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      Problem Solving: A rummage Fox brother books, sometimes a little readily
extract, accumulate, and also a little mean, so come to share. Each is very short,
according to newspaper practice to do so doing the length of the general field, so
called "Sidebar." Each figure is the front entry of the year and
0907 Wu Jinglian the Rule of Law: the modern rule of law is a set of fundamental
justice in accordance with recognized legal action to regulate people. First,
standardize government behavior, and the second is to regulate the behavior of market
participants. Under this set of legal norms, all in their place, we have carried forward
each person's personality, but also not for mutual infringement, confused
0907 of over ninety of the opera house has been fu Liu, "Imperial family
opera," wrote the preface: "The family, required the three
generations, said the family side. Dynasties could not be called for the family, the
father can only be called sub-contractors industry, or the door came ... ... "
0907 North Korean relations with China is always "something great
tradition" and "self-orientation" of the complex
interplay of the road. Historically, China's diplomacy in North Korea,
although the tributary relationship generally recognized, but there is always the
sovereign          state       both       "centripetal"            and
"eccentric" mixed feelings.
0907 graduated from the Chengdu College of TCM, said Cai Jin: 2007 anniversary, I
went back to his alma mater, back to school alumni find most lost, very sad heart. I
think that the modern Chinese education system is almost a complete failure, it is the
true spirit of traditional medicine from getting away.
0907 Jiang Ping (former president of China University of Political Science, jurists)
said: What is the rule of law-oriented market economy is still dominated by rich and
powerful, I think this is precisely the core issue facing the Chinese economy.
Originally the market is based on "equal opportunities" to its
essence, but the reality in China is often not equal opportunity, but by the power to
plunder, was money to buy to go. Only the rule of law to legally ensure
"equality of opportunity." Therefore, the market itself is not
corrupt, too, but the elite had dominated the market.
0908 Hannah Arendt (Jewish, "The Origins of Totalitarianism,"
the author, who studied with Heidegger and Jaspers) said that the purpose of
totalitarian education has never been cultivated faith, but to undermine the formation
of beliefs capacity.
0908 now, "comes in different forms, your mom is calling you home for
dinner!" An official familiar with the people. And Yu wrote a poem years
ago, "Wen Liang was scolded," which this sentence:
"... ... in the side alley \ small nose are blowing in, brandish toy sword
\ ... ... Time is the voice of the mother, a 1 \ called home, the little snot. mother said \
not late, go home for dinner \ ... ...
0908 Yu was asked why Li Ao's scolded him for many years he was not
anti-pry? I said: "He has called me, I remained silent, indicating that his
life can not live without me, but I can live without him."
0908 July 8, 1998, China's Internet users have begun called
"netizens." By the China Science and Technology Committee
for Terms in the second group also released the field of information science and
technology terms, the "Internet user" is the Chinese
"netizens" named.
0908 Legend snowster the erotic painting well, because he used prostitutes and
mistresses as nude models. However, the Tang Zuochun House has not handed down.
Germany is said to have a private museum collection of 12 erotic album, priceless. If
Poly Corporation (purchased land where the most exciting first Yuanmingyuan Zodiac
copper company) do not do hands-on acquisitions to come back, maybe we should
register the Korean erotic art for their cultural heritage it! Because the film starring
Bae Yong "scandal", the erotic pictures that have been taking
0908 Coca-Cola (coca-cola) in the 19th century by British companies and old Jin
Long Matheson as the introduction of health drinks in Shanghai, China. Its Chinese
name is an inspection tour of the Qing Dynasty went to Europe and the United States
government officials taken, from "Zhuangzi" "Zu
Lei tangelo, which can be claimed as the opposite of its taste mouth," and
Liu Ji's poem "unique smell of Hong Lan, The most fascinating
Korea Coke. " Coca-Cola was occupied by the Shanghai market, but soon
lost to the local secretion of Shanghai and the Watsons Water bottling production
music tastes similar but much cheaper price of "SARS water."
1949 Coca-Cola out of the country, to re-enter China in the 1980s.
0908 Jincheng scatter flowers House, built in the Sui Dynasty to open Emperor years,
the address was called Yangcheng door, about the current location of East Gate
openings. Disrepair after the Ming Dynasty, the 1950s left empty city buildings and
soil walls, even after the wall is removed. Now the construction of a West Side Baihua
Tan Antique House floor, called scatter flowers, reason.
0908 painters, calligraphers and collectors Tong Yan Fang said that China is the
biggest confusion is the auction: auction is difficult to find, it is difficult to find the
next home, money or even more difficult to find people under the house.
0908 CHEN Si and said, "Mao Dun Literature Award" prestige
is not high, not because of too many good works did not win, but won an award too
much mediocre work.
0908 is the University System of Contemporary Literature as Discipline, the
establishment of a number of regulatory requirements, sensitive detection and rapid
response to write the literature review can not meet the academic evaluation of the
quantitative requirements, resulting in post-graduate study contemporary literature
from the literature creation, the more the development of discipline and training
graduate students more modern and contemporary literary criticism team weaker.
0908 Ming Dai "meaning ancient and modern mass Lie" in a
"meat as tigers, ice Gu soup pan." Yun before an allusion from
"Two Poems by Li Weigong title" "meat as a
bureaucrat forget ladle and chopsticks," said Liao ranking positions will be
as meat, ate them with spoons and chopsticks are not. Dai of these two is righteous
people in to see tigers only when a meat soup to see people cooking wok only if there
is no heat. Tang, surnamed Li, was given the title defending public figures, in addition
to Li Jing, also ranking positions, here is the latter.
0908 French do not eat ginger, that ginger is an aphrodisiac, after eating can be urging
significant increase in sexual desire. On this interpretation of the Chinese population,
is the habit of eating ginger caused.
0908 French poet Valery said that all philosophy can be summarized as hard to find
you will naturally know.
0908 Aristotle on the "rule of law" is defined as: "the
rule of law should include two kinds of meaning: Cheng Li's 法律 have
universal obedience; and Tai Jia Fu obey the law they should be good to formulate the
law." Simple expression can are: the rule of law Rule of Good Law +
equality before the law.
0908 under the "Dictionary of Chinese operas", a total of 335
operas. Also under the "Music Culture", Chinese opera and
cultural events from independence to now there have been 800 years time, to have
nearly 300 contemporary opera can be performed. 1956 to 1957, according to
"dig Bottom", the purpose may apply well-known drama track
with 51,867, recorded a 14 632.
0908 Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said that in politics, if you
want to brag, ask a man to; If you want to do something, ask a woman to go.
0908 Yi Xianrong said: In a mature market system, enterprises and industries, the
average investment return rate, that is through effective market competition
mechanism for the corporate return on investment at an average level. Even if
sometimes be excess profits or profits, market competition will soon become the
average of such excess profits. However, some industries in China, some enterprises
may be one, two or even ten years of high profits. Not because of how hard this
industry or enterprise and innovation, but the legal system has created such an unfair
and excessive profits. Such as years of huge profits in real estate business, our system
rules in their favor, not only benefit consumers.

0908 "I know you are peeping, but I pretended not to know."
Humorous Understanding that this is the blog of the ultimate pleasure.
0908 Cicero to "jealousy" is defined as: "to see other
people happy because of the grief caused." Chinese cultural soil of
breeding and conniving jealousy, its political system does not provide long-term fair,
free and open social environment than their own personal hard by aggressive
self-object of envy, settling down is just jealous. Folk wisdom is mostly to prevent
jealousy, such as "tree attracts the wind," "good deed
goes unpunished," and so on; daily life help jealous also rife with
institutional arrangements to succeed, such as the household registration system to
report cases, mass appraisal, before their appointment, etc. everything.
0908 Chengdu street stall lie and once the money is now to be the sugar art
"non-left", had to be persuaded that there was no urban
management; now urban management is done Jifeigoutiao hawkers, how can we
know the future has not been killed, "non- genetic "master.
0908 Jewish Disraeli (April 1881 death, he was the British prime minister) told a
Jewish youth, said: "You and I belong to a nation, we can do is to not
0908 Lee Kuan Yew said that the twentieth century the greatest invention of mankind
is air conditioning, because of this thing, the people of Singapore can be as bitter and
cold areas as people thought some philosophical problem.
0908 Xu Cheng, said the Vatican to see the dotted cursive see it, see the place not do it;
regular script is not, regular script written rules, it is easy to stiff, depends on where it
hit move.
0908 Fan Cheng Xu said, when he was talking with Lu Xun, Xu Guangping was
unhappy to go, they talk about Xu Guangping do not know.
0908 Zhao Liya Q. Xu Fan Cheng, Lu Xun's why the good curse? Xu said
it was too thick Tao Lu treat people, because the kind that is, an encounter evil, too
can not allow, of course, scolded again.
0908 success and the emperor, presented a packet to the hero Liu Bowen, which is
equipped with razors and Dudie that can help opening encounter distress. Later, the
difficulty of construction paper, he made a monk, to the body.
0908 some politicians said, and now officials say the new social groups, can not be
said to; and vulnerable groups to speak, could not go on; and young students to speak
and refused to go; with old comrades to speak, was the top back. On many occasions,
the authorities who are in a state of aphasia.
0908 painter Paul Cezanne that the human brain is more important to the visual
organs. Science now recognizes, the penetration of photons eyes just long march the
first step in the process of including complex brain visual thinking and imagination,
vision is realistic to reconstruct.
0908 Beijing's "Left" are mostly members of youth
literature; Shanghai "Left" are all members of the basic writer.
So Beijing "Left" and many have become professional
revolutionaries, became the senior leaders.
0908 U.S. academics at home, said Min, Deng Tuo is actually a hidden dissident.
Bin-Bin Wang believes that Deng Tuo is a highly politicized intellectuals, is willing to
write obeyed literature.
0908 Thucydides ("History of the Peloponnesian War," the
author) said that in ancient times the people encountered along the Mediterranean Sea
to the stranger, it will ask "Are you pirate?" People are not
being asked find offensive.
0908 Lu weeks (National Defense University professor) said: I take a subject in 2005
survey was 10 565 copies of valid data. When asked to see
"reform" the word of the first reaction, "they are
not", "some in conflict," the ratio of 56%. Surveyed
officials, enterprises and other senior officers see the "reform"
more to the performance of the first response to "some exciting";
and more to the performance of professional and technical staff as "they
are not"; retired, unemployed , migrant workers and the unemployed were
more likely to show as "some conflict." I believe that, if the
interests of the outside of the system is relatively impaired this force was filled with
some emotion, then, is not about "ism", just about interests.
0908 Junonia, said Liu was believed in the "politics first"
Remarkable. In her view, patriarchal morality, but also sort of true value? There is no
pity to go with the foot that is!
0908 bbc news Malihapo like to interview hijacked "Sirius's
name," Somali pirates, but could not get calls. She actually opened up a
12-year-old daughter, she said: "Hey! I can tell the pirates say
something?" May be the voice of the little girl moved pirates Malihapo did
an exclusive interview on the pirates.
0908 Zhao Ding said a new, utopian spirit and idealism is the main pillar of social
progress, on the way Chinese intellectuals to act now, these little spirit in China.
However, if politics is too perfect, often by some politicians as "good
command" and the kidnapping of history, a huge disaster to the people.
0908 China 45 462 township government, even if calculated in accordance with 800
million farmers, under the jurisdiction of each town an average of 17,600 people. But
no matter how much the township, fiscal revenue, they could require institutions to set
"up and down counterparts." The poorer the region, access to
the greater attractiveness of the township government, township organizations so
bloated inflation worsened.

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