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									Hangzhou Jiangnan University decoration

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Hangzhou Jiangnan Training Institute is approved by the Zhejiang Provincial
Education Department to establish a private university, is a commitment to higher
skills, Financial Aid and modern education, employment-oriented social needs of the
application to train technical personnel responsibility, with new ideas of running
private college.

College was founded in 1999, is the first in Zhejiang Province, Higher Education
Diploma exam one of the institutions. College consists of art college, the college,
technical colleges, Humanities, to open animation design, fashion design,
environmental design, industrial design, international trade, logistics management,
administration, operation and management of real estate, finance, automotive use of
technology, Proceedings, English, Japanese, etc. over 45 broadcast and professional,
covering art, economics, management, humanities, science and engineering and many
other disciplines, to meet local economic and social development needs. College has
more than 14,300 students Part in (of which more than 5,000 junior college students,
tertiary students in 9300 over the running words). College covers an area of 304 mu,
building area of about 23 million square meters. Institute has a library reading center,
computer center and a number of laboratories, multimedia classrooms, electronic
reading room, and built a playground and an indoor stadium and other sports facilities.
The college has more than 1030 staff (780 staff in preparing the people, more than
250 external teachers), which has more than 60 senior engineers, doctors and masters
nearly 100 people.

College is located in the scenic West Lake, south of Qiantang River, Hangzhou
Binjiang Higher Education Park is located near the periphery of China Academy of
Fine Arts Adult Education College, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Zhejiang
Police College, Zhejiang Vocational Academy of Art, Commerce, Zhejiang University,
Zhejiang Electrical and professional University, Zhejiang Medical College and other
colleges and universities, rich cultural atmosphere.

College is located in Hangzhou, Binjiang District, National Hi-Tech Industrial
Development Zone, the park is equipped with high-tech Software Park, the National
Animation Industrial Park, Jinsheng Technology Park and other national and
provincial R & D centers and industrial base, and a UT Starcom Huawei
3COM, Zhejiang University, 200 more than in the control of international and
domestic famous enterprises, either as a base for students to practice, but also for the
students future employment and self-development of the vast space.

Dean Professor Wang Guangming, PhD supervisor, a former party secretary of
Zhejiang University of Commerce and Industry, Fuxiao Chang.

College of promoting "knowledge, real, new, honest," school
spirit, "to the employment-oriented to Zikao teaching as a carrier to
technical education-centered" educational philosophy, commitment to
teaching and research, teaching reform, the establishment of the "Basic
Course , specialized course, combining production with training, employment
guidance, "mutual penetration of the education system, college education,
according to the characteristics of Zikao, trying our best to train high-quality, high
moral character, high skills, talents and simple application of good faith.

A close connection with the market demand for the application of the social culture to
produce the first line of talent

College has always adhered to demand, launching the "Order of
education," actively and Zhejiang coast, "Hangzhou, Ningbo,
Taiwan, Wen, Jia," the surrounding area employment agreement signed by
enterprises, now and in Hangzhou, including Fortune 500 companies with the country
more than 50 companies have signed an agreement of directional training. According
to industry development and manpower needs, timely adjustment of professional
settings and training programs to the industry, the needs of enterprises to nurture

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