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                          “I have learned to see”
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                                       hen Dr. Wilder Penfield
                                       gives you some personal
                                       advice, it’s not something
                          you’re likely to forget — although it
                          may take a while to hit home. It was
                          nearly 30 years after he had worked as a
                          budding researcher at the Montréal
                          Neurological Institute that Dr. Sean B.
                          Murphy, then the ophthalmologist-in-
                          chief at the Royal Victoria Hospital and
                          chair of the McGill Department of Oph-
                          thalmology, started to consider what he
                          might do when he retired. And Pen-
                          field’s advice from many years earlier
                          rang in his ears: “Think about starting a
                          second career long before you retire.”
                              So, Murphy took up drawing and
                          painting in his mid-50s. He hadn’t
                          wielded a paint brush since childhood,
                          but art had always been a vital part of
                          his life. His parents were both New
                          York printmakers of considerable
                          repute and in his youth he had visited
                          numerous art museums. He kept up this
                          habit during adulthood and became an
                          active member of the Montréal
                          Museum of Fine Arts, then its president
                          (1968–1978) as well as a board mem-
                          ber of the Canada Council for the Arts.
                                                                          Sean B. Murphy

                              Now in his mid-80s, Murphy has pub-
                          lished a book about his 30-year journey
                          into drawing and painting entitled, Dare
                          to Draw • La passion du dessin (Visual
                          Arts Centre/McClure Gallery; 2008).                               Sean B. Murphy. Grand Canal Palazzo, Venice. The artist writes: “A comfortable bench
                                                                                            beside the Grand Canal allowed me to leisurely observe this magnificent palazzo. I
                              Starting with a colourful description of
                                                                                            knew right away I had to sketch it. After an hour I remained another hour simply
                          the challenges and frustrations of learning                       enjoying the sight and talking to passers-by.”
                          to draw and paint with watercolours, he
                          goes on to describe the great pleasure he
                          derives from the pursuit. With an archive                        experience of drawing that took place in a    occurred had I not sketched.” The result-
                          of 56 sketchbooks documenting his jour-                          church in Mexico: “Alone, surrounded by       ing intricate ink drawing of the Santo
                          ney in visual art, Murphy has realized an                        rich golden decorations, I sat and thought:   Domingo Church in Oaxaca is one of

                          important side benefit: “I have learned to                       How to capture the feeling of this interior   many reproductions of his artwork con-
                          see, to really see. For an eye surgeon, that                     built to the glory of God? I began by         tained in the book, which also features
                          is no small disclosure.”                                         observing, con
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