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123 Elm Street, Miami, FL 33183, 305-555-5555, jkendall@notmail.com

ABC PRINTMAKER – Manager, Textile Design, Miami, FL                                                    20xx-20xx
   Supervised design direction and sourcing for various clients, including Neiman’s catalogue, Talbots, Garnet
   Hill catalogue, Sundance catalogue, and Coldwater Creek. Produced sketches for client review and
   approval as well as print or novelty colorations. Sketched from store-bought or vintage garments. Interacted
   with product development teams and merchants to review business; assisted with designing new products.
   Traveled to PV and Texworld twice yearly; shopped stores in Paris, London, and Milan.

   Select Achievements:
       •   Suggested improvements to cataloguing existing artwork, which saved the company $4,000 per
           season. Recommended additional shopping in New York to save money on samples.
       •   Interpreted vintage and store-bought garments to capture styles while maintaining pricing
           parameters. Leveraged in-depth knowledge of garment construction to make effective decisions.
       •   Reduced purchasing expenses by approximately 20% through sketching from sight instead of
           purchasing garments in stores. Developed a number of styles that became best sellers and were re-
           orders for multiple seasons.
       •   Diversified the product offering in a highly competitive market; opened new sourcing avenues for
           novelties. Initiated the effort to obtain yarn-dye novelty pant and skirt orders, resulting in an
           11,000-piece order from Talbots.
       •   Reorganized a comprehensive print library to utilize existing prints as well as new prints from
           studios, saving $600 per print.
       •   Sourced and collaborated with the design director for the open print line to add yarn-dye and
           jacquard novelties to the line, resulting in new business for the collection.

BCD TEXTILES – Textile Designer, Miami, FL                                                             20xx-20xx
   Presented sketches and fabric selections to clients, including Dayton Hudson, Nordstrom’s, and Dillard’s,
   among others. Sourced fabric market for new novelties; produced seasonal trend boards. Shopped Paris,
   London, and Milan. Attended PV.
   Select Achievements:
       •   Increased the company’s fabric sourcing base by approximately 75%; added additional mills in
           Europe and Asia to the vendor matrix.
       •   Partnered with the private label design director of Dillard’s in Little Rock, AR, to produce trend
           boards, increasing business with the client by 15%.

CDE APPAREL – Designer / Fabric Researcher (20xx-20xx)
DEF FASHION – Fabric Researcher (20xx-20xx)
EFG AND COMPANY – Assistant Designer (20xx-20xx)
FGH CLOTHIER – Assistant Designer (20xx-20xx)

                                   EDUCATION / AFFILIATIONS
                Associate of Applied Science, FASHION INSTITUTE OF ART, New York, NY
            Bachelor of Arts in Art, PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY, University Park, PA

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