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Haier Group Company Culture

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									Haier Group Company Culture
Haier Group Company Culture
Haier's corporate culture was recognized by all the staff the values of
innovation and business leaders.

Haier is the core of cultural innovation. It is twenty years in the course of
development of Haier's production and gradually formed in the
characteristics of cultural systems. Haier culture to the concept of innovation lead to
the strategic direction of innovation to organizations for the protection of innovation,
technology innovation as a means to market innovation as the goal, accompanied by
Haier developed from scratch, from small to big, from big to strong, from the China to
the world, Haier culture itself is also innovative development. Employees generally
recognized, active participation is most significant feature of the Haier culture. At
present, Haier's goal is to create world famous brand in China, to win glory
for the nation. The goal of the development and Haier Haier value of the individual
employees to pursue the perfect combination of every Haier Haier employees in
achieving the goals of the process of world famous brand, the full realization of the
value of the individual and the pursuit.

Haier is the core of cultural innovation


"Something       from    nothing"      and    "dealt     with

On one occasion, Zhang, CEO of a big company trip to Japan. The company chairman
has been keen to Chinese wisdom. In the chairman introduced the
company's corporate philosophy and corporate culture, explained
"that truth", and quoted Lao Tzu, Zhang also expressed their
views: "the moral" in a sentence with "that
truth" semantic consistency, which is "all things are born of the
world, something from nothing."

Known for the phrase to illustrate the importance of Haier's culture. He
said that corporate management has always been that I keep in mind two points: the
first is the intangible things are more important than the physical. When the leadership
is tangible value to the following things too much, while the invisible too little.
Always ask how much the general production, how much profit did not see the
cultural attitudes, atmosphere is more important. An enterprise without culture, is
without a soul. The second point is that I advocate the man has to be "dealt
with gently." Zhang said: "In the past the people to remark as a
negative, in fact it advocated the strengthening of the weak, small turn up is a process.
To recognize that: as an entrepreneur, you will always be vulnerable; if you are really
aware of their is weak, you will progress towards targets attached, but also will be
successful. "

Once, a reporter asked Zhang: "An entrepreneur should first understand
what knowledge?" Zhang thought, said: "First of all, to
understand the philosophy of it!"

Zhang can contact their actual, realized from the I thought "no"
than "have" more important "No"
students "have" and to realize also be overcome by gentle,
humble man can do things ahead of truth. Arrogant and expansion is always a source
of business decline.

His maturity is the maturity of thought. Mature entrepreneurs formed on the basis of
practical experience is the concept of system. All successful entrepreneurs are the
business philosopher. Ai Feng is well-known economist, "Zhang
says," a written order, the title is: "No philosophy not see the
Haier." Ai Feng evaluated in just right with the philosophy Zhang.


Haier culture into Harvard forum

March 25, 1998, in the Harvard Business School, the second-year MBA class is some
overwhelming sight, we are overjoyed to welcome a stranger to the teacher -
Entrepreneurs from China Haier Group CEO Zhang.

"Please think about it, Mr. Zhang Ruimin 1984 poses a serious challenge is
that?" Professor Lin Peien motherhood to you to raise a further question.

Horseshoe-shaped arrangement of the seats were immediately raised an arm, we can
not wait to describe their ideas. Including Latin America, Japanese and more

Professor asking questions, the topic of discussion in depth. "Haier has a
80% annual growth rate, becoming the fastest growing home appliance business, we
think is the factors affecting the success of Haier? You if Mr. Chang, how to make
decisions? Haier management Why is effective? A 'shock and Fish
'Why be activated Haier culture? why the research is to study the dynamic
corporate culture? "participants express the views of their own.

Zhang listening to questions and national master case of the Haier culture of lively
discussion, one by one to their questions are answered.
An American student, said: "Mr. Zhang's lecture, I first learned
of the successful management of Chinese enterprises!"

Zhang took the Harvard forum is the first Chinese entrepreneur to Haier's
remarkable performance and brilliant business idea to make the world understand the
Chinese business culture and success of Haier. The incident in the history of Chinese
enterprise management of important historical significance, it is stated, as long as the
innovation of Chinese enterprises, also Ke Yi Fang Mian in business management for
the world so 贡献.

Haier entrepreneurial spirit, work style of interpretation

Change and innovation, Haier has always been the same business language.

Higher goal, Haier has always been the business to pursue.

Business 21 years, has built a comprehensive framework for global localization, Haier,
is entering a new phase of strategic development - global brand strategy stage. Facing
the new direction of global competition, entrepreneurship and Haier will begin a new
round of upgrading work style innovation.

The first decade

Haier spirit: selfless pursuit of excellence

Haier style: rapid response to immediate action

From 1984 to 1995, Haier years start from scratch, from small to large, determined to
dry out the best in China's Haier refrigerator entrepreneurs who issued a
"selfless dedication, the pursuit of excellence," the voice.

As the last of the introduction of the refrigerator factory project, to come from behind,
to winning speed, "quick response, immediate action" became
all the same style of work Haier people. In this entreprene urial spirit and work style of
promotion, Haier years of venture won the first battle, hit the first home appliance
brand in China.

Second Decade

Haier spirit: dedication and pursuit of excellence

Haier style: rapid response to immediate action
1995, made significant progress in the domestic market, Haier, began to focus on the
international market. Haier Industrial Park, then off to a flag, Haier second pioneering
innovative international brand strategy announcement starts.

As the first truly national enterprises attempt on those who create their own
international brands in China, Haier had subsequently become the most persistent
pursuit. Spirit of enterprise with national significance: dedication and pursuit of
excellence, to become an international brand name Haier challenge the spirit of
human heritage.

During this period, Haier's work style has a deeper values,
"quick response, immediate action" to create a comparative
advantage as Haier, the speed to challenge the international brand- name tool, faced
with financial, technical and human resources Haier huge gap to cross Type catch up
as the driving force, turning back to the goal rushed international brand.

August 30, 2005, "Financial Times" named China's
top ten in the world famous brand, Haier tops the list. In the global white appliance
manufacturers, Haier ranked fourth.

Third Decade

Haier spirit: to create resources global reputation

Haier style: one single quick, decisive victory-one

Globalization, Haier, Haier need the spirit of globalization.

Haier's globalization, the need to pursue the globalization of business.

50,000 worldwide employees at home and abroad Haier, Haier create the
world's top brand objectives, requires a global view of shared values.
Haier's new entrepreneurial spirit - "to create the
world's resources, reputation," came into being.

"Create resource" is innovative in nature. Compared with the
international top enterprises, Haier is not currently available resources, but under the
banner of innovation, Haier can and can create resources that can have its own core

"Reputation as a global" Haier's global brand
strategy is to stage a higher goal. Haier's worldwide reputation for meeting
customer needs a comprehensive, is the fundamental meaning of Haier brand in the
In this higher goal, "One man one quick, decisive victory" has
become the latest expression Haier style of work. "One person
alone," the means "quick, decisive victory" is the
goal. Each SBU must integrate with the market accurately, then the speed to win.

The first decade of business, create China's first brand name;

The second decade of innovation, to go abroad, the highest international enterprise;

Third decade, creating resources, implementation of the global brand strategy.

Haier entrepreneurial spirit of innovation, is the Haier brand. But no matter what
adjustments, Haier people throughout the heart with a noble point: create the
world's top brands!
(A) create brand Haier Refrigerator
Since 1984, the predecessor of Haier Group in Qingdao Refrigerator Factory was
established in 1991 to 7 years, Haier brand strategy in the implementation process,
adhere to the technical quality of the starting point, and strengthen the quality of
consciousness and full awareness of product quality, adhere to technical progress
through the pay close attention to product quality, established brand name Haier

1. Adhere to technical, quality, high starting point. Established in 1984, Ministry of
Light Industry, Qingdao Refrigerator Factory was designated last refrigerator
manufacturer, when the domestic refrigerator market, more than 100 brands,
competition is intense, but there is no "brand name" refrigerator.
Therefore, Haier started production of the refrigerator, put forward a
"famous        brand      strategy"     slogan.    "Brand
strategy" of the core is the product of high quality.

In 1985, the Haier Group from Germany Liebherr introduces advanced technology to
produce the first generation of China and Asia four-star refrigerator, one step ahead in
the domestic market formed a reliable quality and technological advantages. Haier
will soon be in high-tech, high-quality products have won the trust of consumers.

2. Strengthen the full quality consciousness, strengthening product quality
management. To create brand-name refrigerators, we must start from the grasp quality.
Haier that: People are the most critical factors of quality, first-class products are first
class people dry out, the quality is essentially the embodiment of the overall quality of
workers, focus on quality should first start from the people.

In 1985, the Group CEO Zhang resolutely decided that the 76 units there are some
quality problems in the refrigerator, by the responsible person smashed with a
sledgehammer. The incident caused a great shock workers, workers from a qualitative
sense of quality improvement.

3. Adhere to technical progress does not stop. Haier is focused in the development
process of technology development, constantly deny themselves, to speed up the pace
of replacement, and always maintain technical, quality, innovation and development,
to ensure that the market technology leader. We are in the fluorine- free energy-saving
refrigerators development, there has reached the highest international levels, the
results on behalf of China and Asia have participated in the United States,
"Earth Day", Vienna "CFC and halon alternative to
international academic exchange," New Delhi "International
freon results Seminar "and other international academic exchange, causing
a sensation the world, by the world environmental organizations as" the
world is a Haier, more than a safety earth. "
(B) from a single brand to multiple Haier refrigerator brand
1992, China's economy has entered a new period of development, mergers
and Qingdao Haier have power to seize the opportunity Plant freezer, air conditioner
factory in Qingdao and Qingdao Red Star Electric Co., Ltd. and other 18 enterprises,
and investment in the construction Haier Park started the second business, now Haier
products include refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, washing machines and
television sets, computers, cell phones and other fields, the formation of 46 series,
more than 8,600 varieties and specifications of diversified products group.

Haier second venture, the process of diversification through the development of
market-based brand, to consolidate the brand by strengthening management, to extend
the brand through a joint fleet, established through continuous technological
innovation the status of the Haier brand.

1. Based on the market, the development of brands. To market discipline based on the
quality and quantity of the contradictions in the face, Haier is always first to ensure
product quality, management, and then expand the production scale, quality,
brand- name win.

Development of new products to market demand, coordinate, new product design,
prototype to production process are managed in accordance with the requirements of
brand- name products to ensure that every generation of new products into the market
can become a new weapons dominate the market. Whenever a new product come out,
we have continued to find its deficiencies, to understand market demand and user
psychology, this design of new products, open up new consumption areas of demand.

Haier always adhere to the "user first". Haier that rely on user
and market brand-name recognition, brand name and rely even more excellent service
to create and maintain. Therefore, the Haier brand the service as to create, promote
brands, maintaining brand, an important part of the development of brand- name and
primary fields. June 1996, Haier Group won the American Academy of Hospitality
Sciences, presented the "Five Star Diamond Award", which is
the first home appliance industry in Asia Honored for business.

2. Strengthen management, to consolidate brands. Haier in the pursuit of first-class
products, attaches great importance to the pursuit of first-class management, strict
quality control for the center, make great efforts to strengthen the main line of
scientific quality management system. The introduction of advanced tooling
equipment at the same time, a comprehensive introduction of advanced management
tools and management standards, actively promoting the quality of the veto system to
reject all the fault of the quality of the production process.

Management innovation and continuous improvement to the basic management and
site management focus to IE, 6S activities, network technology, total quality
management, systems engineering and value engineering into management, so that the
full range of brand-name products in the optimal management of advanced into .

Good results from scientific management, after 10 years of continuous exploration
and improvement, Haier has formed a line with business characteristics, scientific and
rational management - Nissin Hidaka Management Act, that OEC management, the
formation of internal benign operating system, and bring up a high-quality staff. Over
the years, Haier has Bazhua management on the first place and continues to introduce
new realities and create a lot of very uniq ue management methods, deepening the
OEC management, enriched the connotation of OEC management.

3. Combined fleet, extending brands. Competition in the market, there are famous, but
not the scale, the brand can not be development and conservation; a large but not
name brand, then the scale can not be realized. To this end, Haier made a
"joint fleet" management model, that model should not be the
Haier Group, a train, but should be a joint fleet, each has its own strong fighting ships,
but also joint operations, greater than its parts. In this way, can a brand into a brand
group, extends the scope of brand.

Today, Haier's products formed the frequency range, antimicrobial series,
health series, environmental series, intelligent family of appliances and other 42 series,
more than 8,600 varieties and specifications of brand products. Haier products formed
from the whole advantage of each series has a different innovation, namely
technology, concepts, requirements, designs and so unique.

4. Technological innovation, establish brand position. Technical innovation is
competition in the market an important way to gain a competitive advantage,
technological innovation is the enterprise market to grasp the initiative, and then
become the industry leader and market leader in basic conditions. Through
technological innovation, Haier has successfully established a Haier brand in the
domestic market. Technological innovation has become a business sustainable, stable
and fast development.

Haier followed when carrying out technological innovation three principles:
"the             market          issues"               and
"commercialization",   "target      international

Haier that the market is the starting point for all businesses and end all the work, so
the subject of technological innovation come from the market, but also serve the
market. Haier in determining the topic, firmly grasp the departure from the market,
from the point of consumer dissatisfaction, regret and hope that the point of departure
the principle to form a "task from the problem" situation. For
example, to resolve consumer problems and the development of a small child prodigy,
in two years time, "multiply" the nine generations, production
and sales break 1 million units, and exports to imports of household electrical
appliances are not easy in Japan, Korea and other countries, household appliances
market in the world caused a huge sensation.

Commercialization, innovation and development of new technologies, new products,
ultimately to return to the market through commercialization. The most important
innovation is to have a market effect, which is testing the success of technological
innovation in an important criterion. Haier Group in 1998 with new products, new
technology 262, there are 236 results to achieve commercialization, the
commercialization rate of 90%.

Goal is to ask enterprises to international technological innovations in their fields of
technology to reach the international advanced level. Technological innovation can
not be behind closed doors, must be based on a high starting point,
"standing on the shoulders of giants", using the latest scientific
and technological means to protect the vitality of technological innovation and
competitiveness. Haier has entered the affected industry groups and key technologies,
carried out in order to CFC alternatives, energy saving, quiet, digital, information,
biological engineering, polymer-based materials ahead of many. Haier has formed a
strong technical reserve capacity, technical reserves of the project to 68.
(C) create international brand
Since 1998, Haier Group, the full implementation of international strategy, the highest
international Haier. Haier's "no brand name within the
country," the idea, in essence, made in the domestic market after a strong
position to compete on the international market, and gradually establish themselves in
the international market a good product spleen image. And striving for international
Haier Group Haier is a strategic goal of future development, which is to a certain
stage of their development of Haier's needs, but also the trend of economic
globalization, the inevitable demand of the Haier.
1. Before the difficult, open international market. Haier to take "before
tackling the difficult part" of the export strategy, that is, first enter the
developed countries to establish credibility and create a brand, and then to occupy a
commanding height of the potential markets in developing countries.

Europe and the United States developed requirements for household electrical
appliances have a high standard, and many countries have more stringent security
card. If the United States UL, Canadian CSA, EC, CE certification, exports to these
countries must be certified by the above. Today, Haier products have passed UL, CSA,
SAA, VDE, CE, SASO15 a type of international certification in 48 countries. Haier
products have to enter the United States, Germany and other Western developed
country markets, Haier refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, washing machines and
so on several key enterprises have adopted the highest international quality system
certification areas - ISO9001 certification, and international aspects of environmental
protection system the highest certification - ISO14001 certification, to promote the
Haier exports.

Haier's exports doubled year by year, the high quality of Haier products in
international market and establish credibility, and persist in the international market
diversification strategy to adjust the layout is conducive to expanding the international
market, good situation. Current products have been exported to Korea, including
Europe and the United States, Japan, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, 87
countries and regions. In 1998, Haier refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, washing
machines and other leading products, exports were up 21%, 144%, 183%, 134%.
Annual export volume reached 76.65 million U.S. dollars, representing growth of
36% over the same period in 1997.

2. Construction of overseas franchise network, global market competition. Global
marketing network is to ensure that products exported in large quantities international
market and the key to global market competition. Established global marketing
network marketing is the strategic goal of Haier.

At present, Haier, Haier has 49 distributors outside the development, distribution
network reached more than 3000, and in the Middle East and Germany to establish a
"international logistics center."

After years of effort, Haier exports more reasonable distribution in overseas markets,
Europe and North America accounted for 60%, 16% in East Asia, showing the
characteristics of market diversification, effectively avoid the risk of financial crisis in
Southeast Asia. Sold in the U.S. following the refrigerator 184 l, 20% of
China's Haier; Haier LKG in the Philippines co-production of public Haier
refrigerator broken refrigerator market in the Philippines are Japan, the United States
and other product monopoly, big in the Philippines SM supermarket chains, the Haier
refrigerator pick-off by local consumers.

3. "Three one-third." Haier to create an international
brand-oriented international strategy, international markets through the development
of space as "one of the three points," the goal is to accelerate the
implementation and progress.

"Three one-third," that is the global market development plan.
Haier Product 1 / 3 of domestic sales of domestic product; 1 / 3 of domestic
production sold abroad; 1 / 3 of foreign sales of foreign production.

Foreign plant, production, sales, create international brand Haier, and turn itself into
an international non- important step of Haier. Domestic sales in the domestic
production, domestic production of foreign sales success of the first two steps taken,
the Haier factory outside, production and sales are also taken steps forward. Haier has
in the Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey and Yugoslavia output technology and establish
factories, and products to achieve a local production, local sales. Day in April 1999,
Haier set up in South Carolina owned a large home appliance production base, the
formation of Haier products in the United States, design, production and sales
through-train system, fully into the international market, global competition.
Haier's efforts in sales over the quality of after sales service set up the
international image of the Haier brand. In Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Haier
billboard advertising giant light box standing shoulder to shoulder with the world
famous home appliances; Haier Haier logo in blue and also the local form of customer
service vehicle as a special scene. In addition, Haier has established a global
telephone service system, so that users no matter where in the world Haier where, can
enjoy Haier star service.

4. International information technology development network. Haier to create an
internationally renowned brand, into an international Haier, is bound to in the
international market with Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries of
the well-known brand competition, international information, technology
development network is guaranteed to win Haier products. Haier Group to speed up
high into the process of internationalization, and strive to achieve the full integration
and internationalization.

International information network by "following the international
advanced technology product analysis, evaluation" of the internal
mechanism and by the Seoul, Tokyo, Lyon, Los Angeles, Montreal, Amsterdam,
Silicon Valley, Sydney, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other information to establish 10
sub-centers formed constitute the external network. Through the unity of internal and
external access to and use of the latest technical innovation of information to achieve
to meet the changing needs of domestic and international markets.
International technology network by the foreign strategic alliance system and
industrial design systems and domestic Linking Industry and Academia consortium
composed of a broad achieve Haier products in the technology and personalized
products for every corner of the world, the needs of each market segment. Foreign
strategic alliance to focus on business development work system strategy and the
international advanced enterprises to fully cooperate. And the Italian
Merloni's further cooperation, so that the Haier Group in China to
consolidate its leading position in the washing machine technology. Mize also with
Germany, the Netherlands Philips, Panasonic, respectively in all media technology,
digital technology, conversion technology, and established a technical alliance,
formed in high- tech advantage Haier; industrial design system for Haier products a PI
proposal development, product design personalized, home appliances man - machine
contacts and other topics, the global coverage for the Haier product design
development, the formation of Haier products in the overall advantages of industrial

Haier Linking Industry and Academia in the country wide consortium. Haier Group
Holdings operating national scientific research institutions National Engineering
Research Center of Engineering Plastics; Haier way to holding the State
Administration of Radio Broadcasting, a joint venture of Haier Institute of Digital
Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch; Haier and Beijing Unive rsity of
Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc. U.S. C-MOLD Beihang Haier Software Co., Ltd.
joint venture.

Haier with major domestic and foreign companies, research institutions, universities
have set up 48 joint research centers. Haier also has with Fudan University, Shanghai
Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University to establish a five postdoctoral workstation,
in the chemical and materials, digital technology, software technology, biological
engineering, design and other aspects of the local community to carry out overseas
doctoral research projects. Through a wide range of Industry and Academia,
effectively accelerated the combination of technology and economy, increased
technological innovation, enhance market competitiveness.

Haier's internationalization strategy is the need for self-development is the
inevitable result of economic globalization. Adhere to create international brands as
Haier, establish an international reputation in the international market, thus gradually
establishing their good brand image. November 30, 1998, the British
"Financial Times" in the Asia-Pacific region with the greatest
credit rating of the company, Haier in the Asia Pacific region in the top ten companies
only Chinese enterprises. Meanwhile,                the U.S. authority's
"appliance"           magazine       published     throughout      the
world's fastest growing home appliance company, Haier ranked in the U.S.
and Japan, before the brand- name appliances, top of the list.
Haier will further push forward the enterprise internationalization strategy for the
early realization into the world top 500 goals.

Since 1991, Haier's expansion strategy in the implementation of assets, has
merged with the original air-conditioner factory in Qingdao, ice plant, Wuhan Xi
Island, Red Star appliances more than 10 large and medium companies, and revitalize
the stock assets of 15 billion, assets of the Group 10 years ago, tens of millions from
the expansion to 39 million, becoming China's first large enterprise

March 13, 1997, Haier Group Holdings investment approach, set up a joint venture
with the Guangdong Shunde charity Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd.. September
1997 in Haier and nearly 17 billion with assets of large enterprise groups co- funded
electronic Lake in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development
Zone, Haier Electronics Co., Ltd. set up, co-development and production of
large-screen digital TV.

The end of 1997 they have merged with Haier Electronics Co., Ltd. Huangshan in
Anhui, Guizhou holding the third Qingdao Refrigerator Factory and pharmaceutical.
Thus, the Haier 13 years, 16 mergers of domestic enterprises to form the largest
domestic home appliance industry a "joint fleet."

5. "Who is the most admired companies in Asia?", The Wall
Street Journal Asia has just completed a survey reflects the results: Microsoft is still
within all of Asia's most admired company, and China's most
admired Qingdao Haier Company, Internet upstart China Baidu ranked sixth.

As early as 1993, "Far Eastern Economic Review" on the
high-profile investigation began. But the arrival of the information age full decade
ago, technology companies is far less compelling than the mass consumer companies.
Then selected a result, Coca-Cola topped the list, but ranks the most front Xerox
technology is only in sixth position, BP was also sold machines throughout Asia,
Motorola, ranked eighth.

Asia today, the situation has undergone a fundamental change, Motorola had not
produced BP machine, but its production of mobile phones has transformed into an
important popular music publishing platforms, and Microsoft- led high-tech
companies have occupied the entire list 6 top 10 positions. Coca-Cola and
McDonald's present level by the admirers were only discharged to 21 and

In this list of 200 Chinese companies, Haier ranked the first mass consumer
electronics brand, and high-profile emerging Internet technology company ranked
sixth Baidu, Netease company is ranked eighth.

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