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Dedicated to the production efficiency, quality, style, and salability.

EXPERIENCE:         DIRECTOR OF PRODUCTION, CLUB ABC, Miami, FL                                              11/20xx-04/20xx
                    Directed all aspects of product development for Club ABC accessories, including fabric, leather, and
                    hardware sourcing/development. Oversaw numerous product categories such as Handbags, Men’s Bags,
                    Women’s and Men’s Belts, SLG(s), Gloves, Hats, and Shoes. Partnered with designers to maintain design
                    intent and provide technical advice/construction solutions. Led production communication overseas,
                    traveling abroad as needed. Approved all accessories components. Identified best costing options/solutions.
                    Communicated all collection changes to the vendor. Enforced 100% inspection and testing of all hardware
                    pieces prior to production shipping.
                    •   Began with the company in November 20xx as Senior Production Manager, and after three months, was
                        promoted to Director to lead Pre-production and Production for Accessories.
                    •   Quickly resolved several major production issues affecting key products.
                    •   Created the Product Status Report as a vehicle for communicating key components to vendors.

                    DIRECTOR OF PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT, BCD STYLE, Miami, FL                                   03/20xx-10/20xx
                    Led all aspects of product development for the handbag line, directing the sourcing and development of
                    fabric, leather, and hardware. Worked closely with designers to maintain design integrity; provided
                    technical advice and construction solutions. Maintained clear international communication and traveled
                    overseas. Approved leather color/components and identified best costing options. Proactively
                    communicated collection changes. Ensured full compliance with inspection and testing standards.
                    •   Successfully oversaw the development of newly launched travel, trolley, and duffle bags currently in
                        the BCD lifestyle stores. Managed the first launch of the Giftables Program.
                    •   Moved key hardware pieces to a new plating company that was able to match the BCD antique brass
                        color standard, enabling the approval of production pieces and timely delivery for Holiday 20xx.
                    •   Established the process of producing hardware, fabric, and leather approval binders for library archive.
                    •   Created standardized product development and pre-production comment forms to clarify component
                        and product specifications.

                    PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, CDE HANDBAGS, Miami, FL                                     06/20xx-03/20xx
                    Provided in-depth product development, hardware specifications, and leather dips; coordinated handbag
                    components. Developed detailed technical drawings to clarify design details and construction directions for
                    internal and foreign factories. Managed daily QC meetings to ensure all handbag products fully adhered to
                    Coach standards. Traveled to factories in Hong Kong, Dongguan, and Xiamen. Continually sought methods
                    to lower handbag costs without compromising the original design.

                    •   Represented the Design Department in China to finalize development on key groups for Fall 2005.
                    •   Created a comprehensive reference library of all design cards and technical design corrections.
                    •   Oversaw and co-designed the Michelle Branch CDE bag featured in Jane magazine.
                    •   Requested by the VP to train new team members on key technical terms and construction principles.
                    •   Specialized in managing SKU additions and significant special projects for public relations, editorials,
                        and store exclusives.

EDUCATION:          Associate’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising, XYZ School • 20xx

TECHNICAL:          Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint), Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,
                    Karat, OptiTex, Epson Image Expert, Garpac, PDM, WebPDM, and Pegman EZ

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