Great prospects for bamboo industry

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					Great prospects for bamboo industry

   Once in a century financial crisis hit the global economy. To bottom in the process
of macroeconomic shocks, bamboo industry are subjected to different extents. But
with the wood, veneer, plywood and other raw material price of the ups and downs
than the market is relatively good bamboo, bamboo, bamboo products, a sharp decline
in performance did not believe that, after a financial crisis, the growing of bamboo
industry will the development will have a brighter future.
   First, the financial crisis relatively stable price of bamboo industry
In the past more than a year, along with low domestic and international trade in
bamboo industry market once slowed, however, due to affordable, stabilize
consumption and other reasons, bamboo, bamboo products, the market quickly
reversed, the second half of 2008 to early 2009, a variety of bamboo product sales
slump, dual-drop volume and price, especially in foreign trade dropped by 30-40% in
experienced from February to April in the low hover, the bamboo market since May
were beginning to pick up domestic sales continue to grow year on year, exports show
signs of recovery in June so far, the monthly sales improved over the previous few
months, 30%, of which, bamboo paper, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo products, sales
increased month by month, changes in market conditions has shown encouraging . It
is worth mentioning that the sales of bamboo in recent months has been the forefront
as a major highlight of the bamboo market. At the sa me time, the overall price
stability maintenance of bamboo products. Year to date, most of the price of bamboo
products is only reduced by about 10% smaller than the majority of wood veneer,
wood and wood-based panel products Fang.
Stage of the crisis raging, why bamboo can be deduced that a stable market trend?
Timber market professionals who gave the answer: the market in bamboo, bamboo,
bamboo products, demand and supply and price sensitivity is lower than wood
products, bamboo products so less volume and price fluctuations of the wood
products, bamboo material quantity cheap, the cost low, the decline in volume and
price levels is very limited space. In addition, the stability of the market supporting
the bamboo market, both at home and abroad, bamboo, bamboo products increasingly
popular, the demand increased year after year, especially in Europe and the United
States and Japan, the highly popular Chinese characteristics bamboo foreign
consumers, bamboo products, trends have not changed.
   Second, product quality and cheap bamboo Bamboo has obvious advantages
Bamboo and bamboo products so popular and gradually sell well in the final analysis
is the basis of China's bamboo industry, a strong and unique advantages of
bamboo decision.
First of all, high quality and quantity of bamboo resources to meet the daily needs of
the people great. According to statistics, China has more than 500 species of bamboo,
bamboo forest area of more than 500 million hectares of bamboo resources in the area
and production are first in the world, the world's best performance, use the
highest value of about 90% of the distribution of Phyllostachys pubescens In the
southern provinces of China, described as "inexhaustible" for
the bamboo industry in providing adequate resources.
Second, the bamboo industry has been formed, with strong industrial competitiveness.
Yu Li, deputy director of the State Forestry Administration material in Tianjin 2009
International Conference on Bio Economy said total output value of forestry in China
in 2008 reached 1.33 trillion yuan, import and export trade of forest products break
through 70 billion U.S. dollars, bamboo products and furniture and other products
production rank in the world first. Can be seen, after a long period of accumulation
and innovation, China's bamboo industry, industry standard that there was
significantly increased. Today, domestic bamboo industry in design with the times,
processing technology advances, diverse product types, distribution channels
expanded, and the entire industry full of life.
Third, the Chinese culture has given the unique cultural connotation of bamboo
products, bamboo products to enhance the intrinsic value. Ancient times to now,
China bamboo products are all hold the traditional culture, these cultural elements to
enhance the taste of bamboo products, bamboo products added to the cultural value.
The industry has pointed out that high-quality pure bamboo products are not only
practical, but also has considerable artistic and aesthetic value, can feel the rushing of
Chinese traditional culture. Therefore, cultural factors into the growing of bamboo
products sought after by domestic and foreign consumers.
    Third, bamboo industries continue to improve the road of modern development
China's bamboo industry has a long history, the bank said, but in a long
time past, bamboo industry over-reliance on traditional technologies and experience in
intellectual property, marketing and other aspects of sho rtcomings, in order to grow
into a bamboo industry in China more sophisticated modern industries, needs to
further explore the potential.
Yu Li, deputy director of the State Forestry Administration has pointed out that
material, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, China's
annual timber demand will reach about 700 million m3, the largest number to provide
about 400 million m3, the gap in about 300 million m3. Short growth cycle of
bamboo, they grow much quicker pace than wood, wood gap solve the problem,
bamboo is one of the best alternative resources. There are plenty of bamboo resources
will help alleviate the strain on the resources of domestic timber supply and demand
pattern, and long-term development of strategic significance. Reportedly, to ease the
growing tension between supply and demand of timber, will be to develop bamboo
base, and great efforts to cultivate new varieties of bamboo. Abundant raw materials
resources for the long-term development of bamboo industry in China provided the
essential material guarantee.
Speed up the industrialization process, and promote the industry upgrade. Because of
the unique resources and the development process of China's bamboo
industry, the level of processing trade remained the world's first. Industry,
at present, China's bamboo industry has been more than ten years, the
bamboo industry in the development of production, circulation marketing and other
industrial sectors have begun to take shape, but the industry level is not yet ready to
survive in a market economy development, Bamboo industry needs to speed up the
industrialization process, for example, the relevant management and industry
organizations should develop or improve industry standards as soon as possible, so
that the bamboo paper, bamboo, bamboo handicraft and other sub- industry
standardization and systematization; the same time, the market should be market and
business efficiency-oriented, standardized business management, relying on the brand
and technology-driven development, and improve competition in the market, the
industry regional distribution and resource allocation.
Branding, independent research and development, to promote the bamboo industry in
the construction of intellectual property rights. China's bamboo industry is
still in the growth stage, not many brands, some companies still at the level of simple
processing. Bamboo products, dealer business that, if not their own brands and
intellectual property, corporate survival and deve lopment will be very difficult.
Therefore, the bamboo industry companies need to continue to strengthen internal
management and standardize production processes, and strive to improve the level of
bamboo craft. At the same time, timely adjustment of produc t structure, continues to
introduce new types of rich products, expanding profit margins.
Join forces to strengthen the export and development of bamboo products more
consumer market. Bamboo Paper bamboo as unique, Europe and the United States,
Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, particularly fond of such products to consumers. It is
understood that many domestic enterprises bamboo large proportion of foreign trade,
foreign trade alone accounted for some 60 to 70% of the total, can be seen,
consumption abroad is huge. The order to hold market share of bamboo products
abroad, need to strengthen two aspects: on the one hand, innovation, research and
development of new bamboo and bamboo products, rich product system, expand the
application field of bamboo products; on the other hand, the domestic sector
organizations related to , Association of enterprises may take the joint promotion,
participate in exhibitions, online marketing and other means to promote bamboo and
bamboo products in China, focused on advantages of bamboo industry to the world.

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