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									Excellent customer service skills training 2008-12-19 (Shanghai)
Excellent customer service skills training 2008-12-19 (Shanghai)
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Meetings Organization: Chilean sea Jin Baidu Online Training Management
Consulting Co., Ltd.
Duration: December 2008 19-20
Location: Silver Wave Hotel, Shanghai Bund
Course details:
  ?Customer service is not only service personnel or service employees care about,
have a sustainable competitive advantage of corporate employees from the strategic
level to profound vision of customers needs the ability to conquer our customers,
major vendors. Create first-class customer service has become a new focus of
business competition.
Course features:
   Service concept service mentality shape perception + + + knowledge to enhance
service skills Framework
  ?Customer Service Manager, Customer Service Commissioner and others will need
to work with clients in contact with customer service staff, sales staff, reception staff,
service personnel, and hope to enhance the subordinate level of service through
training, marketing manager, customer service management personnel and other kinds
of related personnel.
Course Objectives
★ Let the concept of customer service excellence in customer service can really
penetrate a word, line, smile, etc. demeanor behavior are reflected in the
company's various customer service measures;
★ able to communicate with customer service skills in all aspects of service,
customer service skills at all stages of the service, complaint handling complaints
effectively enhance the skills of exercise capacity and customer service skills;
★ involved in corporate services management and innovation, design all kinds of
personalized service initiatives, all-round increase customer satisfaction.
Course Outline
The first part to excellent service concept in the service behavior
1, customer service and customer service skills
Customer Service and Marketing
The basic meaning of customer service skills
Customer service and personal career
Customer Service: Attitude is everything
2, Service Concept 1: Customer Focus
Panel discussion: Why dissatisfied customers?
- Check the table shortcomings
★ The concept of customer service
Exercise: Group spell words
Practice: the performance of high-quality customer service
★ customer-centric approach and performance
Exercise: distinction between what is a customer-centric
★ How to maximize the value of customers
Panel discussion: the level of design to enhance our customer service orientation
3, Service Concept 2: return of exclusive premium services
★ ability to increase customer demand for foresight
★ infinite value of value of services
Calculation and discussion: the return value services
4, Service Concept 3: The complaint is that gold - the concept of corporate enduring
Panel Discussion: Compare the size of the potential value of
5, Service Concept 4: internal customers - creating a superior customer service and
internal environment
★ Who is my internal customers?
★ concept of internal customer service
★ various forms of internal customer service
Figure Seminar: Who bound him, and there is no excuse
★ shape the environment within the customer service tool and its application
The second part of practitioners in all aspects of communication skills of service
1, know your role in providing services
★ understand your business, work, clients
2, customer service, communication skills course
★ understanding of communication services
Workshop practice: communication services for individuals and businesses long-term
★ listening skills
Listen to the general attention to points
Case Study: distinguish between the different performance of the habit of listening
★ speaking skills
Discussion Exercise: customer service during the 10 common response situations
Case study: that the tone
★ asked skills
Case Study: the wisdom of asking
The use of open-ended questions and closed questions to communicate with
★ body language
Activities: the influence of body language
Case Study: How to improve customer service during the appeal
★ telephone communication skills
General requirements for telephone communication
Case Study: Call Centre, telephone reception
The third part of the process of upgrading services in all critical stages of the service
1, high-quality customer service in four basic stages
★ Reception Customer
Comparison of practice: different manifestations of the customer reception
Exercise: when greeting customers receiving the standard
★ understanding customers
Understand the customer's general requirements and methods
★ help customers
Grasp the customer's expectations
Managing customer expectations
★ retain customers
The basic steps to retain customers
Retain customers and root out the combination of customer demand
2, effective response to customer complaints
★ understanding customer dissatisfaction, complaints, complaints
★ How to effectively deal with customer dissatisfaction, complaints, complaints
★ participating companies Feedback System
3, customer service practices and case sharing
★ efforts to bring Hello everybody mood
★ grasp the psychology of customers to provide personalized service
★ nuances see the truth
★ ongoing service innovation

Instructor: Mr. Tian Shengbo
? senior management training specialist, customer service training expert;
? have 20 years of business management, management consulting, education and
training experience:
? Master of Science, graduated from Fudan University, China Society of creation;
Shanghai to create Association;
? University of Hong Kong - Fudan University EMBA class president, Distinguished
? 2006 was China Training Network and other agencies as the top ten trainers;
? Domestic dozens of other long-term training and educational institutions
Distinguished Lecturer;
? In the management consulting and management training industry, ten years of
industry experience.
Major experience
Field teachers in the twenty-four years of business management, management
consulting, education and training experience are:
? years senior management experience in large and medium enterprises - community
Lung Group (listed company), President's Office Secretary of the Chief,
Development Leader, Training Manager; Jiang Su Tongyang textiles factory manager
? years of management consulting, management training experience - Multiple Career
Consulting, Fudan School of Management, Fudan University adult education institute;
  ?Has accumulated abundant practical experience of business management,
management consulting experience in research, management training, practical
Main courses include customer service management and customer service skills,
leadership and management skills upgrading, innovative thinking training, enterprise
training management and internal instructor training.
  ?The main feature of the training is through many years of management consulting
and management practice background, thus making both real and based on a certain
idea of the structural description of knowledge points, but also the actual number of
relevant companies can make the game lively curriculum perception, interactive
discussions, case studies, exercises and other operations.
Basic characteristics curriculum: case studies + discussion + group interactive
seminars + Feeling + role-playing games to practice + skills + activities, + structured
knowledge point of introduction.
Training services through the Enterprise, including (house training and public courses
FAW-Volkswagen, Hitachi Elevator, TCL, Ericsson, Yongda Group, Ping An
Insurance, AO Smith, Shanghai Union Pay, Toyota, Jianteshengwu (melatonin), Bank
of Shanghai, the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, Bank of China, Baoshan Oriental
steel, Nanjing Silver City properties, high-wire cosmetics, Air China Chongqing
Company, Tellhow Technology, Shanghai social security center, Chinese body of
information, Henan Mobile, life insurance, Shanxi Communication, Qingdao Beer,
Guangdong Telecom, Jiangxi Copper, Bell Atlantic, Shanghai Petrochemical, Kumho
Tire, a good home fitness equipment, steel metallurgy in China, American Standard -
Trane, Beijing Asia business online, Chengdu Commercial Bank, Century
Interconnect (Shanghai), Short Special Glass (Suzhou), Hudong Heavy, leading shares
and many other companies.
Meetings Registration:
1. Training costs: 2280 yuan / person (including a lecture fees, lecture fees, lunch,
fruit tea, address book, students took a photograph photographs, etc.)
2. Contact Phone :021-54483382 ,0755-61289005
  E-mail: baidu@training100.net hrm28@126.com
  MSN Application: training100@hotmail.com
  Registration Q Q: 707593039
3. Registration: telephone cable, "rage ɑ Jiao working knowledge of
call-Qiang Soul -> issued Meetings confirmation -> transfer or cash
Contributions -> class

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