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News reports should adhere to the facts speak, how artistic the facts to speak up? First,
we must select the facts, second, the fact that clever reference. To note the following:
① Use verbs, adjectives less. ② more innovation, less old. ③ more detail and less
talk. ④ more metaphor and less general. ⑤ to explain any less obscure. ⑥ more
concrete and less abstract. ⑦ multiple personalities grasp the language, slang less
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Jinshan comrades memorial held in Beijing
Source: Xinhua News Agency 75th anniversary Wencong construction
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, July 16, 1982 (Reporter Guo Lingchun) - Flowers,
cypress groves, the Communist Party of China are placed the portrait of Comrade
Jinshan. Today, more than a thousand people quietly into the Capital Theatre in tribute
to the people's artist.
"Lightning, steel, storm, night songs, came Jiuqiao loyalty, the old late
spring silkworm silk Nanjin; party industry, the public power, forum, Gallery, 3000
white hair dyed, oxen killed Khan still lingers," hanging in mourning the
conference hall of the site elegiac couplet, summarized the Jinshan seek light and
truth, for the people spared no efforts in life. People looked at dozens of theater lobby
display pictures, as if they look into his voice and facial expression, he succeeded in
shaping the image of the patriotic poet Qu Yuan, who in the film "Songhua
River," the shooting scene, he performed "Storm"
and "27" older workers talk, he played the role of world famous
play, he listened to the teachings of Premier Zhou, Daqing his "rising
sun" cast in a ... ... he was born in Hunan in 1911, joined 1932 Communist
Party of China, since commitment to the revolution, always.
The sound of funeral music, people silently with his achievements. 30's, he
participated in a serious white terror in the Chinese anti-imperialist league and
left-wing dramatists league. War broke out, he served as rescue drama Shanghai
Second Team Vice Captain and, after thousands of miles, performed rescue drama,
and later received instructions of Comrade Zhou Enlai, organizations theater went to
Southeast Asia, the overseas Chinese for publicity. The eve of liberation, but also
responsible for united front work. He put the party's interests, told his
family before his death, said: "I am first and foremost a party member,
actor is my second career."
After liberation, he will fully dedicated to the Party's arts efforts,
continuous improvement, exploration, novelty, known as the People's
Artist.     he suffered the "Gang of Four" of violence, but his
unwavering belief in constancy. In recent years, is committed to drama education and
to illnesses of the body, and undertake the task of the cause of prosperity and
television arts.
Xia Yan said in the eulogy of the tragic death of Jinshan is a great loss to our literary
and art circles, spoke highly of his decades of revolution and artistic activities, call the
living people to learn the cause of his loyalty to the party, on learning his artistic
creation seriously hard work, the pursuit of excellence.
Half a century before the revolution, he forged a close friend of Yang Hansheng
friendship in his speech at the memorial service, said the party created the Gold, is the
party that nurtured him into a revolutionary, outstanding people, artists.
Jinshan to work with, who lived in Daqing, heard of the bad news, the representatives
of Starry Night and hardships, to his remains. At today's memorial service,
they said, Jinshan is a people's artist, people will miss him.
Minister of Culture Zhu presided over a memorial service. Participate in the memorial
service were Xi Zhongxun, Wang Renzhong, Hu Yuzhi, Deng Li, Zhou Yang, HE Jing,
Zhou Wei Zhi, Feng Wenbin Luo Qing long, Tang Ke, Wu Lengxi, Lee Min, Fu
Zhong, Liu Daosheng, Zhao Xun, Rong Gaotang and literary circles were Shilin Mo
Han, Chen Huangmei, Situ Huimin, Ai Qing, Wu Zuoren, Li Keran, Jiang Feng, Wu
Xue, Yuan Wisdom, Zhou Erfu, Zhang Junqiu, Dai Ailian, pottery and so blunt.
Do the "Britannia"
Zhou Shuchun Xuxiao Ting Yang Guoqiang Xu Xingtang
In Hong Kong, flying more than 150 years of British Union Jack landed here last time,
carrying Prince Charles and former Governor Chris Patten returned to the Royal
Cruise "Britannia" was away from Victoria Harbour - the
British withdrawal Hong Kong's last moments.
Britain's farewell ceremony in the afternoon of 30 Mid-Levels on Hong
Kong Island, kicked off the Government House. Wash in the misty rain, the last
Governor of Hong Kong goodbye to any of this have been living in the
Governor's garden 25.
4:30, looking dignified Governor Chris Patten watched the flag in the
"sunset sustain," the horn sound down flag. According to
tradition, every governor left office, are held flag-lowering ceremony. But this time
difference: never be the other side of the Governor hoisted the flag from here. 4:40, on
behalf of the Queen of England ruled Hong Kong for five years, Patten boarded the
Royal marked with a black "Rolls Royce", the last to leave the
Government House.
Set off the green leaves of the Hong Kong Government House was built in 1885, in
the past century and a half later, including many, including Governor Chris Patten has
its major alteration, expansion and renovation. With the departure of the last Governor
of Hong Kong, this classical-style white building become history.
Evening 6:15 to symbolize the end of British control of the farewell ceremony not far
from the garrison headquarters at Tamar east. Parked in the only Royal Harbour cruise
ship "Britannia" number and hung near a huge building
Bauhinia design, just constitute the "sunset ceremony" in the
At this point, the rain harder and harder. Prince Charles, the Queen read out in the rain
The message said, "the British flag should come down, the Chinese
national flag will fly over Hong Kong. 150 years of British control of the
7:45, square light fades, the day Hong Kong Island at the beginning of the second
flag-lowering ceremony. 156 years ago, is a man named Edward ? Belcher led the
British troops occupied Hong Kong Island, the captain, where students from the
British flag; today, another British sailors in the "Prince of
Wales," the place next to the barracks down the meter Jack.
Of course, most world attention was around midnight, the Sino-British handover
ceremony of Hong Kong's changing of the guard. In the June 30, 1997 in
the last minute, Jack lowered the last time in Hong Kong, Britain has a
half-century-long colonial rule declared an end.
In the new day comes the first minute, accompanied by five-star red flag,
"Anthem," rising, from China to resume sovereignty over Hong
Kong. At the same time, five-star red flag raised in the British camp Tamar. Two
minutes ago, "the Prince of Wales" handed over to the
People's Liberation Army barracks, the PLA began to take over the defense
of Hong Kong.
0:40, had just attended the handover ceremony of Prince Charles and the 28th
Governor Chris Patten boarded the "Britannia" was the deck.
British warship "Chatham flying the Chinese flag and the number and the
regional flag of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Marine Police launch
escort will be retired at the end of 1997," Britannia "was soon
lost in the South China Sea into the night.
From January 26, 1841 British expeditionary force for the first time will Jack plug
Island, to July 1, 1997 flag raised in Hong Kong, a total of 156 years have passed 5
months and 4 days of the British Empire from by sea, and from the sea to go.
    ?(Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong July 1, 1997)

Break through the blue water blue sky straight
   ?October sunshine sea and light sparkling off the thrown. Submarine loaded with
rockets, sailed the sea, dive underwater.
   Underwater rocket launch test time is up. Launch extraordinarily quiet cabin,
covered with red and green signals in all the work the stage, operator bright eyes
staring, watching closely followed by bright signal. Commander's
timekeeping sound stiff, about the next knock at people's heart. ... ... ... ...
Launches operations 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3 right hand thumb into a button.
"Fire!" The commander's order, operator of a screen
according to foot gas fired tube in immediate reports of "Tong - Crash
-" burst of ring, like a holiday fireworks jump up the sound when the air.
Jumps out of the rocket launch tube after piercing the water, calm sea, a sudden
impulse from a few tens of meters high column of water, like the pagoda, towering at
   Observation of people launch boats on stand meters away, fingers in front of
spontaneously shouted: "rocket water it! Water it!" Eyes wide
open one by one, watching the sea air, have this exciting historic event panoramic
   Milk-white "dragon" from the tall water column and mist
flying leap up out of whole body wrapped in curtain. Rockets soar up, curtain hung
upside down, like a waterfall suspended in the air; scattered beads of water like a
crystal, shining in the sun, crystal charm. Orange rocket exhaust flames, the blue sky,
blue sea dyed golden.
   Fly to sky rocket in the blue sky leaving a long smoke, say goodbye to the sea ... ...
   Flying rocket with the naked eye can not see, but in the control center of the TV
screen, the rocket pointed head is clearly visible. It then soared and majestic, the
magnificent blue sky pierced and exciting. Rocket exhaust in the fierce flames, driven
to continue to fly forward, the more and farther, and finally became a bright spot,
trailing a huge column of smoke stretched forward and disappeared in the vast sky.
   Rockets fly toward the target sea area. Suddenly, the tracking ship on the radar
screen out of a bright spot. Blink of an eye, drilled into a fireball cloud, like a meteor
flying, splashing down in the boundless expanse of waves being stirred up the sky
column. Warhead shed the stain the waters red emerald green, forming a circular
stained area, like a huge lotus leaves, spectacular exception.
   Measuring fleet commanders to report to the motherland loud voice:
"Rocket has splashed down in the scheduled area." Carrier
rocket successfully launched China's underwater!

Flying to the Pacific - China launch vehicle test Muji Ji
Source: Xinhua News Agency 75th anniversary Wencong construction
   And before the dawn, the rocket launch site area a climate of intense fighting. The
long-awaited launch vehicle test to begin.
   Tall launch tower, rocket arms around a giant white, stands on the launch site. The
professional engineering and technical personnel of the rocket to take off before the
final inspection and operation, then leave the scene, enthusiastically waiting for the
moment launched come..
   In the underground launch control room, the commander of time staring clock
instructions, listen to every word manipulator report, make a stand, given the
password: "10 minutes to prepare" ... ... "5 minutes
to prepare" ... ... "1 minute prepared to "... ... With
the arrival of the last few seconds, field area on a variety of tracking and measuring
device is turned on, high-speed cameras, tape recorders and other recording
equipment to start up.
   "Ignition!" Order. Launchers Operator console Young calmly
and resolutely press the button. Rocket launching site once the huge roar came endless.
This sound of the landslide, such as tsunami, earth tremor. Huge rocket going up,
slowly up, tail puffing brilliant flame, straight to the sky.
   "Launch a success!" The people shouted and watched the
dragon soared away, emotionally the same as the waves roll. , how many days and
nights, countless fighting in the vanguard of national defense scientific research
positions, in order to develop and launch large-scale carrier rocket how much hard
work has paid!
   Rockets soared in the sky. After a few seconds, the rocket began to bend vertical;
tens of seconds, the rocket exhaust gas cemented smoke in the air, like a Bailian
southeast extension in the sky; finally blowing in the sky, the gradually became a
small bright spot, piercing the atmosphere, from the perspective of people disappeared.

   However, measurements from our home to the ocean fleet, several hundred sets of
modern Chinese design and manufacture of measuring communications equipment,
but firmly, "bite" invisible people live in a small bright spot,
precisely measured, recording and reporting the rocket moments in Mei flight speed,
altitude and attitude. every second has a large amount of measurement data pooled
from all directions to the monitoring and control data exchange center. Monitoring
Center through a variety of sophisticated equipment and wiring to connect all
participating units into a
A tense battle group, timely collection and exchange of all the tested data between
units, keep the report to the measurement station with rocket flight data, to guide them
to accurately track the rocket; and the measured information of each station and
rocket launch site in time for transmission to the total area control center and
command center. good news keep coming: "follow good!"
"works fine!" "flight is normal!"
   The flight control center, rows of television screens, frequently exchange with
colorful digital, automatic recorder in display board down gently tracing the curve of
the rocket's flight path. This curve, and advance the theory ballistic curve
marked up fit closely together, it vividly tells people: Rocket internal equipment is
working properly, the rocket's flight is normal!
   Rocket flight in space after a long period of time, re-entered the atmosphere,
vertical and Pacific waters scheduled flying, as usual, victory in sight. It all glowing
   Pacific Ocean, sparkling. Fluttering flag of a vessel tracking ship, salvage ships,
like the guard of honor welcome, arranged neatly on both sides of the rocket
scheduled to drop zone. The people of a Navy destroyer in the fleet around patrol. a
helicopter flew to the sky frame telemetry, tracking ship with the various measuring
devices, capturing its tracks.
   Rocket scheduled to splash down to the waters of high-speed flying.
   "Found the target!" People went over the deck.'s
Eyes looked over to the Northwest fleet. Soon, a bright spot drilled cloud, pulled out a
bright white, vertical reservation waters fly. Highlights the growing , there are several
kilometers away from the sea surface height, with the important parameters of the
rocket flight cabin, automatic ejection from the rocket head out, open the parachute,
slowly falling ocean. Rocket head is "splash" into the sea, and
stirred towering columns of water.
Cabin fell into the water, the fluorescent dye to dye the water blue emerald green, like
a few hundred meters long Weigela floating over the ocean, gorgeous, pretty great!
   At this time, waiting for a long time ago in the vicinity of the work boats such as
the drop zone Lixianzhijian entered. I quickly recovered the helicopter flew to the
impact point. The aircraft cabin to reach over the ocean away from the vertical hover
30 meter of air. diving soldiers along the hanging ladder, jumped into the sea, only 5
minutes and 20 seconds put cabin victory salvaged. helicopter carrying cabin, safe to
fly back to salvage the ship's flight deck.
    So far, China to the Pacific Ocean from the launch rocket, the sky over thousands
of miles, was a complete success.
    "Rockets fall into the booking area!" "Measuring
recovery task is complete!" This is the news of victory, by tracking ship on
a powerful communication radio, quickly spread to the motherland of all monitoring
stations, spread to the launch site, spread to the capital Beijing. Fleets whistle blew,
colorful flags flying, from the motherland, the people on deck cheering, jumping,
competing to shake hands to celebrate.
    "We won!" From land to ocean, all participate in the pilot
unit, until the General Command of the people, suddenly a round of applause to
celebrate the victory.
    (Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 23, 1980) -
"I want to be a person of integrity"
October 7 is the Double Ninth Festival, many Chinese elderly and their families to
drink chrysanthemum wine, eating Double Ninth Cake, long-term perspective,
through this and the music, warm holiday. The 74-year-old Wu Lanyu old man and
past many months, like Chung Yeung Festival, alone, busy day, which saved a lot of
litter bins, beverage bottles.
Although tired, but the elderly in a good mood and in the past not the same as many
of Chung Yeung Festival is so busy that she is no longer a heavy debt to pay, but only
to the activities of our body. "I can not be retired and sit, a retired and sit
on my waist, legs wisdom for no feel well." She says with a thick accent
said in Sichuan.
Wu Lanyu home construction engineer, Compass Community. The narrow courtyard
possessor of chickens and rabbits, the two houses less than 20 square meters, the dim
light shining a few have not see the original color of the old furniture, all this is all her
belongings. Stand this poor, humble home, old, thin Chu Wu Lanyu do not seem to
worry, because more than 10 years carrying 5.5 million in debt and has paid off, and
she spent the rest of his life will be carefree.
Wu Lanyu is a former steel plant workers Corps second family, her husband, Lee
Sheng Ran, son of Li Peichuan are factory workers. She had a full house that although
not rich, but it is warm, harmonious.
In 1990, just 27-year-old Li Peichuan unfortunately suffering from uremia. The doctor
said, to save the life of Li Peichuan, we must give him kidney transplant. For surgery,
more than 10 million cost of the family suddenly forced into a state of extreme
Someone advised Wulan Yu: "Where are you get so much money? Even
ruin a child for a kidney rejection phenomenon may also occur, the child ultimately
save her life. Give it up ... ..."
"My son is so young, even if only a glimmer of hope, but also to save them.
I am his mother, I can not give up!" Wulan Yu said.
Wulan Yu's obsession inspired honest, introverted husband. The couple to
discuss, Li Sheng Ran devote to work, earn a full wage, Wu Lanyu accompany his son
in the gap, dry out odd jobs, picking up waste. They live frugally, a son of yuan to a
dollar to accumulate surgery.
Because of extreme anxiety and malnutrition, early 1995, Li Sheng Ran fell ill and
was diagnosed as liver cancer. Only 3 months, Li Sing natural life is coming to an end.
Lay dying, his wife looked thin, think we should burden bequeathed to her and do not
know how the son of the future, Li Zhuo Lei Sheng Ran cross-flow, a long time can
not rest in peace ... ...
Wu Lanyu accompany his son to continue with the struggle with illness. In 1996, the
Hospital is to find a suitable for the Li Peichuan the kidneys. Wu Lanyu exhausting
their savings, any connection with more than 10 acquaintances and friends borrowed
55,000 yuan of money, and finally raised enough surgery, his son made a kidney
However, all these efforts did not able to save the life of Li Peichuan, in August 1999,
he died from multiple organ failure and stopped breathing.
Husband gone, her son is gone, how to get the next day? How a few million loan also?
Sitting in cold, dark room, there is no source of income for Wu Lanyu extremely
desperate. She got out her son to eat the remaining pile of drugs, peremptorily child
swallowed, then bed quietly waiting for death to come.
But after sleeping day and night, Wu Lanyu actually revived the. That he did not die,
she tears: "God do not let me die because I had debts, ah!"
Wu Lanyu has not had much, but she understand that debt has to be paid back, it is
only right and proper! To borrow her big sister are all good-hearted, they are clear that
she will not pay interest, but no Let her play IOU. These are not flush with their own
lives in her sister when they are extremely difficult to extend a helping hand to her,
she could not live up to them.
Wulan Yu-by visits to her sister borrowers agreed repayment period. "More
than 50,000 yuan which is not a small sum, you also get wisdom for you?"
A few decades ago, and Wulan Yu came to Xinjiang from Sichuan with the good
sisters, Wen-Ying Liu could not help but let out a deep sigh, she Wulan Yu said:
"I take 5000 dollars to you, she saved my own quiet, his wife and children
do not know, you really do not, and would not have also had. "
"I can also. As long as I live, a point will return a lot to you, you worry. I
Wu Lanyu though very poor, but also good sense, his conscience, and I want to be a
person of integrity, worthy of you!" Wu Lanyu commitment Road.
After that, Wu Lanyu be carrying a plastic bag walking in the street, she decided to
pick up waste products sell for money to pay 55,000 yuan loan. This is not much
culture, and have few skills, less than 1.50 m tall and 60-year-old woman, to weak of
body, in this way take on an almost impossible for her to assume responsibility.
Wu Lanyu out every day before dawn, at dusk when the pace dragged Pidun home.
Picked up tidy up a good scrap, children her breath, and then a bowl of boiled
potatoes without Youhua surface Geda Tang, considered a day's meal to eat
dinner. She still went out early the next day, the waste back to the station to sell waste
collection will be in exchange for a few dollars tucked carefully, then followed her on
the street ... ... so rain or shine to pick up the scrap, repeating one another a hard, bitter
In a small store near the residential areas open to Wulan Yu Tang Kunlian sister
borrowed 12,000 yuan of money, her daughter was also seriously ill. The difficulties
that Wulan Yu, Tang Kunlian no home reminders. Wu Lanyu, after hearing the news,
very disturbing, she desperately working children, to run around more than 20 km per
day, the waste can be bought all grab ours back. Two years later, when Wu Lanyu to
12,000 yuan of money when the full back Tangkun Lian, Tang Kunlian was very
impressed, can not believe four walls, alone by the Wu Lanyu no surprise to borrow
all the money she paid.
It was also the first loan Wu Lanyu, also the largest amount of a loan. She said:
"The money has gone, I agitated for several days. I began to have
confidence, knowing my own hands in their lifetime to pay off all loans, it can be
From the Vodafone community two kilometers away on a barren hill, buried many
years ago abandoned steel mill slag. That can make money selling this, Wu Lanyu
after picking up waste finished, they hastened to carry the Cross-ho, to the barren hills
on the dig slag.
This is a family on physical consumption, often more than 1 meter deep to dig to find
a few pieces of slag, the men doing the very difficult. Wu Lanyu bring bread and
water, in the thousand hills is 78 hours. She picks a pickaxe to dig the hard earth and
rock, really tired, they rest for a while, drink water, eat a few mouthfuls of bread, and
then went on digging.
Many women can not stand up the hill to dry a few times, do not want to come again.
The Wu Lanyu has been propped, dug dozens of kilograms every day, a few
bag-packing, each one back down the mountain. Zaikuzailei Wu Lanyu are teeth in
there and walked tottering steps again and again climbed the hills, from the thick layer
of earth and rock were excavated below the 10 tons of slag.
Save money, debt, this is Wu Lanyu 9 years, the only purpose in life. To this end, she
has been living a clean hard to imagine many people of bitterness. 9 years, she has not
bought oil, not bought meat meals are steamed, soak rice noodles Geda Tang. Want a
bite, she went to look at vegetable stall farmers market to help people children,
cleaning, changing back to some of potatoes, radishes, cabbage leaves, boiled with
salt to eat a boil. 9 years, she did not purchase an item of clothing, she wore big
clothes for decades, is not willing to throw away broken up, laden with patches
continue to wear. She sold scrap, sell steel slag, part-time income accumulated up
every penny, you accumulate a sum of amounts owing, immediately sent to the
Compass Community, Construction Engineering Division, Bureau of Civil Affairs are
concerned about Wu Lanyu Corps in 1999 after the departure of her son, her under the
policy issued minimum living allowance. Chinese New Year last year, Corps Civil
Affairs to the Secretary Liu Gang Wu Lanyu home, see the cold season there is not
even burning stove at home, was surprised. One question I discovered, Wu Lanyu the
community sent her save up heating costs 300 yuan was also a loan, not willing to use
the money to buy coal burning. Liu Gang's heart burst of sorrow and grief,
the next day he sent to Wulan Yu sent a ton of coal.
Live in the Vodafone community and many residents near the enthusiasm to help with
Wulan Yu, who often brought her a number of flour, rice and oil, salt, sauce, vinegar,
household items. Fear Wulan Yu refused, we always go out when she put something
on her door quietly. Neighbors do about delicious food, they always think of Wu
Lanyu, called her family to eat together. Neighbors Fanhuan Cheng said:
"This lady is very strong, very kind, regardless of a miserable, she should
re-faith, keeping promises, that we admire, we must help her help her a
Spring Festival this year, Secretary for Civil Affairs Corps, Liu Gang, Construction
Engineering division deputy commander called Wulan Yu Wang whole again, that Wu
Lanyu the monthly minimum living allowance is also used to further the loan, her life
has been extremely difficult, malnutrition anemia caused by worsening of her to find
ways to subsidize 5,000 yuan, to help her to the last two borrowers pay off the debt.
"I am grateful to the leadership from the heart, or else, I have to working
hard and making two years." Wulan Yu said. She told reporters, and now
her monthly minimum living allowance has been increased to 237 yuan, the
maintenance of daily life there is no problem. "In the future it will not be
too difficult, I was going to be alive!" Thinning gray hair beneath was
filled with the suffering of the elderly goes on the face smiled.
                           ?(2008.11.13 "Corps Times," a version
of the first title)


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