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									Grafting Marketing

   Marketing is a major problem, because the production-oriented, financial guidance
are controlled by himself, but speaking of marketing in the external environment,
speaks of maturity in terms of strategy, but these factors about the survival of
enterprises, in the past-oriented marketing strategy nothing more than 4P However,
with those more difficult marketing environment, consumers increasingly weak brand
loyalty, marketing has not known before the knowledge of those events along with
marketing, experiential marketing, e-commerce marketing, MSN / Skype / QQ
Marketing, Blog Marketing , grafted into marketing, marketing knowledge can really
be said to fall behind a little mistake, in addition to know how to do, but to have the
ability to do, here is the sharing of knowledge for the grafting of marketing.
What is grafting marketing?
   ?"Graft" from agriculture and forestry, is the bud of a plant or
branch, then in another plant, so that the two parts together long into the meaning of a
complete plant.
In the forestry industry, the purpose of grafting is to maintain the excellent cultivar
traits, enhanced low temperature, dry fruit, water logging salinity and other adverse
environmental ﹑ adaptability and resistance to pests and diseases, early results of
the period, the control tree size, fruit or other products to improve the yield and
quality. It has long been friction between the branches of trees found in the forest after
injury, while the link up with each other close to the grafting of natural phenomena,
the ancient Chinese referred to as "wood with reason." Grafting
is inspired by this natural phenomenon created a production technology.
Production practices in agriculture and forestry, many plants are using grafting
propagation, such as rose, chrysanthemum, cactus, apple, pear, peach, citrus. To pear
for example, the scion from the pear and other plants on the selection of superior
varieties, rootstocks and wild species can be used Bunge plant. Large pear fruit, taste
sweet, but weak resistance to disease. Pyrus fruits small, astringent taste, but the
disease resistance. By grafting, it will be expended, and combines the advantages of
Pyrus together.
Grafting marketing, is "a cooperative approach to cooperation with one or
the other party the parties to use each other's marketing resources or
marketing platform, marketing its products, product marketing grafting resources in
other marketing partners or marketing platform, which as one's own or
co-parties to create more marketing benefits, while reducing marketing costs, reach a
broader group of consumers. ".
Grafting marketing, traditional marketing model is a change. Grafting marketing
business marketing no longer seen as a separate, individual acts of marketing, but as a
joint enterprise between the components of competitive strategy is one of the two
companies or more acts of a company combines marketing together to seek common
enterprise for their own marketing interests.
Unlike grafting marketing cooperative marketing or joint marketing, highlighted in
the marketing activities of an enterprise is based on another business or marketing
platform, marketing resources, or both enterprises, multi-business marketing activities
are based on cooperation of other parties marketing resources or marketing platform.
One party or another will be partners in the marketing resources or platforms for their
own use, so as to create a better side and partner marketing effectiveness and market
value, is the essence of marketing grafting. Marketing by way of grafting, will
combine the strengths of all parties, together, make up their own marketing can
Cunzai the short board, produce far beyond the traditional marketing model of the
effects and Shouyi.

Graft content of marketing
Grafting is a marketing company to marketing their products in other companies
grafted resources or marketing platform marketing strategies and tactics.
Grafting of a marketing company to use the marketing resources of other companies
or marketing platform, the pursuit of unconventional, non-traditional marketing model
marketing their products.
Grafting marketing beyond traditional marketing model is a marketing strategy that
breaks through the traditional marketing thinking inertia, no longer enclosed in
self-marketing business model, but instead out of self-marketing resources and
marketing platform limitations and shackles Find the vertical and horizontal
marketing resources or other enterprise platforms.
Under the traditional marketing model is often invested heavily in business
development in the channels, brand extensions publicity, promotion and so on, but the
results are getting worse.
Grafting marketing is different. Grafting marketing for the marketing resources in
other business and marketing platform for its enterprise product marketing, focused
not on the marketing resources and marketing platform of ownership and control, but
cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win or win.
    ?Grafting marketing is mutually beneficial business in a low-cost way to expand
the marketing resources and marketing platform model, cooperation instead of
competition, the competition from the traditional marketing mode of thinking into the
joint thinking.
    ?Grafting is a demand with marketing marketing model is based partners have the
same market philosophy, consumer groups, based on the value of identity, rather than
the differences between traditional marketing mode of thinking.
    ?Grafted into marketing is targeted marketing expenses, rather than the traditional
marketing mode, the input mode of the lack of goals. Because it will establish its own
marketing activities of other enterprises in the cooperative marketing resources and
platforms, so its investment objective is to point to other resources and corporate
marketing platform to reach the goal.
    ?Grafting is known to the consumer marketing group for marketing strategy, while
the traditional marketing model is unknown consumer groups for marketing.
    ?Grafting is a marketing advantage of marketing resources between enterprises of
paid use, the thinking is nonlinear, it can be a complex thinking, rather than the
traditional marketing model of linear thinking.

Marketing approach grafting
Channel grafting. Grafting a large number of channels used in household appliances,
IT, automotive, mobile phones, household items, FMCG, consumer durables, beverage
and food industry, refers to a another company to use a business sales channels for
product sales, or sales channels for mutual advantage of both sides sell each
other's products.
Channel to channel and end-grafted at the core of a wide range of industry
applications, in recent years in China and other countries there are many such
examples. Such as Haier and Sanyo, Siemens Bird, TCL has with Matsushita and
Philips, Motorola and TCL, etc., behind the alliance and cooperation,
China's multinational companies always have a special concern are the
factors that channel.
TCL's channels on Philips have been "borrowed."
August 22, 2002 Philips and TCL Group, announced in Shanghai: the two brands now
on the market in China, five in color TV sales channels for cooperation. Under the
agreement, TCL will use its sales channels and network advantages in the domestic
market for five to exclusive Philips TV. Nestle and Coca-Cola also cooperation. The
two sides reached an agreement, Nestle coffee shop in the restaurant by Coca-Cola
drinks are transfer machines, vending machines, a large number of fast-food store
sales, to quickly increase sales and market share, is also a success story.
Promotions grafting. Emerging companies with new product concepts, consumer
groups, consumer trends are often developed under the causes of change, and meet
consumer demand. The old well-known enterprises, the need to meet the changing
needs of the consumer group psychology, to meet the consumer groups, especially
youth in the new, rare and special psychological. So in many industries, new ventures
and established businesses promote cooperation grafting arises. Promotions grafting is
reached a promotional partnership program, one of the parties as the other
company's products business promotional items or promotional tool, or
both to each other's products as one's own products, promotional
items. Bundling is two or more companies will form a whole for each customer
product sales, thereby reducing the overall price increase sales.
The use of a wide range of promotional grafting, in food and beverage, household
appliances, automobiles and other products sales are often in the form of a product to
another product or multiple products as promotional items, corporate promotional
items between the supply contracts or cooperation agreements .
Example, when Coca-Cola to Lenovo for promotional products and Tencent QQ coins
for promotional prizes, Pepsi to Apple's IPOD and Blizzard game currency
for the promotional prizes. Grafting a company would consider marketing business, a
number of factors to consider selection of partners. First of all promotions in the
consumer mind awareness, appeal, appeal, influence, followed by whether
one's own promotional materials to convey the concept of product line, the
favorability of promotional products, and consumer groups in the face of
one's own product is matched the size of consumer groups, as well as
promotional products company size, level of cooperation, the price factor and so on.
Brand grafting, the core is the use of well-known brand in the consumer
group's influence, appeal, reputation, goodwill degrees, so that consumers
have a "Love me, love my dog" mentality, to make their
products and brands in the consumer groups remain noble, high, high, high-tech
image, so that consumer groups produce the product and brand status of the
association, and produce shopping desires.
In the IT, consumer durables, FMCG, household products, etc., can be grafted in the
form of trying to brand products and brands to enhance the image, subtly into the
high-end market.

Grafting marketing rules
Grafting marketing is a win-win dancing with the famous brand marketing business
model, how to achieve a successful graft, how well-known brand grafting, the
corporation is considered and the key marketing programs designed grafting.
First, the purpose of grafting is to achieve resource sharing, through the channel, sales,
consumer groups, the sharing of resources such as brand appeal makes both products
together to improve market competitiveness and market sales.
Second, the grafting is to achieve both the highest law of marketing products and
brands to produce a "force", which work together to achieve the
premise that both sides have valuable channel marketing system or brand.
Third, cross-industry product or brand is embedded in the usual way of grafting
marketing for the brand also has strong appeal and a large number of loyal consumers
of the enterprise, often a natural fit between the different industries. Such as fast
moving consumer goods and IT industry, fast moving consumer goods, and online
games industry, consumer electronics and automotive industry and so on.
Fourth, the grafting marketing can generate far beyond traditional marketing models,
such as terminal sales, advertising, public relations activities, the effect of its sales and
brand enhancement is far from conventional means can be compared.
Fifth, marketing is often grafted to one or both of each other's products,
channels and brand as their own sales, advertising, brand platform that is already
behind the development of a mature market.
Sixth, the graft is the lowest cost marketing, the best, the highest input and output

How marketing partner for grafting?
First, from the company's sales channels, sales system, customer groups,
brand awareness and corporate reputation found in the assessment of the value of
self-grafting and the possibility of marketing the advantages and disadvantages.
Particularly in the market for a number of stable, high market share, consumer groups
have a large fixed, with high brand awareness and reputation of the enterprises,
should be actively marketing the way thinking to grafting.
Second, learn to vertical thinking, cross-marketing marketing approach grafting
thinking, understand and analyze business trends and consumer groups, consumer
products consumption of other industries and found that their enterprises have a
coincidence with the intersection of the consumer group's other businesses,
and the analysis and evaluation other industry groups on the impact of their
consumption intensity.
Third, explore the intersection of consumer groups have a coincidence of the industry
has a stable, high market share, has a large fixed consumer groups, has a higher brand
awareness and reputation of the business, consider these companies for their
marketing needs and business grafting marketing value.
Fourth, design and other industries and enterprises in the graft co-marketing programs,
cooperative programs take full account of both the value and mode of cooperation, the
spirit of win-win way to actively explore cooperation with each other.
Fifth, the strict implementation of cooperation programs, in exchange for positive
with each other to achieve to achieve the intended effect.
Grafting marketing, corporate marketing people need to be closed out of business
thinking, the perspective of standing in the market, marketing the
consumer's perspective, the company's sales channels, consumer
groups, exclusive brand not only as a corporate value, and we do exchangeable for
value for marketing resources.
Exchange, is the essence and core of the grafted marketing and learn to exchange,
exchange control method is to obtain grafted marketing partners, marketing
effectiveness must be grafted skills.

Marketing Case Study grafting
Under the traditional marketing model is often invested heavily in business
development in the channels, brand extensions publicity, promotion and so on, but the
results are getting worse.
Grafting marketing is different. Grafting marketing for the marketing resources in
other business and marketing platform for its enterprise product marketing, focused
not on the marketing resources and marketing platform, owned and controlled, but on
cooperation, mutual benefit, win-win or win.
Case 1: Wahaha Tencent to activate the pretext of the first occupation of the market
October 18, 2005, the two sides formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
Newspaper was informed that the scale of cooperation is the first phase of 200 million
bottles - Wahaha all "Nutrition Express" drinks will be marked
with the icon Tencent games, Tencent aims to provide a total of 150 million hours of
game length. As early as 2004, the Wahaha "activate" the active
vitamin water and Tencent's virtual currency Q coins network to carry out
"drink activate win Q coins" interactive activities, a monthly Q
sent 100,000 dollars. Wahaha Group, said Chen Xinhua, vice minister of the market,
take as Q coins registration requirements come first note is often open for registration
of the first day of each month all the 100 000 Q coins were looted.
Tencent's help in the activation of vitamin water into the water market in
2005, the only winner.
Case 2: Intel and McDonald's market momentum for the Centrino CPU
March 11, 2003, Intel announced the world's largest restaurant chain
McDonald's         will   work       together     through    a    number       of
McDonald's restaurants to promote wireless Internet access. They first of
Manhattan's 10 McDonald's will start, which is 300 million U.S.
dollars Intel launched Centrino series part of the campaign. As part of the plan,
McDonald's customers in the next three months will purchase a package
can enable wireless Internet access for an hour restaurant, and then, customers can
choose Hourly pay 3 U.S. dollars, or to purchase a package.
Case 3: Lenovo Coca-Cola to enhance brand impact graft
Coca-Cola brand is the world's first soft drink brands, Lenovo is the IT
brand. Lenovo and Coca-Cola launched in 2006, twice grafted marketing cooperation,
cooperation has increased from tactical to strategic level.
During 2006 51, Lenovo and Coca-Cola was such a co-operation activities: May 1 to
May 31 period, the top 25 customers a day they can enjoy free access to 355ml of
Coca-Cola 1; If you buy Coca-Cola bottle or irrigation install the product lid, pull ring
pull ring or to obtain printed promotional packaging cans in the tank bottom 13-bit
characters, which have access to the sun 125C Lenovo laptops, Lenovo front line
K5031A S64 3000 + 25680sD (D) (A) desktop computers, Lenovo 3300c inkjet
printer such as Coca-Cola special gift for the collector's edition, in which
the sun 125C Lenovo 1000 notebook computers there; desktop computer has 1,000;
printer 10000; plus complimentary drinks 90 million copies. And this sent the prizes
are still printed COCACOLA of LOGO.
Lenovo and Coca-Cola in hand, the urgent need to open the international market,
Lenovo for this event as the use Coca-Cola's global channel marketing, the
golden opportunity. Chen Shaopeng, vice president of Lenovo Group, which has said
that as the nature of consumption of both products and consumers very different,
Lenovo is not to use the channel to sell Coke products, but to take this opportunity to
LENOVO brand in-depth global market.
Case 4: Haier and Ordos help each other increase market share and brand image
As the home appliance giant Haier, the washing machine as an enterprise backbone
products, backed by a strong comprehensive strength of the Group, maintaining the
"Big Brother" of the throne, in the corporate and brand image,
is more consistent with the Ordos. Haier autopilot digital conversion drum washing
machines, washing Ordos is a very suitable high-tech washing machine hand washing
cashmere sweater, cashmere sweater will effectively solve the "Machine
Wash" washing problem. Both sides hit it off, and began grafting a
complementary marketing.
Haier roller washing machines to ensure the "Ordos" the
security of machine washable cashmere sweater, avoid washing process may produce
the cashmere cloth damage. Haier companies even promise to consumers: the proper
use of the autopilot digital conversion Haier Washing Machine washing Ordos
cashmere sweater, if clothing produce injury, Haier will be liable for compensation.
Hand wash Ordos cashmere series effective use of Haier household appliances market
advantage, a nationwide promotion for consumers to leave preconceived impression,
confirmed the "Ordos" technology leader in the field of the
status of cashmere; the Haier washing machines also help " cashmere
sweater washing machine "image of the personality, to the laundry show
users their superior technology and better service. Erdos high, light, warm,
comfortable product features and Haier autopilot digital conversion drum
"cashmere wash" of the selling points of the combination of
complementary strengths, find their own marketing in the grafting of new sales space.
Case 5: Asustek Computer on the pretext of the brand into the high-end sports car
ASUS notebook computers, had its main product for the low-end, high-end notebook
computer market has been from the SONY, TOSHIBA, HP, COMPAQ, etc. dominated
by U.S. and Japanese companies. ASUS has been hoping to enter more profits to the
high-end notebook market, but over the years as the world's leading
notebook computer makers do OEM brands, although with advanced technology,
advanced production technology, strong R & D capabilities, excellent
product quality and strict perfect service system, but in the minds of consumers of its
brand has been considered in the low-end brand, so delays in access to high-end
market. Finally, the ASUS brand notebook business unit free use of the grafting of
marketing strategy and thinking, and one of the world's three major sports
car brand Lamborghini (Lamborghini) cooperation, and reached the Lamborghini
brand printed on ASUS notebook computer agreement. Lamborghini around the world
to use the powerful influence and appeal, as well as its high-end, exclusive, first-class,
rare, rare brand Lenovo, ASUS is able to successfully enter the high-end notebook

Marketing the value and meaning of grafted
Compared to the traditional marketing model, with its huge marketing grafting
effectiveness and value.
First, to successfully market products, and quickly occupied the market, open
Increasingly difficult to market new products is an indisputable reality, how to
successfully market new products, marketing manager for enterprise is undoubtedly a
huge challenge. Use of grafting in the form of channels, can achieve low cost, rapid,
high efficiency dominate the market.
Intel and McDonald's marketing co-grafting, the Intel Centrino is one of
the main selling point of wireless Internet access. At that time, it is generally not
understand the importance of wireless Internet connectivity and advanced, how to
inform consumers aware of the Centrino CPU technology advanced, advanced, style
has become a major marketing task of Intel. Changes in consumer knowledge of
computer functions and use computers to generate new habits and to guide the
expectations of the Intel marketing success has been the host, this time is no exception.
Intel and McDonald's promotion to area marketing co-grafted successfully
attracted consumer interest groups to the wireless Internet, and then on the Centrino
CPU had a strong interest and desire.
Similarly, the Wahaha cooperation with Tencent, also promote graft used to in the
beginning of the new products to market quickly occupied the market, train potential
users of consumer desire.
In the process of new products, marketing strategies to grafting is very effective. In
fact, many industry products can be taken to promote the famous brand enterprises in
the form of grafting, the rapid rise to the interest and desire consumer groups, there
are many such cases.
Second, improving product and brand influence, appeal and increase the attractiveness
of potential user groups.
Haier and Ordos grafting marketing case is typical of the brand and product marketing
co-grafting. We all know the famous home appliances brand Haier, the country has the
largest network coverage of the highest sales, major appliance stores, home appliance
chain stores, shopping malls are the counters with Haier, which is famous Erdos
Cashmere Products brand, the upscale shopping malls in China with sales counters.
Haier and Erdos co-sales network for each other to provide promotional products and
display opportunities for brands to bring to each other a lot of consumers, increase
consumer groups favor each other's products, degree and impression
This kind of display of promotional products and brand marketing as the core of the
graft, due to channel resources to each of the parties, advertising resources to achieve
a good complement, but both products have some relevance, may cause some
consumers associations, so The partners all have great value.
At the same time, this cooperation mode is to take existing enterprise resources, and
did not give ourselves and each other increased costs, and increase marketing
efficiency is enormous.
Third, increase market coverage and penetration, fast, low-cost sales growth.
Channels grafted with the way the scale can be achieved channel network, channel
coverage, penetration of the rapidly expanded. Many multinational companies such as
early Chinese companies enter the Chinese market or foreign markets when they open
up channels of cooperation to colleagues, such as Philips to enter the Chinese market
early graft TCL's sales channels, Chery to enter the U.S. market, sales
channels and so on graft Dreamliner, as well as drinks or fast moving consumer goods
and McDonald's, Disney would park in the graft co-marketing, are
well-known case.
Channels grafted in the same industry and cross-search partner, but both products
should not need to pay attention to conflict, channel control and coverage, cost and
efficiency of the channel.
Fourth, changes in product and brand image from the low end to high-end market
From the world famous sports car brand ASUS Lamborghini grafted into their own
notebook computer case can be seen, for low-end market has been hovering in the
enterprise, will be grafted into their own brands of products can enhance product and
brand image and appeal to consumer groups, so that consumers produce their own
products and brand association, so that the original low-end brands to enter the
high-end market.
Brand grafting, the core is the use of well-known brand in the consumer
group's influence, appeal, reputation, goodwill degrees, so that consumers
have a "Love me, love my dog" mentality, to make their
products and brands in the consumer groups remain noble, high, high, high-tech
image, so that consumer groups produce the product and brand status of the
association, and produce shopping desires.
In the IT, consumer durables, FMCG, household products, etc., can be grafted in the
form of trying to brand products and brands to enhance the image, subtly into the
high-end market.
Fifth, improve market barriers to competition, defeat the challengers and new entrants
in the market attack.
Any market will always face the challenge of new entrants, especially for fully
competitive markets, such as FMCG, IT products, consumer electronic products, daily
necessities, mobile phones and other markets. Expectations of the market leader
through continuous market competition will raise the degree of market concentration
in order to achieve market share and profit maximization, this threshold needs to be
increased market competition.
Cooperation in the Coca-Cola and Lenovo, we can see such thinking. Coca-Cola in
the beverage market, and constantly face the following challenges to later ones, with
the first camp, Pepsi, unity, Master Kong, with Wahaha, farmer spring, Hui Yuan,
music and other local brands Pepsi challenge, and some third camp brand of
small-scale impact.
Coca-Cola as the world-famous old multinational giants, and Lenovo to take the
famous IT brands such as cooperation in promotion, brand promotion and display a
combination of grafting such as cooperation and hope to use IT brand, fashion, high
technology, advanced to the their products and brands to increase the appeal of
consumer groups, which can increase competition in the market barriers.
The future will increasingly focus on long-term graft marketing, strategic, single to
short period of grafting to improve product sales marketing cooperation will gradually
become less. This is because the cooperation of all parties concerned that the
additional management costs, while companies face competition in the market is long
lasting, and the partners to be able to reduce costs and continue to Jiyu
Jingzhengduishou pressure, will tend to maintain a cooperative relationship Zhang Qi.
Long-term, strategic co-marketing will change the grafting of competition law in
many sectors, making market concentration increased, the number of firms decreased.
Which in turn will make more long-term graft Marketing, more strategic. Therefore,
the future survival of SMEs, the state will be getting worse, not using grafting
marketing model is destined to be out of business.

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