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									                                                      JESSE KENDALL
                                 123 Elm Street, Miami, FL 33183, 305-555-5555,

Creative thinking apparel design supervisor with more than 20 years of experience managing product line development. Adept at
interfacing with clients and building relationships to drastically expand businesses into multi-million dollar industry leaders. Proficient in
managing design process of denim and non-denim lines, supported by extensive trend research and presentations. Strong problem
solver and communicator who manages and trains employees to achieve their professional best. Areas of expertise include:

 Garment Construction ⋅ Fittings ⋅ Team Management ⋅ Private Label Accounts ⋅ Buyer Relations ⋅ Trend Recaps ⋅ Branding ⋅ Sample
    Garments ⋅ Fabric Development ⋅ Sales Analysis ⋅ Marketing Trends ⋅ Quote Packages ⋅ Vendor Relations ⋅ Sales / Marketing
 Management Collaboration ⋅ Client / Account Relations ⋅ Wash Standard Development ⋅ Rough / Detailed Drawings ⋅ Design Specs
                                            Price Points ⋅ Target Market Identification

                                                         LEADERSHIP HISTORY
                                      DESIGN DIRECTOR, 20XX to 20XX | ABC APPAREL –⋅ MIAMI, FL
Oversaw team of three to five Designers and Assistant Designers, managing creative process of all denim and non-denim bottoms,
jackets, vests, and dresses from concept to development. Supervised employee workloads, and followed market calendar to ensure
monthly deadlines were met. Serviced specialty shops to department stores in varying price ranges. Developed and managed separate
lines for private label accounts. Researched trends extensively, collaborating with trend services for color and style direction. Shopped
Europe and domestic market for trends and to determine design direction for each season. Directed trend presentations for sales to
communicate concepts and direction to Buyers. Created trend recaps for Sales and Marketing Departments.

Key Achievements
        More than doubled revenue from largest account, Charlotte Russe, contributing to company’s $40 million in business
        (according to company estimate). Other accounts included Mandee, Forever 21, Vanity, Deb Shops, Macy’s, 579, Wet Seal,
        Body Shop, Alloy, and Rainbow Shops.
        Launched and developed woven top line from concept to arranging samples and secured orders from nine companies, all
        while understaffed. Created all denim washes and techniques for bottom jean line.
        Built outstanding relationships with factories overseas, collaborating with them to meet deadlines and deliver products.
        Worked with Sourcing Team and factories to develop fabric, washes, trim, and accessories for line.
        Continued to manage smooth design operations despite occasions when company employed only one Designer and two
                                 DESIGN DIRECTOR, 20XX to 20XX | BCD CLOTHING COMPANY –⋅ MIAMI, FL
Oversaw private label accounts in all divisions. Visited all accounts and worked directly with Buyers, delivering trend presentations that
focused on key items. Established new denim washes and finishes on non-denim fabrics each season. Traveled overseas to work with
sample units and suppliers to deliver line domestically.

Key Achievements
        Served vital role in company’s expansion from $4 million to $50 million business by offering in-demand product, applying
        optimal account relations, and traveling with Buyers to deliver trend presentations. Developed spec sheets, started Technical
        Department, interfaced with Production Department, and trained employees on apparel industry.
        Played key role in securing Wal-Mart accounts. Helped build relationship with Faded Glory Brand Managers, designed all
        trend presentations, created Buyer handouts, and interfaced with owners to deliver major trend presentations to DMM and
        GMM Buyers.
                                                  CREDENTIALS / TECHNICAL SKILLS
                                      Associate of Applied Science, Fashion Institute of Technology
                                        Associate of Applied Science, XYZ Community College

                               Technical skills include: MS Word, Excel; Photoshop; Knowledge of Illustrator

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