Feng Shui and the success of enterprise culture and Feng Shui by fdjerue7eeu


									Feng Shui and the success of enterprise culture and Feng Shui
                         ?Feng Shui and the success of enterprise culture and Feng
【Duration】 March 10, 2009 -3 11
【Location】 Beijing Course
I Ching Feng Shui Course type】
【Target Audience】 Chairman (Chairman), President (CEO, General Manager,
Director), Director (Supervision, CFO, COO), manager (director), chief architect
(chief designer), etc.

The success or failure depends on a company's management, depending on
the strategic management, depending on the concept of corporate culture depends on
the political environment, depends on the investment environment, but also a very
important point also depends on the company's feng shui environment.
   ?As the saying goes: favoritism Fortune come. What is the wind, the wind is
ground meteorological wind, sun in the sky the wind, wind of the universe; water,
what is the river water is the stream of water, the lake water, which is real water,
including roads, plants, forest, wet land, which is virtual water. The media was
aspirated air, water qi of this. Feng Shui is by talking too angry, angry what is the kind
of energy is a subtle matter, is a spiritual son of flow, one of the fat and get your hair,
loss of the dilapidated suffer. How to find angry, available legend, Liu Ren, Liu Yao,
four columns in how angry collected, available environment space.
First, why is it important corporate feng shui? Second, corporate feng shui of the
place of Science, pay attention to numerology
Third, enterprises pay attention to the siting of taboos and four corporate office
environment and pay attention to the taboos
Five, six conditioning business orientation of the door, pay attention to corporate team
7, enterprises that use what feng shui plants? 8, corporate special please and worship
the God of Wealth
9, various types of malignant influences of the damage and resolve the 10, how
self-rated corporate feng shui
11, corporate strategic layout and Feng Shui 12, business negotiations and pay
attention to Feng Shui
13, corporate brand and Feng Shui 14, entrepreneurs and Feng Shui
15, Human Resources and Feng Shui 16, corporate image planning with Feng Shui
17, business management and Feng Shui 18, corporate culture and Feng Shui
19, crisis public relations firm with Feng Shui 20, urging financial and business Feng
【】 Syllabus
1 What is Feng Shui:
Feng Shui is a long history of a mysterious art. Also known as Blue Bird, blue bag,
the more academic argument known as geomancy, based from the Yin and Yang, Five
Elements theory, feng shui is a comprehensive science in China, combined with the
environment, geography, health, etc. has a long history of observation. Broadly
speaking, feng shui is basically divided into two spaces of Science and numerology
two categories. Bit of Science is divided into mansion undergone the TMS and the
Amityville Horror undergone the TMS; and numerology are covered phrenology,
physiognomy studies, mole physiognomy, palmistry learn more.
2, What is Corporate Feng Shui:
  ?Feng Shui is the enterprise survival and development of enterprises and
entrepreneurs and closely related to feng shui problems. Involved:
(1) the relationship between business strategy and Feng Shui
Enterprises to develop, making a new project planning, are closely linked with feng
(2) Enterprise Distribution and Feng Shui
Corporate residence depends on the layout here is not only the design, such as factory,
office and external environment undergone the TMS, more importantly, corporate
philosophy, corporate culture and feng shui five elements of the agreement.
(3) Brand and Feng Shui
(4) entrepreneurs and Feng Shui
(5) Human Resources and Feng Shui
(6) Corporate Image Planning and Feng Shui
(7) Business Management and Feng Shui
(8) Corporate Culture and Feng Shui
(9) Company public relations crisis and Feng Shui
(10) Corporate Finance and Feng Shui reminder
【Introduction】 Lecturer
Dr. Zheng Weijian after 1982, was admitted to the University System of Learning
Book and irrational of human knowledge, from the University of MA to PhD has been
leading authority in the Chinese philosophical circles senior instructors in-depth study
and research; over the years published a large number of relevant papers, books and
translation; Renmin University of China in 1992, received his Ph.D. Department of
Philosophy. The first was in China specializing in non-rational philosophy PhD.
   Experience of long-term, continuous repeated study, Dr. Cheng Feng Shui in the
field of bits on the physical, numerology quite accomplished; on the research and
application of feng shui to achieve a high state.
   After graduation worked in the PLA General Political Department, Ministry of
Internal Trade, Ministry of Personnel, China Federation of Industry and other relevant
agencies engaged in "human activity in the non-rational" entity
of the project, the "soldiers of character formation and the impact on army
building," "Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao fengshui impact on
economic development," Research and Chairman of the Board in Taipei
Golden Horse Awards, Taiwan's well-known directors such as
Lee's strong support for cultural exchanges between the two places, the rate
for the mainland delegation, Dr. "The mainland delegation, Dr. visit to
Taiwan "on Taiwan Yi culture, feng shui culture for multi-directional
inspection. In 1997 the United States for one year cultural exchange,
China's fine cultural communication at home and abroad.
   Starting from the first year of the 21st century, in the Development and Reform
Commission, under the guidance of Industry and Commerce and other strong and
relevant academic groups, supported by the mainstream media work together to carry
out Chinese companies, especially the vitality of private enterprise. Has planned and
organized the implementation of renowned domestic conferences, such as
"Chinese Enterprise Development Security Summit",
"Chinese enterprise research levy hundred most vigorous
evaluation", "the most influential innovation research levy
assessment hundred enterprises" , "moved China's
top ten economic personalities and research levy assessment hundred outstanding
entrepreneurs" and other activities; since 1991 also has translation,
compilation     and     publication     of    the    "psychology          major
exposure", "Chinese enterprises vitality Series",
"Practical Chinese Feng Shui ceremony, "and other works.
China also organized a panel of business experts business vitality vitality vitality of a
large lecture hall Miles and business activities; continuous release vitality index of
Chinese enterprises and so on. On this basis, Dr Cheng full use of traditional Chinese
culture on business development Excellent site undergone the TMS, for many
entrepreneurs and high-end elite Feng Shui to coordinate and organize the relevant
business fengshui major report on the topic and seminars ; as urban economic
development, layout and high-end business strategy to senior consultant.
Present: well-known management expert business survival, our first study of
non-rational, Dr. Jury Secretary-General of China's most viable business,
"Feng Shui China" magazine editor in chief of
China's most vigorous enterprises hundred jury Secretary-General; moved
to China Jury Secretary-General, the top ten economic personalities; the State Council
Development Research Center of China Enterprise Evaluation Association evaluation,
Principal Consultant; of all associated enterprises with the rank of the Development
Research Center.
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