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					Ai Weiwei: Let people willing to say that the right
Ai Weiwei: Let people willing to say that the right 2009 年 02 月 19 日 17:13

Ai Weiwei
Bystander Ai Weiwei
Liu slip
In 1981, the 20-year-old Ai alone to the United States to study, carry only 20 dollars, a
few clothes, and determined to Italy. Off at the airport to the capital, the mother of
concern to cry and said, "no not in the United States flies well on the
back", but he is left behind a relentless, "I'll never
come back."

At the time, go to the U.S. study is similar to the behavior of Treason, Ai Weiwei,
after years of only the files that he has for the issue in America, "to
enhance confidence and patriotism education" comment is. Earlier in
America than his country, only one person Chen Yifei.
Mao Zedong had died, "Cultural Revolution" ended, many
people have a sense of bittersweet, "Many have received the
'Cultural Revolution' who suffered, there seems to finally catch
his breath." China ushered in a period of active thinking, "Some
people say that the four modernizations is not enough, only economic prosperity, not
political democracy, we need five modern, that is political democracy. That time can
say phrase it is already difficult enough, "Ai said.
However, when the political climate turns warm again. Ai Weiwei involved in the
"Star exhibition," Art Museum of China were not allowed in the
exhibition, the artists took to hanging paintings on display at the park near the fence,
then crack down by police. This allows him full of disappointment and
disillusionment, "are desperate, they feel that China Dai Buzhu
of." From adolescence to youth, Ai Weiwei experienced three earthquakes
spirit, this is the third time.
"I grew up was a bystander," Ai said. The spirit of his first
earthquake was the "Cultural Revolution" at the beginning, he
was seven-year-old, suddenly found his family with an atmosphere of fear, adults
began to whisper, are afraid of speaking children hear, would often say half. And then
you see, "the entire people on the street also with doubt, or strange people
who looked at your home, the streets were posters, all saying how your family, and
said to smash Who's a dog's head, when the poster more than
100 copies, more than 798 art exhibitions to be pretty much, words ah ah feeling very
righteous and stern. how would going to turn into this? "
His father - Ai Qing - the "Cultural Revolution" in the criticism
object. Their home in the endless raid, confusion and insecurity, the Red Guards at
any time the door, "kick the door Chuaikai, throw all the things one way,
turn over all books, letters are taken away, photograph Look into. " Just
shut the door, another group of people has Chuaimen infiltration, and then found
again, each call to the Red Guards are loyal to the leader of the table.
Then, Ai Weiwei was sent to the family farm in Xinjiang labor. Desolate, dry, endless
desert life to Ai Weiwei has left an indelible childhood memories. He remembers
there's a cool summer and warm in the winter of wells, many years back he
saw that the well has dried up. He was collecting firewood for a long walk along the
way the wolf to follow, great difficulty will be encountered in a puddle of water with a
cap to pocket up to directly drink hat filtered water.
Lin Biao incident in 1971 resulted in Ai Weiwei's second spirit of the
earthquake, "Chairman Mao's successors, but also our greatest
Chairman Mao's close ally, Deputy beloved forest, suddenly one day said
to be traitors, He has always been simultaneous with Chairman Mao, is already
written in the Constitution the legal successors of them, how will suddenly look at the
temperature fell to his death are Erhan? this case people think that politics is a terrible
thing. "
Ai Weiwei to the mentality of bystanders looked at these things chaotic and
unpredictable change, even after seeing his father suffer criticism bending over to
sweep the streets, coughing, and he is just cool spectator, and did not feel much
emotional agitation, such as sadness or pity.
One to the United States, Ai Weiwei immediately met a lot of thieves. Birthday when
he and his friends on the stolen thieves ask him to drink wine. "In capitalist
countries, steal it, I think it was Robin Hood, was able to wear down the channels of
capitalism, which is supposed to do, later found useless."
Later, the newly appointed mayor of a New York thief his friends are in jail. These
people came out from prison return to prostitution, "they shouted in a far
away my name, I pretended not to know, because I want to show a kind of elegance,
they shook his head, the Chinese people fuck" Ai Weiwei Oh smile, tone
Ai Weiwei, a student of art, as can be, "Cutting Class" Ai find
smth heartily enjoyed "Cutting Class" of freedom, the
consequence is that he did not get the degree.
East Village New York, he lived a part of everyday together, in addition to the thief,
there are Nazis, skinheads, and the hippie and punk different kinds of people. But he
felt that New York East Village is a "very lonely, very romantic,"
"because we are all Chulai Hun people, are something only to New York
Daizhuo heart, and are wary of each other, no one to their weakness bright to others,
so do not really have a romantic story. "
He does not fared well in the United States, life is very embarrassed. Thirteen years in
the United States, "can say anything I have done, if the woman I will
definitely go to a prostitute," he said. There was a time to casino gambling
on him 89 hours a day, equivalent to full-time job, of course, are the flutter, because
no money, so after two full years. He often painted with a high degree of enthusiasm,
took a few days are filled with the entire house, moving all the time had to throw
away hard-hearted.
Second, the economy is still tight, the most fundamental is no sense of belonging,
"childhood is the observer to the United States went into complete
"I think I pretty decadent, decadence was high time that, now that
decadence is not high", the so-called decadence is, "Do you
think your too far away from the possibility they might give up, or that the matter
Nongbu Hao , it does not get bad, they torment ah. "
In 1993, because his father was seriously ill, Ai Weiwei depressed back in Beijing
after a long absence, still penniless, not even the degree to get, "the other
students did not like me, ask relatives, neighbors, people feel at home together loss of
face. "
Ai Weiwei was young, his father Ai Qing often ridiculed, he said, "You
will be a mentor." "Instructors also known as political
commissar in the army, is today's party branch secretary, because I grew up
on all of Quotations from Chairman Mao to the back to see the Communist Manifesto,
read many political articles. I think my father said I, he may still see my political
future. "Ai said.
Until now, not when Ai Weiwei on the instructor, but he believes he has been in
politics, "it is only at the grassroots level, I was into the people, this is my
politics." Now he is the most famous artists, one architect, said he thought
about how kind to be successful, he was only with the interest and instinct to do
things, "I think of is choosing to act like I built the first house People say
I'm an architect, and later I joined the Bird's Nest design, but
also into the Olympic architect. " He said he was tired of some of the
buildings, interest in politics is growing stronger, and basically every two days he will
write a blog.
But he believes he does not have a real voice, "I still think my most
important thing is to be myself, is my independence, so I am not attached to a power,
whether political, or cultural The. " Not many people know that he suffered
a blow in 2008 years, when a Beijing Youth's death came, his heart is
extremely sad and dreary, this time he is no longer a spectator.
For others whom dare not do, he self-analysis Road, because tossing his love, gifted
with a "tragic character" and "destructive nature
of" disturbed at the ease and comfort of life, "at worst a dead
Well . "
Ai Weiwei's first experience of death is 10 years old, "My father
then told me he was going to die, because he worked too much, he cleaned toilets,
he's hernia is very powerful. I am sick time each year, sometimes pull 20
times a night, that should be dead at any time. When you really close to death, was a
relief, easy feeling, the point is not afraid, you feel as if in a dream, floating up.
"I think death is not the end of life, but another realm." He said,
talking about death as a line for a movie theater, like when talking about
"light lights up yet, the film has not yet started, then how about you are at
the door outside, so the story on the death we can never know, this is beautiful place
to life. "
Chat with Ai Weiwei is a very fun thing, he humorous, when this remark, no matter
what he does not ask that disobedient, because he "never felt more
important, long tired of living." If you tease him, he will tease you double.
He said he loves to torment people, asked him how a tossing method, he paused, keep
up reporters than agonizing, "you say a I say one." Then with
the      following     dialogue:      "I     drink,"      "I
drink"; "I'm greedy," "I do
Now         that's        greedy,     you      see     my      body";
"I'm masochistic," "scarred me .
Ai said that he did not like travel. He did not like music, "my life has not
had a meeting on their own initiative to music, I like the human voice."
Can he still talk about music, including a small ancestral curse of the album left to
write comments, and boast "I'm very good understanding of
music." Do not listen to music how about music? Ai Weiwei immediately
split Road, "the history of human sexuality is certainly not the rapist to
write it?" But not a virgin to write it? "It is entirely possible,
sexual history can be written by a virgin, but not so virgin sexual experience to
write." Statement is not complete has been rolling on a large area.
Forced him to call back the past, he was somewhat mixed feelings, not many people
know that he was an extremely down and out losers. When talking about current
affairs, social issues, he was with a straight face, no messing around, every word
extremely sharp.
However, to truly understand it is very difficult for him, his rich, complex task than
bolted in all directions, art, architecture, politics, the next might be a film; him
understand life and death, life and consciousness of the grasp, but also far beyond the
general thinking that the Enlightener.
For some people regard him as "China's Andy
Warhol," Ai Weiwei is not authorized. He said the United States
experienced the sixties and seventies of the cultural movement of the middle class are
proud of civilians, but there is no middle class in China is close to Latin America. The
Ai did to civilians of their own pride, he was never angry with the Institute of
intellectuals from, "I never Bu Dali them, I never participate in any culture
or the opening ceremony of the seminar, since they go to children I'm sure
not to go, for me, they go to children is the morgue. " He wondered who
regard themselves as extraordinary people, "the proud people of all shows
are essentially the weak, both individuals and Ye Hao, Ye Hao regime, all said,
'Oh, I do not talk to you, I do not want talk to you the most simple matter
', which is human weakness, no more, for people to do something on it, not
that complicated. "
He is an angry middle-aged, no he did not dare criticize the person, the last he scolded
Chen Danqing Ruangu Tou, this time he said, "Oh, this is not a curse, this
is his feature." He only admire two people, one of Lu Xun, one of Wang
Shuo. In addition to dare say, the admiration for Wang Shuo Ai Weiwei another point,
"Wang Shuo their special ruthless to their own back up a
He is calm, talk about things when the anger is a very sensible analysis of the tone.
Life, he is a lovely old elf, full of desire to explore, to the rural life You Youxing
interest in young people full of curiosity and tolerance that he "did not
question patriotism, do not care about politics is no problem."
The Economic Observer: 1980,1981 year did not think you will be so pessimistic,
then the big picture is good, the whole country is going forward. I thought the early
eighties we are hopeful it.
Ai Weiwei: no. There is a saying that we will be encouraged to achieve the four
modernizations, living relatively free some of this is certain, but for us, political
freedom than economic prosperity and comfort important to a lot of life.
The Economic Observer: Last time I asked you what confused, you say why do we
suffer the humiliation, the still very few questions. You have the answer to this puzzle
Ai Weiwei: I did not, I really did not answer. I would like to, I always do these things
to torment? Sometimes feel that he is not doing very much? How do you think that
things like that, but we think it can, and do not need so intense, that a child suffering
from stones Well, do not you go see a doctor. I think the biggest problem is that this
problem suddenly into the issue of compensation, and in fact that far more than the
issue of compensation, reasons are not clarified. However, it is easy to convert it in
the end how much compensation the right questions, or which in the end few people
sentenced to many years of problems.
Including the rail you are unable to buy train tickets, which of course is the
institutional issues, no other problems. You can not meet the needs of the market
when the problem of course is that you can not put it passed into the ticket issue
traffickers, why not ticket dealers around the world only we have?
The Economic Observer: many intellectuals, including Zhang Yimou who, like 1-45
years old, from the rebels into a power partners, Why?
Ai Weiwei: I think the same is to give up some of the basic values. It is difficult to
maintain independence, maintain their independence is to give up power is a question
the legitimacy of power, then certainly self-mutilation, because you do not get power
there would be no right to speak? How can you still sound? This is a paradox. I think
a modern intellectuals in these issues should not lose the basic principles, or too
The Economic Observer: So how do you adhere to these principles can not only send
voice? - And so far have not put themselves in a very bad situation.
Ai Weiwei: analysis of their own is difficult. First, I do not think I really have a right
to speak, I still think my most important thing is to be myself, is my independence. So
I do not dependent on some kind of power, whether political, or cultural. And I still
believe is the most important destructive, the only way I can experience some of the
nature of life.
The Economic Observer: devastating mean?
Ai Weiwei: It sounds a bit cruel, but in fact the case. Because we may give up at any
time, but in fact, meant death. On this issue I was very clear. Why do I have some
right to speak? I feel that I fight, when you need to speak I never ambivalent. As long
as I have something to say, I will say it, and will not hide.
The Economic Observer: Do you consider the security problem?
Ai Weiwei: I had to convince myself I do not say that I am even more unsafe.
The Economic Observer: Why?
Ai Weiwei: everyone in danger, do not think you do not speak not in danger. I was
timid, shouted walking at night, it may not be so timid. In fact, I cried also because of
timid, not so bold.
The Economic Observer: What do you love adventure?
Ai Weiwei: According to the ordinary person's point of view I take the risk.
For me, I still have a calculation of a person, I feel a person out of his own mind he
said, it has much risk? I do it? Besides, I basically do not massage, there is no
The Economic Observer: What do you think what a society should have the basic
Ai Weiwei: I think a very pragmatic view, is how two people live together, how to
survive with three people, or 30, 300, 3000 over how the problem. It is that simple a
problem. If two people is easy, you say where to go, and I am happy that you as an
organization, I joined, the two men over the U.S. Yeah. Be the third how to do, not fun.
Other 30 million, three million times, want to do is impossible, because people have
to do things.
How to do this time? We have a law that is fair, independent, not about any one
person, certainly not by a group of people left and right. Fair this thing, it is based on
the most basic of a nonsense - all men are created equal. Rich or poor, no matter what
your background, what people in the home, are equal. This may be an illusion, but the
illusion is said to have come to otherwise, we would not agree, and there will be a
The Economic Observer: This is the development and implementation of laws rules.
Ai Weiwei: But to ensure this rule is it? Every person has the right to speak. This
society allows everyone to speak, in fact, the premise is that each person speaking is
not the same, I can disagree with you, otherwise why does everyone say?
The Economic Observer: If a person talking is enough.
Ai Weiwei: is. The right to life embodied in his expression of rights, who you are,
how do you think the relationship between you and the world, in fact, is due to appear
before your expression. This is why the expression of the reasons I so love, because I
think I do not know who I said I have a complicated, I tell you say about it, with
others say about it, actually I was pondering the matter in. But some people does he
think that it is also very good, but there are so willing to say that the right people, I
think this is part of life.
The Economic Observer: Hu Shi and Lu Xun on how you look?
Ai Weiwei: Hu I have not seen him anything. Lu Xun I was a kid on the view, recently
turned some of Lu Xun. I do not think any of his language, or any of his knowledge,
but I think he does not compromise some value - the most important thing is
awareness on the fair - on almost all of his essays which he is clearly a man of
principle. He's great, that he can position and his personal beliefs separate,
he did not belong to the oppressed class, but he can realize that value life. So I think,
whether it is his sharp Ye Hao, thorough look at the extent of things, neither the other
Chinese intellectuals were able to compare.
The Economic Observer: the individual's situation and his belief in
separation mean?
Ai Weiwei: because in most cases, people will say under what kind of identity, then
what would you say what is your identity. Lu Xun actually is not too concerned about
his identity, he is more concerned about how the Chinese are going on, how Chinese
culture is going, it is how the situation is like, these things make him very angry
The Economic Observer: Do you think he said that clear?
Ai Weiwei: I think it quite clear. I read essays written by Lu Xun, he likes what I like,
he hates the things I hate. Chinese young people, other can not see, all modern
literature can not see, that should be of Lu Xun, a look at Lu Xun on the line. I have
not read anything.
The Economic Observer: This is an annoying intellectuals, then do not install very
Ai Weiwei: We are really no culture, installation is not fake it. No culture is shameful
things, but there is no culture of intellectuals seems even than the shame, there is no
culture all right.
The Economic Observer: North Island, has been critical years commercial impact on
the human spirit, how you look at the North Island?
Ai Weiwei: When you over-emphasize the reality - the reality of whether it is poetry,
or cultural reality, or political demands OK too - if too much out of our present
situation, I think he is not a true state, he is a false state. For example, too much
emphasis on the so-called literary or poetic, in fact you are advocating some sort of
value, do you think the value of others is does not have. You are actually a kind of
arrogance and a strange self-worship, from this point, is false, this is not a thing. We
as a people is only our reality today, the sun shone his face, and throw a shadow on
the manuscript, no more real than this. So I think playing with words, or would like to
create such a cult, and even the pursuit of a classic, there is a hypocritical element.
The Economic Observer: Tell me about being right.
Ai Weiwei: happiness may be said that this is possible, so on it. With the meet is about,
is you reach a reconciled with the outside world, I feel a sense of self-sufficiency.
Hungry enough to eat the meal feel happy, thirsty people drink the water feel happy, it
was possible to buy a camera has to be happy. This fully with our requirements, and
when your needs are met, you will feel happy.
The Economic Observer: But you think of this self-destructive people ... ...
Ai Weiwei: you can not set a time to meet the needs, you will become decadent,
because you know that your needs are not being met.
The Economic Observer: how to do that?
Ai Weiwei: What do you put your desire to smash it, stage and quantitative, broken
down into a small subject, to meet the main body of a little time you will feel happy.
Stage being assured that the minutes and seconds counted. This is how we second one
second off, a second less will not work, you make life difficult.
The Economic Observer: Buddhism, the kind of thing you interested?
Ai Weiwei: not interested, because I think all these things to me, I have no time to
pack up, I am so much resources, I bolted all day long, I have able to get to the border,
how I might feel another thing interest.

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