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Until yesterday, internships in Chicago may not be optimistic, they still set the ticket.
Some depression up the whole person. Survival sure no problem, just feel like a few
years of life in the bottom, go through some things right.

   Now that can not practice in the United States, then I began to take on the program
next summer, the year in the UK, and after the summer and after graduation plans for
senior +. Today's thought, that the to the future, to own, make a
comprehensive plan. What is the preferred, if not, then what to do next, if not, then,
how to do. Which I think from now on should think clearly. And no matter what
happens, should be a positive and optimistic attitude to face. Would now like to
criticize his point, before that, do not want to return to Kunming, feel depressed. In
fact, there is a word, where gold will be light. How can parents and their home state if
it so disrespectful. Also the attitude of the mainland, that is how it is my roots. A bad
place, but can not completely deny.

  I feel a lot to learn.

  The grim reality should have a clear understanding.

   In fact, we must have the skills to exceed and to gain and avoid loss. (Tibetan girl
Sonam chat today also found that in fact everyone should be good at using their own
strengths. Her brother is very good at Tibetan painting, the Norwegian School of Art
was selected, a full scholarship. She often went to his own NGO do Projects, using
their own identity and culture, won the favor of these organizations, and therefore to
attract foreign attention.) \

 ?China Resources Group to recruit graduates of British and American, this revelation
of my qualifications and work experience of the United States is very competitive
very popular. My first choice is here At least with these experiences.
   Also think, in fact, the long journey of life, from the beginning may not need so
urgently how to get ahead, slowly, down to go, will go high. Also aware of how
important it is to sell your to learn how to win people's favor in a short time.
In particular, do not understand you people, interviewing skills, job search skills are to
learn. No matter how important you are to let people know we go. Almost everyone,
but they have their own unique, so these essential skills is to learn.
   As Dad said, life is to plan, but not all of life comes under planning. (This is
perhaps the grass playing field monarch said clearance is not the way the game should
not wonderful.) So plans must be comprehensive, must have back-up (back up plan)

  Before a "state of mind calm the mind" is the state for their
understanding of the spirit and dreams, this one is based on their own terms and
planning / strategy realistic.