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					Guo Guangchang
Male, born in 1967, Dongyang, Zhejiang Province. Current Shanghai Fuxing
High-Tech (Holdings) Co Ltd, Shanghai Fuxing Industrial Co., Ltd.,, Forte (Group)
Company Limited.

Born in the rural areas of Zhejiang Dongyang a poor family in 1985, graduated from
the prestigious Zhejiang - Dongyang school, he was admitted after the Philosophy
Department of Fudan University, graduating in 1989, stayed, 3 years later, he and four
fellow students borrowed 38,000 per start, by a kind of diagnostic reagents for
hepatitis B was first pot of gold. Since then, Fosun into real estate, department stores,
steel, finance and other industries. Fosun invested 350 million in Zhang Zhixiang (the
top 139) of "Building Long Steel", and in 2002 formed Nadu
securities. Fosun shares held through the friendship of China's largest
supermarket chain, "Lianhua Supermarket" of the shares owned
real estate companies Shanghai Forte Land Group is one of the largest real estate
companies, is planning to list in Hong Kong. "Fosun" also holds
a well-known financial newspaper "21st Century Business
Herald" of the shares. Guo Guangchang Fosun Group holds 58% of the
shares, he is of the Tenth National People's Congress. NLD federate.

Fudan University Fudan University MBA course

Company headquarters: Shanghai

Major sectors: bio-medicine, real estate

Status in the industry: Shanghai, one of the largest real estate

Major listed companies: Fosun Industrial (600 196), June 1998 IPO

Business Strategy: With the geographical advantage of Shanghai, through the
diversification of investment capital to start operations
[Edit this section] History
Graduated from the Philosophy Department of Fudan University in 1989 after the
school to teach.

1992, has successfully passed the TOEFL and GRE exams Guo Guangchang, give up
the chance to go abroad, decided to "sea" venture.

In 1992 he and four classmates from the teacher to use borrowed 38,000 yuan tuition
abroad start a business, has engaged in market research, food, electronics and
chemical products.

1993, entered the real estate sales and biomedical field, began producing hepatitis B
diagnosis reagents. By hepatitis B diagnostic kits were first pot of gold.

May 1993, Guo Guangchang decided to initially accumulated "pot of
gold", all testing of genetic engineering into product development.

Guo Guangchang initiated in 1995, established the "Fosun - Overseas
million science and education development fund."

Established in 1996, "Fosun - Caojiadu street million poverty-relief

Beginning in October 1996, Guo Guangchang has spent nearly 500 million yuan,
adhere to the market-oriented pharmaceutical industry in modern life, the information
industry, the real estate field, actively involved in a number of state-owned joint
venture enterprises and transformation of grafting, integrated resources, advantages,
and the optimal allocation of resources to carry out the "1 +1>
2" for common development.

In 1997 a "Fosun - Putuo million development fund science and
education", etc..

Guo Guangchang 1997, the market aiming to expand the vision of the international
market, after a lot of hard work, Fosun in Brazil, India, South Africa actively develop
business and be the first private technology enterprises import and export.

In 1998, "Fosun Industrial" listing, "Fosun
Group" Diversification course. Current "Fosun"
involved in real estate, steel, finance and other industries.

In 1998, U.S. President Bill Clinton's visit to China in Shanghai,
specialized met Guo Guangchang Shanghai and other 12 representatives of non-public
economic enterprises, Guo Guangchang Clinton after returning back to a letter from
him and expressed appreciation for the development of Fosun Group, and invite
Fosun to U.S. development.

1999, graduated from Fudan University School of Economics and Management,
Master in Business Administration.

Guo Guangchang the CPPCC National Committee members, indirectly held
"Fuxing         Industrial"      and    "Yuyuan Tourist
Mart," the 35.1% and 11.6% of the shares, 519 million fortune. His
investments are concentrated in Shanghai, currently holding five shares of listed
companies, and other 70 companies, last year's total sales revenue of 10
billion U.S. dollars, tax 10 million U.S. dollars, 4,000 employees.
He is China's capital markets one of the most active entrepreneurs, he also
invested the media, the steel industry, the steel with Zhang Zhixiang (No. 95)
co-operation. Fosun Group are retail trade, primarily a supermarket chain, Two
pharmaceutical chain and a hypermarket.
[Edit this section] the major social functions
The Tenth National People's Congress;

National Federation of the Standing Committee of the Ninth Executive Committee;

Member of the Eighth National Youth Federation;

China Youth Entrepreneurs Association, vice president;

Vice President of Shanghai Federation of Industry;

Vice President of Shanghai entrepreneurs;

Shanghai Youth Federation, Vice-Chairman;

Shanghai, Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce.

Received major honors:

Outstanding Private Entrepreneurs in China;

97 years of labor model;

Fifth of the "Shanghai Ten Outstanding Young Persons";

Third, "China Youth May 4th Medal";

2000 Bauhinia Cup Outstanding Entrepreneur Achievement Award;

Private Science and Technology in                2001    Outstanding   Entrepreneur
"pioneering Award";

2002, outstanding private technology entrepreneur in China;

China's 400 richest people section 45;

2002 Forbes China Rich List ninth.

2007 Hurun chart 10.
2008 Hurun chart 40.
[Edit this section] the three major life turning points

National People's Congress, and faced more opportunities and temptations
to choose for more.

Guo Guangchang particularly like this kind of "big" people.

On Fosun such enterprises, each of his choice in a test of his wisdom and creativity.
These choices for him and his team is important to everyone.

Important juncture in almost every choice, on track for Guo Guangchang life is a
turning point.

The first turning point

Junior high school: to give up arms as high school reform

For most of us, the time before college life trajectories are essentially been identified:
the primary - secondary - University.

During this time, our lives have little choice.

But for Guo Guangchang, his life, the first turning point occurred in high school.

Guo Guangchang born in Dongyang, Zhejiang, a poor peasant family. Outstanding
people of Dongyang, economically or backward. Like parents, like most farmers, Guo
Guangchang's parents want their son early escape from the
"farm gate", so her parents let him apply for the Teacher. On the
one hand can reduce the burden on family, on the other hand you can escape from the
"farm gate", and thus, Guo Guangchang outstanding candidates
of teacher.

Guo Guangchang get the normal school admission notice, like to get life judgments.
Is this life to stay in a village teacher in Dongyang do it? Their university dreams
come true? Dongyang out of so many high school students, graduate students or
doctoral students, are their whole life is one of the teachers and students can it?

After fierce ideological struggle, Guo made the first decision to change the fate of his
life - to give up normal school, high school reform. Parents refused, he quietly rolled a
mats, back ten several kilograms of rice on the Dongyang high school. High School 3
years, rely on several kilograms of rice per week back home and a can of molded
dried, he boiled over.

It is too early to worry by the storm of life and suffering, Guo Guangchang can make
life on the road after the panic, courage.

Guo Guangchang today, very few people mention this to the past, but he himself
knows that it is her first choice in life.

This seemingly small decision, almost affected Guo Guangchang life. It is precisely
because reading in high school, have his chance later in college, and his eyes are thus
more open, which for him later in the capital and flew all the way this industry has
laid a solid knowledge base.

The second turning point

1992: Deng Xiaoping's southern tour speech by the impact of overseas and
instead give up the "sea"

Guo Guangchang realized his college dream. From Dongyang to Shanghai, Guo
Guangchang discovered a wider world than in Dongyang. In college, he put more
focus on the contact society.

College, Guo Guangchang did two of his classmates to make relish things: The first
summer in 1987, he was a man quietly riding a bike along the Grand Canal, visit to
Beijing; The second was in 1988 summer, he organized a dozen students staged a
"Gold Coast in 3000" event, cycling coastal visits to Hainan.

These two things no doubt helped him to understand to some extent the social, to
know themselves, the result is more direct when he graduated from Youth League to
stay in the school.

Youth League at school, he worked well. But the young heart made him desire to see
a wider sky, he wants to study abroad, and making positive preparations, has passed
the TOFEL and GRE tests, but also by the relative good of the funds needed to go

If fate does not turn in, he might go abroad to work as a student.

One of the things happened in 1992 changed the trajectory of his life.

This is Deng Xiaoping's southern tour.

Deng Xiaoping's southern tour in the ringing words, Guo Guangchang
deeply moved by the heart. An advanced age of the elderly warm speech, so that
25-year-old Guo Guangchang excited.

Shanghai, also due to the old man's speech became a hot land for
investment and entrepreneurship. Can accomplish much at home! Why must it be to
go abroad?

After weighing and thinking, Guo Guangchang give up the idea of going abroad, but
decided to resign themselves to breaking into a career, the decision is rooted in
Shanghai in their own land of ideal.

Proved, Guo Guangchang choice is correct.

In that year, 25-year-old Guo Guangchang to life first bucket of gold digging. He and
the same school four students gather one hundred thousand yuan, and has established
quite rare at the time of information and advisory and research specialist. Opportunity
and to make him 25 years old to earn the first one million lives.

The third turning point

Business, the implementation of the talent strategy

Guo Guangchang thereafter, the road of life can be said in plain sailing.

He and his team, getting big in the Chinese business reputation.

Big up's Guo Guangchang, see more weak on the fame of the outside world
have also maintained a consistent low-key.

Because he knows that, more often hidden in the well of the crisis, this
"crisis" is the hidden want to do big business in the process of
unpredictable risks.

This is a difficult taste to the outsiders, "standing above the
crowd," state of mind.

Therefore, the road looks smooth but has become a business risk.

How to get through this risk is also a great choice in life.

Guo Guangchang deeply aware of this. He chose the "strategy"
to get through this "crisis."

As early as the initial start, Guo Guangchang to deeply understand the
competitiveness of enterprises in the final analysis is the talent competition.
"Young people need most is not individual heroism, but the collective
heroism. We are these people, ability may only play 70-80 minutes per person, but our
ability to do addition and multiplication, in Fuxing, our greatest The desire is to train
a group of like-minded young entrepreneurs and a vibrant team of young
entrepreneurs. "Guo Guangchang said this more than once.

Introduction and cultivation of talent, Guo Guangchang deepen "the
development attractive to utilities amass, training people to work to performance
appraisal" and of our concept.

Proved, "strategy" is Guo Guangchang the most sensible choice.

Kuo seems that a lot of his choice, there are many turning points, but these three
points, he is undoubtedly essential.
[Edit this section] believe in the concept of
◆ the development of enterprises such as a river, a constantly flowing river, the river
each of us just as a drop of water, both in the upstream, midstream or downstream,
can find the location of import.

◆ Young people need most is not individual heroism, but the collective heroism.
Those of us who may be the ability of each person can only play 70-80 minutes, but
our ability to do addition and multiplication, in Fuxing, our greatest desire is to train a
group of like-minded young entrepreneurs and a vibrant Youth Venture team.

◆ I am convinced, is the responsibility of entrepreneurs to create wealth.

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