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									                                                                REPUTATION FOR        REPUTATION FOR             REPUTATION FOR
                                                                COMPANY DIRECTION     CUSTOMER SATISFACTION      DEPTH OF FUNCTIONALITY   TOP 3 VERTICALS
                                        Compiere (Consona)                                                                                Distribution, Manufacturing, Professional Services

                                                Concursive                                                                                Media, Franchisors, Financial Services

                                             SplendidCRM                                                                                  Healthcare, Contact Centers, Manufacturing

                                                SugarCRM                                                                                  Technology/Telecommunications, Financial Services, Manufacturing

                                                     vTiger                                                                               Technology/Technology Services, Financial Services, Media

                              The Market                                                                         SplendidCRM, another of 2009’s leaders returning this year,
                              Open-source technology hasn’t yet landed a starring role in the                 gets praise from Fauscette for having “pretty good functional-
                              overall CRM and enterprise resource planning (ERP) industries,                  ity”—as reflected in a splendid 4.2 rating there. An absence of
                              says Mitchell Lieberman, president and chief executive officer                  what Fauscette refers to as a “wow factor,” however, lands the ven-
                              of Comity Technology Advisors, and a former executive at open-                  dor a 3.1 for company direction. “I don’t think they’re being very
                              source CRM pioneer SugarCRM. “Traditionally, open-source                        innovative in the field,” Fauscette says. “I don’t think they’re
                              companies have made money via support,” Lieberman says. “In                     going to move heavily into social CRM. They don’t seem to be
                              the past few years, this has changed to a ‘freemium’ model, plus                thought leaders. They’re OK, but they don’t wow me.”
                              the addition of a hosted model. In a hosting scenario, the fact                    With a 3.2 in customer satisfaction, a 3.7 in company direc-
                              that a company is using open-source [technology] has uniquely                   tion, and a strong 4.2 in depth of functionality, vTiger is easily
                              one benefit: It can take the application and host it itself.” That              the contender roaring loudest behind SugarCRM. Fauscette says
                              may be what’s in store, but at the moment there’s still a lot of                he considers the firm “up and coming”—but that he’s not yet
                              jostling for second place behind SugarCRM.                                      “over the top” for it. “They have a good system and I like the way
                                                                                                              they’re taking it,” he says. “They seem to have a pretty strong
                              The Leaders                                                                     leadership team. I don’t think they’ve gone quite far enough into
                              While the June announcement wasn’t enough for a bump to the                     some new places.” Martens concurs, attributing vTiger’s strength
                              top of the leaderboard, Compiere earned perhaps open-source                     to its aim at midsize businesses. Martens compares the company
                              CRM’s biggest headline of the year when it was acquired by ERP                  to the Concursive of the past, as a frequently used alternative to
                              and CRM leader Consona. In fact, the move halted an otherwise                   SugarCRM: “‘If you’re not using SugarCRM,’” she asks rhetor-
                              diastrous slide: Compiere’s scores for depth of functionality and               ically, “‘what are you using?’”
                              customer satisfaction both dipped to 2.3 this year, along
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