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					Everything is
Poly San
       Some emotions can not recall. Remember that the flower can not smile, can not
recall the warm images of the days not recall it together, not have the lingering
memories of that, those emotions will make your heart ache sp read ... ...
       Some emotions can not forget. Resonance can not forget that the mind can not
forget the long back of the setting sun, can not forget that sweet smile, can not forget
the heart of the moment, that kind of emotion if forgotten, will dissipate the good
life ... ...
       Seasons, four seasons of reincarnation. We continue to stand on the crossroads of
life and also continue to choose to continuously look back to that life, bit by bit, it
makes us cry sounded?
       Hanlaishuwang blossom. When we see every leaf, every time when we face the
autumn, life is more lonely, more emotional, or like a flower withered leaves were
       The joy of passing long days in the past, ashes, despite how much we accept
defeat, the end will not come. As long as the original is never missed on the original,
only to lose the only treasure, as quietly pass the happiness that each of us are in fact a
rush of passing trains.
       Have changed everything off, the years of vicissitudes before tears flow. If it has
shown signs of life, we would expect that happy ending, so time to stay in that
moment of encounter, to look always look that's sweet dream, but how can
we not everything is the suffering, even if we tears of water, have to wear the masks
to tell you I do not miserable, I was not alone.
       Warm breezes wrinkle Spring River water, do not regret metamorphosis butterfly
final. People always have to struggle hard in the transformation, when we falter, and
when we took his head hair, we finally understand that the everything is, to
understand the moment met, it shows the beginning of phase from the moment, some
emotional is bound to two curves, everything is reluctant to part, even if the long
stretches of longer, we would not have eternal intersection.
       It is:
       Xichun spring has to go, only more lonely; Wang Qiu Qiu again, Falling Tree
and Rain.
       Therefore, some feeling like walking on thin ice, foam on the dance steps. The
heart of the moment, can deliver pure heart of love, respect for the feelings can be
dormant in the lives of neglected details, you will experience the kind of real, soft,
moving, and this is the eternal truth!