWSPAPER ARTICLE
criticizing the lack of effort from the police to stop
the groups from the violence…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
                       (while reading)
               I‟d want to have them cease
               fire… but we can only make
               many arrests… It‟s never
               enough in their eyes…

Deputy Chief Fuller is getting squeezed in between the
media‟s criticism and the gangs‟ violence. He must do
something to get everything back in their control.

Deputy Chief Fuller is thinking about the groups too much.
He does not know Inspector Jenkins suddenly comes in
without knocking again. He too cannot hold his anger

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Another death… that‟s
               thirteenth already… Even with
               the extra police force
               doesn‟t do much…

Deputy Chief Fuller has made up his mind…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               I‟ll be going for a meeting
               tomorrow night… Watch the
               situation for me… Things
               should be back under control
               in a couple of days…

Inspector Jenkins wonders why he is so sure…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Why are you so sure, Aaron?…
               Don‟t tell me you are going
               to meet with Big George and
               Jihad again… It‟s not the
               best way.

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               But it‟s the only way.

Inspector Jenkins must admit that it is the only way…

                                               DISSOLVE TO:


Jihad is currently on the phone with Deputy Chief Fuller,
in regards of the meeting…

               May I suggest a place?… Sun
               Wah in Chinatown is a good
               place… They‟ve got great

Deputy Chief Fuller reminds Jihad the purpose of the

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               We‟re not going there to eat…
               If you want to eat with
               better appetite, then you and
               Big George must stop the

               My bad, Deputy Chief… See you
               tomorrow night at eight…
               Remember, Sun Wah.

Deputy Chief Fuller quickly hangs up because he is
working on a double shift – dealing with both Jihad and
Big George at the same time…

Jihad‟s lieutenant, Marty, thinks it is time to get rid
of Big George, but Jihad scolds him…

                      (scolding Marty)
               You nuts (slang)!?… Cops will
               be everywhere around
               Chinatown… You want me to get
               into trouble…

With his arms resting on his arm chair, Jihad tells

                     JIHAD (continuing)
               Don‟t worry, Marty… I‟ve got
               a plan in mind… Stay tuned.


With Juan is still resting, Big George is concerned more
on Juan rather than on the war against Jihad. He throws
his head back with a cigar in his mouth, not knowing
there is some ash already fallen on his belly.

His cell phone‟s RING wakes Big George up. He has to
clean up the mess before answering.

                         BIG GEORGE
               Hello, who‟s this?…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               This is Aaron Fuller… I‟d
               like you to attend the
               meeting between us, the
               police, you and Jihad…
               regarding recent violence
               between the two groups…

Deputy Chief Fuller does not expect Big George will agree
to attend the meeting. But to his surprise,…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Count me in… Where‟ll we meet?

Deputy Chief Fuller is really surprised. Even if Big
George is not going, he would force him to go…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
                      (V.O. / surprised)
               Oh… OK… Sun Wah Restaurant in
               Chinatown… tomorrow night at
               eight… Bye.

Big George hangs up and quickly calls another person…

                         BIG   GEORGE
               Hey, it‟s Big   George… Sun Wah
               in Chinatown…   tomorrow night
               at eight… Get   ready nearby…
               and don‟t let   them see you.

Big George hangs up rather quickly. He looks at a PHOTO
of himself and Juan.

                         BIG GEORGE
                   (talking to the photo)
               This is a gift for you, Juan…
               This is for you.

                                                 DISSOLVE TO:


It is fifteen minutes after eight. Deputy Chief Fuller
has been there waiting for two of the most troublesome
figures - either political or non-political - in the city
for about half an hour.

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
                    (talking to himself)
               Don‟t tell me they are not
               coming… I‟ll handcuff them
               here if they don‟t show up in
               fifteen more minutes…

There is someone saying something into Deputy Chief
Fuller‟s direction. It is Jihad…

               Don‟t handcuff me… Handcuff
               Big George… He‟s too scared
               like a chicken…

Jihad is then doing a chicken dance…

                     JIHAD (continuing)
                   (making CHICKEN SOUND)

Deputy Chief Fuller looks serious; he is serious…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Just have a seat, Jihad… and
               don‟t do anything unnecessary
               in front of me… I am not in a
               good mood.

When cops say they are not in a good mood, they are not
in a good mood. Jihad, therefore, obeys. He is not even
sure if there are snipers pointing at his head right now…

               Chill, alright!… I‟ll sit…
               I‟ll keep my mouth shut…

Jihad then makes a “stitching-the-lip” motion. Deputy
Chief Fuller is really ticked off…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               This is what I mean

Jihad does not want to get shot, so he puts his hands on
the table…

Another five minutes have gone. Big George still has not
showed up. Deputy Chief Fuller is mad…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Jihad,… stay here!… I am
               going to get Big George

Deputy Chief Fuller gets up and heads to the exit. Jihad
jokes again, probably forgetting the snipers…

               Don‟t forget your handcuffs,
               Deputy Chief…

Deputy Chief Fuller turns around staring at Jihad. Big
George, whom the Deputy Chief wants to “eat” him alive
because of Dirk‟s death, comes in without being noticed…

                          BIG GEORGE
                      (V.O. / jokingly)
               Hey Deputy Chief Fuller,…
               Your back doesn‟t look as
               good as your face… Why don‟t
               you have a seat, then we‟ll

Deputy Chief Fuller sits; he is wondering…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Why don‟t they tell me you
               are entering?…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Ah,… I am too ordinary… Maybe
               they don‟t recognize me – the
               most powerful man in the city.

Jihad is not thrilled. Big George goes back to the
objective of this meeting as he takes a sip of the tea…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Anyway,… don‟t we have
               something to talk about
               regarding the recent shit?

Big George then takes a piece of GUM. Jihad says
something interesting…

               George, this is a restaurant…
               I‟ve already ordered
               something interesting for you.

Jihad then tells the WAITER to get ready. Deputy Chief
Fuller has had enough of this nonsense. He slaps at the
table, surprising the two leaders…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Concentrate on our subject…
               Thirteen deaths and twenty
               five wounded in the past two
               weeks… What is this?… You
               guys wanna break the Guinness
               World Records?…

Deputy Chief Fuller‟s mouth seems to be a little bit dry.
He takes a sip of the tea…

Deputy Chief Fuller, who can get really mad over
everything, complains about the tea…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Yuk!… Is this green tea?… I
               hate green tea.

Jihad orders the waiter to give them red tea. Deputy
Chief Fuller‟s mood gets a little better…

               DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER (continuing)
               That‟s why we are having this
               meeting… I am not ordering
               you guys to sign any treaty…
               I can‟t do that… But I‟m
               begging you guys to cease
               fire before the Federal
               Government takes action…
               Would you guys agree?

The red tea is served; Deputy Chief Fuller drinks some.
While the Deputy Chief is still drinking, the leaders,
meanwhile, are scared of the possible government

                         BIG GEORGE
               OK… since you throw the Fed
               at us… I‟ll tell my men to
               hold their fire…

Jihad agrees as well…

                     (nodding his head)
               Fine, Deputy Chief… I only
               cease fire just because of
               your begging and the Fed…

Deputy Chief Fuller has much better appetite now as some
of the dishes are served. One dish, however, is ordered
just for Big George…

               Geoduck… It‟s Juan and your

Surprisingly for Jihad, Big George is not upset. He even
tries some…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Tastes good…

                                               MATCH CUT:


After the treat and the “peace talk”, Jihad is waiting
for his car to arrive. He gets upset after a lengthy

                    (telling his members)
               We are walking there to see
               why it‟s taking him so long…

While Big George and Deputy Chief Fuller are long gone,
he starts walking to the PARKING LOT with his men. There
is a CONSTRUCTION SITE with SCAFFOLDING surrounding the
site up front. When he is underneath the scaffolding, a
huge TANK tumbles down, breaking the pieces of wood.
Jihad cannot react at all. As a result, he and his men
get killed…

                                               MATCH CUT:


While going back home, Big George has learned that Jihad
has been killed…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Great… Accident comes timely…

Big George wears a smile on his face…


It is the next day. Deputy Chief Fuller has also learned
that Jihad has been killed in an “accident”. He figures
that Jihad‟s group would do something to Big George. As a
result, he calls Inspector Jenkins to discuss the

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
                 (after reading the report /
               Damn it!… A tank tumbling
               down by wind… What… what kind
               of report is this?…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               I know what you‟re thinking…
               There‟s no evidence that this
               is man-made… That‟s why we
               must stop Jihad‟s group
               before they retaliate…

Inspector Jenkins is skeptical…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               How can we stop them?… By
               protecting Big George again?…
               They‟ve got the weapons that
               we don‟t have.

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               No, we are not protecting
               him… Let‟s hope they can‟t do
               anything without a true
               leader… Jeff, spread the
               report out… Tell everyone
               that Jihad‟s death is an

Since Inspector Jenkins‟ phone is RINGING, he can only

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               From the clinic?…

               INSPECTOR JENKINS (continuing)
               Hello Susan,…

Inspector Jenkins is holding his tears…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               OK… I am coming over…

Deputy Chief Fuller notices something is wrong with
Inspector Jenkins…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               What is it, Jeff?…

Inspector Jenkins starts crying…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Dad has just passed away… I…
               I really have to leave now.

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               I am going with you… Eric is
               my mentor.

Deputy Chief Fuller orders Jayson to spread Jihad‟s
report out to the press before they leave…


Minutes after Jihad‟s report being spread out, Juan is

               Jihad‟s men… They will

Big George comforts Juan…

                         BIG GEORGE
               They won‟t… Toothless tigers
               couldn‟t kill no one (slang)…
               Don‟t get paranoid, Juan…
               Have some rest,… I gotta go.

Big George shows Juan an example by walking out alone…


Inspector Jenkins and Deputy Chief Fuller rush to Eric‟s
room. SUSAN, a Nurse and a friend of Inspector Jenkins‟,
has been there waiting.

               Jeff, your Dad dies

Inspector Jenkins and Deputy Chief Fuller, with redness
in their eyes, get closer to Eric‟s body…

                     SUSAN (continuing)
               You may claim Eric‟s body at

Inspector Jenkins, after wiping his tears away, sees a
NOTE on the cabinet next to the bed. He recognizes his
Dad‟s handwriting…

Inspector Jenkins believes that there is “momentary
lapses of consciousness before death”. He, therefore,
takes a look of what his Dad wrote for him…

It shocks him; both of his arms are dropped. So Deputy
Chief Fuller takes a look of that note…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               What!?… Henry McLain is
               Steven‟s bio Dad?…

The note reads: “Steven, Henry McLain is your Dad. Stop
helping Big George anymore.” It turns out that HENRY
MCLAIN, a former RIVAL of Big George and the victim of
Big George‟s murder case, is Steven‟s biological Dad.

Inspector Jenkins, after waking up, must now tell Steven
about the irony. He takes the note back from Deputy Chief

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Susan, Aaron… Claim my Dad‟s
               body… I have an important
               thing to do…

Inspector Jenkins quickly leaves for Steven. On the other
hand, Deputy Chief Fuller suddenly has a thought…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               What if I give this news to
               the press… and if Steven does
               have evidence… Big George
               would kill Steven, forcing
               him to be on my side… This
               way I can get revenge…

Deputy Chief Fuller then scolds himself…

               DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER (continuing)
               Why the hell would I ever
               think of this selfish shit?…

Deputy Chief Fuller is actually thinking about putting
Steven‟s life to gamble. He has changed so much since he
swore to God after Dirk‟s death…


It has been a sad day for Steven. First, he believes that
Big George has killed Jihad. Also, he has heard that his
Uncle and a great friend of his, has passed away…

               Thanks for letting me know…
               I‟ll be going there soon. Bye.

Tears in Steven‟s eyes cause a stuffy nose. Uncle Eric
had been his most respectable person other than Big

Steven takes out a PHOTO with Eric from his WALLET. Jeff
rushes in while Steven is thinking back. Jeff gives
Steven the note written by Eric…

               Read it!… It‟s about you and
               your biological Dad!…

Steven reads the note. He, too, is shocked; he cannot
believe what Eric has written for him…

                      JEFF (continuing)
               That McLain guy is your Dad…
               And you are still helping
               your Dad‟s rival time after
               time… No, I am not blaming
               you, Steven… I am just
               blaming God…

Steven does not look clear-headed…

                      JEFF (continuing)
               Steven, give us Big George‟s
               stuff if you do have it…

Steven suddenly wakes up and looks skeptical about the

               Wait… Eric wouldn‟t have
               written anything at all… He
               couldn‟t move… Jeff, I am not
               giving you anything.

               You know me… I am not this
               kind of a person… I‟ll never
               manipulate anything for
               anything… Steven, trust me…
               It was really written by Dad…

Jeff turns around looking disappointed. The office door
has not been closed all along. The employees have been
outside watching their confrontation. Jeff finally closes
the door…

                      JEFF (continuing)
               Just by what you‟ve said… You
               DO have some evidence…

The clear-headedness, or lack thereof, sells Steven out…

               How can I trust you people?…
               You guys are just a bunch of
               permitted gangsters… You
               would get whatever you want
               by lying…

Jeff, as impulsive as he still is, wants to punch Steven…

               If we are gangsters, we would
               storm your place without
               begging you here…

Jeff points at the note…

                      JEFF (continuing)
               Look at the handwriting… You
               know Dad‟s handwriting, don‟t

Steven just does not trust Jeff; he throws the note away.
Jeff punches him…

                      JEFF (continuing)
                     (furious / crying)
               Dad was still thinking of you
               before he died… Don‟t you
               still have humanity left in

Jeff picks up the crumbled note and leaves…

                                               MATCH CUT:


Deputy Chief Fuller is searching for a REPORTER‟S NAME
CARD. He has decided to spread the news out about Steven
and his biological father, Henry…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Hello… May I speak with Dave
               Atkins?… This is Aaron Fuller
               from the police department…

The MUSIC playing on the phone while Deputy Chief Fuller
is waiting makes him anxious. Finally, there is someone
at the other end saying “Hello”.

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Hey, Dave… It‟s Aaron Fuller…
               I‟ve got huge news for you…
               Seriously, it‟s huge enough
               to be put on the front page…

Deputy Chief Fuller tells DAVE not to give him credit…

                                               MATCH CUT:


The next day, Deputy Chief Fuller is reading the NEWS
that he provided. Inspector Jenkins, as expected, rushes
in and punches him right away…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
                (furious / holding his fist)
               You fucking bastard!… You are
               spreading the news out?…
               Don‟t you know that could get
               Steven killed…

Punching twice in many days really hurts, both physically
and mentally. Deputy Chief Fuller, meanwhile, is cleaning
up some blood on his lips…

               INSPECTOR JENKINS (continuing)
               Big George is not taking any
               chance no matter what… on his
               rival‟s son…

Deputy Chief Fuller apologizes…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Sorry, but I must do this…
               Desperate times need
               desperate measures… I promise
               you, Jeff… We will secretly
               protect Steven twenty four
               seven from now on… I promise

Inspector Jenkins thinks it is too late to blame Deputy
Chief Fuller…

                      INSPECTOR JENKINS
               Fuck! Everything is too late
               now, Aaron… I know you want
               to get revenge on Big George,
               but I can‟t agree with you…
               You have changed.

With his head down, Inspector Jenkins leaves. He has lost
both friends – Steven and Deputy Chief Fuller…


It has been almost three weeks since Juan was found alive.
Almost everyday, Big George comes to visit his comrade.

Big George is now reading the article that Deputy Chief
Fuller provided while Juan is sleeping…

                          BIG GEORGE
               Henry‟s son… What a
               coincidence?… And how ironic
               is it that he works for me?…

Although it seems like Big George does not believe the
article, he is not taking any chances. Therefore, he
calls to the new factory…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Is the packaging done?… Good,
               give me three packets of

Big George has a plan in mind. He then calls Steven…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Steven, it‟s George… I‟ve
               read the article… It‟s all
               bullcrap… I never trusted the
               press and I never will…

Steven is glad that Big George is giving him a vote of

               By the way, George, how‟s

                         BIG GEORGE
               He is doing fine… He is
               recovering… Hey, why don‟t we
               take some swings tomorrow…
               I‟ve had a long, long three

               Why not?… Same old time and
               place tomorrow… I‟ll see you
               there, bye.

It is to the point where Brenda said – conflict of
interest. Speaking of Brenda, Big George calls her before
going to the factory…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Brenda, you‟ve read the news…
               ask Steven if it‟s true or

Even though Big George does not trust Brenda anymore, he
is just buying an extra insurance, hoping Brenda does
give him something…


While Steven is glad that Big George still trusts him, he
somehow feels concerned. As a result, he takes out a
PACKAGE from the DRAWER and calls Lamar to come in…

               Yes, Steven…

Steven shows and gives him the package…

               Send the package if I don‟t
               show up here for the entire
               day… Use express…

Lamar thinks this is rather odd…


Steven is a bit relieved…

                                               DISSOLVE TO:


It is night time. Whenever Steven has unsolvable problems
on his mind, he goes inside to his home office to think
over while listening to “Fate”.

Brenda does not want to bother Steven, but she wants the
answer. She KNOCKS on the door…

               Come in, honey…


Steven probably knows why Brenda comes in…

               Steven, is the news true?

               No… Um… Honey, I don‟t know…

With his legs are already resting on the REST, Steven
goes back enjoying the music…

Steven might be stuck; he invites Brenda to dance.

               Right now,… with this music?

Steven gets up to change the CD that is filled with LOVE

                  (walking towards Brenda)
               I know you love dancing
               Blues… May I?

Brenda gives Steven her hands as the CD is playing WILLIE

Even though Steven feels sad, he does not show his
sadness in front of Brenda…

                     STEVEN (continuing)
               Thank you, honey… You are
               always by my side when I have
               tough times…

As Steven and Brenda keep dancing, Brenda somehow thinks
there a correlation between BLUES and the secret of the

               That‟s it… If I follow the
               trace of the steps, I might
               get the code.

The song is finished; Steven kisses Brenda…

               Thanks… I am feeling better…

                                               MATCH CUT:


Steven must be so tired; he does not know that Brenda
gets up during midnight. She gets inside of Steven‟s home
office again by using the credit card trick…

Once inside, Brenda goes straight to the “tiger”
calligraphy. She takes the sheet out and starts using her
fingers as her legs to dance Blues…

               Twenty four… Thirteen… Thirty
               eight… Five…

Brenda writes the numbers down as if she is going to buy
lottery with these numbers. Anyway, she goes to the safe
right away and starts turning the dial of it. She has
cracked the safe.

Inside the safe, there is just a CD which might be the
evidence. Brenda has never thought of selling Steven out;
she just wants to check what that thing is inside…


After eighteen holes of golf with Steven, Big George
takes him to a CLUBHOUSE…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Shot a one twenty plus… told
               you I am “tigga Wuss”(slang)…
               Have a seat, Steven…

Big George and Steven both sit down…

               No, George… I shot around a
               one-o-five range… We are all
               “Tigger Woods”.

Big George LAUGHS as he pads Steven…

After coffee is served, Big George and Steven both put
three PACTKETS of SUGAR into coffee…

                         BIG GEORGE
               This is the best coffee I‟ve
               ever had…


After a brief check of his law firm and a trip to the
TRAVEL AGENCY, Steven goes to get his car…

Steven has not been feeling well after playing golf with
Big George. He thinks the recent events have taken his
toll. He YAWNS once every couple of minutes. He has no
idea why…


Brenda is sitting on the couch, but the T.V. is not on.
She is just thinking about what she can do with that CD,
which she has already checked what it contains. It
contains some AUDIO RECORDINGS that could end up being
evidence against Big George and his gang.

Brenda does not know what to do. Big George, however,
helps her to decide as he and his men bash in. Brenda is

                         BIG GEORGE
               Hello, Brenda… How long have
               we not met?… Let‟s see… Ah,
               your wedding party…

               What do you want, George?

                         BIG GEORGE
               I want that black box… It
               must be an audio recorder.

               What are you talking about?…
               I don‟t know a shit!

Big George is referring to the black box that Steven
claimed it was a gift for Brenda. He then orders his men…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Guys, go check for anything

Big George turns the attention back to Brenda…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               I don‟t have a choice… I
               thought he was loyal to me…
               And now, he is Henry‟s son,…
               my enemy‟s son… I could rid
               Henry, why can‟t I rid Steven

Big George points at Brenda…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               And you, Brenda… I know you
               aren‟t loyal to me anymore…
               That‟s why I don‟t trust
               nobody (slang)… NOBODY!

Meanwhile, one of Big George‟s men shows him a CD. It is
the one inside the safe…

                         BIG GEORGE
               A CD inside a safe?… A sheet
               and a note?… Hm… what‟s so
               secret about this CD?

Brenda forgets to shred that code note that she wrote.
Big George then grabs hold of her on her chin…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Bitch!… Told you aren‟t loyal
               to me no more (slang)… You
               had known the secret for
               fucking long!

Big George then throws her down to the floor…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               This shouldn‟t be the only
               CD… He might have copied a
               lot of them…

But after another thorough search, nothing more is found.
Big George orders to kidnap Brenda…


The struggling Steven is finally home. All the things in
his eyes have been woozy ever since the afternoon. He
does not know if his home has been either searched or it
is just his eyes being woozy…

               Honey!… Honey!… Brenda!…

Steven cannot walk anymore. He sits on the floor
struggling to breathe like he is having an asthma attack.
He seriously does not know why until the phone call
solves his mystery…

Steven is searching for his cell phone. He has lost most
of his consciousness…

                        (with stuffy nose)

After a long pause,…

                         BIG GEORGE
               How are you feeling, my right
               hand man?

Steven is still struggling to breathe…

               I don‟t know… I… It‟s like I
               am having an asthma attack… I
               don‟t have asthma…

Big George informs Steven…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Let me tell you what you got…
               You got addicted…

Steven looks skeptical…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Remember the sugar packets
               this morning… It got some
               goodies inside…

Steven has hit rock bottom…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Steven Themis… Oh, McLain… I
               just can‟t have my enemy‟s
               son as my buddy… And oh
               addict,… have you seen your
               wife, Brenda?…

Steven remembers he was looking for Brenda before the
phone call…

               Where… the fuck you put her?…

Steven is pounding on the floor…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Go to read email… Those
               fucking police are

Big George hangs up. Steven, meanwhile, has about twenty
steps to his home office door. He then has another ten
steps to the computer. How can a drug addict walk this

For Brenda, Steven must use all his energy to go there.
It normally would take him about ten to fifteen seconds
to get into the room. But now, it takes him about five
minutes to crawl into the computer…


After another four minutes or so, Steven finally starts
reading the email…

               Junkyard… Which junkyard?…

Steven‟s mind is messy; he finally knows which junkyard…

Before going there, Steven sees a bag of possibly cocaine
and a note: “Get filled up. Brenda needs you to save

Steven certainly understands if he takes more cocaine, he
would be addicted for the rest of his life. However, if
he does not take it, he would never see Brenda alive
again. His wife is more important than him, so he gambles
by taking the “medication”…


The Southside is still like a ghost town. No one is on
the streets except the homeless people and the criminals…

Steven is feeling much better, even though he did not
want to get better by taking cocaine. Meanwhile coming
out from the dark, Big George and his men meet Steven…

                          BIG GEORGE
               Wow… That stuff really works…
               You look so much better now,
               I suppose…

                    (warning Big George)
               Enough of the bullshit… Where
               is Brenda?… I am calling the
               police if you don‟t bring her
               out now…

                          BIG GEORGE
               Relax… Advantage is not on
               your side…

Big George tells his men to turn on the T.V. Brenda,
while being blindfolded, is inside the abandoned
WAREHOUSE. Steven tries to run through Big George‟s men,
but they take out their GUNS to point at him.

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Told you to relax… I‟ve got a
               walkie-talkie for you two.

After receiving the WALKIE-TALKIE, Steven tells the
blindfolded Brenda to stay calm…

                     (talking to Brenda)
               Honey,… It‟s me, Steven…

Brenda looks glad…

                     STEVEN (continuing)
               Stay calm… I am getting you
               out of there…

Big George tells Steven…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Getting her out?… Sure you
               can… if you give me all the
               necessary things I want…

               He‟s got your CD… Forget me…
               Leave this place… Go to
               Florence yourself…

Steven cannot; he loves Brenda so much. Big George,
meanwhile, tells him why he knows everything…

                         BIG GEORGE
               I must thank Brenda… If not
               her, I would never know you
               were hiding something… Let me
               tell you what, Steven, she is
               my spy.

Steven does not care anymore, except for Brenda‟s life…

               I don‟t care anymore… That CD
               is everything… the recordings
               from all these years… It‟s
               true; that‟s all I have.

                         BIG GEORGE
               OK… I trust you the very last

Big George then breaks the CD into pieces…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Steven, here‟s the key of the
               warehouse… We are leaving.

Big George and his men leave. Steven quickly sprints to
the warehouse. Someone, too, is rushing to that

                                               MATCH CUT:


Steven is inside. All he can see is a blindfolded woman
at the back of this empty warehouse…


Steven sprints to that blindfolded woman. He unties and
unfolds her. To his surprise, this is not Brenda. This is
a hitman, who quickly kicks Steven to the ground and
pulls out a GUN.

A shot is fired; a man is down. The man is not Steven
however. It was Jeff who fired the shot…

It is not the time to thank Jeff, who needs to protect
Steven since the news has broken out. Brenda is still

               Brenda… That‟s not Brenda…
               Where is she!?

Steven and Jeff start searching around the warehouse.
Jeff has finally found Brenda inside a room…

                        (looking sad)
               Steven… Brenda is inside the

Jeff‟s emotion tells Steven everything. He slowly walks
to the room…


It is almost dawn. Steven knows he has no more tomorrow
with Brenda. He keeps walking slowly towards the body of
Brenda as Jeff calls for help…

                   (hugging Brenda‟s body)
               Brenda!… Brenda!…


After the necessary procedures, Steven is sitting on a
long BENCH with his face down. He remembers the proposed
trip to Florence and all the great times with Brenda.

Meanwhile, Jeff buys him a cup of coffee. Steven

               Get it out… Get the coffee
               out… I am not drinking coffee

The excitement causes Steven‟s addiction to come back. He
falls on the floor rolling around. Jeff throws the coffee
away and runs towards him…

               What‟s going on, Steven?…

With his experience, Jeff recognizes the similarity of
Steven‟s struggles to drug addicts‟ struggles when in
needs of drugs…

                      JEFF (continuing)
               Are you addicted to some kind
               of drugs, Steven?…

Steven is in pain; he can only nod as a reply. Jeff holds
his fist in anger…

                      JEFF (continuing)
                     (angrily / YELLING)
               BIG GEORGE!…

Jeff takes Steven to the bathroom…

                                                  MATCH CUT:


Jeff keeps comforting Steven while hugging him…

               It‟s   OK… You will survive…
               This   will make you tougher…
               This   will make you know who
               your   friends and your foes

Jeff helps Steven to get sobered up. After a few times,
Steven looks much better. As for Jeff, he finally
understands what Deputy Chief Fuller meant about his
“desperate times need desperate measures” statement. He
has a plan in his mind. It is not, however, what a police
officer should do…

                      JEFF (continuing)
               Steven, you are right… We are
               just a bunch of permitted
               gangsters… I am going to do
               what a REAL gangster should


Big George is in his office reading the news about his
hitman being killed by a police officer. He is so upset;
he sweeps everything on to the floor…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Useless bunch!…

                                               DISSOLVE TO:


Juan is still recovering from the scare a few weeks back.
He has looked much better as he is doing some gardening
work with Donna buying lunch for him…

All of a sudden, a MASKED MAN comes in unnoticed and
abducts Juan rather easily from the GARDEN, leaving a
BOTTLE of SPRAY CAN at the garden…

                                                MATCH CUT:


                            MASKED MAN
               Sit down!…

That YELL scares Juan again…

               No, don‟t chop my dick off…

                         MASKED MAN
               I will not chop your dick
               off… nor will I kill you…

There is another MAN at the other end YELLING at the
masked man…

                         MASKED MAN
               Coming!… You better not move
               an inch… or I will do
               anything necessary… You know
               what I mean.

The tied-up Juan is just too scared; he must obey. The
masked man walks to the other end…

                         MASKED MAN
               Steven, think it over if you
               can… This plan will get you
               in jail…

The masked man unmasks; it is Jeff Jenkins…

               Kidnapping alone will also
               get you in jail… Why can‟t I
               do this?… You‟ve done too
               much for me…

               OK… But don‟t you have to
               call your assistant?…

               I have already called… He is
               on his way to Fuller‟s

               I am calling Aaron… He has to
               help us to get the plan

Jeff calls Deputy Chief Fuller…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Hello, Jeff… Where‟ve you
               been?… I‟ve just received a
               package from your friend
               Steven… And you are supposed
               to protect him.

               I know… It contains the
               evidence that should get Big
               George in jail…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
                      (V.O. / happily)
               Really… I am going to arrest
               Big George right now.

               Hold the evidence, Aaron… We
               are doing something that WILL
               get Big George killed…

Deputy Chief Fuller cannot believe what Jeff said…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
                (V.O. / angrily / WHISPERING)
               What!?… Are you crazy?… Big
               George will kill Steven
               before you can even get him…

               Steven is right next to me…
               He is in safety… Seriously, I
               really need your help of not
               arresting Big George yet… The
               plan goes like this…

After Deputy Chief Fuller listens to this crazy plan,…

                   (V.O. / scolding Jeff /
               You‟ve taught me to do
               desperate things when in
               desperate times… Sure you can
               report to the Chief, but let
               me be selfish for Steven this
               time… No one saw me there.

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
                     (V.O. / WHISPERING)
               But what about Steven?…
               Holding hostage is a felony.

               Steven agrees to do this…
               This is his only chance to
               get revenge for Brenda‟s

Steven is determined, determined enough to take the phone
from Jeff…

               Deputy Chief Fuller, I am
               determined… I‟ll do anything
               in order to get Big George

Since the two men are this determined, Deputy Chief
Fuller gambles once more – this time his job is on the

                                               DISSOLVE TO:


Juan has been already missing for two days. Big George is

                         BIG GEORGE
                  (angrily / on the phone)
               Again, either get Juan to
               safety or leave your arms

Juan is missing for the second time in many months.
Unlike the first time, Big George does not feel confident
that he will see Juan alive again.

                         BIG GEORGE
                    (talking to himself)
               Who would do this?… Jihad‟s

Big George thinks of another candidate…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Steven?… He is just an

Big George‟s phone RINGS. Steven surprises him…

               Surprised I am this clear-

                         BIG GEORGE
               You can never surprise me…

               Juan‟s in my possession…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Yeah, Steven… Brenda‟s death
               does make you to be one of us
               at last – evils…

Big George just wants Steven to get mad…

                    (V.O. / staying calm)
               You will pay for Brenda‟s
               death… If you still want to
               see Juan alive and well, come
               to my office in an hour… only
               by yourself… I am throwing
               you a party.

                         BIG GEORGE
               You think I am coming for
               him… I am not doing any shit
               for no one…

               No one except Juan… Your only
               true friend. Am I correct?

Steven has hit on Big George‟s only weakness – his
friendship with Juan…

                         BIG GEORGE
               What exactly do you want!?

               I want you to come over…
               That‟s it!…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Let me hear Juan‟s voice
               first… I don‟t trust you…

               Whether you‟re coming or
               not!… Juan‟s life is totally
               in your hands… If I don‟t see
               you in an hour, bring a
               casket in!…

Steven hangs up. Big George has no other choice but to go

                                               MATCH CUT:


Steven‟s law firm has been turned into a hostage camp.
Steven‟s colleagues are all being held by their boss…

               Steven, we know you‟ve lost
               your wife, but… we are… we
               are innocent… Let us go now!

Steven points his GUN at Lamar. He then fires a shot to
the ceiling. That scares everyone…

                       (angrily / sad)
               My wife‟s not coming back
               anymore… The killer is
               coming… So I am not going to
               kill you guys… I swear.

There is a person coming into the firm. Steven “greets”
him by pointing the gun at him…

               Big George, welcome to your
               party… Please raise your

                         BIG GEORGE
               I didn‟t bring no guns or men
               (slang)… Tell me where Juan

               Don‟t be too anxious, George…
               Now I am tying you up…

Steven goes tying Big George up. He then tells his
colleagues as the police have arrived…

               And now I am untying you
               guys… On your way out, tell
               the police that Big George
               and Juan are in my hands…

Steven must be crazy; he unties his colleagues and lets
them leave. This leaves with only Steven and Big George
in the open office.

                         BIG GEORGE
               Police and soon the SWAT team
               are going to bomb the place
               out and kill you… I am not
               worth your risk… let us go.

Steven fires another shot near Big George…

               What!?… You scared (slang)?

                         BIG GEORGE
               No, but your mental status is
               unstable… You are getting

A timely YELL through an AMPLIFIER from outside of the

               Mr. Themis… This is Jack from
               the police department… I am a
               negotiator… I am here to help

               What!?… We‟ve got nothing to
               talk about… Get out… NOW!

Steven fires yet another shot. JACK and other officers
have to back off as a SWAT team has been ordered to clear
the place. Steven points the gun at Big George‟s head…

                                               MATCH CUT:


Deputy Chief Fuller has learned that the SWAT team is
going to the law firm. It is time for him to call the
person in charge of the SWAT team…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Albert… This is Aaron Fuller…
               This is important… George
               Gomez, Jr.… One of the guys
               being held at the law firm
               right now… He is on my most
               wanted list… So the bottom
               line… if one of these two
               wanted guys threatens a life
               on your team, do what is

               We will do our best to get
               them into custody…

                     DEPUTY CHIEF FULLER
               Thanks, appreciate it!

Deputy Chief Fuller‟s job is done. It is now up to

                                               MATCH CUT:


Big George is still at gun point. Steven still has not
fired at him; he is in the thinking process. Big George
warns him…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Steven, you will regret if
               you kill me… You should know
               better… You will be executed
               like I almost got.

               I shouldn‟t have helped you…

Steven suddenly cannot breathe. He cannot even hang on to
his gun as it is dropped to the floor. Big George thinks
he knows why while eyeing at the gun…

                         BIG GEORGE
               You need to get filled up
               again, Steven… Untie me and
               I‟ll give you coke… I‟ve got
               some in my inner pockets…

Steven has no choice again but to listen to Big George.
He starts crawling about an inch per second. Meanwhile,
there is a guy inside a room pounding the door for help…

                         BIG GEORGE

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Steven, you are getting

There are just a few inches between Steven and Big George.
After using most of his energy, Steven finally gets

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Come untie me… I am giving
               you coke, Steven.

Steven uses the remaining energy to untie Big George. Big
George goes for the gun and points at Steven. The
pounding from the room, meanwhile, gets harder…

                         BIG GEORGE
               That‟s why dealers don‟t do
               drugs… The ones who do… are
               useless… Say goodbye, Steven…
               I am sending you to see

Steven closes his eyes as Big George is about to pull the
trigger. All of a sudden, the SWAT team comes to the

                         SWAT MEMBER
               Drop your gun!…

Big George turns around trying to shoot, but the trained
SWAT MEMBER reacts so much faster than Big George. As a
result, the SWAT member fires a shot.

Coming out of nowhere, a man dives for the bullet to save
Big George. It is, obviously, Big George‟s only friend,
Juan. Big George immediately drops the gun to see Juan…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Why, Juan?… I am not worth it!

Big George has surrendered to the SWAT team. He starts
crying in front of the dying Juan…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)

Big George begs the SWAT team while hugging Juan…

                   BIG GEORGE (continuing)
               Help us, guys!… He is dying!…

Being already handcuffed, Steven suddenly gets up…

               I was just faking it… I am
               drug free… The police have
               already got the evidence… And
               only this way you would get
               shot… But Juan… He is truly
               your friend…

Big George does not care anymore. Steven then jokes…

                     STEVEN (continuing)
               Guess we will see each other
               in the prison…

Steven can see Big George really cares about his only
friend, Juan…

This “stand off” is officially over as Steven, Jeff and
Deputy Chief Fuller have got their man…

                                               DISSOLVE TO:


Steven is sentenced for five years for holding hostage.
Jeff is his first VISITOR during his first week in

               I could have killed him… But
               his hug reminds me of my hug
               with Brenda… I don‟t know…
               Maybe I was touched… Doesn‟t
               he get what he deserves now?…

               Yeah… forty years without
               parole… That‟s what I call
               „justice is served‟.

Jeff looks at Steven‟s physical appearance…

                      JEFF (continuing)
               Look at your body… Talk about
               anti-Big George…

Steven and Jeff LAUGH. It is so ironic to see how Steven
is much happier in prison than outside…

               Wanna come living with me?

Jeff knows Steven is just kidding. He grins…

                     STEVEN (continuing)
               Jeff, thanks for making
               Brenda‟s funeral possible…

As strong as Jeff is, he cries…

               Five years will be like the
               blink of an eye… We are all
               waiting for you…

At last, Jeff asks from his heart…

                      JEFF (continuing)
               Do you regret making that

Steven thinks for a moment…

               No, but I regret not killing
               George… I guess he is
               thinking the same thing…


Big George is sitting in his own CELL, regretting why he
did not kill Steven…

                         BIG GEORGE
               Ah!… Steven!…

                                                FADE OUT: