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					24 Solar Terms - Vernal Equinox
   (Lazy Lai Lai) spring equinox in ancient times known as
"Japan", "night hours" each year on
March 19 to 22, when the sun reaches longitude 0 °. According to "make
72 month waiting Annals": "in February, the points are only half
of this when the 90 days and a half, so that distinction." Another,
"Chun Qiu Fan Lu Yin and Yang out of the next," said:
"The Vernal Equinox who, yin and yang with half also, so day and night,
summer and winter are rather flat. "Therefore, the significance of the
vernal equinox, day and night equally one that day, each 12 hours; two ancient times
to the beginning of summer to beginning of spring, spring, spring equinox just three
among months, split up in the spring. (Xiaoci Wei 6792)

(Lazy Lai Lai) ancient China to the vernal equinox is divided into three candidates:
"birds of a climate element to; two candidates are audible thunder; three
candidates before electricity." Is said after the spring equinox, the swallows
fly the way from the south, rain when the thunder and the sky have to send lightning.

March 19 ~ 22 is the 24 solar terms of the vernal equinox, the sun to the longitude 0
degrees (equinox) Equinox solar term begins. Points by half also, half of the day in
spring, so Jiaochun points. Equinox equator direct sunlight this day, almost equal day
and night, followed by a shift in position of direct sunlight, beginning a short day and

Equinox solar terms, the East Asian trough significantly decreased westerly trough
and ridge activity increased significantly, Mongolia to the northeast and cyclone
development activities are often low voltage, low voltage mobile guide cold air south,
north and more strong winds and blowing sand weather. When the long-wave trough
moving eastward, by the convergence of cold and warm air masses influence, there
will be rainy and cold weather in a row.

Equinox season, in addition to the cold of winter all year round mountain and the area
north of latitude 45 °, the average temperature across China are stable above 0 ℃
SITA, has gone cold, the temperature rose rapidly, especially in North China and the
Huang-Huai Plain, the daily average temperature is almost the same time the rainy
areas along the south rose up to above 10 ℃ and into the sunny spring. Vast land,
shore Liu Qingqing, birds are flying long grass, wheat jointing, rape, Hong, Li Bai
Yingchun Huang pink. The school of southern China is late spring scene. From the
climate in the time that the rapid increase in precipitation south into the spring,
"Tao Huaxun" period; in the "spring in your such as
oil," the Northeast, North and Northwest are still very few large areas of
rainfall, the threat to resist drought on agricultural production the main problem.

"Michael got up and spring equinox, the moment Zhiqian Jin",
drier areas of the north in the spring to pay close attention to spring irrigation, water
pouring good pull, good elongation applied fertilizer, pay attention to defense late
frostbite; the South need to continue to improve drainage work against stains.
Jiangnan rice seedling and seedling Jianghuai of rice film work has begun, early
spring temperature change frequently, pay attention to the cold air comes in soaking
germination, sowing clear grab at the end of the cold air. People experience said:
"The end of warm and head cold, the next seeding worry about."
According to weather conditions, for 3-5 sunny days after sowing, in order to
maintain a broadcast all seedlings. Spring tea has begun to sprout, should be available
in time dressing fertilizer, pest control, and strive to tea yield and quality.

"February Jingzhe another equinox, plant trees and farmland fertilizer
deep." Equinox is also an excellent time for planting trees, there is poetry
"cattle call women from the middle of the night meal, planting trees is the
vernal equinox the Ming Dynasty," the sentence. Busy in the hot season, to
continue to use our hands to turn the country green mountains and rivers, beautify our

Equinox is one of reflecting the changing seasons of the solar terms. Ancient Chinese
used to the Beginning of Spring, Beginning of Summer, beginning of autumn,
beginning of winter start of four seasons. Vernal equinox, summer solstice, autumnal
equinox, winter solstice is in the middle of the season. Vernal Equinox this day, direct
sunlight equator, the Earth day and night around the same time, so the ancient spring
equinox autumnal equinox, also known as "day and night
hours," the public has the "spring equinox autumnal equinox,
day and night equally," the proverb.

After the vernal equinox, winter crops in most parts of southern China into the spring
growth phase. Central with "equinox wheat rose, a moment Zhiqian
Jin" in farming proverb. Temperatures across most parts of the South
continue to rise, but generally not as good as water rose faster during the period
between the vernal equinox. In late March the average temperature in South China in
the north to 13 ℃ to 15 ℃, 15 ℃ for the southern South China to 16 ℃. Most
parts of the plateau have been melting glacial snow, day average temperature is about
5 ℃ to 10 ℃. Most parts of southern China the highest temperature areas such as
river valleys, the average reached 18 ℃ to 20 ℃. In addition to mountains outside
the southern edge of an average of 10, seven, eight years to a steady increase in daily
average temperature above 12 ℃, is conducive to rice, corn and other crops planted,
planting trees is also very suitable. However, the Vernal Equinox around South often
have a strong cold air intrusion, the temperature dropped significantly, the minimum
temperature as low as below 5 ℃. Sometimes there are small groups of cold air
followed, the formation of low temperature for several days of rain, on agricultural
production adversely. According to this feature, should make full use of weather
forecasts, to seize the cold end of the first warm timely sowing.
Equinox equator direct sunlight that day, day and night nearly equal, the difference is
that the northern hemisphere spring, the southern hemisphere autumn, followed by a
shift in position of direct sunlight, the northern hemisphere solar radiation received by
a gradual increase, the weather warmer day by day, while day gradually long, dark
night getting short. Equinox solar terms, subject to convergence of cold and warm air
masses influence of rain also increased recently.

Saying goes: "At the vernal equinox rose wheat, fertilizer and water to
keep up." A spring in a warm, spring rain after the busy farming. Busy
spring season to begin, the spring tube, spring, spring is about to enter the peak phase
species. After the vernal equinox, winter crops into the growth phase, to strengthen
field management. As the temperature rose rapidly, water demand is relatively large,
friends of farmers to strengthen Watergathering.

Calculation of the date of the vernal equinox [Y * D + C]-L

Interpretation of the formula: number of years after the 2 x 0.2422 plus the number
20.646 rounded by a leap year. 21 Vernal Equinox of C value = 20.646.

For example: in 2092 the vernal equinox date = [92 × .0.2422 +20.646] - [92 / 4] =
42-23 = 19,3 19 is the spring equinox.

Exception: 2084 plus 1, the calculated results.

Equinox health

March 21 is the 24 solar terms in the spring equinox. "Vernal Equinox are
yin and yang with a half also. It day and night, summer and winter are rather
flat." A "divide" the word has revealed the day and
night, summer and winter limits. At this time the sun is 0 degrees longitude, the
sun's position above the equator. Chinese book records "refers
to Wang as the vernal equinox fight about line Zhou Tianhong, divided equally
between northern and southern hemispheres day and night, and when one half of
Spring, named for the spring equinox."

Vernal Equinox Day is 90 days in spring The middle point of equal day and night
hemispheres. From that day, the sun gradually to the north direct position, length of
day and night hemispheres also change accordingly, the Northern Hemisphere day
short night, the southern hemisphere the opposite. Vernal equinox arrives, rain
increased significantly, our average temperature has been stable through 10 degrees,
which is defined on climate science in spring temperature. The vernal equinox solar
terms, the climate is mild, plenty of rain and sunshine, winter crops in most parts of
China into the spring growth phase, the sowing time is early rice. Vernal Equinox
around farming proverb on a different argument: Shandong proverb,
"planting trees vernal equinox, the day of sunny, not a be all
things"; Hubei, the "spring equinox rain every family is busy,
after the first planting beans melons"; Guangdong, the proverb
"Vernal Equinox former, fighting rice bucket of money. "

Ouyang Xiu of the equinox have had a wonderful description: "South Park
Spring half outing, the wind and smell masi, Ome, such as beans, such as Liu Mei,
length of day butterfly flying." Regardless of the North the South, spring
equinox are living in harmony with the excellent solar terms season,
China's Taiwan Province is a time when orchids bloom.

As the vernal equinox solar term split of the day and night, summer and winter,
people should pay attention in health care regimen to maintain the body's
yin and yang balance. Stalin had a saying: "the possibility of relatively
static objects, the possibility of a temporary equilibrium, the fundamental conditions
of material differentiation, and therefore the fundamental condition of life."
We are to seek this kind of "temporary equilibrium" and
"the fundamental conditions of life," keeping the
body's yin and yang balance has become an important health law, the law
both in spirit, food, accommodation, etc. recuperating on, or in self-care and drug use
are essential. We are in the health rules in the use of yin and yang balance,
coordination of body functions, to achieve balance within and outside the body, the
body of this organic whole has maintained a relatively calm and balanced state of
health care is fundamental.

"Su asked to really be big on": "like yin and yang
where the transfer of police to level three." Is that the body should be
based on different periods of yin and yang, thus enabling the "inner
movement" that is, organs, blood, fine gas physiological movement, and
"external movement" that is intellectual, physical and sports
harmony, to maintain "Supply" relationship balance. To avoid
the appearance of improper movement undermined the balance of the body and
external environment to accelerate the body damage certain organs and physiological
functions of the disorder, thus causing diseases, shorten life. Modern medical research
has proved: in the course of human life, because of disharmony metabolism, can lead
to imbalance in the body of certain elements of the appearance that some elements of
the accumulation of excessive, inadequate content of some elements cause premature
aging and disease occurred. Some non-infectious diseases and the imbalance of the
body element. If the current human health hazard in the world's largest
cardiovascular disease and cancer is formed, the imbalance of material exchange with
the body is closely related to reason, and both are yin and yang imbalance of it.
Balance theory of health that, in life in different age groups, according to the different
physical characteristics, adjust the appropriate diet, add trace elements necessary to
maintain the balance of various elements in vivo will be beneficial to our human

"Su asked the bone ideology": "transfer their yin and
yang, less than the fill, more than the diarrhea." Traditional Chinese
medicine dietary regimen and can be summarized as tonic, reducing excess two. Such
as qi, blood, yin, yang, replenishing essence, Sheng Jin as tonic; solution form, heat,
diuresis, purgative, relieving, to wind, dampness and so can be regarded as reducing
excess. TCM Practice has shown that complement or diarrhea, should adhere to adjust
the yin and yang, to level three of the principles of scientific dietary health, can
effectively control many non-infectious diseases.

From the beginning of spring air after the Ching Ming Festival is a solar term to the
budding growth of vegetation, human blood also is in a strong period, hormone levels
are at their peak, then the non-susceptible to common infectious diseases have high
blood pressure, menstrual disorders, hemorrhoids and the Allergic disease. In solar
terms of the diet to restore, should be chosen according to their actual function of
coordination to maintain the body balanced diet, taboos partial heat, cold side, partial
rise, partial reduction of dietary errors, such as in cooking fish, shrimp, crabs and
other cold food, its principles must be served with onions, ginger, wine, vinegar and
warm spices, to prevent the cold side dish of cool, fresh stomach after damage caused
by the disadvantages of epigastric abdominal discomfort; and if the consumption of
leeks, garlic , papaya, etc. yang type of cuisine is often accompanied by Yin egg
products, in order to achieve the purpose of complementary yin and yang. In terms of
ideology to maintain relaxed, happy, optimistic spirit. In the living area should adhere
to the appropriate exercise, regular sleep, quantitative dining, there are destinations
nursed back to health, are to provide the best health results.

Equinox 趣话

The day of the vernal equinox each year around the world will be tens of millions of
people doing "vertical egg" test. This is called
"Chinese customs" of the items can, why become a
"world game", is hard to research. But the games are played
really simple and full of fun: choose a smooth symmetrical, just gave birth to 45 days
of fresh eggs, softly to the table it stand up. Although many losers, but winners either.
Vernal Equinox Vertical egg game became the best time, it is a "vernal
equinox that Daner pretty" argument. Erected Daner no better scenery.

Equinox this day why the eggs easier to put up to? Although many claim, but the
scientific reason quite a few buses. First, the vernal equinox is the day and night
hemispheres are the same length of time, showed a 66.5 degree tilt of the
Earth's axis and the Earth's orbit around the sun in a plane
relative balance of power is conducive to vertical egg. Second, the vernal equinox
coincided with the spring in the middle of lukewarm, bonuses grass green, people
comfortable, quick thinking, action, agile, easy-to-vertical egg success. More
importantly, the egg surface uneven, there are many processes in the
"hill." "Mountain" is about 0.03 mm high,
the distance between peaks of 0.5 to 0.8 mm. According to three points form a triangle
and determine the truth of a plane, just find the three "hills" and
the three "hills" of a triangle formed, and to the center line of
eggs through the triangle, then the egg can be put together again . In addition, it is best
to choose giving birth to 4 to 5 days after the eggs, because this time the egg yolk
factor with relaxation, sinking yolk, egg drop center of gravity, is conducive to the
erection of eggs.

Eggs not only erected a number of scientific truth, but also contains many rich and
deep philosophy. Italian navigator Christopher Columbus across the vast Atlantic
Ocean, discovered the New World, it was found that its disapproval, and even
ridiculed as a "purely accidental." At a celebration meeting,
Columbus proposed banquet Mr. Mrs. Ms. try, eggs can be erected up to the table, the
result is not a success. Columbus said, now watch the performance. His knock down
the eggs, egg shell broken, eggs also had been erected. Then he said, this is what I
found is really quite easy, but why do you not?

Egg symmetry smooth curve is erected because it is difficult, but also its charm. The
famous Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, who neither eat nor sleep more than
two years, I have practiced painting egg curve, which was successful in shaping his
mysterious Mona Lisa smile and laid a solid foundation. The face of folk known as
the "face" and to egg-shaped face is beautiful or not as the
standard, fully shows the Chinese people and the superb level of aesthetic
appreciation of the aesthetic properties of egg. However, in a very long time, people
have been unable to find egg-shaped curve of mathematical expressions, and even
mathematicians can only be approximated with a ruler and compass to make egg
curve. No wonder that drew tens of thousands of eggs round artist also said that no
two are exactly alike. Until modern times, mathematicians to find the mathematical
equation of the following egg curve: x2/a2 + y2 / (ky + b) 2, where | K | <1,
has finally solved the egg curve mapping the puzzled generations of the problem.
Today, the shape is egg-shaped car, airship, bridges, tunnels, stadiums, concert halls
and other buildings around the world can see that they perfectly realize the science
and culture, science and art, science and aesthetics .

Astronomical phenomena

In the time period that the sun is at longitude 0 ° and 15 ° degrees position, about
March 19 to April 5 between. However, in practice usually Tezhi sun really at 0 °
longitude day: March 19 ~ March 22.

Phenomena on Earth

Vernal equinox, the sun shone directly on point on the equator, the sun shone directly
on point since then continued to move northward, it is also called the vernal equinox
rose points.

Vernal equinox, from the theory, the world day and night of equal length (see, beneath
the shadow Mongolia). Vernal equinox, the northern hemisphere, the night gradually
getting louder over the short day, day southern hemisphere gradually louder
throughout the night short.

Vernal Equinox, the world's polar night polar day phenomenon. Vernal
Equinox, the Arctic area in the scope of getting a very big day; Antarctic polar day
near the end of the scope of polar night began to become very large.

Equinox when the sunshine, then the same day and night time.

To ︰ black bird black bird, Yan also, GAO said: "Vernal Equinox comes,
the autumnal equinox away also."

Lei Yin and Yang is with Voice ︰ thin as mine, now, four gradually Sheng Yang,
worse than Yin Yan, the phase is a thin voice carry on; is who, "would
rhyme" said: "As gas out of the difficult things."
Explanatory Note said: "hair, still out too."

Electric power ︰ start, the sun; 4 Yang Sheng Long, the value of photo-Yan air vent
from time to time. Therefore, "Li Xie," said: "Any
sound, Yang also; light, too yang." Easy ", saying:"
lightning together the chapter. "" Kung-yang "You
Yue:" the caller, Leiguang. "Is also, Xu said:" Lei
Yang, electric shade. "Definitely not. Cover the height of summer when no
thunder, electricity is also the shows that carry on.
?Novel "Equinox"
Novel "Equinox", "Equinox"

Author: [United Kingdom] 迈克尔怀特

Translator: Liu Yonggang

Publisher: Chongqing Publishing House

Total Pages: 257

Binding: Paperback

Folio: 16 open

ISBN: 7536681186

Published :2006-12

Mysterious ancient magic spell, the Millennium rare astronomical spectacle. Between
the truth and Satan, the scientific director of a master Newton three hundred years of
stunning plot, the date of the vernal equinox killings come ... ...


March, Oxford, Oxford University, claimed the lives of female succession - quietly
opened the gates of hell.
Girls was brutally cut pipe, the first victim of the heart was missing, the heart was
beating in her place, stocked with a strange ancient coins; the second victim of the
brain was removed, a silver placed in her empty head into ... ...

Horror novelist Laura back to his alma mater for many years after leaving Oxford.
She witnessed the brutal crime scene by chance, to make her aware of the sensitive
job, several cases of murder, there is some mystery between the rituals of contact. In
the survey, she secretly had an alarming discovery: In order to find the legendary
philosopher's stone, the ancient alchemists always act according to
astrology, and human organs in the metal and a mysterious link between, and in
astrology, the gold heart corresponds to the sun, while the silver and the brain
corresponds to the moon. The first girl killed, just as the sun entered Aries, the earth is
moved across the air force. The sun, the moon with Venus, Mars, Jupiter in a row
constitutes a rare five-star Millennium Lianzhu.

Carnage continues, step by step closer to the mysterious Laura core: the 21st century
Jack the Ripper actually great masters and 300 years ago, Newton is closely related to
several centuries, his monastic leadership will always be dark Sphinx ground in
Oxford Director with a top-secret ceremony called Satan ... ...

About the author:

迈克尔怀特, British writer. 1980 He has a famous choir members of the Thompson
Twins, after seven years at Oxford University as a chemistry lecturer. Newspaper
columnists have done, and the Discovery Channel, "not science"
program series consultant.

Since 1991, he began to write, writing over 25 books, best-selling non-fiction
category with the world works, "Stephen Hawking: Science of
Life", "Leonardo da Vinci: the world's first
scientist," "Tor Gold: <Lord of the Rings>
author's autobiography, "" Scientists X-Files
"and so on, which" Isaac Newton: the last witch
"won the American Book Award for industry colleagues.
"Equinox" is his debut novel.


Oxford, March 20, 19:36

While the girl at a friend's home for dinner, he stabbed her car, a small hole
on the pipeline. Quietly drop of gasoline in the asphalt surface, accumulate into a river,
meandering down the hill away, I mark slowly evaporate in the air and eventually
A few minutes later, the girl out of the friend's house and drove away. He
followed her to open a quarter of a mile, into a village. Finished gasoline leak fast,
hard to put the girls finished the car going to the roadside. He far, quietly watching.

He turned off the lights and engine, so that cars glide slowly and then stopped behind
her 50 yards away in the alley, listening to her again and again in vain to ignition.

After a child, he got out, walked slowly down the alley. He trying to hide from the
moonlight, cover themselves in the frame and the shadow.

... ...
Vernal Equinox Day
After March 21 each year. Direct sun spots on the equator, day and night all over the
world equally.

Farther from the equator on Earth where the smaller the noon sun elevation angle, get
less sunlight heat. 3,4,5 for three months is generally the northern hemisphere spring,
the southern hemisphere in autumn.

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