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Chinese are learning English spend more time in effect is the worst. This is there to
learn and use English major misunderstanding about, first, long-lasting
"spoon-fed" education approaches, many people think that
learning English is to test the actual level of English can be imagined; second is that
English is just wrong from "pronunciation, grammar, sentences and
vocabulary," consisting of. So long as learning "pronunciation,
grammar, sentences and vocabulary," can learn English. In fact, if the
exchange for the purpose of achieving effective, than the English pronunciation,
grammar, sentence the most important parts, as by domestic learn and use English
overlooked is: Biaoda language applied, consistent with the correct English culture
and customs methods, approaches and content.
Fully closed a number of English listening ability is a comprehensive, not only to the
listener's basic listening skills and basic skills such as English with the
(Vocabulary, grammar, etc.), knowledge (such as natural science, cultural background
knowledge, logical reasoning ability) is closely related.
4 Listening vocabulary emerged between 2500-3700, but in general candidates can
understand the words only 2300 domination. The results lead to many strong
candidates in the examination time thinking about hearing some of the meaning of
familiar words while listening to the back of the pen and ink leakage.
Speech flow is also causing hearing one of the reasons of low performance. When the
expression of any language, the rhythm is Jihuan have caused, tone
Is undulating. Rereading words and phonemes high a little slow reading the part is
important information. Do not have flat energy distribution.
English proposal fully closed:
A time when candidates usually back the word, not only to grasp the meaning, but
also special attention to the pronunciation of the word.
2 out of every day will certainly be at least 20 minutes to listen to dialogue and essay,
without interruption, until the first exam a day or two.
The aim is to make your words flow in front of a coherent response to the rapid ability
to maintain. Training materials to simulate the main examination and the entire
Hearing examination room papers
Several examination techniques hearing test
1. Full use of time. Recording at the beginning of a period of Direction and Example
of the play, for about 2 minutes 50 seconds. Each content
Like, do not bother to listen. Candidates can use this time to look at the options for
each question, make a guess about each question. Listen
Do not see problems, or susceptible to interference.
2. Institute of give up. Examination encountered do not understand the dialogue, do
not struggle, not to "grudge." Should be immediately transferred
to the next question.
So as not to cause a chain reaction. In the essay, there did not understand the
paragraph also do not rush, because he may not be critical information. Remember:
The first sentence of the text for understanding the article and the answer is very
3. All closed in English to adjust work schedule. Each exam is 9:00, while the hearing
is the title most in need of taut nerves. Therefore, regardless of the usual health
Live, study habits how, in the exam a month to adjust the rest, the peak energy
gradually adjusted to 9:00.
Let us explore the purpose of the problem. The direction of the vessel is not drifting at
sea forever. The purpose of learning English variety, but the purpose of learning
spoken language, there is only one: In order to carry out with the Native English
speakers, "effective communication", that work with Native
speakers to create, maintain and develop good working relationships; or life
intersection of several native speaker friends, to share their feelings with each other,
encourage and help each other. Rather than to the exchange and compatriots, nor to be
able to and the "foreigner", said a few words such as: How are
you? I am fine, thanks. My English is poor. Bye-bye. So kindergarten English and
turned to leave, out of "foreigners," a dew, get lost. (Domestic
many English friends, just like a hard practice for 10 years martial arts heroes,
"decade of sword, double-edged not try," one day have the
opportunity to face the enemy, the only thought of the moves is: escape!) and is not to
"to speak English" and a waste of time, Meihuazhaohua and
foreigners chat --- break after a few minutes, and you do not want other people to
contact, you basically can not remember and source the.
Enclosed English in China, foreigners are poor, most of those who have been asked
untold thousands of times identical, boring, no creativity, and sometimes destruction
of Chinglish type questions and abuses, such as, Are you an American? Do you like
China? like. I found that some people actually said triumphantly: I have spoken
English very good, good to be able to chat a few days, children and foreigners. Come
on! Give me a break! English learned the extent that the Chinese, complex sentence
structure and strict syntax and vocabulary consisting of a large English skills, but is
"deaf ears, furnishings," concludes because not called
"exchange" is also not worth spending so much time to learn
basic English.
Singapore, a private, out of a book some time ago, called "Asia will think
you", said Asian countries include Japan, Korea, in addition to imitate, do
not have the innovation (Innovation) the ability, it is difficult in the true sense and
European competition. I hope not to be his unfortunately true.
Before I went to America to study, since the level of that English can also: learn, after
all, so many years, and he is under a lot of effort, and on many courses --- from the
ordinary to the most advanced times, inside and out million spent on. Examinations
include tests prevaricate study also considered the way through the trials. However, to
the     United     States,    the    unforgettable    way      to    learn   a    word
"Chinglish" --- Chinese-style English ": English and
communication, can have hedged their compatriots, but and" English is the
mother tongue "of students, professors and the other persons
communication when it comes to substantive issues, the two sides could not
understand who is who! at least six months, see unusual pain! All of a sudden lost
their communication skills, has been built up confidence and belief, such as about to
be destroyed.
They What's up? What's new? Statement to be able to
prevaricate, to talk about what the weather no problem. However, that is, find it
difficult to communicate with them, if only to talk in earnest. At home, I am very easy
and most people become friends, she also has been cited by self-esteem, because you
sincerely treat others, they usually have to be you will be sincere, otherwise you next
to him "at arm's length," it wants to. In the United
States beginning, how come so hard? ! Sincerely not work?
Their own voice, intonation problem? Not! If you have the opportunity to experience
the English language about Indians, you may also pronounce the Chinese people how
much it was self-esteem. I have a student named India, Abe, until the complete
industry that I understand most of his words meant! However, the Indians
"terrible" sound, and the Americans did not nurture their smooth
and effective communication!
Grammar and sentence is the reason? Is not! I had the honor of the university in the
United States, met one from China, only an American professor of tune Smirnov,
nearly 40 years of age because of outstanding mathematical ability, immigrated to the
United States. Pronunciation on never mind, he speaks English, you can easily pick
out many grammatical and sentence errors, but no he did not block nearly two
decades of American life, in English to the Americans on the math and business
administration courses, and win.
After all, is why? Living abroad a few years later that I gradually understood the
rationale: "If in order to achieve" effective communication
"for the purpose of English pronunciation, grammar, sentence is absolutely
no internal stress so important a variety of people, but by domestic who neglected to
learn English, it is precisely the most important part is: expressive language applied,
consistent with English culture and customs of the right way, approach and content.
English language is completely closed their culture and customs of the carrier,
precipitation, although the number of different cultures see the human side of
connected, but more in its special side. The Western culture and Chinese culture has
the opposite side. For example, she advocates "aggressive"
positive or ambition attitude, and the Chinese, "humble, artistic"
way of doing things, talking principles, often lead to "conflict"
constitute an obstacle to effective communication. This is the so-called
"cultural conflict, the difference."
So, with their own culture and customs that apply to the English way of learning
methods and applications, coupled with too much learning was "no use,
many native speakers, have not even used, never heard of the word, and outdated
word, sentence, did not understand English and can not be true and the
"English speaking people" exchanges is not surprising!
All the tips and techniques to learn English can be roughly divided into two
One is you need to settle down, take time to repeat the memories --- memories of
those who own and others sum up, inductive knowledge. This part of the work, no one
can replace you, no matter what kind of genius! (Because the fish is conducive to
competent and memory, some people ask for advice × Mark Twain, asked how much
to eat useful. Mark × Twain replied: It seems that you have at least two whales eat!)
However, if only buried hard study, you can learn English, then Chinese, English
standards that, in theory, should be the top, and the reality is just the opposite. (Study
abroad, deeply feel: probably because the results of permanent training, memory and
reciting skills, especially memory, memorize those who do not understand things, we
Chinese people's strengths; but the actual application and innovation skills,
in general, our weaknesses.)

Therefore, the other is "how in real life, the effective application of English
to achieve the purpose of communication," the experience and skills.
Inferior to the Chinese people the courage to theory and practice (to go to school and
go to school: "every means are beneath contempt, respect only to
study"). Application of skills as strong, this part of the country to learn
English skills who are permanent ignore. Or because of contact with Native speakers
are limited, difficult to get, "Scriptures", or because English
pursuit of "high, big, full-style" English habit and good people
face the psychological, the majority of people happy to use the traditional and the
most peaceful approaches to learning: on sentences, grammar and vocabulary of the
persistent preference, even in the use of Native speakers of English and
communication. In fact, the language is only a tool, unless you use this as a career, or
it does not have any meaning, it is of no use, if it can not for the "purpose
of communication," the words of the service.
To study and self-help in raising the English language. But the book's
shortcomings, and self, as there is no feedback, no two-way communication. In theory
that matter, actually doing it is not the same. Language in particular, to comply with
"disuse" principle. To master this part of the most effective way:
to create conditions and opportunities, with English as mother tongue or who have
lived abroad, learning and communication.
Enclosed English study shows that in conversation, 80% of the information to the
body language (body language), voice (intonation) and tone (tone). In addition, the
effectiveness of the exchange of edification, but also include the intention of both
exchanges, conversation of English language and cultural understanding and effective
application of such factors, not only about the sentence, grammar and vocabulary.
So often to see such an interesting phenomenon: an only five to six thousand words of
secretary, assistant, who can use English with the "foreigner"
fluid exchange, and some have claimed three, 50,000 vocabulary, hand-held 6 Master
Certificate in English, Ph.D., University of the decade, 20 years of English, in the face
of English-speaking people, but the most simple of a few superficial so-called
dialogue, how many people can be "effective communication
"mean? Not to mention the use of English rather than express their own
ideas of Chinglish. Chinglish is the means: in Chinese culture, thinking and habits to
apply the "English culture", the result is learned, the so-called
"fluent English" is limited and fellow exchange, and the
"English speaking people" exchanges , the two sides due to
"cultural differences" in expression of the manifestation of
mutual understanding and communication can not be!
Not understanding and learning of English national culture in the exchange, the
embodiment of communication applications, but only apply their own culture and
customs, and frequently lead to communication barriers is the reason. Its
consequences and harm, much greater than for pronunciation, grammar and sentence
of disability and lead to injury. As pronunciation, grammar, and poor short sentences,
each understands the private will, because, after all English is not your native
language, you can slowly improve. But because of "cultural
conflict" lead character, conduct and the misunderstanding might even play,
and you want to achieve the opposite result, destroying a valuable development
opportunity! In a private limited life, considering the age, career trajectory, the
objective circumstances and conditions and other factors, life is your chance to really
only two or three times too! Example to illustrate the cultural conflict: the West in the
conversation pay attention "eye contact", to talk to both sides to
follow one's own eyes, the Chinese people for "their eyes look
directly at one's own eyes," the majority view is: this
" peering "at someone is not polite. But Western people feel: the
party talk, "two open heart," said his sincerity and honest mind,
obedient one, "two open heart," said his on the topic of interest
and respect for one's own. Therefore, the Westerners in the meeting, with
the "eye contact" is conceited smile (no matter how hearts like),
a strong handshake (courtesy of bumper hand, in English called "dead
fish" shaking a dead fish), and positive thinking type (positive thinking) of
the conversation, lead to the continued interaction with your wishes. On the contrary,
if evasive eyes (some people even more because we wanted to English textual, and
scratching, Ziyaliezui or on rolling his eyes), woodenly expression (called: No joy,
anger, in color), and negative content of the conversation, regardless of your grammar,
pronunciation and sentence how pure and good and let "arm's
length." Appreciating the police have you happy and a clash with your
basic hard on the incoming people? !
As another example, the same as "the pursuit of wealth," the
prevalence of Western practices and ideas diametrically different. Westerners,
particularly North Americans, praised the entrepreneurial spirit: those who rely on
their talents and efforts rather than succumb to nepotism and elite self-made man.
They may abandon their comfort in this life, take risks, start, struggle (for example, I
Henry, ha!), And the operation of another way of full application of modern business:
market research, product development, advertising and marketing, quality monopolize,
after-sales service, so that their products and services for the community's
acceptance and love, the ultimate win-win situation. All closed English entrepreneur,
is no doubt that the Western hero in the eyes of the people! It can be said of the
esteem and the pursuit of entrepreneurship, to the founding of the United States only
200 years on the crowd behind, forced her then known as "the sun never
sets empire" of the sovereign state of the British Empire, became the
Servant of little boy today.