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Tree Spirit
Way of life, there are two, first is the same as the grass alive, even though you live,
continues to grow each year, but you, after all, you absorb the rain the sun, but grow
up. It can be stepped on you, but people do not because of your pain, and he produces
pain; people do not because you were stepped on, from pity you, because people
themselves do not see you. So each of us, should be the same as the trees grow, even
if we are nothing, but as long as you have a tree seed, even if you are stepped on the
middle earth, you are still able to absorb soil nutrients, their growing up. When you
grow into towering trees beyond, and far beyond, people can see you; approached you,
you give people a piece of green. Alive is a beautiful landscape, dead still pillar of the
living dead are used. This is our standard of life of each student and growth standards.
  ?Water spirit
Each river has its own different life curve, but every river has its own dream - that is,
toward the sea. Our lives, sometimes will be sediment. You may eventually they the
same as the sediment, sedimentation longer. Once you settle deeper, maybe you do
not have to work hard to advance, but you can never see the sun up. So I suggest that
you, no matter how your life is like now, and must have the spirit of water - like water
constantly saving their own strength, continually breaking the barriers. When you find
time to less than when the thickness of their own to build up over time when the day
comes, you will be able to Pentium into the sea, their life achievements.
Mr Yu Quotations:
1. I can leave everything in this life is not from the rostrum.
2. Only know how to stop people know how to speed up.
3. From inferiority to self-confidence among people who are truly confident,
confident from the outset, the blind person who actually does not self-confidence.
4. Only two people's success is inevitable. The first is through a severe test
of life, through success and failure of repeated alternately, and finally HKCEE results.
Another without ups and downs of life, but technology has reached the top level. Such
as those who study chemistry to become world-renowned chemist last, this is success.
5. When you are on the horizon a grass, do not expect other people will see you in the
distance, even if they walk past you or from you tread, there is no way, because
you're just a grass; and If you become a tree, even in far away, others will
see you and admire you because you are a tree!
6. Girl if it feels a male handsome Jiugen marry him, it is lust; boys as girls beautiful
and marry her, is aesthetic.
7. Why do you not proud of, and low self-esteem?
8. You can say he is the best, but you can not say he is the best school, all the best of
Beijing, the country's best, best in the world, so you do not pride; Similarly,
you can say that they are the worst class, but you can prove that he is the worst school
you? Can prove that they are worst in the country it? So do not inferiority.
9. Older, it is no longer the appearance of value, not your commander is not handsome,
but by the charm of your heart: your courage, spirit.
10. The world has a lot of genius is to enjoy, not for comparisons of.
11. You are a pig, no, actually I do not even like pork.
12. Many people lost their happy, because he was too sensitive. Other word, a
comment on a month to make their own anger. At this time very boring. Ma Jiajue
becomes serious, because people are not invited to eat on the depressed to be ***.
13. To more than a day to some, than others to an hour.
14. To make this world is not bright sunshine, but the girls smile.
15. To introduce respect, we must study a very specialized field, in that area, you are
top, at least in the first 10 names, so whatever time you have something to say, there
are things that can be used. I think Mr Yu had become of the top 100 English language,
but later found that impossible. So I back the word, with a year's time to
recite the one English dictionary, the word China expert, I published the Little Red
Book series: GRE vocabulary from junior high to a dozen of the annual sales of 1
million, royalties than I have higher and more formal work.
16. Students should do is:
(1) profession, became the top 100;
(2) the humanities, reading 500 books.
(3) English.
17. If you want attention, we should make themselves into a tree, standing proudly in
between the earth; rather than to do a grass, have you seen who stepped on a grass,
but also sorry to say on the grass: I'm sorry ?
18. Learning English is like learning a bird, you learn the birds in the woods, when
four birds fell on the shoulders when you show that you had the English four, when
you fall on the shoulders of six birds, the description you have the English 6, when
many birds upon your shoulders to show that you become a bird.
19. A woman's gentle and is directly proportional to the achievements of
20. (Mr Yu in the "Win in China" Comments quotations)
Snail's shell is added by the.
Both by day and also by land, but also on their own.
Accept defeat calmly.
To be as generous, the atmosphere, do not give up!
The world, there is no absolute fairness, equity only one point.
Heart level, the world will be flat.
Opportunity to learn to others.
Rank and honor, like clouds, can not lie in it, lie in it would fall down. Rank and
honor is a beautiful scene, can only admire.
Just out of compassion and face done, almost always fail.
Each river has a dream: toward the sea. Yangtze River, Yellow River are headed for
the sea, in a different way. Mountains to open the Yangtze, the Yellow River twists
and turns, not the same track. But have a water spirit. Torrent of water in the process,
if the precipitation in the sand, the sun will never see a.
Even if contaminated, and also to wash themselves.
21. Life such as water, work as a mountain.
22. The most important value in life is spiritual well-being, and not to any worldly
23. Hardship is the source of happiness, do nothing is the beginning of suffering.
24. Let us wholeheartedly harvest life every day, ordinary day in the life of the good
feelings, feelings that in the hard labor of joy and harvest expectations.
25. Life is not hopeless in fact. Impasse is to not open your own heart. You put your
heart closed up, it caught in a dark, how your life might be bright! Closed mind, like a
room without windows, you would be in eternal darkness. But in fact only a layer of
paper around a barrel on the break, outside is a bright sky.
26. Thought is one of the wings, with people flying to want to go.
27. God create a human time put into our manufacturing is not perfect, the course of
our life to make themselves more perfect is the process of all our virtues come from
the struggle to overcome its own shortcomings.
28. To keep living with regrets and regrets, we should seize every possible
opportunity to change lives.
29. Life, we need to work on. Young, we should strive to exercise their capacities,
knowledge, master skills, have the necessary social experience. Opportunities, we
need to look for. Let us courage, wisdom, seize every minute of our lives, to create a
more exciting life.
30. Luck can never be sustained for life, can help you continue what life is only your
personal capacity.
31. Who said, "Opportunities in front of everyone is equal,"
New Oriental believes that winning personal struggle, to seize the spirit of success
will always be inequality of property. In the vast shores of life, you should be proud to
tell the world, you quest to live, you fought, for the brilliant life you never gave up
hope, never stopped fighting. And this has created all things in the world will be
proud and pleased to answer you: as long as Mideast brilliant life eventually.
32. Some people never had, not because they can not brilliant, but because they did
not mind flashing a brilliant idea, or do not know how brilliant.
33. In our lives, most emotional days are always those single-minded goal to strive for
a day, even if the goal is to fight a humble we should be proud of, because the goal of
many humble may be accumulated a great achievement. Pyramid is formed by the
accumulation of each stone, each stone is very simple, but the pyramid is magnificent
and eternal.
34. New Oriental "in the desperate search for hope", that is,
with the American civil rights activist Martin Luther King's remarks is
exactly the same, I have a dream, he said in a speech: "We will hew out of
the mountain of despair a stone of hope. "(we cut the mountain of despair a
stone of hope 1.) Please remember, is the mountain of despair, but as long as you can
cut out a stone of hope, you have hope.
35. Even the most hopeless thing, as long as there is a brave person to insist on doing,
they could have hoped.
36. All men are mortal, but all people do not accepted mediocrity. I know many
people are in despair to the New Oriental, but you have to believe in yourself and hard
work as long as the spirit, and in despair Yenengxunzhao Dao Xi Wang, Zhong Jiang
uncommon life will sparkle ... ...
37. Light a fighting spirit is not enough, also need to do step by step, down to earth.
Must first analyze your current situation, what is now in the position of their own, in
the end with what kind of capacity, which is also a scientific spirit. You've
set goals, you have to know how to go step by step to achieve this goal. In a sense, set
specific goals and get down to do as important.
38. Gods do not too much, look for one thing, investment interest and enthusiasm and
stick to, you will succeed.
?[Mr Yu] has no end, no end of life, the hardships of life in our tests did not end after
the hard work we have to be a rewarding and joy without end. When you fully
understand the "never-ending success," the meaning of the
phrase, the life of the United States also launched her to your charming smile.
39. "Win in China," the third season of 36 into 12 on-site
Way of life, there are two,
The first is the same as the grass alive,
While you are alive,
Continues to grow each year,
But you, after all, a grass
You absorb the rain the sun
But grow up.
It can be stepped on you,
But people will not because of your pain, and he produces pain;
People will not because you were stepped on, from mercy on you
Because people themselves do not see you.
So each of us,
Should be the same as the tree growth
Even if we are nothing,
But as long as you have the tree seeds,
Even if you stepped on the soil by the middle of
You are still able to absorb soil nutrients,
Their growing up.
When you grow into towering trees after
Far away, people can see you;
Approached you, you give people a piece of green.
Alive is a beautiful landscape,
Dead still pillar of,
Living dead are used.
This is our standard of life of each student and growth standards.
40. We go all the way, not because of the strong, but because we have no choice.

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