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Femininity, a fashionable term, have recently appeared in various media on. Ladies
man calling the return of how many men lost in the tender for the women sigh.
Women should be feminine. Strong woman cute, little woman can not love. Whether
you are a senior white-collar and ordinary housewives, you first must have a feminine,
a woman should be indispensable to the gentle, meek, virtuous, careful and
considerate. Between tradition and modernity to find a balance in the pursuit of
beauty sexy hot fashion without abandon the graceful elegance of traditional classic,
career and men document wing flying, can serve as a small woman, small tone, small
tools and small happiness.
First of all, from the feminine beauty of her body. One with soft lines, such as
silk-like black hair and skin like snow woman, the eye with water and rose as quiet as
charming smile, her femininity will be blowing. More feminine and they come from
deep within. As clean as a crystal heart with a woman, a gentle watery, understanding
women, know how to love a woman, her femininity from the inside out, enjoys
popular support.
Feminine, if Qingchi static and dynamic, such as ripples.
To their own intrinsic qualities captivating woman, is the most feminine woman
Where the world woman, lady and the bitch will be wandering in between. Shrew is
of course no one wants, but to do an elegant woman, a taste of a woman, it is the
beauty of every woman dreams of achieving the same. Apart from that, men are
calling ladies return the number of men for women to lose gentle sigh.
A woman must do femininity, femininity is a woman's fundamental
properties, femininity is a woman of charm. Femininity, as loss of scented flowers, the
moon lost Kiyoteru. Women flavored, one-third may be increased to seven beautiful;
woman tasteless, seven pretty down to third. Feminine women to aspire to make a
man intoxicated. Men, without exception, the women will like flavored; women
conquer men, not women beautiful, but her femininity.
Women should be feminine. Both senior white-collar or housewife, a woman must
first be feminine, women should be indispensable to the gentle, meek, virtuous,
careful, considerate. Strong woman cute, little woman can not love. As a woman and a
lack of femininity, the same as in the eyes of the men sentenced to death. Femininity
is a woman of charm, like the expensive dishes, not the taste itself, by the seasoning
of a feminine fiery flame, the bright lights. Femininity is a good wine, enduring aroma,
sip I have drunk.
Avant-garde is not feminine, not to put pieces of weird costumes that have flavor, and
taste like a "smell." Rich women do not necessarily feminine.
Femininity is not out of material piled up, cosmetics, women can only bring up the
skin, such a woman more than the mood for money shortage, lack of sentiment is
uninteresting. Beautiful woman is not necessarily feminine, odorous but a woman
must have been good. Petals of a flower may be enchanting, Colorful, but not
necessarily why we are the Sparse crossfall. Beautiful appearance is the most
unreliable, and beautiful appearance will be time to gear worn dull. Fragile and not
feminine. Flavored Italian woman is not sickly careless careless, odorous women
young and healthy, ruddy skin, energetic, ever brilliant, brilliant still.
Has a feminine and easy, does not have any culture, training level, life experience, not
cooking the intoxicating flavor. First of all feminine beauty from her body. Figure soft,
Rubao black hair, skin like snow woman, together with the lake-like calm the eye,
rose-like charming smile, her femininity will be blowing. More feminine and they
come from deep within. Femininity is a moonlit lake, to be still blooming lily. This
woman is a woman, crystal clear, a gentle enough woman, a compassionate woman.
Femininity also comes from a woman's virtue. No good woman, even if
she Empress Dowager, even if she talented, lovely woman is not good.
Feminine, if Qingchi static and dynamic, such as ripples. Zhu Ziqing had such a
description of the woman: a woman has her gentle air, such as listening to flute, as
sniffing roses, water like honey, smoke Si Wu, looms over us one of her proudly, a 伸
腰, skimming hair, a flash, are as sweet as honey in the flow of water in the swing ... ...
a woman's smile is the half-open flowers, which Liu Yizhuo poetry and
painting, as well as silent music.
Femininity is an grade. The woman did not taste, either you how to practice can only
be simple and obvious pale. Feminine woman, she willing to learn, handle every day
reported regular Internet, but not all obsessed with fashion magazines and gossip;
Literature, have adopted the materials, and occasionally like to watch popular movies,
but not limited to plot the eye, and can seen in to something different. Perhaps she
will learn English, practice your calligraphy, learning the tea ceremony, flower
arranging and practice the yoga. Wide range of hobbies, accumulation of her
introverted mind. To their own intrinsic qualities captivating woman, is the most
feminine woman.
Femininity is the perfume. This refers not only to the body gives off aroma of incense,
or a bottle of perfume will be able to solve the feminine. This fragrance is emitted
from inside the charming atmosphere, people saw that she smells good on.
She's slim, can become spiritual in this gray city full. She was busy, but
never without suffering face, and then tension is also smiling Hee course, in the
depressed inadvertently distributed a delicate fragrance. Her with an easy, everyone
would like to get close to her, even the most intimate emotional problems, would say
to her. Chatted with her, often to enlighten your life, make you calm, teach you to feel
the good life and hope.
Femininity is an elegant taste. A kind of elegant, a very calm, a quiet life on
life's leisurely pursuit. Independent personality, independent economic
support, independent of ideological level. Once detached many women have lost
money, elegant, feminine woman who loves money, but there is no stench of money,
others look at her money in the process is a kind of pleasure, she loves money even
love elegance, make money to buy their own Flower Day. Women's elegant
taste is this: makeup is the makeup, it is appropriate to the pleasant smile, love is
persistent, no matter what the occasion, she was able to properly
"cook" their own, so that their rich and colorful.
Femininity is an charm. Tender is the woman-specific weapons. Feminine woman is
what tenderness, her love themselves, love others more. She is a spring rain, moisten
things silently; her autumn wind, fanning your face. Her feelings of female-specific,
open-minded enough to embrace the whole world. Not only is women's
Jiaohan gentle and charming, as well as maternal kindness, concern, kindness. The
most touching is the woman can play gentle, not artificial, like a delicate hand,
Zhilengzhire, know light weight to know and understand men's thinking,
understand the man's joy, just lightly touched, give a man tired mind in
order to timely and comfort.
Femininity is an ashamed taste. She spoke no chatter, things do not rush around, treat
people not Taitailielie. Things have degrees, slightly ashamed state. Shame is not a
weak performance of state is precisely America's clear to most arouse men
Lianxiangxiyu mentality. She was restrained action language, Pulse Feelings eyes,
smiling expression on the face, graceful manners, very lovely face, always worth a
thousand words. Performance of "weak" is the result of a
feminine way, over-exposure would seem frivolous, let men look down upon, due to
increase to cover more women of mystery, there are many men on the
women's movement was a tease hair eyebrows.
Femininity is an mean. Is a mysterious, slowly, touching, elusive, in-depth bone
marrow, is distracted. It has no shape, no stereotype, is the temptation to moisten
things silently, is looming in the beauty, is dreaming of the inquiry, is to win with
fewer wisdom. That every action, every word and phrase, a glance smile, flawless,
indeed: million little green from red, Spring does not need much touching. Femininity
may Samuume, exquisiteness aloof, natural beauty; woman taste like roses, flavor,
fragrance, Xiuse preposterous; woman smell like cloves, charming is not enchanting,
graceful without tender and beautiful; feminine like bluegrass, elegant and refined,
Zhuo not group deep in the heart makes infinite reverie.
Femininity is an very touching. Femininity is a lingering sentiment. And exotic
women, outside in the pots and pans, but also the exquisite little home is decorated
with cause, curtains and tablecloths, lace tassels, bright and clean, the vase without
flowers, it also must be some vases, and do not wipe too Qian Chen dye. Femininity
or a style, a rhythm from the inside out. Dress or silk or silk cheongsam Kam or bare
legs beautiful, high-pull hair, the charm of graceful and customs of thousands, would
the oriental charm, just like classic flowers, opening up deep in time, not with the time
of grinding and wither, the So enchanting was so exquisite with so that all men shock.
Unspoken feminine, difficult to explain is the demure woman of taste, Suk-yin qi.
Women's "Natural"
The taste of a woman is only feminine, but also means that the fundamental property
of a woman, a woman's "Natural", so it can be said
that femininity is a woman's fundamental! Once a man is bound to talk
about feminine and sexy, charming, charm, style of thousands of linked together, it
seems that in some men's eyes the only way women have taste in order to
attract them to the thin taste, perhaps I have some boasted, I just want to say that these
men are really secular, I really can not optimistic that such male group.
Has been judged for the feminine man who seems to have landed in the body, but the
real to appreciate and taste the true femininity, few men then? So it would allow
women to judge themselves in the end have more intuitive feminine. Now the ability
of female self-fashioning the past has been different from the previous traditional
norms seem to have hindered the expansion of the women's
self-consciousness, femininity should have its new connotation and extension of the!
First, have a high quality of life of the woman must have feminine.
Grade would like to have a feminine woman is particularly important, of course, this
grade can not be attributed only in plain clothes, and some other things on the surface
of things. To know how to have a high grade in their lives, apart from work not only
know that cooking going to treat her husband, to understand their own lives, to know
how a life of leisure, you can learn the tea ceremony, Camellia; also fitness and
thought even more; again can participate in some activities, mountain climbing trip
cross some friends ... ... short life to have time for taste, not to let their own people to
live forever.
Second, the avant-garde is not feminine.
To clearly not wearing a bizarre dress, unique dress is to have a strange feminine, it is
not feminine is "strange" taste. Suitable environment for their
own dress was the most important, not every woman wear the last Issey Miyake, but
the generous respectable dress still makes you full of femininity. Woman to have sex
but feel that is not proportional with the number exposed.
Third, being addicted to the taste for money.
Women can have a love of money, but also perfumed feminine, like the author to
write romantic novels of Chiung Yao, with their own text for the capital, lose a little
elegant, feminine Who can say that she did not have a. Not to say that money will
have a feminine, if you make money not bearing posture, large loss of elegance, the
taste will inevitably be a mercenary, that femininity gone?
Fourth, the economic must be independent.
Dumas's "La Traviata" read a certain number of
people, where the description of the heroine is not difficult to see that she is beautiful,
but look at her femininity as someone good writer Bing Xin. I should be on the Bing
Grandma respectfully and young people up to more than the heroine, I love
Bing's elegant, women should be economically independent self. Raised by
men in a golden cage of feminine beauty come from? Innovative ideas to earn money
is not you wear flowers. He does not talk about economic independence, personal
independence, and even personality are far from what to look feminine ah?
Fifth, the feminine need to cook slowly.
Delicious food needs seasoning adjuvant to cook slowly, women want to have a more
feminine not hurry things. One does not always eat out a fat man, a woman is not born
with taste, that in life you need to train slowly, anxious for the end can only be a
laughing stock.
Feminine woman you have it? If you do not wish to develop their own from now on,
but do not toe the woman of his thoughts, do not do it own opinion, just repeating the
woman, do not do money under the blinded woman, to know how to have a self, to
learn different, learn to stand out To know how to have their own taste, when you
really do all the time, a woman you have taste, and aromas that can confuse Among
the crowd quietly while the woman gave birth to taste it.
Hua Xie highlight femininity
Cold, empty, flower shoes came running was a fire, the flowers of nature extended to
a woman's toes feet, set off a single shoe is not simply the landscape
atmosphere, so that a woman's reason for Hua Xie , more and more
Single shoes are mostly former side exit port and non-party distinction is pointed up
and the first two groups, or else take the loops together with the thin, has a most
exalted of. The use of flowers at the feet of the charming and tactful and seems to
have for a while, and this not the same as Kung Fu flowers, nails Kung Fu, Kung Fu
and the chain and so can not yell pierced the many tricks the new technology, really
threw himself into , but also excellence. Roughly divided into two categories single
shoes: one or passionate attachment to the tip of its clever, a class is another way, the
direction of the road to the round. But there is a similar thing in common, that is, to
varying degrees, a flower embellishment and accessories, in order to flaunt the heart
of beautiful women of the times.
There is also a trend, especially ethereal single shoes, shoe size is small, say less and
less focus on surface, was exposed more and more like summer stomachers and Tube
Top, understatement, point to date. Pack a little toe, followed by only a little, mostly
vacated the middle, so that the skin go for a blow, many enjoy receiving attention and
focus. If no header with the slippers, half a leg is not barrier-free shelter, but also the
entire shoe style is flat, or sketch a delicate, a little bit. Some slippers on the link in a
narrow ribbon, leading to ankle, then surrounded the form of wrapping that can be
undergone skin flap, can be a chain, it can be spent bow, short pants to provide a
platform for display .
Do not go up in addition to carving up embroidered flowers, there is leather fabric
flowers, red and yellow colors are very exaggerated, like silk, magnificent; and some
were very ocean color, blue and white light images of water ripples, no deliberately,
but who can not be deeply attracted it, after all, this is the pace and with their own
court and the sea in close contact with ah, as if 轻功, will be clouds, leap very far, far
Clothing and temperament with the "what they seem" in order
to fully reflect the feminine
▲ beige with the principles of
Wearing beige strict flavors, it was not. A light beige short-sleeved turtleneck sweater,
accompanied by a delicate black trousers, wearing shiny black shoes with the tip in,
the feeling of a professional career women set off just right. If you want a capable,
strong feeling, it's fine to choose a black stripe suit and skirt, accompanied
by a high-end handbags beige, both in charge of women without losing the elegant
Are today's fashion, beige and intellectual beauty of their simplicity and
become workplace dress evergreen color. Compared with white, beige a little more
warmth and elegance, not something exaggerated; compared with black, beige pure
and gentle, but in the dignified. Discards in the pursuit of simple complex fashion, the
beige pure and elegant atmosphere and serious atmosphere of the modern workplace
is consistent. Any color you want the best results, should pay attention to matching,
beige is no exception.
▲ black with the principles of
1. Black is a 100 with wild colors, no matter what color put together, will do not have
a style, and beige with no exception!
2. T-shirt can be black or summer of that t-shirt printing, downloading to put on beige
cotton with Lycra for a dress, knee, foot, flat white color striped casual shoes, the
people exceptionally comfortable, yet full of light atmosphere.
▲ brown with the principles of
1. And white mix, giving a pure feeling. Golden brown knee-length shirt with collar
Yuanqun and may reflect the charm of skirt, adding elegant atmosphere. Simple but
elegant chestnut fabric jacket, with red sweater, red scarf, vivid and pretty.
2. Brown sweater with brown checked trousers, to reflect the elegance and maturity.
Brown sweater with thick brown cotton dress, by the texture difference between the
two, showing the wearer's unique personality.
▲ blue with the principle: In all colors, blue clothing most easily with other colors.
Whether it is similar to a blue black or dark blue, are relatively easy to match, and that
the effect of the blue with tight body, full of charm.
1. Vivid blue with red: people seem charming, pretty, but it should be noted that the
appropriate proportion of blue and red
2. Approximate fit blue black coat, white shirt, a tie, at some formal occasions, will
make people look mystery and romance. Curve distinctive blue jacket and knee-length
skirt with blue, then white shirt, white socks, white shoes dotting the charming
atmosphere of a kind of light.
3. Last seen wearing a blue jacket and blue vest, pants with gray pinstripe trousers,
has witnessed a simple but elegant style. Because the popular soft blue-gray pinstripe
can contrast between, adding elegance.
4. A blue jacket with gray kilt, is a slightly conservative portfolio, but matched wine
colored shirt and plaid socks, revealing a self-personality, to become livelier.
5. Blue and mauve, gives a subtle feeling. Blue skirt with white shirt is a very
common dress. If put on a small elegant lavender jacket, the city will be added to taste
somewhat mature. Last seen wearing a purple sweater, pants with blue narrow skirt,
even without fancy design, but also showing maturity in the natural flavor among the
▲ principle with white: white with any color, but with cleverly, but also cost a lot of
1. Under white striped yellow shirt assembly is the best combination of soft colors;
2. Under the wearing ivory trousers, wearing a purple suit on, accompanied by plain
white T-shirt, after all, a successful matching, can be fully demonstrated
3. Ivory trousers and pale shirt with casual wear, is a successful combination;
4. White skirt with pale pink sweater, giving a soft elegant feel.
5. With a bold combination of red and white. Dressed in a white casual shirt on,
wearing a red under the narrow skirt, enthusiasm. In contrast, the heavier the weight
of the white, looks more gentle.

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