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UKING will be the next fallen domestic brand? Acorn shopping in the TV shopping
crazy time, it can be considered a sum of small fishing popular. Was no movement of
the. Nothing in the reasons for this is the case, the voice the king as a brand Acorn
International, acquired by ... ... (details omitted), Acorn do make a lot of money and
purchasing power of U.S. investors a 忽悠, the acquisition of a good mind Star has
received voice king, do not know Gansha. May be the reason it is easy to mas ter, king
of the original voice LOGO is UCOM, monster fine Lun Hu Yujun electronic
contrarian holding daily limit of 6 years 4 earned 8.88 million, "Acorn
shopping" as fine a London electronic customer Acorn, Acorn Nature
should be strongly supported. ... The Shanghai brokerage analyst believes that the
future integration of the two may, after all, most refined products Lun electronic
media terminal, the main job of Acorn International, TV shopping and online
shopping, Hu Yujun in the media and new business models are ability, and he is very
familiar with the cast on the wind, the future is expected to attract investment. TV
Shopping Deal showed their pull-shopping channel broadcasting system,
"insatiable" "Acorn shopping", according
to SARFT said in an internal publication, Acorn International, Seven Star and
shopping as a "video shopping program (TV direct sales)", the
broadcast out will be included in ad management category, "r ectifying the
content,      standard     broadcast."         In    this   regard,     several
"non-broadcasting system" shopping companies declined to be
interviewed. Clear, "the main radio and television shopping"
approach television shopping "Typhoon" take advantage of
radio and television background first shopping company ... but the
"non-broadcast" shopping companies, particularly listed
companies outside the two Seven Star Shopping, Acorn International and made by the
impact may be fatal. Now, the two companies primarily to buy television advertising
time ratings low periods, to produce their own shopping broadcast program, by selling
products for profit. In recent years, the cost of buying channels resources to rapidly
increase. Next Generation Network Integration and Development Summit on Aug. 23
China's opening morning of the day shopping Acorn, the number of media
president Wang Yan, NDS company-related person in charge of research and
development of Chinese TV shopping Zeng Jing Ping, director, Acorn International
President Dong-Jie Yang, Huaqi Information Group CEO Feng Jun, Nelson Chan,
senior manager, transfer contact and other guests will revolve around the
"digital content and television shopping" in a keynote speech.
Pay-TV industry in China experienced the time and the overall conversion of digit al
cable almost simultaneously, the television consumer purchase eye pattern after
discomfort with Acorn International, said Wang clients receive fake Acorn
International TV shopping by ordering a number of beauty products, after use but
does not appear. She call Acorn International, the other party has received express
after a single fax, said Wang received is fake, the company is not responsible. Wang is
very confused, even if the product is not received from Acorn, Acorn International,
but apparently leaked information to her order, fake it possible to send home ah.
Beware of "Acorn International," the reputation of money
making shopping Acorn "Acorn International" is the Acorn
Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. short, the company mainly in television,
Internet and other media to promote the means to carry out product sales activities. 10
years ... according to the consumption of Shou County received complaints from
consumer associations noted that the county tile Town of consumer Zhang, in May
2008, by way of TV shopping, in "Acorn International," ordered
a phones, use, all properties of the normal. Du Ying: the growth from the beginning
barbaric "Acorn shopping" from the back to back good friendly
star, to join the Acorn, the early age of 24 started from scratch to become industry
leaders on the "after 70" is still young proud that 10 years ago
marketing sector in China has been hailed as a "young heroes",
Du Ying has created a wealth of myth after another. ... "Yangtze
River": TV shopping practitioners quite a mixed bag, and every TV
shopping company sells the product is good and bad, how is your view? Du Ying: Yes,
Channel Management: "channel" three changes and Acorn
International , Seven Star shopping TV shopping business in recent years, plagued by
high cost of television and also began to develop online sales and catalog sales.
Happy also started to attract consumers to purchase the catalog book, to develop
high-end market. (This article is taken from "first marketing
network") to edit the comment indicates that new business opportunities in
new channels. Consumption trends for a wide range of manufacturers, distributors
alike were considering the introduction of a new sales model, consumer rights,
Zhejiang in the first half to restore 130 million TV shopping as the focus of TV home
shopping into a complaint the complainant focus like a friend stay up late watching
TV so a city noted kind of phenomenon: after midnight, TV shopping ads flooded
local television stations. Moderator exaggerated expressions, ... soon people posing as
"Acorn International," The customer service told him there are
quality problems before the phone can now be swapped. The premise that the original
price of the first to the new machine, then go through the procedures return the old
machine. Lots of competition and shopping floor should Zhuhai TV shopping 40
billion and cake and wish to purchase back the Shenzhen Radio, Film and Television
Group, will begin broadcasting only create hundreds of millions a year's
turnover, to achieve 24 hours without closing. July 27, ... Peng Shaorong on
newspaper reporters, TV shopping, two models, one is Acorn International,
represented by a simple advertising model information, to purchase television time to
run; the other is a happy purchase, advised and represented the family shopping TV
shopping mode, open call "payment before delivery" to be
repealed in the future things may be out of the box due to Tongxiang inspection by the
public with disputes arising from television shopping, Tongxiang Chen Dong people
(a pseudonym) see Acorn International to Beijing Mobile TV shopping ads, they
bought a gold value of 1980 yuan Li navigation phone, but this year in January to a
fault. Chen Dong subsequent negotiations, Acorn International sales department
agreed to help him swap the same price of a 3G mobile phone. Service personnel, said
the first half of consumer rights, Zhejiang 130 million yuan to restore the loss of TV
shopping as the focus of the complaint into the complaint ... the focus of TV shopping
like staying up late watching TV friends metropolis noted such a phenomenon: after
midnight, full of local TV shopping ads television. Moderator exaggerated
expressions, ... soon people posing as "Acorn International,"
The customer service told him there are quality problems be fore the phone can
provide exchange, provided that the first new aircraft purchased the original price, and
then apply the old machine return procedures. Beijing Consumers Association: TV
shopping should be located "black list" earlier this month on the
7th release in 2009 after the television shopping experience report, City Consumers
Association yesterday (July 15) sounds again, the proposed authorities to establish a
television shopping "black list "; and to set up TV shopping
threshold, set up a professional TV shopping channel, without the approval can not be
free to play. ... Previously, Acorn International has invested two million yuan in the
city set up Xianhangpeifu CASE margin. The first half of this year alone, six major
risks facing the TV shopping industry, according to statistics, currently on the market
there is probably more than 400 TV shopping company Acorn International, and the
seven stars to the largest shopping. Acorn International, a market share of 17.9%,
Seven Star Shopping is 9.1%, about 27% of the market, industry market concentration
is not high, competition is more intense. 3. Foreign / domestic joint-venture
competition in the TV shopping TV shopping industry, a huge room for growth to
attract a large number of investors. China Taiwan, Japan, Korea, TV shopping play
"Fudge" deceived most of the consumers who accountability?
Recently, the City Consumers Association published a survey of TV shopping. The
results showed that the consumer experience are all that: TV shopping unsafe. ... But
in the end, the camera company producer Shanghai Acorn, Acorn Shijiazhuang seller
company, a television ad released by the defendant did not back: The ad for pushing
boundaries has become the defendant's "life-saving
straw." Platform "through" Acorn International, with
seven stars, like shopping, is the background of a few do not broadcast TV shopping
company. Therefore, the mode of operation, the televis ion purchased from the
"garbage time" (non-prime time advertising slots), and then run
ads to attract consumers to buy products. Acorn International, the two characteristics:
First, buy the most advertising time, the largest media coverage; Second, in addition
to TV platform, Acorn combined with ground channel, TV shopping business, how
have the last laugh? Supervision of the increased speed the transformation of the
industry, like Acorn, Seven Star Shopping giants such as TV Sales in transition, other
TV Sales to make changes as soon as possible if not it will be difficult to survive.
With the rapid development of digital TV, TV shopping channel to accelerate the
industry reshuffle. In the current competition, the TV shopping channel has a lready
won the trust consumers shopping channel, TV shopping chaos salvation and
reporters to search through Baidu, found online and Acorn International, Seven Star
Shopping, pleasure and other famous companies share similar shopping companies
are dozens more, most of the name of only one word, some simply clones of each
other's sites and LOGO. At least sixty to seventy per cent of consumers
bought a cottage because of the company's products, after complaints to the
Consumers Association of cheated. "We are calling consumers over, it was
found to be cloned, good and bad is the crisis of TV shopping, people feel happy and
make people worry about the pursuit of short-term profit-oriented television
shopping" miscellaneous troops, "causing the audience to the
TV shopping at the same time full of confidence crisis , but also to the East CJ, Happy
Go, Acorn International and other TV shopping "authentic
Army" have a negative impact. explore the potential to be industry
standards, even "authentic Army", the audience also found in
the buying process a number of trust. Miss Zhu said: "From the TV
shopping to buy a brand soybean milk, compared to mall prices, more shopping on the
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