Served Cold

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					                       Served Cold

                      By David Bradley

                     September 18, 2006



Black screen with words "Revenge is a dish best served
cold. Old Klingon Proverb"

All words fade out except "Served Cold" during voice over.
                      V.O. SCARED MALE

          I've got kids.

                        V.O. ANGRY MALE
          So did I.



Small disheveled apartment with a man passed out on the

Empty and half empty liquor bottles are strewn about the
room. There has been no love in this room for a long time.

A phone is sitting on the nightstand and it begins to ring.

RILEY is startled awake. He searches for the phone and
finds it under a stack of dirty laundry. Knocking several
bottles over in the process.

                        DAVID RILEY

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
              (on phone)
          Riley. We've got a multiple out on
          Cherry Street.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Cherry Street? Really?

                        ELIZABETH MACRAME

                      DAVID RILEY
          Ok. Give me 15.

RILEY picks up a picture of his wife and daughter from the
side table. They are smiling brightly against the
background of a major league baseball game.

                         DAVID RILEY (CONT'D)
                 (kisses the picture)
          I'll be back later honey.    I may be

His words are those of loss.

                                                    FADE OUT


Standard upper middle class home, two stories and a two car
garage. The only car in the open garage is a mini -van.
There is a small girls bicycle leaning on the back of the
van. The sun is just rising. It's rays caress the freshly
cut grass and glisten off of the morning dew.

The house is surrounded by police cars. Some have their
lights flashing and some do not. Three ambulances are on
the street with their lights on. Police tape is
surrounding the house keeping reporters at bay.

Unmarked police car pulls up carrying detectives RILEY and

They both exit the car. MACRAME looks fresh while RILEY
looks very rough. RILEY'S hair is in shambles and his tie
is not flush with his collar.

CAPTAIN ULRICH is standing at the entrance to the home. He
begins to walk towards the detectives with a sobering look
on his face.

RILEY and MACRAME meet him half way.

                      DAVID RILEY
          What do we got Cap?

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH
          Wife shot twice and...

The CAPTAIN pauses attempting to find the proper words.


                       DAVID RILEY
          What else?

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH
          Riley... there are two little
          Are you gonna be ok?

                      DAVID RILEY
          I'll be fine.
              (to MACRAME)
          Let's go have a look Mac.


There is a large vanity to the left of the door. Pictures
of DEREK, his wife, and his kids are hanging from the

Focus on jewelry that is laying haphazardly on the dresser.

A woman is laying horizontally across the foot of the bed.
She is dressed in a night gown with a clear gunshot to the
chest and one to the head. Blood has pooled on the sheets
and dripped down onto the floor.

The detectives walk in. There are crime scene technicians
scouring the room, dusting for fingerprints and collecting
blood evidence. MEDICAL EXAMINER LONNY is examining the
body and jotting down notes on a clipboard. His gloved
hands are covered in the blood of the victim.

LONNY is clearly excited about the idea of three dead
bodies. He is talking very fast.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          What do you say Lonny?

                      MED. EXAMINER LONNY
          One female, shot twice, one to the
          head, one to the chest. Two girls,
          down the hall, shot in the head...

LONNY pauses and looks at RILEY. He is embarrassed by the
crassness of his remarks about the girls.

                      DAVID RILEY
          I'm fine Lonny. Just give me the
                      MED. EXAMINER LONNY
          Ok. Sorry. Well... Like I was
          saying. One female, two bullet
          wounds. The odd thing is that the
          two shots did not come from the
          same gun.

                      DAVID RILEY
          What do you mean?

                      MED. EXAMINER LONNY
          Let me show you.

All three move in for a closer look at the body.


                      MED. EXAMINER LONNY
          The first shot was the kill shot,
              (points to chest
          It is a much larger gun than the
          first. Probably about a .45
          caliber. The second shot
              (points to head
          Is probably about a .22 caliber if
          I had to guess AND you can tell by
          the burn marks, they used a

The three stand up.   RILEY seems unfazed but MACRAME is
showing disgust.

                      DAVID RILEY
          What about the two girls?

                      MED. EXAMINER LONNY
          I haven't had a chance to look yet.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Let's go have a look Mac.
              (to Lonny)
          We'll go take a look around.

                      MED. EXAMINER LONNY
          Ok. Just don't touch anything.
RILEY turns and smirks at LONNY while walking out of the
room. He jingles the jewelry on the desk. LONNY is
frazzled by the disrespect to his crime scene.


Little girl's bedroom. Walls are covered in pink. There
are shelves on the walls with hundreds of small dolls and
stuffed animals. A dresser rests along the wall covered in
all things a little girl would have, make up, perfume,
toys, and a golden music box.

There are two beds covered in pink as well. The girls are
laying on their backs with the covers pulled up to their
necks. Obvious gunshot wounds are in their foreheads.
Blood has coagulated on the pillows and in the long hair of
the two girls.

RILEY walks into the room without a pause. MACRAME gags
and attempts to hold down her stomach. She steps out of
the room due to the gruesome sight.

RILEY walks to the oldest girls bed and kneels down.



Christmas decorations are hung from the ceiling. A
Christmas tree is lit up and standing near a couch.    There
are multiple wrapped presents under the tree.

RILEY enters through the front door. A young girl comes
running around the corner and into RILEY's arms. The smile
on his face is one of pure joy. He picks up the little
girl and swings her around as if he has not seen her in
years. She is almost the spitting image of the murdered

Focus on the RILEY'S daughter as he sets her back down onto
her feet.


RILEY stands and notices the golden music box laying on the
dresser. He walks over and opens it. A ballerina twirls
inside and sweet music begins playing.

He closes the box, sets it back down, and leaves the room.


MACRAME is leaning against the wall next to the doorway
breathing hard and trying to keep her breakfast from making
a second appearance.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          What'd you see?

                      DAVID RILEY
              (face is like stone)
          These two were killed first.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          How can you tell?

                      DAVID RILEY
          Silencer. They didn't wake up when
          the bigger gun went off in the
          mom's room.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          So they were killed with just the

                      DAVID RILEY
          Yea... It looks that way, but I
          believe the wife saw the shooter.

JUMPCUTS Different angles of wife falling down on to the

                      V.O. RILEY
          She is laying across the bed not in
          the bed like she was asleep.


                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Makes sense. Let crime scene
          finish up?
                      DAVID RILEY
         Yea.   We'll go fill the Captain in.


The Captain is standing outside in the yard near the
street. He is talking with several officers and crime
scene investigators.

DEREK is sitting in the background on the curb. A
uniformed officer is standing next to him with his note pad
open jotting down information. The officer is doing the
talking while DEREK is just staring off into the distance.

RILEY and MACRAME exit the house and walk toward the
CAPTAIN. The CAPTAIN turns and waves off the others.    He
meets them half way.

                     CAPTAIN ULRICH
         So, what do you think?

                     DAVID RILEY
         The girls were shot first, then the

                     CAPTAIN ULRICH

                     DAVID RILEY
         No. There was jewelry all over the
         dresser in the bedroom. I don't
         know... could be a hit.

                     CAPTAIN ULRICH
         What makes you think that?

                     DAVID RILEY
         They used silencers and a .45 is an
         expensive gun. Not the choice
         weapon for thugs looking for money.
         I think they may have talked with
         the wife about something too. They
         probably held her at gunpoint and
         fired from a short distance. Then
         used the .22 to the head to make it
         look like thugs. Something is
         weird, what do we know about the
The CAPTAIN waves over the officer who is talking to DEREK.
He is young and noticeably nervous.

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH

                      OFFICER PETERS
          Yea Cap?

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH
          Is the husband talking?

                      OFFICER PETERS
          A little. His name is Derek
          Wilson. The vics are his wife
          Elaine and...
              (flipping through is
               note pad)
          The two girls are Sarah and
          Samantha. He is some kind of
          computer tech guy for Syrius
          Weapons company. He says he was at
          work all night fixing some type of
          network or something.

                      DAVID RILEY
              (to Peters)
          Check that out.

                      OFFICER PETERS
          Sure thing detective. Anything

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH
          No that will be all. Thanks.
              (pointing toward the
          I'll go feed the dogs. Keep me

The officer walks away.

The Captain walks toward the press line and begins
answering questions.

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH (CONT'D)
              (to press)
           Ok. Ok. Calm down.    I will tell you
           everything I can.

A crime scene investigator runs up and hands RILEY a purple
bandanna inside a plastic bag.

                       CSI FEMALE
           I found this around the back of the


                       DAVID RILEY
           This doesn't make any sense.


                         ELIZABETH MACRAME
           What is it?    A gang sash?



DEREK stops crying and perks his head up at the detectives
talking in the background. His clothes and hands are
covered in blood.

                       DAVID RILEY
           Yea. It's the colors for a gang I
           used to run into when I was in

DEREK stands and begins to walk up behind RILEY.

                       DAVID RILEY (CONT'D)
           They deal mostly with drugs. I've
           never heard of them being hired out
           for a hit.

                       DEREK WILSON
           My...My...My family was killed by a

                       ELIZABETH MACRAME
               (grabbing DEREK)
          Please sir, sit back down.   We
          don't know anything yet.

DEREK begins to yell and struggle with MACRAME.   RILEY is
caught off guard.

                      DEREK WILSON
          Why? Why? Who are they!?!?        Who
          are they!?!?

DEREK settles down and both detectives guide him back to
sitting on the curb.

                      DAVID RILEY
          It is a gang sash from a small gang
          called "The Risers."

DEREK breaks down and begins crying hard.

                      DEREK WILSON
          Why would a gang want to kill my

                      DAVID RILEY
              (kneeling next to
          Sir, I know you are shaken up but
          we are going to have to ask you
          some tough questions. Do you think
          you can do that for me?

                      DEREK WILSON
              (choking back his
          I'll try.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Ok. Tell me everything that you did
          when you got home this morning.

                      DEREK WILSON
          I got home around 4. Went straight
          to the bedroom and... and... she
          was just laying there. It was so
          much blood.
              (looks at his blood
               soaked hands)
          I grabbed her and there was just so
          much blood.

                      DAVID RILEY
          What happened next Mr. Wilson?

                      DEREK WILSON
          I thought who ever did this might
          still be in the house. So I ran
          for the girl's room and tried to
          wake them...
              (stares off)
          They wouldn't get up...They
          wouldn't get up...

                      DAVID RILEY
          Mr. Wilson? Mr. Wilson I need you
          to stay with me.

                      DEREK WILSON
              (continues staring)

RILEY stands up.   He looks at MACRAME and shakes his head.

DEREK springs onto RILEY and grabs him by the collar.   They
both fall to the ground with DEREK on top.



The red lights from the ambulances in the street reflects
in DEREK's eyes resembling fire.

                      V.O. DEREK WILSON
              (angry and cold)
          Who killed my family?

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
              (pulling DEREK off)
          Mr. Wilson, Please. We are trying
          to help.

DEREK relaxes his grip. MACRAME pulls DEREK up and begins
to cuff him behind his back.
A second officer runs up to assist.

RILEY stands and dusts himself off.

                      DAVID RILEY
              (grabs MACRAME by
               the shoulder)
          I don't think that will be
              (to DEREK)
          Will it Mr. Wilson?

                      DEREK WILSON
              (collapses back to
               the curb, shame on
               his face)
          I'm sorry detective. I... I...
          don't know what came over me. I
          wasn't thinking.

                      DAVID RILEY
              (to second officer)
          Officer, please take Mr. Wilson
          back to the station. He is NOT to
          be placed in a cell, is that

                      SECOND OFFICER
          Yes sir Detective Riley.
              (to DEREK)
          Come with me Mr. Wilson. We'll
          take care of you. Everything is
          going to be ok.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Let's go Mac before we piss someone
          else off.

                     ELIZABETH MACRAME
          I agree.

The detectives walk back to their car. The reporters
follow them along the outside of the tape continuously
firing questions at them. Flash bulbs are going off like

MACRAME is driving.   RILEY is slumped over in the passenger

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          You ok Riley?

                      DAVID RILEY
          Pull over.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME

RILEY leans up holding his stomach.

                      DAVID RILEY
              (desperation in his
          Pull over... now!

MACRAME pulls the car over.

RILEY gets out quickly and moves to the side of the road.
MACRAME steps out and stands with the driver side door

RILEY pauses by the side of the road.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME


RILEY quickly bends over and violently vomits on the

When he is finished he wipes his mouth and gets back into
the car.

MACRAME steps back in.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME (CONT'D)
          You ok?

                      DAVID RILEY
              (hand over his eyes)
          Just drive.

The police station is a flurry of activity. The shift is
changing and tired officers are walking out as fresh ones
are coming in.

Two gang bangers are handcuffed and standing with two
officers by the front desk. There are colorfully dressed
prostitutes at some of the desks talking with different
detectives. The phones are ringing off their hooks.

The room is populated with about twelve desks back -to-back.
Paint is chipping off of the walls and water stains are on
the ceiling.

RILEY and MACRAME walk in and sit down at their desks
located near the back.

Their desks are covered with file folders and loose sheets
of paper.

RILEY looks tired and lays his head down on his desk.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          What was that back there on the
          road Riley?

                      DAVID RILEY
          Nothing. I'm just coming down with
          something I think.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Yea... your coming down with a shot
          of whiskey in the morning.

                      DAVID RILEY
              (raising his head)
          I have never drank on duty... only
          when I'm off.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Well I'm guessing you drank enough
          last night.

                      DAVID RILEY
              (getting upset)
          Well I was off duty wasn't I? Look
          what I do in my down time is my own
          business ok? Let's focus on the
                       ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Alright.   Where to first?

                      DAVID RILEY
          Well... we need to go shake up The
          Risers a little bit and see what we
          can get from them.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          What about Mr. Wilson?

                      DAVID RILEY
          He's here?

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
              (shaking her head)
          You told them to bring him back

                      DAVID RILEY
          Ok, let's go talk to him.



The room has a single table in the center.   A refrigerator
and coffee machine sit in the corner.

A corkboard hangs on the wall and is covered with wanted
posters and various memos and pushpins are splattered all

DEREK is standing at the farthest window staring out into
the city. The sun is rising over the buildings.



The sun's reflection is creating a fire in DEREK's eyes.

The sounds of children can be heard faintly.    DEREK's
wife's voice is heard over everything.

                      V.O. DEREK'S WIFE
          I love you.

At that instant RILEY and MACRAME enter the room breaking
DEREK's moment.

They sit down and take out their notebooks.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Mr. Wilson, again, we are sorry for
          your loss.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          If it is possible, we would like to
          ask you a few more questions.

DEREK remains motionless.

                        DAVID RILEY
          Mr. Wilson?

DEREK turns his head. He walks toward the table and sits
down across from the two detectives.

                      DEREK WILSON
          I don't know what else I can tell

                      DAVID RILEY
          Could you tell us what it is you do
          at Syrius?

                      DEREK WILSON
          I'm head of the Computers and
          Technology division. What does
          that have to do with anything?

                      DAVID RILEY
          What does that involve?

DEREK bangs his fist down on the table startling MACRAME.

                      DEREK WILSON
          What does my fucking job have to do
          with the murder of my family?

                        ELIZABETH MACRAME
Please sir... we are looking at
every angle. We just want to make
sure that we don't miss anything.

            DEREK WILSON
I...I...I'm sorry. I work on and
repair the computers for the entire
building. I am basically the guy
who designed the whole computer
network and data storage systems
for Syrius.

            DAVID RILEY
So when something breaks you are
the guy they call to fix it?

            DEREK WILSON
Yea... but something is always
broken so I am there all the time.
Like... Like... last night.

What about your wife? What did she

            DEREK WILSON
Nothing. She was your run of the
mill soccer mom.
    (pause while RILEY
     is writing)
It's funny... that one little word
changes the meaning of my entire

What word?

            DEREK WILSON
"Was." I can no longer say "is my
wife" she is now "was my wife."
It's amazing how much of our lives
is defined by little three letter
I'll never get used to that.

             DAVID RILEY
          Your wife didn't have any contact
          with your job?
              (MACRAME glares at

                      DEREK WILSON
              (anger in his voice)
          Wait... Are you saying that someone
          I work with had something to do
          with this?

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          We aren't sure of...

DEREK stands quickly slamming his hands down on the desk.

Both detectives are caught off guard and slide back a

                      DEREK WILSON
              (his voice is cold)
          You said it was a gang. What does
          that have to do with my work.

DEREK'S voice trails off.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Please Mr. Wilson don't start
          jumping to your own conclusions.
          You won't be able to deal with the
          consequences of that.
          I believe we are done here. There
          is an officer outside who will take
          you home.

MACRAME grabs RILEY by the shoulder and drags him out of
the room.

DEREK returns to the window and again stares off into the


MACRAME throws RILEY up against the wall.

                        ELIZABETH MACRAME
         What the hell were you thinking?

                     DAVID RILEY
         What? At least we know he isn't

                     ELIZABETH MACRAME
         You told him that his fucking job
         killed his wife. What the hell
         were you thinking? We don't have a
         single strip of evidence to support
         that and you go shooting your mouth
         off. He just lost his entire
         family for Christ sake and you tell
         him his co-workers were

                     DAVID RILEY
         Ok. Your right I shouldn't have
         asked. But think about it. What
         happened in that house was not your
         average murder. Someone had that
         family killed.

                     ELIZABETH MACREME
         You don't know that damn it!?!

                     DAVID RILEY
         Ok. I'm sorry. I fucked up.      Now
         let's move on.

                     ELIZABETH MACRAME
         One of these days you are going to
         fuck up and I am not going to be
         there to pull you out.

                     DAVID RILEY
         Look... Let's just get in the car
         and go visit our little gangster

MACRAME stomps off with a huff.

DEREK is sitting in the front seat of a patrol car with an
officer driving.

He is staring out the window with his hand up to his mouth.

                      DEREK WILSON
          Take me to the nearest bar.

                      DRIVING OFFICER
          Are you sure that is a good idea

                      DEREK WILSON
              (turning and staring
               at the officer,

                      DRIVING OFFICER
          Ok. I can't say that I blame you.


Police car pulls up to a bar around the corner from the
police station.

DEREK gets out and walks inside.

As the police car drives away DEREK exits the bar and hails
down a cab.



No defining details of the office can be seen. Only a desk
and a chair in front of a large window with the shades

Only the back of the chair can be seen.

                      V.O. MALE
          It did not go as planned... Yes...
          I understand.

A hand comes from behind the chair and hangs up the phone.


Pool hall is the bottom floor of an old run down building.
There is an alley to the right of the building with
dumpsters and trash all over. Neon beer signs are blinking
in the windows.

There is a bum leaning against one of the dumpsters closest
to the road.

RILEY and MACRAME pull up to the front of the building.

They step out of the car and meet by the front of the
building. Both have looks of disgust on their face.


                      DAVID RILEY
          Look, these guys may not be the
          biggest gang in the world but they
          wouldn't hesitate to put a couple
          in your back as you walk out the

In the background a blurry image of a taxi comes into view
and pulls up to the curb.

A man steps out and runs around the corner of the next

RILEY turns his head just in time to see a quick glimpse of
the man disappearing behind the building.

RILEY shakes his head and returns to what he was saying.

                      DAVID RILEY (CONT'D)
          Let me talk, and don't turn your
          back to anyone. Is that

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Yea, I've done this before.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Hang on one second.
RILEY disappears into the alley.

A desperate rat SQUEAK is heard in the distance and RILEY
reappears from the alley.

His hand never leaves his right jacket pocket.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          What the hell was that?

                        DAVID RILEY
          Trust me.


The pool hall is a dirty gritty place and the few patrons
shooting pool don't look much better.

There are a few scattered chairs and stained tables.      Four
pool tables are in a line on the far left wall.

The lighting is basically a few lamps and what is projected
by the neon signs in the front window.

The floor is concrete and so sticky a strange squishing
sound is heard as you walk.

RILEY and MACRAME walk in.

The bar stops and the few patrons look up.   One man is
passed out on a table in his own vomit.

The bartender is a huge man with a grey beard two feet
long. His body is covered in tattoos which can be seen
through his wife beater tank top.

RILEY and MACRAME walk in and flash their badges.   RILEY's
hand is still in his pocket.

The patrons are not threatened by the badges, but simply
turn and continue with what they were doing.

RILEY walks over to the bartender grabbing him by the beard
and slamming his face into the bar.

The patrons jump but are quieted when MACRAME flips her
jacket back exposing her gun.
RILEY reaches his right hand out of his pocket and quickly
hits a button under the bar and quickly puts his hand back
in his pocket.

A door covered by a large mirror opens slightly. RILEY
releases the bartender and the two detectives walk back to
the door, but keep their eyes on everyone in the bar. The
embarrassed bartender simply gets up and rubs his face.


The detectives close the door behind them. The mirror on
the front of the door is a two way mirror and they are able
to see through to the next room.

The stairway is a zigzag stairway.   Beer bottles and trash
are strewn about haphazardly.

They walk down.


There is one door with another giant man standing in front
of the door.

                      GANGSTER DOOR GUARD
              (fear is on his
          Don't even think about it Riley.

RILEY pulls a huge rat out of his pocket and the guard
begins to cower away into the corner.

The guard falls down to the ground and RILEY places the rat
in front of him keeping him pinned to the ground. The
guard's face is distorted with fear and his eyes are


The office is crummy looking with a desk and a large chair
behind it. There are four other men in the room. Two each
are standing on either side of the desk.

There are video screens on the left wall showing the main
room and the front door.

RILEY and MACRAME walk in.

The chair spins around exposing a very tiny black man.

              (very proper manner)
          If you need to speak with me Riley
          you just have to ask.


                      DAVID RILEY
          Hello again Damien it has been a
          long time.

          Not long enough.

                      DAVID RILEY
          The feeling is mutual. How did you
          know it was me?

          Only you know about Tinker's little
          fear. Now what the fuck do you

                      DAVID RILEY
          I want to know what your boys were
          doing on Cherry Street last night.

          They weren't. Now get the fuck

The four guards spread out a little coming to the sides of
the two detectives.

RILEY reaches into his inside jacket pocket.    The guards
react by pulling their guns.


MACRAME reacts fast and pulls her gun like a gunslinger and
has her gun to the head of the nearest guard before he can
pull his own. The room stops and the other three guards
are aiming there guns alternately between RILEY and

RILEY holds out his free hand and slowly pulls his other
hand out of his jacket. He is holding a bag containing the
purple bandanna from the crime scene.

RILEY throws the bag onto Damien's desk.


                      DAMIEN (CONT'D)
              (stunned and angry)
          You have worn out your welcome
          detective Riley... Now get the fuck
          out of my hall.


The detectives slowly back out of the room never turning
their backs to the people in the room. They close the door
behind them. MACRAME holsters her weapon as she leaves.


                      DAMIEN (CONT'D)
          Call Niko and Razor. I want to
          know what the fuck happened.


RILEY starts laughing.   MACRAME is a little shaken up.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
              (in shock but
          What in the shit was that Riley?

                      DAVID RILEY
          I said we would shake them up.     Now
          their shaken.

They start moving toward the car when a sound stirs in the

RILEY turns his head toward the alley.     Suspicious of the

A rat skitters across the alley. The bum sleeping next to
the dumpster jumps but just rolls over and falls back


RILEY shakes his head and gets into the car.

DEREK is hiding behind one of the dumpsters about halfway
down the alley.

The expression on his face is stone cold.    There is a small
basement window open next to his feet.



DEREK is standing outside of his house with tears streaming
down his face. There is a bottle of whiskey in his hand.
He walks through the front door tearing down the police


DEREK looks into the living room.    It is dark at first with
the lights off.


The room is now decorated in Christmas decorations, his
daughters are opening presents. The girls are smiling from
ear to ear. His wife is standing in the corner. There is
no sound and the girls are laughing and mouthing words
toward DEREK.



The room returns to normal.   The lighting is dark.

DEREK turns and walks up the stairs.


DEREK walks in the room.
The room has not been cleaned and the blood stain is still
present on the floor.

DEREK walks over to the nightstand and picks up a picture
of his family. They are all smiling. The sounds of his
two daughters playing can be heard.

DEREK throws the picture into the vanity mirror and it


DEREK screams.   The sounds of rustling in the closet can be


DEREK walks through the front door of a large office


There are a line of cubicles in the center of the room with
office doors lining the walls.

There is a flurry of activity as people are working.
People are walking around and talking doing their day to
day activities.

DEREK walks in and the people by the entrance stop, not
knowing what to say. A wave of stunned expressions flows
through the office. Whispers can be heard from the various

DEREK pauses and continues walking through the room. DEREK
walks into his personal office and closes the door. The
people go back to work as usual.


DEREK walks in and closes the door. He pauses and leans
back against the door. A weight comes down onto his

DEREK sits down at his desk.   He boots up his computer his
face is like stone.


On the screen a program is pulled up titled "Syrius Inc.
Restricted Access." Below the title are two typing blocks
stacked on top of one another. One for "user name" and the
other for "password." Below the blocks is a red button
reading "access."

DEREK types into each block and little stars appear hiding
the name and password. He moves his mouse over to the
access button.

Right when he is about to click the button the door swings
open and his boss DONOVAN walks in.



                      CALEB DONOVAN
          Derek? What are you doing here?
          You should be at home.


                      DEREK WILSON
              (slightly startled)
          I... I know but I can't. I just
          need to get my mind on something


                      CALEB DONOVAN
          Derek... I'm so sorry for what
          happened. I can't even begin to
          imagine what you are going through.
          But if you are going to work, do me
          a favor and at least make it a half
          day. Huh?

                      DEREK WILSON
          I won't stay long I promise.

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          Hey, you have my number and you
          know where I live. I'm available
                      DEREK WILSON
          Thanks again.

DONOVAN walks out and closes the door.

Camera pans back to DEREK and his face becomes emotionless.
The red access button is reflecting off his eyes. The
mouse clicks.

                      V.O. FEMALE COMPUTER
          Restricted access granted.



DONOVAN's office is rather large. There is a desk and
large chair. The desk is covered in various folders and
papers but remains in a rather orderly fashion. A lamp
sits on the corner. Pens and pencils are in a cup.

DONOVAN is sitting at his desk writing in a file. There is
a large window behind him looking out over a suburban area.

The buzzer on DONOVAN's phone goes off.    He pushes the

                      CALEB DONOVAN

                      V.O. SECRETARY
          Sir, there are two detectives out
          here that would like to speak to

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          Send them in.

RILEY and MACRAME walk through the door.

DONOVAN stands and offers the detectives the two chairs in
front of his desk.

                      CALEB DONOVAN (CONT'D)
          What can I do for you today

                      DAVID RILEY
We won't take up to much of your
time. We just need to ask you a
few questions and we'll be out of
your hair.

            CALEB DONOVAN
Sure. Anything I can do to help?
I assume this has to do with
Derek's misfortunes.

            DAVID RILEY
Yes. How long has Mr. Wilson been
working for you?

            CALEB DONOVAN
Derek is one of the finest
employees we have and I consider
him one of my closest friends. He
has been working here since the
beginning and has done a
magnificent job. He is the first
one called when anything from a
toaster to a missile targeting
system isn't working right. The
man is a genius with technology.

            DAVID RILEY
He hasn't had any problems recently
with other employees?

            CALEB DONOVAN
God no. His work record is
exemplary and everyone loves
working with him. I have had him
and his family to my house for
dinner on multiple occasions.

We are going to need to have a look
at anything Mr. Wilson has worked
on in the past six months or so.

            CALEB DONOVAN
I don't see any problems with that,
but I am going to have to check
with legal. We work on a lot of
very sensitive projects.
                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          We can get a warrant.

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          I'm afraid you are going to have to
          do that. I can't just pass our
          files around on a whim. No offense
          but I have to cover my own ass.

                      DAVID RILEY
          I understand. Do you mind if we
          take a look at Mr. Wilson's office?

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          No... not at all. In fact, I think
          he is still here.

                      DAVID RILEY

                      CALEB DONOVAN

The two detectives look at each other expressionless.
DONOVAN leads the two out of his office and down the hall
to DEREK's office.


The three people walk in, but DEREK is no where to be

                      DAVID RILEY
          I thought you said he was here?

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          Well... I told him to take it easy.
          So he probably just left early.

MACRAME'S cell phone rings.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
              (to the phone)
          Detective Macrame.
              (to DONOVAN)
          I'm sorry. I have to take this.

MACRAME walks out of the room.
                      DAVID RILEY
          So your relationship with Mr.
          Wilson was pretty good.

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          Like I said, he has been to my
          house several times.

                      DAVID RILEY
          He hasn't been acting strange or
          distant or anything like that?

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          Not that I could see.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Disappearing with out telling you
          isn't strange?

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          I can't watch everybody.

MACRAME reenters the room.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Riley, we have to go.

                      DAVID RILEY
          It has been a pleasure meeting you
          Mr. Donovan. We may have some more
          questions later, so please, don't
          leave town.

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          Of course. Please do what ever you
          can to find out what happened.

The detectives leave.



DONOVAN picks up the phone on DEREK'S desk and dials a
number when the detectives are out of earshot. He is

                        CALEB DONOVAN
              (on the phone)
          I just had two detectives asking me

                      V.O. MALE
          Don't worry. Everything is being
          taken care of.


There are two bodies on either side of the door heavily
burned and two bodies in the center of the room laying next
to a large burn ring. The video monitors are shattered.
DAMIEN is sitting dead in his chair with slight burn damage
but has multiple puncture wounds to his face and chest.

Crime scene investigators are scouring the room pulling
small projectiles out of the walls.

LONNY is kneeling next to the bodies by the door.

The detectives slowly make their way through the rubble.

                      MED. EXAMINER LONNY
          It's a fucking slaughter house
          Riley. I've got five badly burned
          bodies that have multiple puncture
          wounds, that guy in the chair, and
          the one out in the hall.

                      DAVID RILEY
              (examining the
          This looks like more than a
          grenade. What did you say the
          puncture wounds were from?

                      MED. EXAMINER LONNY
              (tosses a projectile
               to RILEY)
          This... It is some type of arrow
          head shaped device but I've never
          seen anything like it.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Not just your everyday shrapnel?
                      MED. EXAMINER LONNY
          No. They are all shaped exactly
          like that one. Could have been
          homemade like a nail bomb or

                      DAVID RILEY
              (pointing at Damien)
          What about our friend in the chair

                      MED. EXAMINER LONNY
          He isn't as badly damaged as the
          others because the desk blocked
          most of the blast, but he wouldn't
          have been able to get to the door

                      DAVID RILEY
          Why is that?

                      MED. EXAMINER LONNY
          He has a rather large stab wound in
          his upper thigh. Probably deep
          enough to cause some serious pain
          when he walked and may have even
          immobilized the leg.
              (walking away from
               the desk)
          My final on site conclusion is:
          cause of death explosion and
          projectiles, Time of death...

                      DAVID RILEY
          About four hours ago?

                      MED. EXAMINER LONNY
          I was going to say 4 to 6, how did
          you know?

                      DAVID RILEY
          Because we were hear about four
          hours ago.

Captain Ulrich walks into the room.

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH
          What'd we got Riley?
                      DAVID RILEY
              (looking at the
          Revenge Captain.

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH
          Yea these thugs are always killin'
          each other.

                         DAVID RILEY
              (to Lonny)
          Lonny get those autopsy results to
          me ASAP.


The burn damage is not as bad as in the room. The door is
laying on top of the door guard, broken. A crime scene
investigator is examining the door and pulling projectiles
out of the wood..

The door guard's face is punctured multiple times.

A rat crawls out from under the body and begins to clean

RILEY looks toward the body and the rat when he steps out
of the room, laughs and shakes his head.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Mac, why do you think they couldn't
          get out of the room? There was
          nothing blocking the door.

MACRAME steps out and looks at the door frame. There is a
small box burned pretty badly with a wire connecting to a
metallic substance that is spread over the door frame.

She taps the substance with a pen from her pocket, it makes
a metallic DING.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          What is this stuff?

                         DAVID RILEY
                 (looks at the
          I have no idea, but it looks like
          it sealed the door.

The detectives begin walking up the stairs. The burn
damage is localized to the broken door and the area around
the door. Everything else is relatively untouched.

RILEY stops and kneels down to the landing.    MACRAME leans
in over his shoulder.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Why did you agree with the captain
          back there? You know gangs don't
          kill each other with explosives.

                      DAVID RILEY
          There is blood here.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
              (rolling her eyes)
          Probably just spatter from one of
          these poor souls.

                      DAVID RILEY
          No. This is vertical spatter...
          Someone was laying right here. Get
          one of the guys to bag and tag

RILEY follows the blood trail up the stairs and out the
back door of the pool hall. The trail stops next to some
car tire tracks.

                      DAVID RILEY (CONT'D)
              (to himself)
          What the hell happened here?



DEREK walks up to a security door. On the door is a large
red label that reads "Authorized Personnel Only." He looks
both ways and uses his ID card to open the door. It

The hallway is all white and as clean as a whistle. There
are large steel doors lining the walls. A security guard
sits at his desk just inside the door doing a crossword

As DEREK enters the room the guard looks up from his puzzle
and stands.

                       SYRIUS GUARD
          Hey Derek.   What can we do for you

                      DEREK WILSON
          I'm here to pick up a few things
          for the testing field Danny.

                      SYRIUS GUARD
          Really? I don't have any pick ups
          scheduled for today.

                      DEREK WILSON
          That's strange could you check
          again for me?

                      SYRIUS GUARD
              (accessing his
          That's funny. Here it is. I don't
          remember seeing this earlier. Why
          did they send you?

                      DEREK WILSON
          They need me to go over and fix
          some of there computers and I need
          a few things to set a baseline for
          the RX-101 targeting...

                      SYRIUS GUARD
          Whoa cowboy. I believe you.
          Sometimes you tech guys can give me
          a headache with your mumbo jumbo.
          Just sign in for me.

                       DEREK WILSON
              (signing a


RILEY steps out on to a loading dock area with truck access
and ramps leading to the ground below.

He is pulling a trolley cart behind him with a few crates
on it. He pulls the cart down one of the ramps and begins
to head toward his car.

As he is walking two other executives are walking directly
toward him. He quickly slides the cart over behind a white
van and begins to walk toward the executives.

                       ELIJAH BRENT
          Derek?   What are you doing here?

                      DEREK WILSON
          I just needed to get my mind on
          something else. What better place
          to do that than work?

                      ELIJAH BRENT
          Derek, I am truly sorry about what
          happened. Is there anything we can
          do to help?

                       DEREK WILSON
          No.   Thank you for your concern.

                      ELIJAH BRENT
          Well, I can't blame you I guess.
          Don't over do it, ok? You are an
          important asset to this company.
          We are going to need you back on
          your feet.

                      DEREK WILSON
          I'll try. Thanks again for you

The two executives slap DEREK on the back and continue on
their way. They walk right past the truck that DEREK slid
the cart behind but don't notice anything.

DEREK walks back toward the cart.


NIKO and RAZOR are standing in front of the desk with
scared looks on their faces. They are identical twins.

DAMIEN is standing with both hands on the desk in front of
him, he is fuming. There are four other guards, two on
either side of the desk.

          Can someone please tell me what the
          FUCK happened last night?
          Someone better fucking talk to me
          or I am going to start busting
          heads in the next three seconds.

NIKO begins to speak tentatively.

          Things went to hell Mr. Damien.

          Yea, hell Mr. Damien.

          And that means what, exactly?

          We went to the house like you said.

          Then this car pulls up and a guy in
          a suit gets out.

          We was just about to break in the
          back door so we decided to wait.

          The fucking guy...

One of the guards near NIKO punches him in the stomach.
NIKO hunches over and falls to the ground in pain. RAZOR
is taken back, thinking he is about to be struck as well.
He closes his eyes for a blow that never comes.

          YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!


He is down on his knees. The wind has been knocked from
his lungs and he is gasping for air.

          Sorry... boss.


              (to Razor)
          Please continue.

RAZOR is even more afraid now.   He is hesitant to speak.

          We was waitin' in the bushes for
          the guy to leave and... and...
          That's when we heard the shots. We
          figured the cops was comin' so we
              (cringing waiting to
               be hit)
          took off.


          What shots?


          We heard a couple of shots. They
          was loud boss. That's why we ran.
          I ain't bring nothin' to shoot

DAMIEN reaches into his desk drawer.
RAZOR closes his eyes and begins to pray. DAMIEN pulls a
plastic bag out containing the sash that RILEY threw at

          So which one of you fucks left
              (throws the sash on
               to the ground)

NIKO picks up the sash from the ground and rises from the
floor still wincing in pain. Both brothers pull their
sashes from their pockets. They are dumbfounded by the
third sash.

                      DAMIEN (CONT'D)
          Give me those.

DAMIEN considers the sashes. All three look exactly alike
except for the gang mark of a trident on the tags. He
looks at Niko and Razor's sashes and sees the mark. When
he looks at the third sash from the crime scene there is no

                      DAMIEN (CONT'D)
          We've been fucking set up.



In the background the door to the office begins to slowly
open. DEREK walks through the door with one hand behind
his back and an ice cold expression on his face.

          What the fuck!?!?

All of the guards and NIKO and RAZOR all pull their guns on


The big door guard is cowering across the hall from a large
rat that has been placed at his feet. His head is tilted
toward the heavens and he is praying for help.



DEREK pulls his hand from behind his back to reveal a
canister grenade. A smile spreads across his face.

                      DEREK WILSON
          I wouldn't do that if I were you.

The men in the room take a step back except for DAMIEN who
is pinned behind his desk. Damien holds his ground and
stands there with his hands on the desk unfazed.

                      DEREK WILSON (CONT'D)
          Do any of you know what this is?
              (waving the grenade)
          I didn't think so. This is an HE
          series 4 C-12 high velocity
          projectile explosive device. Not
          only does it contain enough
          explosive to completely destroy
          this room, but it also contains 437
          projectiles shaped like little
          arrows made from carbon titanium
          that travel at 500 feet per second
          and I have already pulled the pin
          so I suggest you put your little
          guns away. I only want to chat
          with your little boss man.

          Fuck you.

DEREK's face is one of a pure lust for revenge. The GUARDS
raise their guns, but they pause as DEREK raises the
grenade above his head. The handle opens a little.

                      DEREK WILSON
          Try me. My family is dead and I
          have nothing left to lose.
DAMIEN considers this for a second and nods his head toward
his men.

          What the fuck do you want?

The guards drop their guns to their sides.

DEREK makes his way slowly behind Damien's desk.     The
guards keep a trained eye on DEREK's hand.

                      DEREK WILSON
          Please have a seat Mr. Damien.

DAMIEN unwillingly sits down in his chair.

                      DEREK WILSON (CONT'D)
          Tell me why you killed my family.

          I don't know what the fuck your
          talking about.

DEREK laughs for a second and then instantly goes into a
very serious voice.

With uncanny speed DEREK pulls out and opens a switchblade
with his free hand and stabs it deep into DAMIEN's thigh.

The guards make a move for DEREK, but he releases the knife
and holds them at bay by flashing the grenade

Once the guards are stopped DEREK leans next to DAMIEN's

                      DEREK WILSON
          Wrong answer you little shit.    Now
          tell me what I want to know.

DAMIEN writhes in pain and begins to breath heavy.

              (writhing in pain)
          Your fucking nuts man!!

DEREK grabs the blade and twists it causing DAMIEN to
SCREAM again.
                      DAMIEN (CONT'D)
          Ok, Ok. We didn't kill 'em now
          fucking stop!

DEREK does not believe him. He twists the blade again
causing DAMIEN to release a silent scream.

                      DEREK WILSON
          LIAR!! I saw your fucking colors
          at my house.

              (interjecting over
               the screams,
          We didn't do it. We didn't do it.

DEREK releases his grip on the blade and turns his
attention toward NIKO.

                      DEREK WILSON
          So it was YOU at my house!!

              (in pain)
          Yea... but they were only supposed
          to rob the place.

                      DEREK WILSON
          Tell me what you know. NOW!!

DAMIEN can barely speak over the blinding pain in his leg.

              (breathing heavily)
          Some white guy in a suit came to us
          a couple of days ago. Said he knew
          a house with a lot of money in a
          downstairs safe. Said we could
          have it if we gave him a little
          finders fee. That's it I swear!

                      DEREK WILSON
          What was his name?

          He said his name was Smith. That's
          all I know! Now pull this fucking
          thing out of my leg!

                      DEREK WILSON
          How were you supposed to contact

          He gave us a number to call if we
          wanted the job!

DEREK twists the blade into his leg more.     He is beginning
to enjoy the torture a little to much.

                      DEREK WILSON
          What is it?!


DEREK quickly pulls the blade from DAMIEN's leg.    DAMIEN
grabs the wound and slumps down into his chair.

                      DEREK WILSON
          Thank you for your cooperation.

DEREK slowly makes his way back to the door never turning
his back. He flaunts the grenade in the faces of two of
the guards as he walks by.

He opens the door and pauses.   DEREK lets out a sigh.

          Your a fucking dead man when you
          leave this room!!



A red neon beer sign mounted on the wall flickers on and is
reflected in DEREK's eyes. It resembles a flame growing in

                     DEREK WILSON
          I was a dead man the second my
          family was killed.

DEREK tosses the grenade toward the center of the room.
The handle of the grenade flies off in mid air with a
metallic PING.



A look of sheer terror is on his face.     His fate is sealed.



DEREK exits and SLAMS the door. He pushes a button on a
small box mounted next to the door frame. There are wires
extending from the box into a gray sealant.

An electrical current flows through the sealant that has
been spread on the outside of the top of the door frame
sealing it from being opened.

The shadows of the men trapped inside are pounding on the
door to try and get out. The door opens slightly from the
bottom and begins to CRACKLE under the strain of the people
behind it.

DEREK runs for the stairs.The guard outside the door makes
a leap at DEREK and grabs his ankle. DEREK falls up the
stairs. He turns just in time to see...

An EXPLOSION rips through the adjoining room and out into
the hallway. The door flies off and slams into th e guard
holding DEREK.

One of the small projectiles catches DEREK in the leg.
DEREK winces in pain. His ears begin to RING from the
concussion wave.

DEREK rolls around for a second trying to gather himself.
He kicks away the guards dead hand and hobbles up the
stairs leaving a small blood pool behind.

The hotel room is really rundown. There is a bed, a
dresser, a nightstand, and a table in the corner with one
lamp on it.

The sheets on the bed are not clean and there are cigarette
burns on the pillow cases. The T.V. that is sitting on the
dresser is so old it has rabbit ears coming out of the
back. Stains of various unknown fluids cover the walls.

The lights are off. The faint sound of someone vomiting
can be heard over the growling of the window unit air


The bathroom has not been thoroughly cleaned in ages.
There is a ring around the inside of the bathtub.

DEREK's head is buried in the toilet.   He vomits vi olently.

DEREK pulls his head out and flushes the toilet. He crawls
toward the bath tub and lazily turns the shower on. He
rolls into the tub fully clothed.

He curls up onto his back and tears are streaming down his
face. He is staring at his hands.

                      DEREK WILSON
          Please forgive me...

Anger pours over his face.

                      V.O. DEREK'S WIFE
          Come home my love.



RILEY and MACRAME are sitting at their desk.

RILEY is thinking with his hand at his chin and MACRAME is
on the phone.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
              (hangs up the phone)
You never answered my question back
there. Why did you agree with the
Captain when you knew it wasn't a
gang killing?

            DAVID RILEY
It may be nothing.


            DAVID RILEY
Before we went into that pool hall
to talk to Damien...

You call what we did talking?

            DAVID RILEY
    (leaning forward)
I could have sworn, out of the
corner of my eye, I saw Mr. Wilson
following us.

No you didn't. He was in so much
shock he probably found the nearest
bottle and crawled in.

            DAVID RILEY
Shock can do a lot to a man when
your family is taken away from you.

Look, that   guy is a think tank not
a soldier.    Besides the uniform
that drove   him said he dropped him
at the bar   around the corner.

            DAVID RILEY
I know. It sounds ridiculous but
something isn't setting right. How
could there be a triple homicide in
a nice residential neighborhood and
then the first lead we follow up
gets blown to shit? There's a
                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Why did you agree with the captain?
          Stop avoiding my question.

                      DAVID RILEY
          I don't know. It could have been a
          gang hit.

                       ELIZABETH MACRAME
          You know that's not right. You
          want it to be this Derek guy don't

                       DAVID RILEY
          What?   That's ridiculous.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Wait... no. You wish it was you
          don't you? You wish you would have
          found that mugger that shot your...

RILEY slams his hand down on the desk interrupting MACRAME.

                      DAVID RILEY
          SHUT UP!!

MACRAME jumps back.

The entire station stops and looks at the two arguing.
RILEY looks around and quiets his voice. He remains

                      DAVID RILEY (CONT'D)
          You have no idea what the fuck your
          talking about.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          You need to let it go Riley. Marie
          is not coming back.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Fuck you!

RILEY storms off to the coffee room.

MACRAME huffs and follows him.

DEREK is staring out the window.    The sun is glistening off
the skyscrapers.

MACRAME enters and closes the door behind her.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          I'm sorry David. Your my partner,
          I'm just worried.

RILEY turns toward MACRAME.   He wipes a single tear from
his face.

                      DAVID RILEY
          No... I shouldn't have reacted like

                      ELIZABETH MACREME
          You never did tell me what

RILEY turns back toward the window

                      DAVID RILEY
          It happened about three years ago
          after I transferred here from the
          1-7. I had just made detective and
          I was working my first case. It
          was a standard B and E but I wanted
          to crack it and look good. You

                       ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Yea.   I got swamped in my first one

                      DAVID RILEY
          Marie went back to the old
          neighborhood to return one of those
          cart dolly things. You know, one
          of those things they use to move
          refrigerators and shit?

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME

                      DAVID RILEY
          The detective that worked the case
          was O'Hara. You know him?

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          I've heard of him. From what I get
          he was a good cop.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Yea, I had worked with him before.
          He was good.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          What was his final report?


He turns toward MACRAME.   Pain covers his face.

                      DAVID RILEY
          As far as he could tell it was a
          smash and grab on the car. Marie
          and my daughter walked up on him in
          the middle of breaking the window.
          He went to work on 'em with the
          crowbar he was using.


She brings her hand up to her mouth in shock.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Good God David. I am so sorry.    I
          had no right to say what I said
          back there.


He laughs slightly through his tears.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Yea, but do you know what the funny
          thing is? You were right.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          No. I was just a little shook up
          from the bombing.

                      DAVID RILEY
          No. You were right.   I do want it
          to be him.

                     ELIZABETH MACRAME

                      DAVID RILEY
          I wish it was the husband. In
          fact, I want it to be him. Maybe I
          need it to be him. I don't know.


                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          No you don't.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Yes I do. I want it to be him
          because when I went home to an
          empty bed that night I wanted to
          kill that son of a bitch.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Yea but you didn't.


                      DAVID RILEY
          When they arrested the guy who did
          it, O'Hara called me. I went to
          the holding cell where they were
          keeping him.


DEREK walks down a flight of stairs into the basement of
the police station. There is an officer at a desk in front
of a large metal door.

                      V.O. DAVID RILEY
          I checked my firearm at the door
          like I was supposed to, but I kept
          my secondary around my ankle.

DEREK hands his gun to the officer at the desk. He walks
through the large doorway into a hallway with jail cells on
the right side.

DEREK stops at the second cell and looks in.



There is one person laying in the bed asleep. The cell is
tiny with a sink and a toilet. Neither has been clea ned.
There are various carvings and crude drawings splattered
all over the walls.



RILEY kneels down and pulls his secondary revolver from his
ankle holster.

                      V.O. MACRAME
          My God Riley... What did you do?

RILEY sticks the gun through the bars and points it at the
head of the sleeping man. The man on the bed stirs
slightly but never wakes up.

                     V.O. DAVID RILEY


RILEY is sitting at the table in the center of the room.
MACRAME has say down as well.

                      DAVID RILEY
          I couldn't fire. He just rolled
          over in his blissful sleep to live
          a long life on death row. I put my
          piece away and walked.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Jesus Riley. You did the right
          thing. You can't blame yourself
          for wanting to keep your job AND
          your sanity.

He stands and walks toward the door. He opens the door and
pauses not turning to look at MACRAME. Tears are streaming
down his face.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Elizabeth... I've never fired my
          gun once on this job, but the only
          regret I have in my life is not
          pulling that trigger.

RILEY closes the door behind him.

MACRAME watches him leave.   She is stunned by what she has
just heard.



DEREK is sitting on the bed near the phone on the
nightstand. His head is in his hands. The lights are off
except for a small lamp on the table by the window.

DEREK is shrouded in darkness.

He is staring at a piece of paper with the number "555-
0342" written on it. DEREK reaches for the phone and

The sounds of his daughters playing can be heard like they
are in the room.

DEREK jerks his head towards the door, his entire face
becomes illuminated, but there is nobody there.

Anger spawns on his face, and he quickly returns to the
phone and dials the number.

The line begins to ring. After a few rings a voice mail
message picks up on the other end.

                      V.O. VOICE MAIL FEMALE
          You have reached the voice mailbox

                      V.O. CALEB DONOVAN
          Caleb Donovan...
                      V.O. VOICE MAIL FEMALE
          If you would like to leave a
          message press 1 now...

The voice mail trails off as DEREK hangs up the phone.

Astonishment slowly slips to anger on DEREK's face.    The
voice of his wife stirs in his head.

                        V.O. DEREK'S WIFE
          I love you.

DEREK grabs his hair and bends over.    He begins to rock
back and forth.

                      DEREK WILSON
              (builds to a scream)
          Shut up. Shut up! SHUT UP!!

DEREK quickly storms out of the room and grabs a suitcase
by the door. Outside of the room DEREK peels away in his


There is a large foyer area by the front door. There are
two doorways leading out both sides of the foyer and a
stairway leading upstairs. A coat rack sits by the door as

It begins to thunder and rain can be heard hitting the
windows by the door.

The doorbell rings.(Pause)

The doorbell rings again.

DONOVAN walks in from the doorway on the left and looks
tired. He is in his shirt and pants but the tie is pulled

He opens the door to reveal DEREK soaked in rain. A
lightning flash illuminates DEREK's face along with a CLAP
of thunder.

DONOVAN is acting very nervous.

                       CALEB DONOVAN
          Derek?   What are you doing here?
                      DEREK WILSON
          You said if there was anything you
          could do to help I could come by.

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          Oh...yes... of course. This is
          just a really bad time.

                      DEREK WILSON
          It is important Caleb. I really
          need to talk to someone.

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          Ummm... ok... Let's talk in my

DEREK enters the house and hangs his jacket up on the coat
rack to the side of the door. DONOVAN sticks his head out
of the door and nervously looks around before shutting it
behind him.

DONOVAN leads DEREK to the left into his office.


DONOVAN's office is large.   There is only one entrance to
the room, from the front.

DONOVAN's desk sits in front of a large window. There are
bookshelves lining both walls and a T.V. sits on one of the
shelves. A small bar is built into the wall.

The room is lit up by another burst of lightning and
thunder before DONOVAN turns on the lights.

The lighting is low but not dark. The most light comes
from a chandelier on the ceiling. The desk is very clean
with only a book open on the desk.

DEREK takes a seat in a chair at the front of the desk.
DONOVAN makes his way to the bar and pours two cognacs.

DONOVAN hands one to DEREK and takes his seat behind the

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          What can I do for you Derek?
                      DEREK WILSON
              (staring into his
          I just need to understand a few

DONOVAN is continuously looking from his watch to the door.

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          I'll do anything I can to help.

                      DEREK WILSON
          Are you expecting someone Caleb?
          If you are, I can come back later.

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          No, no. It's just late and I'm
          Things just don't run as smoothly
          without you there. What have you
          found out?

                      DEREK WILSON
          The police told me that my family
          was murdered during a botched
          robbery by some gang.

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          Jesus Derek I'm sorry. That sounds
          like a horrible run of luck.

                      DEREK WILSON
          That is exactly what I thought as
              (looking up from his
          at first.

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          Do you think something else is
          going on?

                      DEREK WILSON
          You see... The police were asking
          questions about my work and what I
          did. Which led me to believe that
          they thought someone from my work
          might have had something to do with
          this. Of course, I didn't believe
          them. I mean why would anyone want
          to murder the family of a computer

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          True. It does sounds a little

DEREK stands and walks over to the bookshelves. He begins
browsing the books. Turning his back to DONOVAN.



DONOVAN slides his hand down to a revolver in a holster
mounted to the underside of his desk.


                      DEREK WILSON
          I know, it is a ridiculous notion.
          But then, you see, I went and had a
          little chat with these supposed
          gang murders and I found out
          something quiet interesting. They
          gave me a little phone number.

DONOVAN fakes a smile and begins to sweat.

                       CALEB DONOVAN
          Really?   Did you call it?

DEREK keeps his back turned to DONOVAN and begins to laugh

                      DEREK WILSON
          That is a very interesting choice
          of words. The average man would
          have asked if I turned it over to
          the police, but you ask if I call
          it. Why is that Donovan? Or are
          you more comfortable with Smith.

He pulls the gun out from under his desk. He raises it and
then promptly puts it on the desk and raises his hands.


DEREK is holding a large gun up and pointing it at DONOVAN.
The look of anger has returned.

                      DEREK WILSON
          When I called it, do you know whose
          voice mail answered Caleb?

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          No Derek, I don't.

                      DEREK WILSON
          Oh I think you do, my old friend.
          It was yours Caleb. Tell me this,
          why would a group of low life thugs
          have the phone number of one of the
          top executives at a weapons
          research facility?
          Can you answer that one for me?!

DONOVAN's fear is prevalent.

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          Let's be reasonable about this

                      DEREK WILSON
          Oh, I am being quite reasonable
          Caleb. My reasoning is quite
          sound. I believe it is yours that
          is flawed my old friend.

                      CALEB DONOVAN
          You have to understand...

DEREK fumes and begins yelling.

                      DEREK WILSON
          No. You understand. If the next
          thing out of your mouth isn't the
          answer to my question...
DEREK calms down.

                      DEREK WILSON (CONT'D)
          I am going to kill you.

DEREK turns his head slightly and drops his gun down a

                      DEREK WILSON (CONT'D)
              (to himself)
          Shut up.

DONOVAN darts for his gun on the desk.   He reaches it and
picks it up when...

DEREK raises his gun quickly and SHOOTS him in the

The gun shot spins DONOVAN around in his desk chair
screaming in pain. DONOVAN'S gun goes flying to the

DEREK storms over behind the desk and puts the gun to
DONOVAN'S head stopping the spinning of the chair.

                      DEREK WILSON (CONT'D)
          That wasn't very smart, was it my
          old friend? Now tell me what I
          want to know.

The thunder CLAPS loud outside and a man with a shotgun
KICKS in the door to the office.

The SHOTGUN MAN FIRES one shot into DONOVAN'S chest
splattering his chest with buckshot.

DONOVAN is launched out of the chair and falls behind his

DEREK is caught off guard.   He turns toward the unknown

The SHOTGUN MAN PUMPS another round into the chamber and
FIRES catching DEREK in the chest before he can raise his
own gun to return fire.

DEREK flies backward into the window, CRACKING it, and
falls sideways down behind the desk.
The SHOTGUN MAN PUMPS another round into the chamber and
slowly walks toward the desk.

As the man approaches the desk four pistol shots BLAST huge
holes through the desk hitting the man in the gut twice and
in the chest twice.

He stumbles back and falls on his back.

DEREK rises from behind the desk and UNVELCROS a
bulletproof vest from under his shirt. DEREK is wincing in

                      DEREK WILSON (CONT'D)
              (in pain)
          GOD DAMN IT!!

DEREK stumbles around the desk and over to the shotgun man
laying on the floor. Blood is bubbling from his mouth as
he gasps for breath. He FIRES one more shot into the man's
head and falls down on his butt to the floor.

The sound of DONOVAN COUGHING up blood behind the desk
makes DEREK turn his head.

DEREK crawls over to DONOVAN.

Blood is pouring from DONOVAN'S chest and mouth. With
every COUGH more blood comes pouring out. He is barely

                      DEREK WILSON (CONT'D)
          Awww shit Caleb.

DEREK grabs DONOVAN by the collar and pulls his head up
from the ground.

                      DEREK WILSON (CONT'D)
          Tell me what you know Caleb.
          Please. Tell me what you know my
          old friend... a name... anything.

DONOVAN uses his last bit of strength to raise his hand and
point to the bottom drawer of his desk.

His hand falls limp at his side.   He convulses and dies.

DEREK leans his head down and touches his forehead to
                       DEREK WILSON (CONT'D)
          I'm sorry.

DEREK rifles through DONOVAN'S pockets and pulls out a set
of keys. He finds the key that will fit the lock to the

DEREK goes over to the drawer and opens it. There is only
one folder in the drawer. He takes it and stumbles out of
the room.


DEREK stumbles out the front door gingerly.


The office is populated with police officers. Officers and
crime scene investigators are scouring the room, dusting
for prints, etc.

RILEY and MACRAME are standing over the dead shotgun man,

RILEY moves to DONOVAN'S body and notices the open drawer.
He kneels down to find it empty and sees the pistol holster
mounted under the desk. He stands.

                       DAVID RILEY
               (to MACRAME)
          You starting to see a connection

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          I don't know Riley. I can't avoid
          the idea anymore, but why are all
          the people we talk to ending up

                      DAVID RILEY
          Because someone is killing them.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Thanks Riley, that really clears
          things up.

                      DAVID RILEY
          This is related to Derek's family.
                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          I think we are in the middle of
          something, but I am not convinced
          Mr. Wilson has anything to do with

                      DAVID RILEY
          Think about it Mac. Either all of
          Derek's co-workers are being
          subsequently murdered by a random
          string of robbery-homicides or they
          are all connected. It makes to
          much sense to be coincidental.

MACRAME stands over the SHOTGUN MAN and points to his
lifeless corpse.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Ok. Well what about this guy?

                      DAVID RILEY
          Don't know. He's got no ID but I
          can tell you he was not Mr.
          Donovan's biggest fan.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          How do you figure that?

                      DAVID RILEY
          He surprised our shooter.
          Probably, by the looks of the door,
          came busting in while Derek had his
          gun pulled on Donovan...

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Just say shooter please.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Ok. He probably came busting in
          while our "shooter" had his gun out
          on Mr. Donovan. Got surprised
          there were two people in here, took
          out Donovan, and then gave our
          "shooter" one in the chest.

RILEY points to the cracks in the window behind the desk.

                      DAVID RILEY (CONT'D)
          He falls behind the desk and puts
          four into our shotgun man here.

RILEY leans over the desk and points to the bullet holes in
the front.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Wait. If our "shooter" took close
          range buckshot to the chest he
          wouldn't be walking out of here.

RILEY disappears behind the desk and stands up holding a
used bulletproof vest.

                      DAVID RILEY
          He would if he was wearing this.
          And feel this Mac, this thing
          doesn't even weigh a pound. I've
          never seen anything like it.

RILEY throws the light weight vest over to MACRAME.   She
tests the weight by bouncing it up and down.

MACRAME tosses the vest down on the desk and throws her
hands up in the air in frustration.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Ok. Say all of this makes any sense
          at all. Why is there a man with a
          shotgun busting in the room looking
          for Donovan?

                      DAVID RILEY
          No idea, but I bet it has something
          to do with whatever was in that
              (to uniformed
          Any word on the family?

          We can't seem to find them sir.
          The wife isn't answering her
          cell... We are trying to find
          alternate numbers now.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Strange... Thanks.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Well I'm out of ideas. What do we
          do now?

RILEY picks up a cell phone from the desk.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Maybe we can get something off of

RILEY looks through the received calls list and calls the
last one.

An answering machine picks up.

                      V.O. ANSWERING MACHINE
          You have reached room number 106 of
          Richard's Motel please leave your
          name and number after the beep.

RILEY sets the phone down.     He looks confused.

MACRAME is leaning over the body of DONOVAN trying to
gather her thoughts.

                      DAVID RILEY
              (to MACRAME)
          Do you know Richard's Motel Mac?

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Yea. It's a little dive off the
          interstate on the other side of
          town. Why?

                      DAVID RILEY
          Why would a man of Mr. Donovan's
          means be receiving a call from a
          Roach Motel off the interstate?...


                      ELIZABETH MACRAME

RILEY begins to hurry out of the room.
                      DAVID RILEY
          Lets go!

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Wait a damn minute! This is crazy.
          Where the hell are you going now!?

RILEY stops by the door and turns toward MACRAME.   He is
excited and smiling.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Think about it Mac. Derek would
          never be able to go back home after
          his wife and kids were murdered.
          He would go somewhere where no one
          could find him.

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          How do you know?

                      DAVID RILEY
          I know... because that's exactly
          what I did.



The room is very dark. The shades are drawn and the only
light comes from the lamp on the table by the window.

DEREK is sitting at the table, staring at the folder he
took from the drawer at DONOVAN'S house.

He begins to struggle about whether or not to open it.

The sounds of his children LAUGHING begin to fill the room.
Over the noise his wife's voice is that of an angel.

                      V.O. DEREK'S WIFE
          I love you my darling.

DEREK'S face goes dark and he opens the folder.

The gloom on his face becomes one of shock over what he has
found in the folder. The folder is holding numerous sheets
of paper that DEREK recognizes. He begins to speedily file
through all of the papers.
                       DEREK WILSON
           What the fuck? This doesn't make
           any sense.

Stuck to the back of the folder, there is a post-it note
with the words "Marquee Hotel, room 313, 10 pm" written in

Two shadows walk past the window and DEREK quickly closes
the folder.



The doorknob slowly begins to turn.

RILEY and MACRAME burst in the room with guns drawn.

                       RILEY AND MACRAME
           Police!! Police!!

DEREK is nowhere to be found.


MACRAME walks into the bathroom, gun ready.


DEREK unfolds himself from the curtains behind RILEY,

He steps up to RILEY'S back and puts a gun to the back of
his head.

As MACRAME leaves the bathroom...

                        ELIZABETH MACRAME
           Clear!   He isn't here...


She realizes the situation in the main room.

She raises her gun. Her hands are shaking. DEREK remains
calm and keeps his face hidden behind RILEY.
                      DEREK WILSON
          Put the gun down Detective.   No one
          is going to be hurt.

She stands her ground.

                      DEREK WILSON (CONT'D)
          No one will be hurt if you put your
          gun down.

She raises her gun above her head, surrendering.

DEREK raises a tranquilizer gun with his other hand and
shoots her in the arm with a dart.

RILEY jumps. MACRAME begins to aim her gun but realizes
that her muscles are beginning to stop working. She slumps
down onto the bed.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Damn it!!! You said no one would
          be hurt!!

                      DEREK WILSON
          She will be fine in about an hour.
          I only need one of you to hear me

                      DAVID RILEY
          I know what you're going through

                      DEREK WILSON
          You don't know shit detective.

                      DAVID RILEY
          No I do. My wife and daughter were
          taken from me...

DEREK begins to grow angry. He digs the gun into the back
of RILEY's head and he shuts up.


                      DEREK WILSON
          I am sorry for your loss detective,
          but I am not allowing you to speak
          so that we can swap stories.
              (to himself,
          I am almost there.

                        DAVID RILEY

                       DEREK WILSON
          Nothing.   Just listen.


                      DAVID RILEY
          We can help you Derek. People will
          understand what you have done.
          They will take pity on you.

DEREK starts to yell.

                      DEREK WILSON

                      DAVID RILEY
          What did Donovan have to do with
          this Derek?

DEREK reaches for the folder on the table behind him and
throws it down on to the bed in front of RILEY.

                      DAVID RILEY (CONT'D)
          What is that?

                      DEREK WILSON
          Open it... slowly.

RILEY reaches down slowly and flips the front cover of the
folder open, exposing the papers that DEREK was looking at

                      DAVID RILEY
          What is this?

                      DEREK WILSON
          Those are transcripts of
          communication logs between the
          president of Syrius Weapons and an

                        DAVID RILEY
        What does this have to do with the
        death of Caleb Donovan?

                    DEREK WILSON
        FYI, I didn't kill him. That
        fucker with the shotgun did. But
        if he hadn't beatin' me to the
        punch, I would have pulled the
        trigger just the same.

                    DAVID RILEY
        But why Derek? He didn't kill your
        wife or your kids.


                    DEREK WILSON
        See... there you go again
        detective. You are just not
        getting it. He is a link in the
        god damn chain of events! He
        deserves to die just like the rest
        of them.


                    DAVID RILEY
        Who is the rest of them, Derek?
        What else are you going to do?


                    DEREK WILSON
        Those transcripts were given to
        Caleb by me Mr. Riley. I never
        could see what they said because
        they were on encrypted files. I
        was just supposed to get them
        without anyone noticing and hand
        them over to Caleb when ever I
        caught one. But, to answer your
        question, I don't know what I'm
        going to do? This is not over.

                    DAVID RILEY
        What does that mean Derek? You
        can't bring them back by killing
        more people.
                      DEREK WILSON
              (whispering in
               Riley's ear)
          I know that detective. But the
          taste of justice is much sweeter
          than mourning over the long dead.

RILEY spins and goes for his gun but is stopped in his
tracks by a tranquilizer dart to the chest.

RILEY's legs fail and he falls, limp, onto the bed.


The image of DEREK through RILEY'S eyes begins to blur.

DEREK is standing over RILEY putting his weapons away.

                      DEREK WILSON
          Find out who those transcripts were
          for... I will take care of the

RILEY passes out.



MACRAME is driving. RILEY is in the passenger seat just
beginning to wake up.

                      DAVID RILEY
          How long was I out?

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          As far as I could tell we were both
          out about an hour. What did Derek

                      DAVID RILEY
          Nothing he just gave me... Oh shit,
          we have to go back.

RILEY begins to frantically dig through his pockets.
                     ELIZABETH MACRAME

After a second or two of digging. RILEY pulls the pieces
of paper from the folder out of his jacket.

                     DAVID RILEY
         Oh thank god. Mac, Take a look at

MACRAME takes the papers and begins to look through them
while she is driving.

                     ELIZABETH MACRAME
         What is this?

                     DAVID RILEY
         Derek said they were transcripts
         between the president of Syrius and
         some unknown. It doesn't really
         say much. It looks like they were
         talking in code.

                     ELIZABETH MACRAME
         We have got to go to the Captain
         now. Just like we should have done
         in the first place.

                     DAVID RILEY
         If we bring the Captain in on this.
         He is just going to put a task
         force together and start a man
         hunt, which is going to get Derek

                     ELIZABETH MACRAME
         If it is the only way to stop him
         than maybe that is what should

                     DAVID RILEY
         Mac... listen. I was right about
         Derek and I'm right about this too.
         You have got to trust me.

                     ELIZABETH MACREME
         Right about what Riley?!
                      DAVID RILEY
          That someone else killed Derek's
          family Mac!!

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Maybe you were right before, David,
          but we are in over our heads.
          Besides, it isn't our case anymore.

                      DAVID RILEY
          What the hell does that mean?

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          I got a call from the Captain. The
          feds want to talk to us. We are
          ordered to give them everything we

RILEY slams his hands on the dashboard in anger.

                      DAVID RILEY
          This is complete bullshit!

                     ELIZABETH MACREME
          What? Are you really surprised
          Riley? Really?

RILEY pauses to think of a plan.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Ok. If you never trust me again
          Mac, trust me this one
          time...please. I am beggin' you
          don't tell them anything.


The detectives arrive and park their car in front of the


                      ELIZABETH MACREME
          I am not sacrificing my fucking job
          for a fucked in the head murderer.

MACRAME and RILEY quickly exit the car.   RILEY is trying to
chase her down.

RILEY is chasing MACRAME up the stairs. He catches up with
her and grabs her by the arm. She looks at him as if he
was crazy and Riley lets go.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Please Mac... you have got to give
          me more time. Don't mention the
          transcripts or Derek...please.

MACRAME says nothing.   She just walks past him into the


RILEY finally shuts up and follows MACRAME directly into
the CAPTAIN'S office.


The office is small but big enough for a large desk and a
couple of bookshelves. There are pictures of the CAPTAIN's
family and shots of him shaking hands with various
important looking people.

There are two men in suits standing by the CAPTAIN'S desk.

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH
              (points to two men)
          This is special agents Hobbes and
          special agent Lang from the FBI. I
          need you to fill them in on the
          Wilson case. They are taking it

RILEY and MACRAME sit down in the two chairs opposite the
Captain's desk.

                      DAVID RILEY
          We found out...

                      ELIZABETH MACREME
          We found out that we were right
          about the connection between the
          pool hall explosion and the Donovan
RILEY puts his hand to his forehead in disbelief.

                      ELIZABETH MACREME (CONT'D)
          There was none.

RILEY perks up with a smile on his face. The two
detectives look at each other, but no words pass between
them, only understanding.

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH
          What about you Riley?

                      DAVID RILEY
          I feel the same way Cap.

                      AGENT HOBBES
          So the two scenes are unrelated,

                      ELIZABETH MACREME

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH
          Hey! My detectives are not liars
          agent Hobbes. They would tell you
          they were connected if they were
          connected. Wouldn't you

                       DAVID RILEY
          Of course.

                      AGENT HOBBES
          Do you mind if we speak to your two
          detectives alone Captain Ulrich?

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH
          Sure, go right ahead.

There is a long pause.   The two agents are staring at the

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH (CONT'D)
          Well your not using my fucking
          office. I've got shit to do. Go
          to the coffee room.

The detectives and the agents walk out of the room.

The four walk into the coffee room.    The agents shut the
door behind them.

Riley walks to the coffee machine and begins to pour a cup
of coffee.

                      AGENT HOBBES
          Tell us everything you know, now!

RILEY nonchalantly sips his coffee and shrugs his shoulders
as if he has no idea what they are talking about.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Well, maybe we could spontaneously
          come up with something if you would
          be so kind as to tell US what is
          going on.

                      AGENT HOBBES
          We are not allowed to divulge that

MACRAME sits down in one of the chairs.

                      ELIZABETH MACREME
          Well, I guess we don't know
          anything either.

                      AGENT LANG
          Look, you two may think your hot
          shit, but you have no idea what you
          are in the middle of here.

                      ELIZABETH MACREME
          Please... enlighten us.

The two agents look at each other.    LANG shakes his head

                      AGENT HOBBES
          What I am about to tell you...

                      AGENT LANG
          Don't do it.

                      AGENT HOBBES
         It's the only way they are going to
         give us what we need without

                     DAVID RILEY
         So Donovan was working for you?

                     AGENT HOBBES
         Yes. What I'm about to tell you
         can never leave this room. Is that

RILEY and MACRAME nod their heads in agreement.

                     AGENT HOBBES (CONT'D)
         We have been working this weapons
         company for the last eight months
         under the suspicion that they have
         been selling U.S. secrets to the

RILEY sits down.

                     DAVID RILEY
         The fucking Chinese?

                     AGENT LANG
         We turned Donovan about three
         months ago. He has been delivering
         information to us regarding their
         communications back and forth. The
         only problem was that he could
         never get his hands on any of the
         transcripts of the communications.
         Until about two weeks ago.

                     AGENT HOBBES
         He said that he had a guy that
         could get into the system and bring
         him the transcripts before the head
         of the company could delete them.
         It was some back door software they
         were using or something. He said
         he had a guy by the name of Mr. D
         that could bring him the
         transcripts and he had it worked
         out so that this Mr. D wouldn't
         even know what he was doing. He
          told him it was for a standard
          security check.

                      DAVID RILEY
          D must be for Derek.

                      AGENT HOBBES
          Who is Derek?

                      DAVID RILEY
          He is the tech head from the
          company. He MUST have been the guy
          that Donovan was getting his
          information from.

                      AGENT HOBBES
          We need to speak with this Derek
          guy right away.

                      DAVID RILEY
          I would be glad to bring him in
          here for you, but he is the guy
          that has been blowing up the local
          pool halls in the area.

                      ELIZABETH MACREME
          Derek's family was murdered last
          night. He's gone a little
          ballistic to say the least.

                      DAVID RILEY
          We were beginning to think that
          Donovan was involved, but now he's
          dead and more involved than we were
          led to believe. The other guy must
          have been hired by the company.

                      AGENT HOBBES
          We know, that is why we are here.
          We need this Derek character.
          Without Donovan's transcripts we
          don't have a case.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Well maybe I can help with that.

RILEY pulls the papers from his coat and throws them on the
table. The agents begin to rifle through the papers.
                      AGENT LANG
          Holy shit! This is it. This is
          what Donovan was going to bring us

                       DAVID RILEY
          Wait.   What about tonight?

                      AGENT LANG
          We told Donovan to meet us at the
          Marquee Hotel, room 313, 10 p.m. We
          were going to take him into
          protective custody, but he never
          showed. Then we heard about
          Donovan and we came here.

RILEY looks at his watch. The time is 9:45.     RILEY stands
up quickly from his chair.

                       DAVID RILEY
          Fuck.   We are probably already to

The AGENTS stand, confused.

                      AGENT HOBBES
          What...what's going on?

                      DAVID RILEY
          Derek said he was going to find

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME

                      DAVID RILEY
          He is probably already at your
          hotel room. We have got to move.

                      AGENT LANG
          What are you talking about?

                      DAVID RILEY
          I saw a yellow note on the back of
          the folder. All I could make out
          was "Marquee." It had to be the
          time of your meeting with Donovan.
          Derek is probably already there.
LANG begins dialing his phone.

                      AGENT HOBBES
          Don't worry we have two more agents
          stationed in that room.

                      DAVID RILEY
          You have no idea what this man is
          capable of. We have got to get
          over there now!!

                      AGENT LANG
              (staring at his
          They are not picking up the phone

                      DAVID RILEY
          Let's go!

HOBBES hands the papers to LANG. He runs out of the room

                      AGENT HOBBES
          Lang, fax these to HQ and hurry!


The door to room 313 is already kicked in. There are two
agents lying on the bed with darts in their arms.

There is recording equipment and two laptop computers
sitting on the table by the window. One of the computers
is switched on.

RILEY, MACRAME, and HOBBES come into the room with guns
drawn. They clear the room and HOBBES begins checking the
pulses of the two other agents.

HOBBES pulls one of the darts from one of the agents and
examines it.

                      AGENT HOBBES
              (holding the dart)
          These guys are fine. Looks like
          some sort of...

                      ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Tranquilizer. We know. They will
          be fine in an hour or so.

HOBBES stands and looks at the laptop computer that is open
on the table by the window. He sits down and begins to
access the computer.

                      AGENT HOBBES
          This one has been accessed. I am
          the only one who knows the
          password. How did he get in?!

                      DAVID RILEY
          You are talking about a guy who
          deals with this kind of shit day in
          and day out. I'm sure a little
          password on a basic laptop isn't
          going to deter him very much.

                      AGENT HOBBES
          But what was he looking for?

                      DAVID RILEY
          Do you have any idea who is behind
          this whole weapons thing?

                      AGENT HOBBES
          Yea. Elijah Brent. He is the
          president of the company.

                      DAVID RILEY
          That's Derek's next target.    Where
          is he tonight?

HOBBES looks on his computer to find out where BRENT is.

                      AGENT HOBBES
          He is hosting a party at his house
          to celebrate their new government

                      DAVID RILEY
          Jesus Christ. The company is under
          governmental investigation and they
          are still getting defense
          contracts!?! What the hell are you
          guys thinking?!?!
HOBBES stands up sharply and stares down RILEY.

                      AGENT HOBBES
          Look, this investigation was hush-
          hush! The director doesn't even
          know about it!

                      DAVID RILEY
          Yea, and your shitty investigating
          is probably what got Derek's family
          killed in the first place!

                      AGENT HOBBES
          We had no fucking clue that that
          was going to happen!

                      DAVID RILEY
          None of this happens if you would
          have just gotten a fucking warrant!

                      AGENT HOBBES
          Fuck you.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Your god damned lucky he isn't
          coming after your ass next!

                      ELIZABETH MACREME
          Guys could we bring the
          testosterone level down a few
          notches. We have a few more
          important problems than whose cock
          is bigger at the moment. It looks
          like we have a party to crash.

                      AGENT HOBBES
          No. This is FBI territory.   You
          two are done.

MACRAME gets into the face of the agent.

                      ELIZABETH MACREME
          Like hell we are! You don't know
          shit with out us and I'll be damned
          if we let you take it over now!

                      DAVID RILEY
          Just call for back up and we will
          storm the party and arrest Derek
          and this Elijah Brent person.

                      AGENT   HOBBES
          We can't. Nobody    can know about
          this. We weren't    even supposed to
          be on this thing.    It's got to be
          just us. I don't    have any back up
          to give you.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Wow. You really fucked this thing
          up haven't you.

                      ELIZABETH MACREME
          Don't fucking start again! Let's
          get over there and see what we can


There is a large Victorian style home with a huge front
yard. There is a gated circle drive that leads up to the
house and it is populated by a lot of expensive cars.

MUSIC is coming from the house and people in cocktail
dresses and tuxedos are walking from their cars into the

Off to the side of the house DEREK can barely be seen
climbing over the backyard fence.


DEREK is creeping along the side of the house.   VOICES can
be heard around the corner.

DEREK peeks around the corner to reveal a man in a suit
lighting a cigarette and talking on his cell phone. He is
one of BRENT'S bodyguards.

DEREK walks around the side of the house toward the
bodyguard as if there is nothing going on. He is shrouded
in shadow and the guard can't quite make him out. The
guard notices him and stops lighting his cigarette.

                      BODY GUARD 1
          Hey! The entrance to the party is
          around the front.

                      DEREK WILSON
          Yea I know. I'm the neighbor. I
          was just...uh...trimming some
          hedges and I heard all the
          commotion. Just thought I would
          come over and see what the deal

                      BODY GUARD 1
          Well, this is a private party for
          Mr. Brent...
          It's a little late to be trimming
          hedges isn't it?

DEREK comes out of the shadows and the porch light reveals
his face.

                      BODY GUARD 1 (CONT'D)
              (grabbing for his

DEREK is prepared. He removes a LONG SLENDER DEVICE that
slides open at the top. A red light emits from the opening
along with an almost inaudibly low HUM.

The sound wave stuns the guard and his body goes rigged.

The BODY GUARD stumbles back and collapses onto the ground.
DEREK grabs him by the arms and pulls him into the bushes.


The porch light is reflecting in DEREK'S eyes like a blaze
of fire as he enters the house. Revenge covers his face.

DEREK opens the door slowly and enters the house.


The bedroom is huge with a massive bed covered in the
finest of covers and sheets. There is a beautiful vanity
along the wall and a desk in the corner. The shades are
drawn and the lighting is rather dark.
There is a door to the large master bathroom in which BRENT
is standing looking into a mirror and adjusting the bow tie
on his tuxedo.

A maid sticks her head into the bedroom.


                      V.O. MAID

                      ELIJAH BRENT

                      V.O. MAID
          I believe the guests are getting

Attitude is dripping from this man's pours as he adores
himself in the mirror.

                      ELIJAH BRENT
          I'll be there shortly Isabella.
              (to himself)
          Oh how they love me.


BRENT walks out of the bathroom and toward the door. H e
reaches to open it. A low HUM can be heard outside the
door when...

The door SLAMS open and DEREK storms into the room with his
gun pointed at BRENT'S head. Isabella's feet can be seen
out in the hall.

                      DEREK WILSON
          I decided to come back to work a
          little early Mr. Brent.


A black car pulls up to the gate of the house carrying

RILEY is driving and flashes his badge at the guard.   The
guard opens the gate and they drive in.

The three officers are standing in the middle of a grand
foyer. People are standing all around in fancy clothing
gawking at the rugged look of the three new arrivals.

Riley grabs one of the servers who is holding a tray of
filled wine glasses.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Hey. Where is Mr. Brent? It's
          very urgent that we talk to him.

                      SERVING BOY
          He has not made his entrance yet,
          sir. He should be down in a few
          minutes. Is there something I can
          help you with?

                      DAVID RILEY

The serving boy is shocked and simply sticks his nose back
up into the air.

                      SERVING BOY
          He is in his sleeping quarters, up
          the stairs and to your right.

                      DAVID RILEY
              (to Macrame)
          Mac. Stay here and get these
          people out of here
              (to Hobbes)
          Let's go.

MACRAME spots a microphone and podium in the distance and
makes her way through the crowd toward it. RILEY and
HOBBES run for the stairs, rudely pushing people out of the


BRENT is laying on the ground with his nose bleeding. He
is crying and pleading for his life in a most pathetic way.
DEREK is standing over him with his gun pointed at the back
of his head. Pure rage is in his eyes.

                      ELIJAH BRENT
          Please...please... Derek. I had
          nothing to do with any of that.

                      DEREK WILSON
          Your a liar. You planned the whole
          thing you little shit.

                      ELIJAH BRENT
          Don't kill me please.

                      DEREK WILSON
          Oh... I am going to kill you.

The door to the bedroom opens and RILEY and HOBBES enter
the room. Their guns are drawn and trained on DEREK.

DEREK never takes his gun off of BRENT, nor his eyes.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Derek, don't do this. Killing that
          man will not bring them back.

                      DEREK WILSON
 it won't, but it will feel
          so good.

                      ELIJAH BRENT
          Please help me! He's crazy!

                      DAVID RILEY
          Shut up Brent. I don't have any
          sympathy for you.

                      ELIJAH BRENT
          What the hell is everyone talking
          about?!?! I didn't do anything!!

                      DAVID RILEY
          Derek if you pull that trigger this
          FBI agent and myself are going to
          shoot you.

                      DEREK WILSON
          Not before I get my shot off first
          and this little shit goes straight
          to hell.


MACRAME is standing behind a microphone stand. She turns
it on and the FEEDBACK gets the crowd's attention. She
taps on the microphone to test if it is on.

                      ELIZABETH MACREME
              (holding up her
          Hello... everyone. I am Detective
          Macrame with the police department.
          I need all of you to make your way
          back out the front door and back
          into your cars.

The crowd begins to CHATTER among themselves.

                      ELIZABETH MACREME (CONT'D)
          This is not a joke. We have a
          situation that will be resolved
          shortly, but for now you need...

The front doors open and CAPTAIN ULRICH and multiple police
officers enter the room. The officers surround the room
quickly and they begin to search the crowd.

MACRAME steps down from the podium and heads toward the

                       CAPTAIN ULRICH
          Mac.   Where is Riley?

                      ELIZABETH MACREME
          Him and Hobbes are upstairs with
          Brent and... sir... Derek is here.
          I'm sorry we didn't tell you
          before, but Derek is the one...

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH
          You can fill me in later Elizabeth.
          Riley is in trouble.

                      ELIZABETH MACREME
          I know sir... I should have

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH
          No. I called a friend of mine with
          the FBI. Agents Hobbes and Lang
          were kicked out of the FBI two
          years ago for being involved in a
          drug smuggling ring.

                      ELIZABETH MACREME

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH
          Hobbes is not an FBI agent. They
          have been tailing him for the last
          six months. He's a hired gun for a
          rogue faction of the Chinese

                        ELIZABETH MACREME
          Oh... shit!    He is up there alone
          with Riley!

MACRAME runs for the stairs and knocks a few people in the
crowd over. The CAPTAIN and four other officers follow.


They have not moved an inch. Police SIRENS are wailing
outside. The window is painted with red and blue lights.

                      DAVID RILEY
          Derek, we have the transcripts. We
          can put this bastard away for life.
          You don't have to do this.

                      ELIJAH BRENT
 I've got kids.

                        DEREK WILSON
          So did I.

Off screen a GUNSHOT goes off.    The room pauses.

DEREK turns to see RILEY slammed against the wall. Blood
is pouring from his stomach. Riley collapses onto the
DEREK turns his gun toward HOBBES, but HOBBES' gun is
already pointed toward DEREK. HOBBES FIRES hitting DEREK
in the chest. He falls back on to the floor by the bed.
His gun skitters away from his hand.

                      ELIJAH BRENT
          What the hell?!?!

HOBBES walks over to BRENT and FIRES one shot into the back
of his head.

HOBBES walks over to RILEY who is laying on the floor in

                      DAVID RILEY
          You... son of a bitch.

                      AGENT HOBBES
          Don't you get it. Donovan was
          working for us willingly, you
          asshole. That fucker over there
          didn't have anything to do with it.

                      DAVID RILEY

                      AGENT HOBBES
          He was going to have to die anyway,
          we needed him to remove the
          communications from the logs on the
          main frame. Donovan didn't know
          how to do it, so he asked him. He
          caused us a lot of problems. I had
          no idea he was going to be working
          late. When I got to his house all
          that was there were his two kids
          and hot little wifey.

RILEY tries to get up but cringes back from pain.   He looks
to his gun.

                      DAVID RILEY
          I'm going to kill you.

HOBBES kicks RILEY'S gun away from his reach.

                      AGENT HOBBES
           Nope. I think I am going to have
           to kill you first.

HOBBES raises his gun toward the head of RILEY.   He is
helpless to do anything about it.

Before he can fire, Derek tackles him into the vanity
mirror. HOBBES FIRES a stray shot into the floor by
RILEY'S head and he drops his gun. They both fall to the
floor and DEREK is on top.

Blood is pouring from DEREK'S chest wound, but he isn't
fazed in the slightest way. It is pure adrenaline keeping
DEREK alive.

DEREK wraps his hands around HOBBES' throat and begins
squeezing the life out of him.

HOBBES continuously punches the face of DEREK, but his grip
never falters. The shots hit him square every time, but he
never wavers.

MACRAME runs into the room with her gun drawn.    She leans
down to check on RILEY.

                       DAVID RILEY
           I'm fine.

MACRAME stands and heads toward the fight on the floor.
RILEY grabs her ankle.

                        DAVID RILEY (CONT'D)
           No.   Let him finish.

MACRAME kneels back down to put pressure on RILEY'S
stomach. He winces in pain. They both just sit and stare
as DEREK continues to choke the life out of his families


DEREK's eyes are now glowing red with a fire that isn't a
reflection off of anything. It is true hatred for the man
that he is choking and nothing else.

HOBBES   slowly begins to die in DEREK'S hands. The punches
become   less and less harsh. The life bleeds from h is eyes
and he   finally stops moving. DEREK hangs on a little
longer   until he has no more anger to drive his strength.
DEREK rolls off of the lifeless corpse and leans against
the wall. A small smile spreads across his face. The
sounds of his CHILDREN play off in the background and his
wife's voice chimes in.

                      V.O. DEREK'S WIFE
          Come home my love. Come home.


RILEY is being carted into an ambulance and MACRAME is
right at his side.

The paramedics stop by the door to the ambulance.   CAPTAIN
ULRICH comes up.

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH
          I think you have some explaining to
          do Riley?

                      DAVID RILEY
          I think Mac can fill you in
          Captain. I think she finally

MACRAME looks into RILEY's eyes.   A tear streams down her

                     ELIZABETH MACREME
          I do David. For once, I think I

                      CAPTAIN ULRICH†
          What the hell is going on Mac?

MACRAME take the CAPTAIN by the shoulder and walks off.

                       ELIZABETH MACRAME
          Come on.   I'll fill you in.