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									Franklin Roosevelt: The Four Freedoms
Franklin Roosevelt: The Four Freedoms
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The Four Freedom Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin. Roosevelt
Four Freedoms

In the January 6, 1941 to the Congress's message in Franklin. President
Roosevelt asked Congress under the Lend-Lease Act, the necessary weapons and
equipment available to those who think that their defense of the President of the
United States vital national interests. Because of the war approaching, he announced
four "fundamental human freedoms," This announcement is
considered on the American people ready to fight for the most concise statement of

... ... World War in 1914, when a sudden outbreak of this war on our own future the
United States seem only minor threats. However, over time, the American people
began to realize the fall of the democratic countries of our American democracy
would mean.

We do not need too much emphasis on the Treaty of Versailles defects. We need not
deal with repeated talk about the global destruction of all democratic countries, the
problem of failure. We should remember that in 1919 the Peace Treaty and the early
meeting in Munich before the start of the "reconciliation"
(facification) compared to a much smaller degree of injustice; in all continents that
seeks to expand the Under the new order of tyranny, this
"reconciliation" is still carried on. American people are firmly
opposed to the kind of tyranny.

Every realist knows, democratic way of life now being a direct attack on the world -
or force attack, or covert dissemination of malicious propaganda offensive. Those
who spread such propaganda is still attempting to maintain peace in the country do
not undermine the unity and provoke people. 10 months ago, an alarming number of
such attacks in a group of small independent countries, destroy the entire democratic
way of life. The attackers were still looms, threatening other countries large and
... ... As your president, the implementation of the Constitution imposed on me,
"the federal report to Congress on the situation," the
responsibility, I think it must report to you, our country and the future of our
democracy and security and away from our borders have been many Event irresistibly
involved together.

To force the war to defend the survival of democracy is being carried out on four
continents heroic. If this defense of failure, all in Europe, Asia, Africa and
Australia's population and all resources are controlled for conquerors.
These population and resources together, far more than the entire population of the
entire Western Hemisphere and the total number of resources - more than many
times ... ...
Americans are not any realistic hope of peace from a dictator to get international
tolerance, or truly independent restore, or world disarmament, or freedom of
Or religious belief, or even fair trade. This will give us no peace or security of our
neighbors have any. "Those who would rather give up essential liberty in
order to temporarily secure the people; neither the freedom nor the access to
safe." ... ...

I recently pointed out how a modern war can be quickly brought to our side arms
attack, if the authoritarian country to win this war, we must expect the arrival of this
attack ... ...

It is imperative that our actions and our policy should first of all for (almost
specifically) how to deal with this danger from abroad, because all of our domestic
problems are now into the immediate problem of a part of the problem. Just as in
domestic affairs, our policy is to respect the rights of compatriots abroad and within
the dignity of all foundation, in foreign affairs, our national policy has to respect all
the rights and dignity of nations large and small in mind. The last will and moral
principles of justice and will surely win.

Our national policy is:

First, the clearly expressed wishes of the public, and exclude the case of partisanship,
we are committed to a comprehensive national defense.

Second, the clearly expressed wishes of the public and the removal of partisan bias,
we decided to place for any war against aggression resulted in our hemisphere to not
burn Dao all the heroic nation, full support. We use this support, to express our
determination to win the cause of democracy; we must strengthen our own defense
and security.
Third, the clearly expressed wishes of the public and the removal of a non-partisan,
we decided to declare that the basic principles of morality and our own security
concerns, will never allow us to default dictated by the invaders and the
"reconciliation" advocates the praise peace. We know that
lasting peace can not be bought at the expense of others free of ... ...

The new security situation continue to bring our new needs. I will ask Congress to a
substantial increase in new funding and authority to continue the work we have

I also asked this Congress to grant sufficient authority and funding to create a wide
variety of additional munitions and war equipment, supplies and the aggressor who
has actual war country.

We are the most effective and direct task is to act as their and our own arsenal. They
are not human, they need the billions of dollars worth of defense weapons.
Pretty soon, they will be able to use the cash to pay these defensive weapons. We can
not and will not be just because they are unable to pay we know that they must have
weapons, then told they must surrender.

I would not suggest that our loans to them, and then they used to buy weapons and
pay the cost of which - a Xuyong cash to repay loans.

I suggest we try to get those countries to continue war materiel from the United States
and make their orders and plans to tie up our own. Once the time comes, they are
almost all military supplies have all contributed to our own defense.

According to the authority of the Army and Navy experienced proposal and take into
account what is best for our own security, we are free to decide how much should be
retained in the country,
Should be transported to our foreign friends how much. They determined bravery
against the enemy, so that we gain time to prepare for our own defense.

Let us affirm the democratic state: "We Americans are a very caring that
you defend the freedom of the war. We're using our strength, our resources
and strength of our organization, so you have the power to restore and maintain a free
world. We will increasing the number of you sent warships, aircraft, tanks and artillery.
This is our goal and our pledge. "To achieve this goal, we will not hold
back the threat of dictators, these people think we those who dare to resist their
aggression and support for democratic countries, is a violation of international law, it
is an act of war ... ...

Well-being of future generations of Americans may depend on how we can effectively
and efficiently support our impact may be. No one knows, we have to face the
emergency situation is a kind of character is how. Threatened at the national lifeline
when the country's hands must not be entangled. We all have to be ready
and the war itself that is very serious during the request and make the sacrifice. Any
obstacles quickly and efficiently prepare defenses do, must make way for the
country's needs ... ...

As it is not live by bread alone, they are not alone to combat arms. Those who adhere
to our defense and their defense of the people behind the establishment must have the
stamina and courage, all of which came from their way of life is to defend the
attitudes of unshakable faith. We call the great action, it is impossible to ignore all the
things worth fighting based.

Maintain the life of American democracy is at stake with the individual, the whole
country, for the involvement of people understand this and do all kinds of things are
very satisfied, and learn a great power. Those things make up the strong temperament
of our people to rebuild their confidence and strengthen their preparation to defend
against all the various systems of loyalty. Of course, not stop thinking about the social
and economic problems of the time, these problems are the root causes of social
revolution, and Zhe Zhong Ze revolution is today a major factor in the world.

A sound basis for the consolidation of democracy is not mysterious. We the people
hold the political and economic system is very simple and basic expectations. They
are: the youth and other people with equal opportunities; to people who can work to
work; to the need to protect the people in order to protect; termination of privileges
enjoyed by minorities; protection of civil liberties for all; in living standards and ever
more common improve the situation, to enjoy the fruits of scientific progress.

Chaos and extremism in our complex modern world, these are simple and should
never be overlooked basic issues. Our economic and political system and lasting
internal power, depending on the extent they meet these expectations.

Many issues related to our socio-economic needs immediate improvement. For
example: We should make more citizens get old age pension and unemployment
insurance. We should expand that people get adequate medical care opportunity. We
should develop a better system so that those who should have paid employment and
the need for people to employment.

I have called you to make personal sacrifices. I have to be assured that almost every
American willing to respond to my call ... ...

We seek stability in the years ahead, we look forward to a built upon four essential
human freedoms in the world.

The first is anywhere in the world of speech and freedom of expression.
The second is anywhere in the world, everyone has their own way to worship God

The third is freedom from want - this freedom, speaking on the world, is a
harmonious economic relations, it will ensure that residents of every country around
the world have had a healthy peacetime life.

The fourth is freedom from fear - this freedom, speaking on the world, is the
worldwide reduction of armaments, to be in a thorough way to reduce it to such an
extent that: to ensure that no country in the world capable of any region to the world
armed aggression against any neighboring countries.

This is not a slim golden age of vision, but our time and our generation can achieve a
solid foundation of the world, this world, and the dictator would like to use bombs to
create the so-called "new order "Tyranny is the opposite.

For them the new order, we are a great idea - the moral order to confront with. A
superior society, can face the same without fear and conquer the world revolution in
the foreign-made plot.

From the United States history, we have been engaged in the reform - a permanent
peaceful revolution - a continuous and silent revolution adapt to environmental
change - does not require any concentration camps or mass graves. The world order
we seek is the cooperation between free nations, and in a friendly, civilized society

This country, its fate has handed the hands of its millions of free men and women, in
brain and heart; to it by God for the freedom of belief in the guidelines. Freedom
means that any local human rights are paramount. Where to obtain or maintain such
rights struggle, we have to support it. Our strength is our unity of purpose.

To achieve this noble idea, we do not never-ending victory.

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