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Shrugged and looked at lengthy curve, I think fate in the end want?
Some people really think that it no longer met. Some people really think that the next
meet, will be able to faint smile.
But, but why, when the fate met again when the heart is no concealment. Tired of
feeling this way, tired of this self.
This evening, calm had everything in my you are.
Tonight, originally, we will not know the original, we are close at hand.
Happens, fate, we, the meet unexpected. I slumped.
Happens, fate, just let us meet.
I was very limp in Maomao's shoulders, you, is not that all the big deal, or
like me, it seems that even breathing becomes unnatural.
Did you see, to see that dared not look at you, head down, I saw that, still flowed, I
Grandpa called me, I think, may be you. When I went there, looking at grandfather a
man, I laughed myself naive.
Sitting on the grass, but, you are no longer in the side. Perhaps, now, she is nestled in
your arms.
Listening to the sermon friends only know that I do not fit, I said, because the
opposite person is you.
Asked a friend, on you and her. They said, you very well, she was fine. I actually can
smile, because I know that you are serious. You give up, and I, but still stubborn.
She is so pleasant woman, like me, unruly willfulness, so you kind to her, right?
Friends say, I was naive child, she was a woman in life are good. This is your betrayal
of the promise of happiness have been the reasons for it?
Friends that day, I went out there to see? I am stunned, the original, then you really
there. Fate in the end want?
Why, why, and my destiny is always fun. This time will not be too big.
Look in the mirror, only to find, has been hard hit, and, for a long time refused to heal.
The fate of the curve, I see clearly, or you are not too persistent. I closed my hand, see
curves, everything is no longer the name given to the fate.
There is so in love with your woman, nice.
However, please do not forget, do not play down to me, that is, as heavy as life-like.

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