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					American culture
American culture
1) 【furnace】 (The Melting Pot)
    Another name for the United States. Because the United States from around the
world is a integration of immigrants of different nationalities formed country. These
immigrants spoke English like British English, as a strong
Hierarchical and geographical diversity. They formed a similar habits and manners;
difference between urban and rural residents are not as obvious as in other countries.
Despite strong competition in American society, and there
Racial discrimination, but from different ethnic groups in the assimilation of
immigrants has shown considerable flexibility and inclusiveness. Thus, the formation
of a new culture and a common overall national consciousness, so that the United
Become "a multi-ethnic composition of the country." American
life is based on the personal struggle, the spirit of self-regulation and competition
2) 【yuppies and non-Ya Shi】
    Yuppie is an American based hip (Hippies) copy of a new word, meaning
"young urban professionals." Yuppie jobs that require higher
education to qualified professional, such as lawyers, doctors, architects, computer
programmers, business managers. Their annual salary is high. Yuppies are very
successful career, smug, Shicaiaowu,
Luxury living a life of luxury. And the hippies were different, yuppies were not
decadent mood, do not care about political and social issues about money, the pursuit
of a comfortable life. Ya Non-persons means "the city failed young
people." Although they feel that their lives can not be compared with the
yuppie life, but not willing to have a sense of loss, and vowed to find their destination.
3) from Uncle Sam】
    It's nickname and symbol of the United States. Uncle Sam's
English as Uncle Sam, abbreviation US, just the same with the United States stands
for. But how it's nickname and symbol of the United States for? Common
argument is: In 1812, United States and Britain during the war, the United States
Metro City has a special delivery to the beef business (and some say that the military
orders of the officials) the name of Sam Er Weier
Johnson (Samuel Wilson ,1776-1854), people usually call him Uncle Sam (Uncle
Sam). U.S. government acquisition of the US beef boxes are built in the words. It then
joked that the words of these boxes covered with US is Uncle Sam. Later,
"Uncle Sam" became the nickname of the United States. 19, 30s,
American painter sent the "Uncle Sam" painting into a left Hill
Long, thin old goat beard, hat and pants are the stars and stripes of the flag.
4)】 【black friday
    "Black" is the word, the source of Jesus Martyrs Day (Good
Friday). October 19, 1987, New York stock market crash of stock prices, because that
day is Friday, it said the stock market's "Black."
October 19 New York stock market index generally declined substantially over the
October 28, 1929 triggered the Great Depression stock crash records. This is opening
Soon, the tide appears to sell the stock, the New York stock market hit a record 604.3
billion shares of stock trading, making several big U.S. companies suffered heavy
losses, the company listed in the 5000 value of the shares, the day will plummet the
500 billion U.S. dollars . Rapid decline in values and volumes around the world, large
degree of financial market, causing great panic Western, the stock crash, was the first
time in the world
World War, the worst since the stock market once and also decreased the most
dramatic Wall Street history, one.
5)】 【Motel
     Originated in the roadside motel independently operated small hotel with a
parking lot. With the car in early 60's become the United States, Britain,
Europe, the Caribbean and Japan, the main means of transport, the scale of these
hotels are also expanding. General motel swimming pools, most rooms have TV. Into
the 70's, a number of national governments to allow individuals to
associate cars
The name of the hotel, engaged in business alone. This requires less investment, you
can get higher profits for the joint venture, thereby speeding up the motel industry.
Particularly in North America than anywhere else in the motel.
6) The major U.S. newspapers】 【
Newspapers (Newspapers):
(1) "The New York Times" (New York Times): 1851 Started in
the United States the most influential one of the three major newspapers. Awake the
center of Times Square in New York for Suzibeike (Sulzberger) family-owned. The
paper basically reflects U.S. foreign policy and trends. Weekday circulation of
800,000 copies, each about 60 to 100, published Sunday, adding two supplements, a
circulation of 1.4 million copies, each 300 pages or more. Readers are mainly
American upper class, including capitalists, parliamentarians, government officials
and intellectuals.
(2) "Washington Post" (Washington Post): 1977 Started in the
Washington, DC, is America's most influential one of the three major
newspapers, is Graham (Graham) for all the family.
Politically close to the Congress to support the Democratic Party, the popular
attention to the Senate. It is the United States and abroad to feed more than 300
newspapers to the government published a number of "insider"
known, daily circulation of 500,000 copies, Sunday edition of 70 million copies.
(3) "Los Angeles Times" (Los Angeles Times): The newspaper
of the American West's largest newspaper, the United States one of the
most influential of the three major newspapers. Founded in 1881, with its preferred
Republican Party, on behalf of the western view of the compelling interest groups.
Circulation of 100 million.
(4) "Wall Street Journal" (The Wall Street Journal): 1889,
itemized financial news from the major U.S. publishing company Financial Group
"Dow Jones" company (Dow Jones) published in the United
States affecting national fiscal and financial expertise newspaper. A circulation of 1.4
million copies.
(5) "New York Daily News" (Daily News): 1919 Started in, the
United States with the largest circulation newspaper.
7)】 【Ivy League (the Ivy League)
    8 refers to the eastern United States has a long history of elite universities. Its
walls covered with ivy school, hence the name. This eight universities: 1764 was built
in Rhode Island, Brown (Brown) University; 1754 was built in New York City,
Colombia (Columbia) University; in 1769 the state built up to get the new Han Buer
Plymouth (Dartmouth) University; 1865 was built in New York, Cornell (Cornell)
University; 1636 built in Massachusetts, Harvard (Harvard) University; in 1740 was
built in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania) University; 1746 Spring built in
New Jersey Houston (PrinCETon) College; 1701 was built in Connecticut, Yale (Yale)
8) The current U.S. system of education 【】 (the Current American Education
    The current education system and the United Kingdom is similar to the American
educational system can be divided into three main stages: primary, secondary and
higher education. In primary education, a student may be subject to pre-school
education (mainly the form of nursery school - nurseryschool and nursery -
    The main educational institutions of primary education at the primary (elementary
or primary school). Five-year-old children into primary schools. America's
primary four years, six years and eight system and so are several. Different education
system from primary school out of high school students into different academic
structure (four-year primary school graduates entering middle schools prior to study
for four years, from re-entering high school) to accept moderate
    Secondary education is completed in secondary schools. U.S. secondary schools
have a four-year and six-year two. There are four-year general secondary schools
(high school), vocational technical schools
(Technical school) and a number of specialized secondary schools (special school,
such as the Marine School, Automation School, etc.). There are two kinds of six-year
secondary school. One is the junior secondary school (junior high school) and high
school (senior high school) with separate secondary schools, both in the curriculum,
curriculum and administrative arrangements such as the autonomy enjoyed
independence; the other is six years the system has always been secondary schools,
will be the beginning of high school as one, in terms of teaching and administrative
implementation of unified management. In the U.S., public schools allowed to courses
in religion,
So there are some private Christian high school (actually a church of all), specialized
training of priests.
    Completed mainly in Higher Education. Sub University College (university) and
college (college) are two. University is generally comprehensive, can include a
number of colleges (such as Medicine, Law, etc.). University for the state to establish,
manage. College can be divided into two categories: the state or big cities managed
four-year undergraduate colleges (including the Arts, an independent
Professional schools - such as technical, medical, law professional schools) and from
small cities or counties to establish the management of two-year college (the
equivalent of the Academy of China, or college). The former offers undergraduate
education (a Bachelor's degree - Bachelor         s deGREe), which has been
providing specialist qualifications (mainly specialized vocational training). Graduate
School of the University with a Master's degree (Master          s degree) and
Ph.D. (Doctors degree) and other advanced degree. In the United States to get a
professional degree, to be provided for completion of the professional courses and
credits (the credits for each course different), total credit requirements, students
receive bachelor's degree. Received a bachelor's degree
undergraduate study and through one to two years, those who meet the requirements
will be a master's degree. PhD requires researchers to be more difficult to
complete, and provides research and submit papers, for them. In the U.S., the highest
degree is a liberal arts Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy-Ph. D.).