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					Acorn International, Shanghai
The lack of regulation of television shopping viewers saw more than Jiucheng for
Taiwan to Shanghai Acorn International According to statistics, in 2008, Shanghai
"12315" platform of television shopping categories of
complaints received up to 4226, and 30-fold increase compared to 2004. First quarter
of 2009, Shanghai's 22 272 12 315 complaints received, complaint, ... In
2008, the size increased by 50%; the first quarter of 2009, industry growth rate of
more than 30%, of which Shanghai Oriental shopping growth rate of 78% Hunan
Happy share of 50% to 37% Acorn International. TV Shopping Deal showed their
pull-shopping channel broadcasting system "insatiable,"
"Shanghai Acorn International," an internal publication,
according to SARFT said Acorn International, Seven Star and shopping as a
"video shopping program (TV direct sales)", its broadcast
advertising will be incorporated into management areas, the provinces ... that is
conditional to allow one or two entities established based TV shopping company, such
as Hunan, have fun shopping and Shanghai with the Oriental shopping, Guangdong
has advised every day shopping and shopping and so on, son Light female wine
business four men left the industry earn money grab "Shanghai Acorn
International," many of whom are the global investment
community's most successful companies, including online games company
Shanda, Acorn International, the television shopping SAIF Asia (SAIF), chairman of
Yan Yan, New Oriental Group founder Xu Xiaoping, the United States Mayfield Fund
(Mayfield Fund), the United States NEA funds, ... by the end of 2008, lily and from
the network to achieve network entity in Shanghai to open a shop in the first blind
date - VIP Member Services specialized shop, a wife to provide authentication,
introduced the guests to meet blind date. TV consumers buy eye pattern after
discomfort with Acorn International, said her client received fake call Acorn
International, the other party has received express after a single fax, said Wang
received is fake, the company is not responsible. Wang is very confused, even if the
product is not received from Acorn Express slip ... reporters by phone to play the last
verification, telephone girl said, Acorn International, all products are shipped from
Shanghai, delivery address on the list indeed the address in Shanghai. Next
Generation Network Integration and Development Summit in China on August 23
opening of the Shanghai Acorn International Professor of Beijing University of
Posts ... Ma Yan, Tin Pak Lui, Group Managing Director, Shanghai Media News
Group, Da Zhong, vice president, ... the number of Media president Wang Yan, NDS
company related person in charge of research and development of Chinese TV
shopping Zeng Jing Ping, director, international president of Acorn Lignosulfonate,
Huaqi Information Group CEO Feng Jun, Nelson Chan, senior manager of mass
contact and other guests will revolve around the "digital content with
television shopping "in a keynote speech. TV shopping
"Typhoon" take advantage of the broadcast before the
background of the company's ... WANG Si-Jing shopping Shanghai
reported ... In recent years, Acorn International and two non-broadcast Seven Star
Shopping shopping companies, distributed platform for broadcast, the lack of
recognizable , and the main products and publicity means "new
strange", has been facing a "crisis of confidence";
and "broadcasting shopping" the competition, staying power
(See newspaper on April 25 "model fissile behind: TV shopping a
two") Beware of "Acorn International," the
reputation of money making in Shanghai Acorn International, "Acorn
International" is the Acorn Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
short, the company mainly in television, Internet and other media to promote the
means to carry out sales activities of goods . 10 years, due to good business reputation
has been recognized by consumers. But in recent years, a number of lawless elements,
theft of "Acorn International," and business information, used
"Acorn International," the name of service personnel,
"Acorn International," to defraud customers. TV shopping
industry faces six major risks of the "Shanghai Acorn
International," Acorn International, a market share of 17.9%, Seven Star
Shopping is 9.1%, about 27% of the market, industry market concentration is not high,
competition is more intense. 3. Foreign / joint venture TV shopping competition ...
now, in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and some other large and medium cities,
and began large-scale operation. Second, trade credit risk of TV shopping industry,
the biggest risk is credit risk. Platform to play with the long silence on the shock wave
ushered in the glorious moment of the beach, the opening of the annual Chinajoy hot,
in this occasion of Celebration, to play platform with heavy attack, ... the
nation's largest investment company Capital Group Co., Ltd., has extensive
investment experience in domestic and overseas capital markets of successful
companies including Weichai Power, Heavy sea, Fu Jing Science and Technology,
Acorn International. Channel Management: "channel" three
changes in Shanghai, Beijing and other places of the fastest growing. Red children,
Lok Yau, Jingdong Mall, Taobao Mall and other non-store retailers, represented by the
rise quietly. The market is still in its infancy, is expanding. ... And Acorn International,
Seven Star shopping TV shopping business in recent years, plagued by high cost of
television and also began to develop online sales and catalog sales. Happy also started
to attract consumers to purchase the catalog book, 175PT conference play with the
platform to wave! Long-silent on the beach ushered in a moment of time, the opening
of the annual Chinajoy hot, in this occasion of Celebration, along with Play Platform
heavy attack, as Chinajoy add the most dazzling fire. The first wave: the nation look
forward to ... the nation's largest investment company Capital Group, has
extensive investment experience in domestic and overseas capital markets of
successful companies including Weichai Power, Heavy sea, Fu Jing Science and
Technology, Oak Age International. Platform "through" home
shopping program in Shanghai Oriental April 1, 2004 opened in Shanghai Oriental TV
drama channels on air, for Shanghai and other audio-visual area 11 million to the
family. Since its launch, ... Acorn International, with seven stars, like shopping, is the
background of a few do not broadcast TV shopping company. Therefore, the mode of
operation, the television purchased from the "garbage time"
(non-prime time advertising slots), and then run ads to attract consumers to buy
products. ShopEx distribution of a new pattern of the king build e-commerce in China
recently, the reporter with the Shanghai Business School (shopex) Network
Technology Co., Ltd. to contact the responsible person from the Department learned
that: "the king from the on-line distribution date, receive the majority of
the user's attention, a constant stream of customers every day telephone
counseling. now has over 100 clients have purchased this product distributors king,
which is more like 'Acorn International,' such a large enterprise.
"July 24 Games private equity exposure through top-secret internal
reference headquarters in Wuhan, Huazhong University of Science, Shanghai Pudong
to build a first-class R & D centers and institutes, with the Ministry of
Personnel approved post-doctoral research station. Unit Acorn International CEO Hu
Yujun popular favor, while holdings of company stock has been repeated. Secondary
market, after a long-term oversold stock, after only 2 yuan more than the current share
price, while the bottom of the recent stock obvious heavy volume, Fri heavy volume
daily limit, while TV shopping chaos salvation through Baidu's search,
found on-line and Acorn International, Seven Star Shopping, pleasure and other
famous companies share similar shopping companies are dozens more, most of the
name of only one word, some simply clones of each other's sites and
LOGO. ... And the East CJ back with Shanghai Media Group, 2008 sales of nearly 1.6
billion, the number of customers from home 135 000 2004 up to nearly 200 million,
accounting for six million households in Shanghai two-thirds 1. In addition, the
operator instead Finishing Touch that more than 40 companies, including Acorn
International, Laosi Dan Burton, Shanghai Seven Star International Shopping, CTV
television shopping television shopping business and good Tesco, Beijing Bureau of
Post Express online shopping, express delivery companies. The industry believes that
it sends a "signal" indicating the majority of companies and TV
shopping channel has been realized, self-discipline or his legal? Standard TV
shopping industry, who rely on Hunan Satellite TV's with TV shopping,
"Happy Go" before households IPTV33 Channel,
"Happy Go" landed in Shanghai, plus a certain local market has
been developing the East shopping, ... These short-sighted pursuit of profit television
shopping "miscellaneous troops," causing the audience to the
TV shopping is full of a crisis of confidence at the same time, also to the East CJ,
Happy Go, Acorn International and other TV shopping "authentic
Army" have a negative impact. Good and bad is the crisis of TV shopping,
people feel happy and make people worry (Reporter Wang Wei) "Acorn
International" sell "e Road route" GPS satellite
navigator, the defendant's infringing use of other people's
navigation electronic map. ... Signed in the product packaging alone, so subjective
fault clear infringement; Beijing and Shanghai Acorn Acorn company's
legal representative the same person, should be aware of these acts, therefore, should
be Kay Rucker and Shanghai Acorn to assume joint and several tort liability. Sales
GPS satellite navigator sued Acorn International joint tort compensation 500 000
Acorn International was founded in 1998, is a research and development, production,
purchasing, sales, and service in a cross-platform retail business. ... By the end of
2003, Acorn International and Shanghai catchy sing a joint venture Shanghai Acorn
friendly Star digital technology company, will the entire team, brand and operations
into a joint venture, through intensive TV advertising, newspaper advertising and the
ground channel marketing, more on the Shanghai Acorn International articles

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