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   Australia South Australia state capital and port. Lofty mountains in the southeastern
and Gulf St Vincent between the coastal plain. Torrens River running through the
urban area. 12 km northwest from the city port, connected by rail. Population
1,124,000 (2004), accounting for more than 70% of the state's population.
Founded 1836. For the state administration, economy, transportation and cultural
center. East Coast rail link major cities in mainland China, but also the North through
Alice Springs, the railway ran through the southern tip of the mainland port station.
Near the wheat, barley and grapes growing areas and have developed the Cow. For the
state agricultural and livestock trading center and important output port. Industrial
development, to automobile manufacturing, metal processing, chemicals, machinery,
electrical equipment, textiles, food processing mainly. Australian museum rich in
ethnographic data. Winter visit to.

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, Australia, located in the southern mainland
Australia east coast of Saint Vincent Bay, across the Torrens River, Nantong, Great
Australian Bight Indian Ocean, the main commercial and industrial city and port,
known as the Church of the city, the southern hemisphere Athens . Connect the city
where the rich plains of the Murray River downstream lowland agricultural area, rich
in wheat, grapes, wool and dairy products. Large urban areas including the West from
Adelaide Outer Harbour to the south of the Gulf Coast Breton, north to Elizabeth, east
up to lofty ra Xilu about 30 cities (including suburbs), population 1 million or so,
focused on the 72% of the total population, behind Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, for
the fourth-largest city. Damming the river near the city center into a lake, a broad
cross-strait green for government agencies, universities, museums, art galleries, sports
grounds and Botanical Gardens is located. Downtown area about 10 km from the
coast. Torrens River to the urban area is divided into two parts north and south, the
river is south of downtown, is a residential area north of the River. Ports located in the
city northwest of the Inner Harbour are estuarine area, outer port for the St. Vincent,
which is about 20 km from the city center. Industrial areas mainly in the port and the
new satellite towns northeast, there are automobile manufacturing, steel rolling, oil
refining, machinery, electrical equipment, cotton textiles, food processing and other
industries. Adelaide Airport is located 6 kilometers west of the city center, from here
to fly to Sydney 10 minutes to an hour, while the closer is only 45 minutes of
Melbourne, where the airport is not far from the railway station, where train The
Melbourne to Sydney is a relatively long journey, to nearly 25 hours. Adelaide with its
vast, numerous parks, blue-gray sandstone buildings and pleasant way of life is
known, is that people enjoy a prosperous life beautiful city. Adelaide can provide
countless fun, where lived more than 1 million people, enjoy the Mediterranean
climate, street cafes, designer boutiques and vibrant nightlife. Famous Adelaide
Festival of Arts (Adelaide Festival of Arts) in March in even-numbered years be held
to invite famous artists to come, there is the colorful art contest. Suburban vineyards,
wine many of Australia's best wine; in odd-numbered year, over Barossa
wine festival (Vintage Festival), there are many domestic and foreign tourists to this
very lively.

Parks around the city of Adelaide, such as grid-like streets of the board, with the
Victoria Square (Victoria Square), and several other Square, is a elegant city, the
historical testimony of the ancient buildings and modern buildings together , appeared
solemn, impressive is its impact on people's lives thoughtful urban design,
with streets and residential areas and green space divided off from the district.
Victoria Square (victoria Square) is located in the city center, with a modern fountain
was born in Adelaide designed by sculptor John Dowie, whose design is based on
flows through South Australia's three rivers, Torrens River, Omkaparinga
River mainly of the Murray River. From Adelaide around the square overlooking the
old and new simultaneously building two times, with modern South Australian
Government Building and construction beginning in Adelaide built St. Francis
Xaviers Cathedral, the Supreme Court and other mutual mapping, these nineteenth
century buildings still maintain the style at that time.

Adelaide is a very young city, founded in 1836 settlements. City early in the
agricultural and livestock products developed on the basis of distribution center, and
gradually set up processing industries. The late 20th century, 40 Because of the
proximity of middleback mountain mining iron ore and Leigh Creek coal mine
developed crane industry, the port has also come to expand. Is different from other
cities: the original exile here, not prisoners, but a thoroughgoing city of immigrants.
Most of the early Anglo-Saxon immigrants, Asians began to move after the war. The
city can see the elegant Victorian and Edwardian colonial-style buildings and houses.
So far has been preserved intact, and even building small veranda and the iron work is
no different.

Adelaide has a sound education system, its level is in the world's top
position. His educational goal is to develop the expertise and potential students and
encourage them in their study of independent-minded. The Government has a unified
and flexible in the education system. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education is
committed to provide quality education of overseas students, all courses for overseas
students, must be registered by the authorities. Federal jurisdiction of the University,
and specialist technical colleges and primary and secondary education by the
provincial government is responsible. Therefore, the university system is standard,
TAFE and schools are slightly different to NSW this subject. Adelaide's
education system is a primary school six years (in some provinces is seven years),
middle school years (in some provinces is five years), specialist (one to three years),
the University (three to six years).

Adelaide is a land of tourism, urban planning and architecture is very focused and
tourists can walk around, very convenient; In addition, the urban area there are many
well-preserved old buildings, green parks throughout the city are surrounded by is a
very attractive city. Around four weeks in Adelaide, is the numerous well-known
grape wine market, Australia's most famous wine produced. In addition, in
the Adelaide hills near Adelaide (Adelaide Hills), is the best observation deck, look at
Adelaide, this area there are some great historical value in town, including the
German town. Adelaide is the "Festival State" reputation of
South Australia's capital, that Festival Centre (Festival Centre) certainly
can not miss the riverside area in the northern city, a unique festival center design, by
no means ordinary, traditional buildings can be compared, is one of
Adelaide's landmarks. If you go to try her luck, we should go to the casino,
Adelaide casino (Adelaide Casino) on the festival center next door, the
casino's own building, is a magnificent restoration of converted railway
station. If you are art lovers, Tandanya Museum of Art, he always goes, Aboriginal
Cultural Centre, a performance center, art galleries, arts and crafts studio and gift shop
provide visitors to appreciate, and only here can you enjoy authentic Australian
Aboriginal culture. From Adelaide in the corner, there is a Kangaroo Island
(Kangaroo Island) to a rich Australian native animals and plants for the famous, the
island has quiet beaches, rugged coastline, wildlife and natural path. In addition, there
are many offshore and sank the vessel, diving into the water at home were also
explorers. Visitors who take the ferry to be Glenelg. In addition, there is the famous
wine town, most of the Australian wine exported are produced in the Adelaide suburbs,
with an international reputation, popular wineries wine regions include: Barossa
Valley, Claire Valley and Adelaide Hills, all in the car not far from Adelaide.

The climate here is very friendly, where summers are hot and dry, temperatures can
reach 40 degrees Celsius, while winter is cold, wet, minimum temperatures fall to
about zero, almost no snow all year round. The annual average temperature 17.1 ℃,
the hottest month (February) the average temperature of 23 ℃, the coldest month
(July) mean temperature of 11.1 ℃. Average annual rainfall of 528 mm. To Adelaide
is definitely a good choice, but preferably not in the summer and winter, where
extreme weather probably will not give you any happy memories. Therefore, if you
want to live here a long time, must be ready a lot of clothes, good enough prepared.

Update to the perspective of travelers:
Adelaide city urban areas and small, from north to south (North Terrence to South
Terrence) walking time about 1 hour only.
King William Street is a north-south main street, through most of the shopping area
(Randall mall), but most of the shopping
Area opening hours are 9am - 5pm, so difficult to find shopping at night, only a small
part of a 24-hour convenience stores open.
City Centre is Victoria Square, is a very Kongkuo crossroads, south of Victoria Square
in the street
Are more restaurants / bars, Gouger Street, almost one third of the restaurant is to eat
Chinese food, but not far from here
Where there is a small Chinatown, about a 200M road, 10 + House Chinese
Probably need to eat the cheapest AUD 5, relatively good about AUD 7.
Here open relatively late on a Friday, the opening hours to 9pm will be about 6 points
before the other dates are close.