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Joomla Customization

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					Open source customization is a methodology of customizing the open source CMS or
Wordpress, Joomla, Oscommerce, Drupal and even more to achieve the desired
functionality and look. This technology enables the web developers to examine &
customize the source code to achieve the desired result in highly reliable, secure and high
performance applications.

The OS applications are better way to save time and start a business easily. We have
experienced team of graphic designers and web developers who help our client in
designing templates, creating skins, integrating designs, installing modes and then make
custom modification as per the business of the client. Our PHP developers help to build
highly interactive and innovative website with web designs both stylish and affordable.

The open source initiatives are equally competitive compared to other frameworks or
development platforms profoundly leaping ahead by way of the approval of clients. OS
customization offers excellent browser compatibility, so that the website or web
application looks consistent in any browser it is viewed. Our web development services
help you quickly integrate your database, web service, ERP, CRM, flat file, or legacy

Benefits of Using Open Source Software Are :

      Flexible & freedom to meet business needs
      Better functionality, higher performance and easy to customize
      Reliable, stable and cost effective
      Right to modify the web application software
      Availability of more source codes from internet
      Vendor neutrality
      Feature enhancements & excellent compatibility
      Right to redistribute modification & improvements to code

We have hundreds of successful projects in various domains and technologies in hand. In
order to meet our clients customized application development needs, we offer a
dedicated developer or dedicated team to customize their website.

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Description: Joomla Customization Joomla, the award winning open source CMS (Content Management System) that is written using PHP scripting language and uses MySQL as the database. It can be used to easily manage every aspect of website and includes features like page caching, RSS feeds, news flashes, blogs, polls, search, and support for language internationalization. Blazedream is employed with an intuitive web development team of Joomla developers who completely understand the inner workings of Joomla and capable of customizing the Joomla components, modules, extensions and recommends the one that matches the client needs. We are providing the unique service to our clients in great expertise and professional environment. Our Joomla customization helps the client to save money, valuable time and addition of more features to their current websites. Due to its flexible, simple, elegant, customizable and powerful properties, it is a popular system in web development solutions. Joomla Features Includes: • User Management - The registration system allows users to configure the personal options with multiple protocols support. • Media Manager - This tool easily manages the media files or folders and integrated into the article editor tool to grab images and other files at any time. • Language Manager - International support for many world languages are possible. • Banner Management - Helps to easily set banners for the website. Once campaigns and banners are added, the user can set impression numbers, special URLs and more. • Contact Management - Support multiple contact forms and helps users to find the right person and their contact information. • Polls - Find more information about users, just by creating polls with multiple options. • Search - Help users to navigate the most popular search items and provide admin with search statistics. • Web Link Management - Provides excellent link resource management solution for website users • Content Management