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									                                                                                                                                                                                     THE 2010 CRM MARKET AWARDS
                                                                                                                                                                                           MARKET LEADERS
                                      REPUTATION FOR           REPUTATION FOR          REPUTATION FOR
                      Microsoft                                                                                 Financial Services, Professional Services, Public Sector

                       NetSuite                                                                                 Wholesale/Distribution, Software, Retail

                         Oracle                                                                                 Financial Services, Communications, Retail

         RightNow Technologies                                                                                  Government, Higher Education, Retail

                Salesforce.com                                                                                  Financial Services, High Technology, Media/Telecommunications

The Market                                                                         its e-commerce.” NetSuite particularly targets vertical markets,
Midmarket companies—those with revenue between $100 million                        Band says, including wholesale and distribution, software, profes-
and $1 billion—are resuming recession-delayed CRM efforts, and                     sional services, e-commerce, and, more recently, manufacturing.
“doubling down on their investments in customers,” says Forrester                  “NetSuite best suits organizations needing an all-in-one business
Research Vice President and Principal Analyst William Band. Now,                   application that spans the front- and back-office functions,”he says.
with speed to deployment and ease of payment as primary goals,                        Oracle, often associated with massive-scale enterprise deals, con-
organizations are embracing software-as-a-service and supple-                      tinues to hold ground in the midmarket thanks largely to a Busi-
mentary technologies to get full value out of core capabilities. China             ness Accelerator program providing rapid-implementation tools.
Martens, senior analyst with The 451 Group, says she sees collab-                  Band attributes Oracle’s jump in depth-of-functionality score—a
oration and social networking increasingly coming into the fold.                   whopping 4.5 compared to last year’s still-high 3.8—to the com-
A product such as Salesforce.com’s Chatter, she says, might even be                pany’s breadth of offerings: From Oracle CRM On Demand to
better suited for a midsize organization than a huge enterprise.                   Oracle Siebel CRM to Oracle E-Business Suite CRM and Oracle
                                                                                   PeopleSoft CRM, the vendor claims to have something for every-
The Leaders                                                                        one. Band says Oracle fares well in client referrals, and Fauscette
Microsoft reclaims a long-standing leader position, and manages                    notes it seems to be keeping VARs happy, who in turn, are keep-
to boost scores in both company direction (up from a 3.9 to a 4.0)                 ing customers happy. The results are clear, with nearly a full-point
and depth of functionality (up from a 3.3 to a 3.8). Band says Mi-                 improvement this year in its score for customer satisfaction.
crosoft’s strengths in functionality stem from its native integration                 In its sixth consecutive appearance on the leaderboard,
with Microsoft Outlook and other pieces of the technology stack.                   RightNow Technologies’ scores largely resemble last year’s, with
The lower score in customer satisfaction—from 3.8 in 2009 to       
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