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									Forbes released a list of the richest
   Beijing    on      March      10,    according    to     foreign    media      reports,
"Forbes" magazine Wednesday launched the world's
richest in 2010, ranked third last year, the Mexican telecommunications giant
Kaluosisi Slim - Slim (Carlos Slim Helu) re- back to top. This is the title of
world's richest man, the third time within three years, changed hands.
"Forbes" estimated Slim - Nikita total assets reached 53.5
billion U.S. dollars, representing an increase of 18.5 billion years ago. In the past year,
the Mexican telecommunications company America (America Movil SAB) gained
35%. Slim - Slim owns shares of the company's market capitalization
reached 23 billion U.S. dollars. Microsoft shares rose driven by the Microsoft
co-founder and chairman Bill Gates (Bill Gates) in the past year, up 13 billion U.S.
dollars of assets. But still the world's richest man Bill Gates ceded the title
Slim - Helu. In the previous 15 years, Gates has been named as the world's
richest 14. 2008, the world's richest man, Warren Buffett shares God
(Warren Buffett) assets increased by 10 billion U.S. dollars, but still from last
year's second place fell to the third. (Compile / loudly)
Following the "Forbes" newly recognized Top of the
world's richest top 10:

1, Kaluosisi Slim - Slim (Carlos Slim Helu, Mexico), the net assets of 53.5 billion U.S.
2, Bill Gates (Bill Gates, United States), the net assets of 53 billion U.S. dollars
3, Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett, the United States), the net assets of 47 billion U.S.
4, 穆凯什阿姆 Barney (Mukesh Ambani, India), the net assets of 29 billion U.S.
5, Lashimimi Rosenthal (Lakshmi Mittal, India), the net assets of 28.7 billion U.S.
6, Larry Ellison (Lawrence Ellison, United States), the net assets of 28 billion U.S.
7, 纳德阿尔诺 (Bernard Arnault, France), the net assets of 27.5 billion U.S. dollars
8, Aijibate Star (Eike F. Batista, Brazil), the net assets of 27 billion U.S. dollars
9, 阿曼西奥奥 Ortega (Amancio Ortega, Spain), the net assets of 25 billion U.S.
10, 卡尔阿尔巴 Chet (Karl Albrecht, Germany), the net assets of 23.5 billion U.S.
The world's 10 richest tech industry rankings:
1, Bill Gates (Bill Gates, United States), the net assets of 53 billion U.S. dollars
2, Larry Ellison (Lawrence Ellison, United States), the net assets of 28 billion U.S.
3, Google co-founder Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin, the United States), the net assets of
17.5 billion U.S. dollars
4, Google co-founder Larry Page (Larry Page, United States), the net assets of 17.5
billion U.S. dollars
5, Wipro (Wipro) president 阿齐姆普莱姆 base (Azim Premji, India), the net assets
of 17 billion U.S. dollars
6, Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer, United States), the net assets of 14.5 billion U.S.
7, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen (Paul Allen, United States), the net assets of 13.5
billion U.S. dollars
8, Michael Dell (Michael Dell, the United States), the net assets of 13.5 billion U.S.
9, Jeff Bezos (Jeffrey Bezos, the United States), the net assets of 12.3 billion U.S.
10, Ernesto Bertarelli, Switzerland, the net assets of 10 billion U.S. dollars
               Wahaha Group Chairman Zong information
   About Nationality: The People's Republic of China nationality
   Position: Chairman of Wahaha Group
   Glory: 2010 Forbes Rich List to 7 billion U.S. dollars of net assets of the mainland
ranked top place among the world's richest 103
   The new Rolls-Royce 500 richest people Wealth No. 54, 2.02 billion yuan.
   Headquarters: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
   Main industries: beverages, children's clothing
   Position in Industry: China's largest beverage manufacturer
   May 2003 "SARS" epidemic ended, Zong ahead of
competitors will be sent to a large number of beverage retail terminals, to make sales
to achieve a 16% annual growth in total annual sales of nearly 100 million yuan.
"Wahaha" children's wear industry now has more
than 800 stores.
   Wahaha products has reached the national per capita consumption of 10 bottles or
more of the figures. In 2003, the company's revenue topped 10 billion yuan
mark, as the world's fifth-largest beverage company, second only to
Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Cadbury, Curt the four multinational companies. In 2007, Wahaha
turnover of over 25 billion yuan.
   1996, Zong out the best five earnings workshop, to 45 million U.S. dollars in price,
sold to Danone, 51% of shares of Peregrine.
   In 2007, Danone trying to use low-cost 4 billion yuan of non-joint venture Wahaha
strong buy 51% stake, Zong flatly refused, a focus on Zong and the battle between
Danone slowly opened ... ...
   In 2008, despite strong buy by Danone scandals, under the leadership of Wahaha,
Zong sales growth, sales increased 40% over the first half, total sales break through
30 billion yuan mark.
   (For the latest information, the proposed reference to a management
expert's new book, "Zong and Wahaha, a Chinese famous
enterprises in-depth research," more objective, do deep)
   Personal Learning Experience
   1963-1964, Zhejiang Zhoushan horse farm projects;
   1964-1978, the Zhejiang Jiang Lvxing farm operation;
   1978-1979, Hangzhou run carton factory workers and peasants, salesman;
   1979-1980, Hangzhou Electric Instrument Factory is responsible for light
production and sales management;
   1981-1982, Hangzhou Electric Instrument Factory production and sales
management success;
   1982-1986, Hangzhou school factory workers and peasants, salesman;
   1986-1987, Hangzhou City Distribution Division Manager run enterprises;
   1987-1991, director of Hangzhou Wahaha Nutritional Food Factory;
   Since 1991, the Hangzhou Wahaha Group Corporation.
   1981-1983 University of industrial enterprises in Hangzhou workers amateur
   1987-1988 Director of China (Managers) of business leaders will learn
   1987-1988 Science, Zhejiang TV business leaders,
   1987 Party School Business Management.
   Political situation
   2003,2008, he was elected the tenth National People's Congress,
representatives of the eleventh.
   Zhejiang People's Congress elected in 1998, Hangzhou
People's Congress.
   Food Society of Zhejiang Province in 1999, Vice Chairman of the Third Council in
1998, Beverage Industry Association of Zhejiang Province;
   1997 Vice President of the Chinese Health Food Association; 1996 China Industrial
Economic Association executive director.
   Business process
   Zong Chang Tso-lin men grandfather was minister of finance, the father had been a
staff member in the Kuomintang government. After 1949, Zong family is very poor, 5
siblings, father unemployed, mother alone to do the wages of primary school teachers
live. After graduating from junior high school, Zong to dig Zhoushan Mame farm salt,
salt production, salt challenge.
   In 1978, the 33-year-old Zong back to Hangzhou, into the school-run factory as a
   1987, Zong contract when the sales department run enterprises, has 42 years of age.
Were riding a tricycle to the delivery, the smallest amount of business earned only a
   In 1988, the "Wahaha" Child nutrition launched quickly
became popular.
   In 1991, the merger canned food factory in Hangzhou, the three months to turn
around, the second year of sales, profits and taxes will increase by 1 percent.
   In 1996, Wahaha's products extend to children's nutrition,
milk beverages, bottled water, the three series.
   In 1996, a joint venture with the Danone Group has five companies.
   In 1998, the launch of Cola.
   May 2002, Wahaha Kids show in Beijing conference, the first step in starting of
   By the end of 2002, Wahaha has 22 provinces and cities outside of Zhejiang has
established production bases 30, 2002, Wahaha beverages produced 3.23 million tons,
accounting for 16% of beverage production.
   In 2007, with the Danone Group carry out business in the history of
China's most intense legal battle.
   Business ideas
   Stubborn Zong convinced themselves that the successful experience and set of rules,
but dismissed for mainstream theory. It has been asked: "What strategies
Wahaha set?" Zong said: "Wahaha no strategy, I will not
consider the matter after 2089, only consider the matter tomorrow."
   Zong annual two-thirds of the time line running in the market. August 2002, for the
new factory site inspection, Zong 12 days traveled half of China. Zong has not
participated in any sport, including golf, including leisure activities.
   In Zong view, "there is no effective brand will have no value."
Profit is the entrepreneur's duty, all branding and marketing design are
based on "profit is visible" under the premise. Pioneered the use
of "evidence advertisement", the advertising slogan without
culture and artistic taste, but audiences have inflammatory, directly pulled up sales.
   Wahaha executives to enrich fresh blood, but very few returnees suddenly airborne
or reform agency, has not implemented the brand manager system.
   3.2 Marketing
   Created a unique sales model to jointly sell the body will be more than 3,000
distributors, 30 000 -4 10 000 2 dealers and Wahaha bound together. This extreme
"closed sales" structure (ie, zoning and rule among dealers,
mutual non-changing products in violation are liable to severe punishment, and even
cancellation of dealer status), making its distribution network to maintain a very
stable price system. Coupled with the cost and distribution system in
Zong's strictly controlled to ensure dealers are making money, so to
maintain the loyalty of the dealer teams.
   Each year billions of dollars in drinks promotion and distribution center to be
completed by a market, it is also a high concentration of market management action
mode. If part of decoupling is likely to lead to collapse. Treatment of dealer
management is also more stringent, one has to deposit the system, adhere to the
principle of the first paragraph after the goods; second is to ask the dealer focused
exclusively Wahaha do not make other similar brands; Third, changing commodity
prices drop, etc. offenders punished without mercy.
   3.3 diversified
   The end of 2003, Zong said. "To maintain the leading position of
Wahaha, must now do a number of diverse things seriously."
   Back in May 2002, Wahaha has taken the first step of diversification:
children's clothing. The former is expected soon to reach 1 billion annual
sales, and to seize every opportunity to enter casual wear, men's and
women's field, but by 2003, children's clothing
company's production is only 173 million, profit 20 million.
   Zong eyes, Wahaha real diversification projects, the day of. This is the area of mass
consumer goods, most lucrative piece of cake. Wahaha plans to launch
"shampoo, bath gel and body cream and other" products.
   Zong of concern to Japan, has two to three years. He said that despite the intense
competition on the area, but "the big foreign companies may have
peaked," and "an enterprise that is the time to
   In Zong's eyes, a maturing market, than a market to be cultivated and
more into the value; The best way to follow up, is to change the rules of the game in
the past.
   3.4 to monopolize all powers
   Zong is often said to his greatest impact was Mao Zedong. Zong said:
"you look at the success of large enterprises in China now, is a strong
leader, are all powers to himself, but also authoritarian. I think the Enterprises in
China at this stage to do a good job, you have tyranny and liberal .
"Wahaha Group is not established until now deputy general manager,
production, sales and other areas of the management is served by the various ministers.
Industry is also rumored to "buy a broom to be signed by
   Were no computer desk. So far, he still likes to use "Zhupi"
document to give orders, and sometimes the sales person to write a monthly briefing
and inspection market with telephone instructions directly subordinate quickly. Some
people see a report of their subordinate managers, the beginning of the first sentence
is: "According to your instructions ... ...."
   3.5 All private transfiguration
   Zong stressed that by the year 2000, Wahaha be 100% state-owned. "In
fact the state a penny to vote no."
   In the 2000 restructuring, the number and staff from the government bought back
55% of the shares of Wahaha Group, Wahaha to achieve "full
ownership." Among them, 30% of shares accounted Zong, senior
management 5%, 20% of employees. 46% of the shares owned by the Hangzhou City
Asset Management Limited owns.
   There have been calculations account: the total assets of 6.6 billion by Wahaha
(recent data) of dollars, Zong's personal assets reached 1.98 billion.
Wahaha internal argument, much higher than this figure.
   Media, in the still state-owned holding of Wahaha Group, the Zong and his family a
way to set up offshore holding a number of true "family
business", holding a number of non-Wahaha joint ventures, and even the
phenomenon of cross shareholdings. Currently, more than 40 non-Wahaha joint
venture behind, has identified 10 offshore from the above that non-joint venture
companies to invest directly up to 26, in the Wahaha joint venture, the system of
non-vital. These non-joint venture companies also generate huge profits.
   Wahaha Group
   Wahaha spokesman Shan Kai Ning said: June 6, Zong, chairman of Wahaha Group
Co., Ltd. has a joint venture Wahaha and Danone joint venture board of directors
resigned as chairman of the board positions.
   June 7, 2007, Shanghai, Zong resigned from Wahaha joint venture chairman.
Danone appointed vice chairman of the joint venture is currently seeking temporary
replacement Fan Yi, chairman of the post.
   Organization in 1987 to develop children's nutrition, and create the
Hangzhou Wahaha Nutritional Food Factory. 1991 annexation of canned food factory
in Hangzhou, Wahaha Group set up. Since 1994, worked in Fuling, Yichang,
Guangyuan, red safety, Jingyu invest and build factories and other places. In 1998,
Wahaha launched a series of carbonated beverage is cola.
   27 provinces and cities in the country built more than 80 joint holding, joint stock
companies, with nearly 20,000 employees, total assets of 8.8 billion. Mainly engaged
in food and beverage development, production and sales, has an annual production
capacity of 6 million tons and drinks to match with the pot, bottle, cap and other
auxiliary production system, mainly produces milk drinks, bottled water, carbonated
drinks, tea drinks, fruit drinks, canned food, medicine and health care products, snack
foods and other eight categories, more than 60 varieties of products, including bottled
water, milk beverages, eight-treasure porridge, canned over the years has been
ranking first in production and sales . In 2005, the company achieved operating
income of 14.1 billion in assets, production, sales revenue, profit, profit tax and other
indicators for 8 consecutive years ranked first in China's beverage industry.
   Wahaha 18 years and paid taxes to the state total over four billion yuan to subsidize
education and various social welfare services more than 200 million yuan; the
development of agricultural and sideline products deep processing project, 18 kinds of
agricultural products in total procurement value of more than 60 billion; invest and
build factories with more than 30.
   The company received the honor over the years
   520 key state enterprises, the State Council
   "Wahaha" China Famous Brand
   Three consecutive years won the "National Advanced Enterprise of
Quality and Efficiency"
   Three consecutive years of the "outstanding scientific and technological
progress of China Food Industry Enterprise"
   National Quality Management Advanced Enterprise
   National counterpart support for the resettlement work should be done
   Award for Outstanding Contribution to Chinese Enterprise Management
   The first batch of "heavy contract, keep promise" business
   Industrial and commercial enterprises nationwide credit rating was AAA credit
   2001-2005 for five consecutive years the most respected companies in China
   Wahaha bottled pure water as the national exemption product, brand-name products
in China
   Wahaha fruit juice brand in China
   Advanced group collaboration with the National Poverty things
   2005CCTV my favorite Chinese brand
   Dispute over cases
   Commercial in the history of contemporary China's most intense
conflicts in a joint venture.
   In 1996, Wahaha and Danone Group, Hong Kong Peregrine co-funded company set
up five joint venture, but the Asian financial crisis, Peregrine shares will be sold
outside of Danone, Danone rose 51% to absolute controlling position. At that time, up
to propose the "Wahaha" trademark transferred to its joint
venture company, but the State Trademark Bureau of the opposition, both altered
tickets are the "yin and yang contract." It is such a contract, the
focus of a future dispute both sides. "Dawa dispute" also peaked
in 2007.
   Danone that Zong joint venture with Danone, the privately set up more than 40
joint venture companies with competing non-joint venture companies, while making
use of the joint venture's sales channels, but were I in the non-joint venture
companies have equity, the highest can reach 70%. Zong such acts in violation of
"noncompete" clause.
   From April Wahaha joint venture companies are non-M derivatives Danone faced a
"war of words" to the chairman of the joint venture was Zong
resigned from office, frequent and open exchange of punches between the two playing
the "litigation war."
   The key dispute over cases that Zong set up these "joint
ventures" is on the Danone Wahaha joint venture companies with
trademark rights and legitimate profits created against.
   June 2007, up to the Supreme Court of California in Los Angeles indicted Ever
Maple Trading, Hangzhou Hongsheng, were Fuli and Shiyou Zhen (Zong's
daughter, wife).
   November 2007, four Danone companies in the Virgin Islands and Samoa to the
demands of both the local court, after the decree signed by the court, asked to host the
company-managed, temporary custodian and a freeze, including Hang Fung Trading
Co. company, Wing Fai Investment Limited, including 10 offshore assets of the
company Wahaha. It is understood that KPMG has been appointed as the British
Virgin Islands, eight offshore companies hosting company, and another independent
firm KPMG has been appointed as the outside of American Samoa 2 offshore the
company's hosting company.
   By the end of November 2007, in France after President Nicolas
Sarkozy's visit to China, Danone asked for the realization of peace talks
   December 16, 2007, Hangzhou Wahaha Group in Beijing, announced to the trade
unions in the name of Wahaha Group, Weifang, Shandong, the "tort
damages" as an excuse to prosecute Danone company claims 10 million
yuan. Wahaha Group union will sue Danone over the country's holding
company, and through "asset preservation" application to freeze
Danone and its MYENPTELTD, music-dimensional property investment company,
now the application has been in Weifang City Intermediate People's Court
have been decided. The court has frozen up to two in Weifang Wahaha joint venture
with the entire equity interest in the assets, worth 9.18 million yuan. As the Wahaha
Danone joint venture contract with an arbitration clause in the limit, the two sides
agreed only to accept international arbitration, the Wahaha Group although
shareholders can not bring a similar lawsuit in the country. But after all overlooked
one important Danone. Wahaha trade union as the representative of small
shareholders, are not related to the arbitration clause restrictions, can sue in China
   March 2008, up to the annual report will no longer sell the Wahaha joint venture
profits credited to operating profit, but rather as investment income, which has in
effect admitted the acquisition of non-Wahaha joint venture failed.
   2010, Forbes ranked first in China Zong Home
   Forbes Global 2010 list of the richest 10 in the New York Post, China is particularly
rich and their eye-catching, for the first time to 64 the number of wealthy second,
ranked No. 1 is the Wahaha Group Chairman Zong, in order to 7 billion U.S. dollars
worth ranking list No. 103. This is the 24th Forbes released the world's
richest more than one billion U.S. dollars worth of the list. Regal China increased
from 28 in 2009, increased to 64 this year, an increase of eye-catching, 62 more than
Russia, ranking second after the United States 403. Among them, 64 out of 27 people
is the first time on this list.
   China is ranked first Wahaha Group Chairman Zong, worth 7 billion U.S. dollars he
ranked No. 103 list, followed by Hope Group chairman Liu Yongxing to 5 billion U.S.
dollars worth ranked list 154 , Zhang Jindong, chairman of Suning Appliance 4.5
billion ranked 176, BYD chairman Wang Chuanfu 4.4 billion followed.
   Hong Kong, China ranked list a total of 25, Li Ka-shing to 21 billion U.S. dollars
ranked list of 14, Lee Shau Kee 18.5 billion ranks 22.

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