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					            Advantage Wholesale Lending Division
                                               Getting Approved

  Welcome to Advantage Mortgage Corporation’s Wholesale Broker application

  In order to expedite your request, you'll need to complete our application form.
  The application needs to be fully completed, signed, and submitted with all
  requested documentation. We will also need a signed Broker Agreement. We
  do not presently offer a Correspondent (where you prepare closing
  documents and fund the loan in your name) lending program. Please be
  sure to enclose the signed agreement, application, and requested
  documentation and mail to:

  Advantage Mortgage Corporation
  Atten: Wholesale Broker Program
  775 Main Street
  West Dennis, MA 02670
  Fax 508.398.6619

  By signing Advantage’s Mortgage Broker Agreement, approved Advantage
  Wholesale Brokers are bound by all provisions of the Contract, as well as all
  loan parameters and pricing variances noted on Advantage’s daily price sheets.
  The originating Broker also warrants that they are in compliance with federal
  and local licensing requirements for all states in which they operate. Advantage
  will not accept loans in states where the originator is not licensed.

  Broker is required to submit annually the following information to Advantage
  Wholesale Lending Division to maintain approval status:

     •    Current State Lending License(s), if applicable
     •    Most recent company financial statement or tax returns
     •    Current contact list for key personnel

  Thank you for your interest and do not hesitate to contact me with any
  additional questions.

  Eric J. Risley

This page is intended for the use of Mortgage Broker professionals only.

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Description: Wholesale lending is a relatively large amount of industrial and commercial enterprises, financial institutions and other loans, the borrower's loan purpose operating profit. Wholesale mortgage lending can also be used credit, the borrower may also be short term, medium term or long-term.