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									                                               N E W S O F T H E Q U I C K P R I N T I N G I N D U S T R Y AT A G L A N C E

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 “Mobile marketing is                      to providing effective and efficient       RIT Education Programs
the newest trend to                        services to meet the demands of busi-      Color Printing Fundamentals
reach customers using                      nesses on Long Island.                     October 13-15
                                      Lithographic Troubleshooting
the Internet and it is one                                                            October 20-22
of the first that actually                                                            Digital Printing Bootcamp
generates printing.”                        CALENDAR                                  October 26-28
                                                                                      Rochester, NY
                John Giles,                                                 
                   page 34                 RIT Education Programs
                                           Orientation to the Graphic Arts            Mutoh Hands On School of Wrap,
                                           September 27-Oct 1                         Basic & Intermediate
plan for growth and development. Sir       Rochester, NY                         
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