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    ?- Record View drama "Aoxue Plum"
  ?County organizations, party members and cadres yesterday morning watching the
"Aoxue Hongmei." This drama truly vivid performance of the
Sichuan Province, South River 县纪委书记 deeds of Comrade Wang Ying. King
British comrades of the Party and the interests of the masses, dare not correct
Wind challenge, she has the interests of the party and the people, against the kind of
Kind of pressure, unswervingly adhere to the principles of the party. She loving the
people as child,
To help poor children to finish college, tightening his son
University of cost of living, or even total body weight-bearing debt to poor children to
School fees, life of Comrade Wang Ying clean, pure and noble. She
Do not use their right hands to their loved ones to do a
Thing. The cause of her party worked hard to spare no effort. End
Due to illness took away her young life. She is learning
Example, is in our hearts the side of the bright red flag.
  ?Deeds of Comrade Wang Ying shook my heart, my deep body
Will be to: The CPC is the core of leadership of the Chinese people
, Was able to lead the Chinese people from the semi-feudal semi-colonial Royal
Will enter Hong Chong's socialist society, because our party has
Wang Ying, as do many, many good comrades and good party members and cadres.
Interests of the people who are not afraid to shed blood. We have such
Good party cadres and proud. Is full of our
Party's trust. Of course, there are a few people, at present no law of the
Use their power for personal gain, and some even for their own positive
Trace, bullying at least, the serious damage to the party's image in the
hearts of the people.
For example, afforestation, "species not only tree planting"
wells drought saw
Well room saw the water, "as the good-looking." Drama
"Aoxue Red
Mei "was released, not just for us to learn from Comrade Wang Ying.
Also pull a siren. As the party's leading cadres, can not
For the people to do things, it should go home kind of sweet potato was.