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									Which two-word term can describe both a type of firearm and also a hyphenated surname?              Double-Barrelled

Your close relatives are sometimes referred to as your 'flesh and…' what?                           Blood

Meat and eggs from poultry living at liberty in natural conditions are often described as 'Free…'

Which hot beverage is known in India as `chai`?                                                     Tea

Which word can come before sailing, clothes and chocolate to make three well-known phrases?         Plain

Kerry Katona is a former member of which group; Atomic Kitten or S Club Seven?                      Atomic Kitten

What is the full name of the TV presenter also known as Cheggers?                                   Keith Chegwin

The Manchester Ship Canal links the city of Manchester to the estuary of which river?

The dish Sukiyaki originated in which Far Eastern country?


The soldier and statesman Simon Bolivar led revolutions against Spanish rule in which continent?    South America

What 'T' means a story such as one attributed to old wives or told out of school?                   Tale

With which sport is Richard Dunwoody most closely associated?                                       Horse racing

The name of which farmyard bird is a slang term for 'a cowardly person'?                            Chicken

The term `zoological garden` is popularly abbreviated to which three-letter word?                   Zoo

What `P` is the name for the Indian thin discs of dough that are deep fried before eating?          Pappadums

What 'A' is a mishap or unforeseen event?                                                         Accident

The Four Seasons had a 1963 UK hit single with the song 'Big Girls Don't…' what?                  Cry

Which TV show included the features Grab A Grand, Wait Till I Get You Home and NTV?               Noel's House Party

Which country of the UK is named Anglia in Latin?                                                 England

Vegetable, olive and sunflower are varieties of which liquid used in cooking?                     Oil

The word Gallic referred to which ancient region of Europe; Greece or Gaul?                       Gaul

What 'T' is a four-letter word meaning the opposite of 'Wild'?                                    Tame

Which British nationality are the rock group the 'Stereophonics'?

In grammar, which class of words expresses actions, occurrences or modes of being?


In the animal kingdom, cockatoos belong to which family of birds; penguins or parrots?            Parrots

From which European country did pesto sauce originate?                                            Italy

Which word can mean a mark placed over a letter to indicate pronunciation or the characteristic
way a person speaks?

UB40 had a 1983 UK number one single with the song 'Red Red…' what?                               Wine

What is the full name of the audio-visual device that is often abbreviated to the word 'telly'?   Television

In which country of the UK is the Firth of Forth?                                                 Scotland

According to a 1980s advertising campaign, which dairy product has "Gotta Lotta Bottle"?          Milk

The ships known as `The First Fleet`, which landed at Port Jackson in 1788, carried convicts to
which country?

Which word can come before 'gang', 'stud' and 'conference' to make three well-known phrases?      Press

St Peter Port is the capital of which of the Channel Islands?                                     Guernsey

What word means to travel instantly across space using advanced technology; teleport or

What is the name of the limbs of birds that enable them to fly?                                   Wings

In which European country did the Bologna sausage originate?                                      Italy

In office communication 'memo' is an abbreviation of which word?

Benny Hill had a 1971 UK number one single with 'Ernie - The Fastest Milkman in the…' what?


Bill Owen played Compo in the TV sitcom 'Last of The Summer...' what?                             Wine

The NSPCC Charity is primarily concerned with whose well-being; animals or children?              Children

What is the Italian speciality Limoncello, a liqueur or a pudding?                                Liqueur

In which century was slavery officially abolished in the British Empire?                          Nineteenth

Which word can come before 'education', 'election' and 'colour' to make three well-known

The flag of which Mediterranean island country depicts the George Cross?                          Malta

In the English language, which vowel is the ninth letter of the alphabet?                           I

What 'A' is the name given to a large enclosure for keeping birds?                                  Aviary

What is a hake; a fish or a vegetable?                                                              Fish

What 'M' is the term defined as hatred of women?                                                    Misogyny

Who had a 1973 UK hit single with 'Killing Me Softly'; Roberta Flack or Frank Sinatra?              Roberta Flack

Who was the long term comedy partner of Eric Morecambe?                                             Ernie Wise

In February 2003, a congestion charge fee was introduced for motorists entering which British

The name of which green citrus fruit is an anagram of the word 'mile'?

The Potsdam conference took place at the end of which war?

                                                                                                    Second World War

Which word can mean the effect of something on the mind, a vague feeling or an impersonation?       Impression

Lake Como is found in which European country?                                                       Italy

What type of brightly-coloured marker pen is named for its ability to draw attention to important
passages of text?

What 'M' is a three-letter word typically used to describe the sound made by a cow?                 Moo

What type of cheese is parmesan; hard or soft?                                                      Hard

Someone described as a 'misogynist' hates which sex?                                                Women

Which US female vocalist had a 1994 UK hit single with the song 'Cornflake Girl'; Tori Amos or
                                                                                                    Tori Amos
Sheryl Crow?
In the 1950s TV series, what was the name of the white-faced wonder horse who was a
companion to Ricky North?

Which is normally the last bank holiday in the UK calendar year?                                    Boxing Day

What name is given to the process of making whisky, distillation or brewing?                        Distillation

In World War Two, which British Field Marshal was nicknamed Monty?                                  Montgomery

Which area of London has had types of bun, boots and pensioners named after it?                     Chelsea

The Boliviano is the official currency of which South American country?                             Bolivia

In America, someone who is not telling the truth is often taunted with the expression 'Liar, liar
pants on…' what?

Which word, that is the opposite of high, can also mean a sound made by cattle?


What type of cheese is emmental; hard or soft?                                                      Hard

The name of which metal is a slang term for a policeman?                                            Copper

Complete the title of Gloria Gaynor's 1979 UK number one hit single, 'I will…' what?                Survive

The game show hosted by Danny Baker and Dale Winton was called 'Pets Win...' what'?                 Prizes

What name is traditionally given to a painted wooden shed situated on the coast and used as a
                                                                                                    Beach Hut
daily holiday home?

Approximately what shape is a whole Edam cheese, a pyramid or a globe?                              Globe

Who originally supervised the building of Hampton Court Palace; Cardinal Wolsey or Sir Thomas
                                                                                                   Cardinal Wolsey

Which word connects a city in central England and a famous annual flat race held at Epsom?         Derby

What form of entertainment is known by the slang term 'the flicks'?                                Cinema

The initials PDSA stand for The People's Dispensary for Sick... what?                              Animals

What type of fruit is traditionally used in a black forest gateau?                                 Cherries

The name of which type of footwear popular in Holland can follow 'clever' to mean someone who
is a 'know-it-all'?

Unchained Melody' was a 1965 UK hit single for 'The Righteous…' what?                              Brothers

In the TV series 'Star Trek', which character was often heard saying "highly illogical"?

Which people occupied parts of Britain from 43 AD to 410 AD?

The restaurant in London's Covent Garden, famous for its celebrity patrons, is named after which


plant; Ivy or Cactus?
Which three-letter word means an injection, especially an immunisation, given before foreign

Which ancient Greek philosopher wrote 'The Republic'?                                              Plato

What is the English equivalent of the Spanish name 'Miguel'?                                       Michael

Which sex of the North American black widow spider devours its mate?                               Female

Does the Italian dish 'scampi alla piastra' consist of fish or meat?                               Fish

Which word can precede 'chairs', 'bumps' and 'statues' to give the names of three well-known
children's party games?

Who had a UK hit single in 2002 with 'Get the Party Started'; Pink or Blue?                        Pink

Which sitcom featured the catchphrase "Hello Campers"?                                             Hi-De-Hi!

The Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia was in which part of modern England; the north-east or the
                                                                                                   The Midlands

If you ordered a bottle of Acqua Minerale in an Italian restaurant you would be asking for what?   Mineral Water

Which muscles are found in each buttock; gluteus or diductor?                                      Gluteus

Bel Air is a district found in which Californian city?                                             Los Angeles

What `N` means someone who lives next door or quite near to you?

Which type of bee lives in small colonies underground and is notable for its loud hum?

Which suffix is shared by the professional football teams from West Bromwich, and Brighton and


Someone who is apprehended in the act of committing a criminal offence is said to be 'caught…'

Katrina and the Waves had a 1985 UK hit single with 'Walking on...' what?                          Sunshine

In the TV sitcom 'One Foot In The Grave', what was the catchphrase of the character Victor
                                                                                                   I Don't Believe it!
Which royal building in the UK has been used as a residence by successive monarchs for the
                                                                                                   Windsor Castle
longest time?

Plonk is an informal term for which alcoholic drink?                                               Wine

What `T' is the term referring to blood from one person being given to another?                          Transfusion

What are five babies born at the same birth called?                                                      Quintuplets

Someone who is tough and unsympathetic is 'Hard as... what'?                                             Nails

Hornets and Yellow Jackets are types of which insect?                                                    Wasp

In football, which word follows corner, goal, or free to give three different ways of restarting play?   Kick

Which word meaning a vehicle that transports a group of musicians is now the term for a
fashionable movement?

At the 2002 Brit Awards which Australian singer won the best international female?                       Kylie Minogue

In 'EastEnders', which actress played Bianca Butcher from 1993 to 1999?

Norfolk and Suffolk are considered part of which region of England?
                                                                                                         Patsy Palmer

                                                                                                         East Anglia

What 'P' is a flat, usually round dish from which food is eaten?                                         Plate

What `P` is the name given to a professional who prepares and dispenses drugs in a chemist`s

According to the legend, which town did the Pied Piper rid of rats?                                      Hamelin

According to the proverb 'there is no use crying over spilt…' what?                                      Milk

Are hippopotamuses aquatic or semi-aquatic?                                                              Semi-Aquatic

Which hyphenated word is the official name of the action that starts a game of football?                 Kick-off

Which term is a combination of the words meaning the bony front part of the lower leg and to
move earth with a spade?

C and W' is an abbreviation for music genre 'country and...' what?                                Western

The American talk show 'The Late Show' is presented by David... who?                              Letterman

What `T` is the home ground of the English national rugby union team?                             Twickenham

A 1950s advertising slogan urged people to "Drinka Pinta... what A Day"?                          Milk

The right-hand side of the body is controlled by which side of the brain; left or right?          Left

Which nationality was the 19th century philosopher Karl Marx?                                     German

In popular slang the term 'Cake-Hole' refers to which facial feature?

Is a sea cucumber an animal or a plant?

Which team has won football's European Cup more times than any other English club; Everton or



What 'C' is the name of one of the weight classes in boxing and also of a type of warship?        Cruiser

Coldplay's debut album was named after which devices worn to enable people to fall from a plane
and survive?
In which US sitcom did Henry Winkler play the character Arthur Fonzarelli, otherwise known as
                                                                                                  Happy Days
The Fonz?

The musical conductor Previn, and the tennis player Agassi share which first name?                Andre

The preserved savoury food called 'Bummalo' is also known by which name, Calcutta Goose or
                                                                                                  Bombay Duck
Bombay Duck?

Angioplasty is the surgical reconstruction of which parts of the body; teeth or blood vessels?    Blood Vessels

In which European country does the Mistral wind blow?                                             France

In the United States, what 'G' is the word for domestic food waste?                               Garbage

What 'V' is the collective term for wild animals that spread disease or generally cause a
What common sports day event is run by a competitors carrying an item of food and a piece of
                                                                                                  Egg and Spoon Race

In English grammar, which word is the accusative case of the personal pronoun 'she'?              Her

What was the name of the US boy band that included Jon and Jordan Knight?                         New Kids On The Block

The spoof TV soap opera featured in 'Victoria Wood: As seen on TV' was called 'Acorn…' what?

Former Russian leader Yeltsin, and German tennis player Becker share which first name?

The dessert called Kulfi would traditionally be served in which type of restaurant, Indian or



A stye is an infection of which part of the body; the ear or the eye?                             Eye

Who created the children’s character ‘Winnie the Pooh’?                                           A A Milne

A gesture of greeting in which two people slap their raised right palms together is known as a
'High…' what?

What 'L' is the word commonly used to denote a female lion?                                       Lioness

What is the usual name of the game in which players attempt to find hidden articles by means of
                                                                                                  Treasure Hunt
written clues?

In English grammar, which word is the genitive case of the personal pronoun 'I'?                          My

The Radio 2 show billed as 'music, waffle and the occasional insult' is hosted by Jonathan...

Which children's TV characters have the collective catchphrase "Eh-oh"?                                   Teletubbies

Yoko Ono was born in which country?                                                                       Japan

What kind of dish is Knockwurst, meat or vegetable?                                                       Meat

A bronchodilator is a drug used in the treatment of which condition; asthma or arthritis?                 Asthma

In the UK, Remembrance Day is held annually on the second Sunday of which month?                          November

What is the third-last letter of the word 'stationery', when it means 'writing materials'?

What name is normally given to the female tiger?


What name is given to a shallow inflatable container that is filled with water for children to play in?   Paddling Pool

In English grammar, which word is the accusative case of the personal pronoun 'they'?                     Them

According to the Gospel of Luke, who was older: Jesus or John the Baptist?                                John the Baptist

The 1960s science fiction series featuring a family stranded in the cosmos was entitled 'Lost in...'

The Roux Brothers are famous names in which field; cooking or aviation?                                   Cooking

The tailpiece of a cooked chicken is known as the Parson's... what?                                       Nose

In human anatomy, what is the name of the joint that links the upper and lower bones of the leg?   Knee

Which other name is often given to the common viper, Britain's only poisonous snake?               Adder

What 'P' can be a shot in football and a punishment imposed for a breach of the law?               Penalty

What name is normally given to the female of any bovine species?                                   Cow

In the children's game `Snakes and Ladders`, do you go up or down a snake?                         Down

Which four-letter word means 'without a raised heel' when referring to a shoe and 'dead' when
applied to a battery?
In the sixteenth century, Miles Coverdale produced the first complete printed English version of
                                                                                                   The Bible
which religious book?

Tomorrow's World' and 'Robot Wars' have both been presented by Philippa… who?

Which first name links a supermodel from Croydon, and the lead actress in the film 'Titanic'?


Malt, fruit and wine are all types of which condiment used in cooking?                             Vinegar

Which part of the human body does a chiropractor specialise in manipulating; the spine or the

The bestselling book 'Angela's Ashes' was mainly set in which country?                             Republic of Ireland

In English slang 'dosh' is a word for which commodity?                                             Money

The fruit bat is also known as the flying ... what'?                                               Fox

In chess, which piece can legally move only one square in any direction?                           King

Which word means an implement with two or more prongs used for eating and the point where a
road divides into two?

In the Christian Church, which is the more senior appointment; archdeacon or bishop?               Bishop

Which children's TV series instructed you to "Go out and do something less boring instead"?        Why Don't You?

Which surname has been shared by famous Americans called Martin Luther, Billie Jean, and
What word is the name of the thick mixture used to make bread and is also a slang term for
Which personal characteristic is typified by sociability and outgoing behaviour: introversion or

What is the name given to a female peacock?                                                        Peahen

What 'U' means 'below' or 'beneath'?

Which animal is traditionally used to provide rides for children on the beach?


What type of pastime is the Samba?                                                                 Dance

If a sentence does not end with an exclamation mark or question mark it must end with which
                                                                                                   Full Stop
punctuation mark?

What 'S' is the term for a ritual offering made to a god, such as the killing of an animal?        Sacrifice

The title of which children's TV series is translated as 'Antenna Babies' in China?                Teletubbies

Which first name links a Brontë sister with a well-known Welsh singer and TV presenter?            Charlotte

Which classic red wine is made from the Pinot Noir grape, Burgundy or Chianti?                     Burgundy

In medicine, optometrists are primarily concerned with which organs of the body?                      Eyes

Which sport can be played on a course called a "links"?                                               Golf

In slang, what 'U' is the name of an indefinitely large number?                                       Umpteen

Elephants eat which of these items; plants or fish?                                                   Plants

Checkmate and stalemate are technical terms used in which game?                                       Chess

What 'L' is a slang word for 'language'?                                                              Lingo

In which month-long period of fasting must Muslims abstain from eating between dawn and

On the 'Generation Game' which item always appeared on the conveyor belt as a prize during the
memory challenge?

Which weekly US magazine has nominated a 'Person of the Year' every year since 1927?
                                                                                                      Cuddly Toy


The French term, saute, means what; fried or poached?                                                 Fried

What type of organism causes measles: a bacterium or a virus?                                         Virus

What was the name of the bouncing character in the TV series 'The Magic Roundabout' ?                 Zebedee

What is the sentence 'thick as two short planks', a metaphor or a simile?                             Simile

What 'S' is a unit of classification that can describe a group of animals capable of interbreeding?   Species

In scrabble, how many points does the blank piece score?                                              None

The name of what item of cutlery might follow 'Pen', 'Jack' or 'Swiss army'?                        Knife

In the Authorised Version of the Bible, "it is more blessed to... (what) than to receive"?          Give

In the TV series 'Sex and the City' Kim Cattrall played which character; Samantha or Miranda?       Samantha

Which first name links the daughter of Nat King Cole, an Appleton Sister and the singer with the
surname Imbruglia?
The name of which citrus fruit goes before grass to give the name of a herb that is often used in
Asian cookery?
What is the more common name for monozygotic twins who develop from a single egg: identical
of fraternal?
Which 'Absolutely Fabulous' actress voiced the character of the Fairy Godmother in the hit movie
                                                                                                    Jennifer Saunders
'Shrek 2'?

Which word, originally used by cowboys, now informally means 'man', especially amongst
Californian surfers?
What name is given to the objects laid by birds and other creatures from which the young
eventually hatch?


How many red stripes are there on the United States flag; seven or seventeen?                       Seven

Which Disney cartoon character lends its name to something which is second-rate or
                                                                                                    Mickey Mouse

In Judaism, which sex celebrates a Bar Mitzvah on reaching the age of religious responsibility?     Male

The TV programme 'Food and Drink' regularly featured the chef Anthony Worrall…who?                  Thompson

What is Chumbawamba; a pop band or a martial art?                                                   Pop Band

Which word, that means a vessel used to travel on water, can also mean a dish to serve gravy or
other sauces?

In the human body, what 'A' is a hormone that increases the heart rate, and prepares muscles for

Which US singer released the 1991 album 'Simply The Best'?                                              Tina Turner

The usual response to the catchphrase "see you later alligator" is "In a while…" what?                  Crocodile

Is a beagle a hunting dog or a toy dog?                                                                 Hunting Dog

The three countries that share borders with Mexico are Belize, Guatemala and which other?               United States

A declaration of a person's wishes in relation to the disposal of their property after death is known
as their what?

In which Testament of the Bible would you find the Exodus: the Old or the New?                          Old

The BBC series 'Mersey Beat' was set in which British city?

Which actress won a Golden Globe for her performance in 'Moulin Rouge'?

Edinburgh rock, first marketed in the nineteenth century, is a popular type of what; confectionery

                                                                                                        Nicole Kidman

or music?

A V-shaped point in the hairline, in the middle of the forehead, is known as a 'widow's…' what?         Peak

Russian Blue, Ragdoll and Devon Rex are varieties of which pet?                                         Cat

What is the last letter in the words potato and tomato?                                                 O

What name is given to the low vibrating sound made by a contented domestic cat?                         Purring

Which country together with New Zealand is informally referred to as 'Down Under'?                      Australia

Which four-letter word meaning the opposite of difficult is also the name of a type of chair?   Easy

According to Islam, who is regarded as the last prophet of God?                                 Muhammed

In 'EastEnders', which actress has played the character Peggy since 1994?                       Barbara Windsor

Which first name links the actors De Niro, Carlyle and Downey Junior?                           Robert

In an Italian restaurant, if you ordered a gelato what would you be asking for?                 Ice-Cream

The abdominal muscles are in which area of the body; the stomach or the leg?                    Stomach

On which part of the body would a gauntlet usually be worn?                                     Hand

The word Barbie in Australian slang is a diminutive form of which word relating to food?

Shepherds are employed primarily to look after which type of animal?

The 19th century Surveyor-General of India Sir George Everest had which geographical feature


                                                                                                Mount Everest
named after him?

What 'V' is a girls name that also means 'truth'?                                               Verity

The belief that there is only one God is known as what; polytheism or monotheism?               Monotheism

Which 60s and 70s action series featured the catchphrase "Your mission, should you choose to
                                                                                                Mission: Impossible
accept it"?

Elizabeth Emanuel is famous as what; a photographer or a designer?                              Designer

What kind of dish is cassoulet; a soup or a stew?                                               Stew

What 'G' is another name for a pair of spectacles?                                                    Glasses

The thin, crisp breadsticks known as 'grissini' are from which country?                               Italy

Which four-letter word meaning a defect or blemish rhymes with jaw?                                   Flaw

The coat of a zebra has which type of markings; spots or stripes?                                     Stripes

In which Greek city is the Acropolis Museum?                                                          Athens

What 'T' is the name for a narrow strip of leather used as a lace, cord or strap?                     Thong

What `A` is the word which means `so be it` and is often spoken at the end of prayers?                Amen

An animal that keeps its body temperature constant is described as what '... blooded'?

In what field of popular culture is Stella Tennant famous; fashion or pop music?

Which member of the Brassica family has a large green or purple head of loose flower buds


known as florets?

A bunion is a swelling on which part of the body?                                                     Foot

In the TV series 'Doctor Who', which vehicle is used by the Doctor to travel through time and
To do something that has the unintended effect of harming your own interests is to score an 'own
…' what?
In the popular expression, if a space is very small, there is said to be not enough room to do what
to a cat?

In which continent is the country of Ghana?                                                           Africa

Which football word for 'to strike with the foot' means when applied to a bad habit 'to give up'?   Kick

Allah is the Arabic name for whom?                                                                  God

The male of which member of the pheasant family has green, gold and blue feathers with eye-like

Which American-born TV personality starred in the comedy `Girls on Top` in the mid 1980s?           Ruby Wax

Bird's nest soup originated in which Asian country?                                                 China

Hives is a condition affecting which organ of the human body?                                       Skin

The word 'pukka' is principally associated with which TV chef?                                      Jamie Oliver

In the 1960s, which word preceded people, child and power to give 3 common expressions?

The Pekingese dog was named after a city in which country?


What is the term for a native or inhabitant of the city of Venice?                                  Venetian

What 'T' is a form of conveyance someone is said to have fallen off if they appear to have gone a
little crazy?

In which major religion is Allah the name for God?                                                  Islam

What name is given to the long, stiff, touch-sensitive hairs that grow around the mouths of cats
and rats?

Which American rock singer originally called himself Iggy Stooge?                                   Iggy Pop

Tapas originated in which country?                                                                  Spain

What 'I' is a cut in the skin or other part of the body made by a surgeon?                            Incision

In US slang, how much is a buck worth?                                                                One Dollar

The name of which common insect sounds identical to the second letter of the alphabet?                Bee

What `B` is the common nickname for a rabbit, especially a young one?                                 Bunny

Which US city has the zip code 90210; Beverly Hills or Palm Springs?                                  Beverly Hills

What 'K' is a slang word that comes straight from the German and means ruined or broken?              Kaput

Of which religion is fasting during Ramadan a fundamental tenet?                                      Islam

What 'S' is a mammal belonging to the weasel family well known for its pungent secretions?

Which former Radio One D.J has become a well known stage show hypnotist?

Which British dessert is made with sponge cake and fruit, covered with layers of custard, jelly and

                                                                                                      Paul McKenna


The word 'tash' is an abbreviation for the name of which facial adornment?                            Moustache

Which lizard is famously known for its ability to change colour?                                      Chameleon

What description for a large body of salt water sounds exactly like the third letter of the modern

A book with a page corner turned down is said to be `dog…' what?                                      Eared

What is the official language of Bermuda?                                                             English

Which word follows 'Book', 'House', 'Shop' and 'Game' to give the names of four different
In the UK the address of the sovereign at the state opening of parliament is known as 'The
Queen's…' what?

Which New Zealand bird shares its name with a green-fleshed brown-skinned fruit?                    Kiwi

Which first name links a song by the Beatles and a film actress whose surname is Pfeiffer?          Michelle

From which European language does the term `au gratin` come?                                        French

Ticker' is an informal term for which organ?                                                        Heart

What colour are Bond actor Daniel Craig's famously piercing eyes?                                   Blue

What 'F' is the name given to the overflowing of water, onto an area that is usually dry?

What type of creature is a lemon sole; a fish or a bird?


The city of Salamanca is situated in which European country?                                        Spain

The words 'rozzers' and 'cops' refer to officers of which organisation?                             Police Force

The Cape Canaveral satellite launch centre is located in which country?                             USA

What 'S' is a sea creature with ten tentacles that is able to produce ink as a defence mechanism?   Squid

The words 'BA Dunelm' after a name signifies a graduate of which UK university?                     Durham

What type of cheese is brie; hard or soft?                                                          Soft

What 'S' is the name for the skin on the top of the head, through which hair grows?                Scalp

In Greek mythology, how many eyes has a Cyclops?                                                   One

Which word means both a tall hairstyle popular with women in the 1960s and an apiary?              Beehive

What `T` is the group name given to fish such as the neon tetra, the zebra and the guppy?          Tropical

Which country is the nearest neighbour of Greenland?                                               Canada

what 'W' is a word originating in Scotland that means 'little'?                                    Wee

What 'S' is the name of a program that displays a moving image on the monitor when a computer
is on but not in use?

Which British garden bird, related to the Blackbird, has a pale chest with brown speckles and is
renowned for its song?
Which English higher-education institution, located on Gower Street in London is known by the
initials UCL ?

                                                                                                   University College London

How many points does a star fruit have when cut across the middle?                                 Five

The words 'rhinal' and 'nasal' relate to which facial feature?                                     Nose

Which playwright and poet was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564?                                 William Shakespeare

Which word can mean both a stupid person and a small rubber object given to babies?                Dummy

What is the general term for a dog which has been specially trained to lead a blind person?        Guide Dog

The east coast of Florida overlooks which ocean?                                                   Atlantic

Which three-letter word for a joke can also mean something put in the mouth to prevent talking?      Gag

Which metallic element, with the chemical symbol Ni, is also the name given to a five cent coin in
the United States?
What `O` is a nocturnal bird of prey that can turn its head through two hundred and seventy

In the education-related abbreviation 'BA', for what English word does the letter 'B' stand?         Bachelor

Which Midlands football club is the only one in all four professional divisions with the suffix
                                                                                                     Nottingham Forest

What 'E' is the name of the female reproductive cell?                                                Egg

The baritone singer Bryn Terfel was born in which country of the UK?                                 Wales

When describing persuasive measures, which root vegetable represents a reward?

The word `chimp` is an abbreviation of the name of which primate?


In which continent is the region of Kashmir?                                                         Asia

Which term meaning 'very exciting' literally means the nervous chewing of parts of the ends of
the fingers?

A program used to find websites by typing in keywords is known as a search... what?                  Engine

Which UK animal, in the wild, lives in a network of burrows called a warren?                         Rabbit

In the abbreviation 'GCSE' what does the initial 'S' stand for?                                      Secondary

In professional football which items of protective equipment are mandatory for all players?          Shin Guards

What 'A' literally means 'before birth'?                                                           Ante-natal

In American English, autumn is known by what name?                                                 Fall

In the National Lottery, what 'R' is when a jackpot that has not been won is carried over to the
following draw?
What `A` is the specific term for a person qualified to design and oversee the construction of

Which is larger in terms of area, Greenland or Great Britain?                                      Greenland

A small, usually inexpensive Christmas present is known as a 'Stocking…' what?                     Filler

What type of lens is used for a magnifying glass; convex or concave?                               Convex

The word `Yeti`, another name for the Abominable Snowman, comes from which language;
German or Tibetan?

The initials PGCE stand for Post Graduate Certificate of... what?

In February 2002, who signed a three-year contract to stay on as manager of Manchester


                                                                                                   Alex Ferguson

In the jaw of a mammal, where are the molar teeth; at the front or the back?                       The Back

How many days are there in the month of August?                                                    31

Which 2 word term, often abbreviated to 'prenup', is a document which establishes the legal
                                                                                                   Prenuptial Agreement
claims of spouses?
A wooden frame known as a canvas-stretcher is used by whom; a deck chair attendant or a

What is the last letter in the name of the US state of `Arkansas`?                                 S

By what name is the Italian language known in Italy?                                             Italiano

What 'L' is the name of a machine for turning wood, plastic or metal into cylinders or conical

Which small blood-sucking insect lends its name to a type of second-hand market?                 Flea

What 'R' is the name given to the period of intense study immediately before an exam?            Revision

Crystal Palace football club is based in which English city?                                     London

Colour blindness usually affects which human sex; male or female?                                Male

In UK pop music, by what name is Graham McPherson, lead singer of 'Madness', better known?       Suggs

What's the name of the strip, marked with units of length, used to measure and draw straight

An easel is used in which of the arts; painting or sculpture?


Which ocean contains the point zero degrees longitude, zero degrees latitude?                    Atlantic

By what name is the French language known in France?                                             Francais

Meteors are popularly referred to as shooting... what?                                           Stars

In poultry farming, which sex is a capon?                                                        Male

What 'L' is the name given to a person who is the double of another, usually famous person?      Look-alike

In which sport have Michael Carrick, Alan Smith and Joe Cole represented England?                Football

What method of delivering a baby is named after Julius Caesar?                                     Caesarean Section

In 1963, which British pop group had their second UK number one hit with the single 'She Loves

In mobile phone text messages, which word is shortened to the abbreviation gr8?                    Great

In architecture, a quadrangle is a courtyard with how many sides?                                  Four

In which part of Russia is the city of Moscow, the east or the west?                               West

Which word can mean fatal, a station at the end of a railway line or a computer keyboard and
An unidentified disc-shaped object, alleged to come from outer space, is popularly known as a
flying... what?

Which part of the cow is affected by the disease called Mastitis?

In the British police force, what 'C' is the title of an officer of the most junior rank?

Which west London professional football club traditionally plays its home games in royal-blue


shirts and shorts?

What 'H' is an institution providing medical and surgical care and treatment to patients?          Hospital

In which decade did the Live Aid concerts occur?                                                   1980s

Which is the only year in this century which, when written numerically, is a perfect palindrome?   2002

According to a popular saying, which animal never forgets?                                         Elephant

The Niagara Falls are situated in the United States and which other country?                       Canada

What is the English translation of the Italian word 'Grazie'?                                           Thank You

Hydrodynamics is concerned with the motion of what; gases or fluids?                                    Fluids

In the animal kingdom, what is a Honey Buzzard; a bird or a bee?                                        Bird

Which writing implement lends its name to a skirt that is cut in a straight line from the hips to the
Which north London professional football club traditionally plays its home games in red shirts with
white sleeves?

A 'lipid' is mainly which sort of chemical substance; fat or protein?                                   Fat

What was the name of the Volkswagen Beetle that made its first appearance in the 1960s film
'The Love Bug'?

A 'siesta' is a rest or nap typically taken during which part of the day?

In English legend, which hero and leader of a band of outlaws is said to have lived in Sherwood

                                                                                                        Robin Hood

The island of Taiwan is off the east coast of which Asian country?                                      China

What 'H' is both a pointer on a watch and a single round played in a card game?                         Hand

In computing, the acronym GIGO stands for garbage in, garbage... what?                                  Out

What type of creature is a Wildebeest; mammal or lizard?                                                Mammal

Which name for a flimsy dressing gown comes from the French word meaning 'neglected'?                   Negligee

Which professional Manchester football club usually plays home games in light blue shirts with
                                                                                                        Manchester City
white sleeves?

The 'omentum' is a fatty layer that helps to protect which region of the body; the thorax or the
                                                                                                   The Abdomen

Which word can follow 'Cold' and 'Brokeback' to give the title of two hit movies?                  Mountain

On a newly built estate, what name is given to the house open to the public as an example of the
                                                                                                   Show House
properties for sale?

In the UK, the poppy is the symbol of which day that is commemorated in November?                  Remembrance Day

`Tierra del Fuego` is at the southern end of which continent?                                      South America

What are 'widow's weeds', mourning clothes or poisonous plants?                                    Mourning Clothes

A circuit breaker is used to cut off the flow of which form of energy?                             Electricity

What type of creature is a Bream?

What 'C' is the name for a small case, containing a mirror, in which face powder is kept?


Which professional Manchester football club traditionally plays in red shirts and white shorts?    Manchester United

In which part of the human body is the liver located; abdomen or the thorax?                       Abdomen

On which specific part of the body is an emery board commonly used?                                Nails

Which part of a house is normally covered with tiles, lino, carpet, mats or rugs?                  Floor

In which country of the UK are mountains over 3,000 feet high known as Munros?                     Scotland

Which is the only country to have a land border with Portugal?                                     Spain

In informal speech what 'T' is a quarrel between lovers?                                                Tiff

Thermophobia is a fear of what; snow or heat?                                                           Heat

Historically, an Ostler would look after what kind of animals; horses or dogs?                          Horses

What is the occupation of Trevor Sorbie?                                                                Hairdresser

Which football club based in the north-east of England, traditionally play in black and white striped
                                                                                                        Newcastle United
shirts at home?
So-called 'economy class syndrome' occurs when clots form in which type of blood vessels;
arteries or veins?

Which Welsh female singer was once nicknamed 'The Voice of an Angel'?                                   Charlotte Church

What three-letter name is usually given to a split or hinged pin used to attach wet clothes to a
washing line?

The Scottish flag features a blue background and what colour cross?


`Lake Tahoe` is a popular tourist destination in which country?                                         United States

Melon' is an anagram of the name of which other fruit?                                                  Lemon

An ovoid shape resembles what: a starfish or an egg?                                                    Egg

A goat has what type of out-growths on its head; horns or antlers?                                      Horns

Which is longer in length; a mini-skirt or midi-skirt?                                                  Midi-skirt

In 2002; China, Ecuador, Senegal, and Slovenia played in the final stages of which sporting event
                                                                                                        World Cup
for the first time?

In medicine, if an injection is given 'intravenously', where is it administered into; a muscle or a
                                                                                                      A Vein

Which Radio 4 soap opera is set in the fictional county of Borsetshire?                               The Archers

In which room of the house would one normally use a tea-cloth?                                        Kitchen

Cardiff is in which part of Wales; north or south?                                                    South

In the United States, what is `Coney Island`, an amusement park or a prison complex?                  Amusement Park

What word means 'to cry loudly' and is also the name for a layer of insulating fat in marine

The constellation Canis Major has the popular name Great... what; Scot or dog?                        Dog

In the animal kingdom, what do goats walk on; hooves or paws?

What name is given to the style of short skirt with layered ruffles that was popular in the 1980s?


Which French football star left Manchester United in 1997?                                            Eric Cantona

The term 'cardiac cycle' refers to which major organ?                                                 Heart

In the nursery rhyme ‘Yankee Doodle’ what did the title character put in his hat?                     Feather

What `D` is the rhythmic movement of the body, usually performed in time to music?                    Dance

Glasgow is nearest which coast of Scotland; east or west?                                             West

The name of which ocean is derived from the Latin meaning `Peaceful`?                                 Pacific

In the words 'can't' and 'don't' an apostrophe is used to denote which missing vowel?         O

Cryptography is the science of creating and reading what; books or codes?                     Codes

In the animal kingdom, what is a Flycatcher; an insect or a bird?                             Bird

The fabric satin was originally made from which natural fibre?                                Silk

The game in which people try to cross a playground or field without being touched is called
British... what?

On which side of the arm is the biceps muscle; the front or the back?                         The Front

A person of noble descent is said to have what colour blood?                                  Blue

An engagement ring is usually worn on which hand?

On which coast of Scotland is Aberdeen; east or west?


In the USA, what does the Internal Revenue Service collect?                                   Tax

What 'F' is a brief moment of nudity or a light source on a camera?                           Flash

Decibel is often shortened to which two-letter abbreviation?                                  D.B.

In British wildlife what is a Treecreeper; a bird or a dog?                                   Bird

Which accessories have a weight classification of denier?                                     Stockings

What item accompanies an 'egg' to give the name of a race that is popular on sports day at

In how many planes does a hinge joint allow movement in the human body; one or two                      One

Which country and western star sang the theme song to the 1980 hit movie, 'Nine to Five'?               Dolly Parton

What 'B' is a four letter word for a receptacle, usually circular and deeper than a plate, that holds
food and liquids?

The English seaside resort of Brighton overlooks which body of water?                                   English Channel

Which bird of prey features on the seal of the President of the United States?                          Eagle

Which word can mean both a discharge of lightning and also a stout pin used for fastenening a

What are Ursa Major and Ursa Minor; constellations or meteors?                                          Constellations

What `G` is a plant-eating insect with long hind legs used for jumping and producing a chirping
What 'S' is the name of a type of ring that is engraved with a small seal monogram or other
personal design?


In the children's rhyme 'Ring a Ring O' Roses', what line follows the words "Ah-tishoo, ah-tishoo"?     We All Fall Down

In human anatomy, what type of joint is the shoulder; hinge or ball-and-socket?                         Ball-and-Socket

The Congo river is located on which continent?                                                          Africa

What name is given to a rubber container that is filled with heated liquid and used to warm a
                                                                                                        Hot Water Bottle

Which is further north; Worcester or Woking?                                                            Worcester

On the Canadian national flag what is the colour of the maple leaf; red or white?                       Red

Which word is a description of people who refuse to believe what they are told; incredible or

Which point of something is known as the nadir: highest or lowest?                                       Lowest

Which insects live in large colonies, ruled by a Queen and often protected by soldiers; ants or

Women's trousers which are tapered and end just below the knee are known as 'Capri…' what?               Pants

In chess, which piece has the combined powers of the rook and the bishop?                                Queen

What 'Y' is the involuntary response to tiredness in which the mouth is opened wide and a long
deep breath is taken?

From 1940, in the Disney cartoons, what is the name of Donald Duck's girlfriend?                         Daisy Duck

What 'B' precedes the word 'girl' to give a nickname for nightclub hostesses who wear rabbit ears
and fluffy tails?
The Cavern in Liverpool and The Hacienda in Manchester have been famous what; night clubs or
football grounds?
In Australia which type of bottle stoppers are traditionally hung around the hat to keep flies off the

                                                                                                         Night Clubs

Which initials are used to signify both an item of male attire and someone who plays records for
an audience?

What name is given to a fraction of a number expressed in hundredths?                                    Percentage

In the animal kingdom which sex of lion has a mane?                                                      Male

What type of precious gem is the famous Kohinoor?                                                        Diamond

Other than Whitechapel, name the brown property on a standard London Monopoly board.                     Old Kent Road

In anatomy, what is the hallux; the thumb or big toe?                                                Big Toe

Neapolitan ice-cream is tradtionally made up of how many different colours?                          Three

What two-word name is given to the small device that can be installed to give early warning of the
                                                                                                     Smoke Alarm
presence of a fire?

A banister runs up alongside which internal feature of an ordinary house?                            Staircase

A 'geisha' is a person of which sex?                                                                 Female

Which three-letter word can be a book of blank paper and a slang term for a living space?            Pad

The volume of what is measured in gills; solids or liquids?                                          Liquids

In the animal kingdom, what `F` can jump up to seven inches vertically and thirteen horizontally?

What `B` is a hairstyle created when long hair is separated into three sections and woven
together resembling a rope?


In snooker and ten pin bowling what name is given to one round of play?                              Frame

Which animal would you associate with the pimply condition of the skin caused by the cold?           Goose

Which Testament of the Bible contains books called Daniel and Lamentations?                          Old Testament

A pre-wedding hen night is exclusively attended by whom; men or women?                               Women

What name is given to a small humble house usually in the country that traditionally has a
thatched roof?
In which US city could you marry at 'The Rock 'n' Roll Chapel', 'The Gangster Chapel' or 'The
                                                                                                     Las Vegas
Drive-up Wedding Window'?

Which word means lacking any flavour when applied to food and vulgar when referring to matters
of style?

How many centimetres are there in 200 metres?                                                        2000

What is the singular of the word geese?                                                              Goose

The wearing of severely tailored clothing by women to convey professionalism is known as
what... dressing?

Which card game uses the terms small slam, dummy and bidding?                                        Contract Bridge

The receptor cells in the eye, known as rods, are sensitive to which kind of light; bright or dim?   Dim

A Dundonian is a native or inhabitant of which Scottish city?                                        Dundee

Prior to a wedding who attends a stag party; the bride or groom?

St Dunstan's is a national charitable organisation for the care of those with which condition;
blindness or deafness?


What colour is the cross on the Swiss flag; red or white?                                            White

Which word can follow 'Petrol', 'Power' and 'Railway' to make three well-known phrases?              Station

If a scrabble board has 15 rows and 15 columns how many squares are there on the board?              225

What five-letter word can mean an item used to glide over ice, or a fish of the ray family?          Skate

A parasol is intended to protect you against what?                                                   Sunshine

What name is given to cubes with representations of playing cards on their faces?                    Poker Dice

In 1978 Louise Brown became the world's first baby to be conceived by which artificial technique?    IVF

How many runs has a cricketer scored if he is out for a duck?                                        None

In the UK a stag party traditionally takes place before which event?                                 Wedding

If your cistern is overflowing or your drains are blocked you require the services of which
specialist worker?

The Namib Desert is a feature of which continent?                                                    Africa

Which word can come before 'knife', 'watch' and 'money to make three well-known phrases?             Pocket

160 kilometres roughly equates to how many miles; 100 or 500?                                        100

Which three-letter word is used for a horse, especially one that is old or in poor health?

The cosmetic powder Kohl is commonly used to darken the area around which facial features?


Apart from the green zero, the slots on a standard roulette wheel are red and which other colour?    Black

A place with low taxes encouraging foreign people and companies to take up residence is called
a `tax…' what?

By which two word name is the projection of cartilage at the front of a male neck known?             Adam's Apple

What name is given to a flexible pipe that is attached to a tap to convey water to another area of
a garden?
If you are sick and unable to work what is the name of the benefit you should claim; incapacity or

Thailand is in which hemisphere; northern or southern?                                               Northern

The name of which major part of the human body means 'very' or 'innately' when it precedes the
word 'idle'?

How many feet are there in 10 yards?                                                             30 feet

What 'I' is the act a bird is undertaking, when it sits on eggs in order to hatch them?          Incubation

Which English actress and comedienne owns part of the designer label French and Teague?          Dawn French

In a modern standard pack of playing cards, how many court cards are there in total?             Twelve

International commerce without the restriction of import duties is known as `free…' what?        Trade

Which word follows 'butter' to give a name to a person who frequently drops things?              Fingers

Rudyard Kipling, Ernest Hemingway and Seamus Heaney have all won the Nobel Prize for what?

The entrance to many fields and driveways is guarded by a barrier known as a five-bar... what?


What 'T' is the term for a river that flows into another river rather than into a lake or sea?   Tributary

Which word can be a socket in a computer network and a sweet fortified wine?                     Port

Which semi-circular instrument is used by school-children for measuring angles?                  Protractor

What is the sex of a gander?                                                                     Male

Which items of dress are referred to informally as 'jim-jams'?                                   Pyjamas

In bingo, when 22 is drawn the caller traditionally announces it with which phrase?              Two Little Ducks

Which word is a term for a monarch and the name of a former British gold coin with the nominal
value of one pound?
Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are best friends of the title character in which series of
                                                                                                    Harry Potter
According to the title of the book by John Gray, if women are from Venus, from which planet are

What 'U' is an institution that has the power to confer degrees?                                    University

The name of which ancient language goes before 'America' in the collective term for South
American countries?

What 'E' is the verb which can mean 'to deprive of shelter' or 'to reveal to the public'?           Expose

What 'V' is another word for cubic capacity?                                                        Volume

Do workers or drone bees fertilise the eggs of the queen?

On which part of the body would you wear a 'scrunchie'?


Which number is traditionally known as `Two Little Ducks` in bingo?                                 Twenty-Two

If you are paid in goods rather than in money, you are said to be 'paid in…' what?                  Kind

Which Australian chart topper appeared as The Green Fairy in the film 'Moulin Rouge'?               Kylie Minogue

What is the name of the bunny in 'Winnie-the-Pooh'?                                                 Rabbit

What is the female equivalent of both a Lord and a Gentleman?                                       Lady

The island of Montserrat is an overseas territory of which European country; France or the United
                                                                                                    United Kingdom

According to the common expression, to remain inconspicuous is 'to keep a low…' what?               Profile

How many days after Halloween is bonfire night?                                                     Five

Are insects vertebrates or invertebrates?                                                           Invertebrates

Which hand-held electrical device might have variable heat and speed settings and a diffuser

In the 'Paper, Scissors, Rock' game, what wins over paper?                                          Scissors

On the 1st of January 2002, the Euro replaced the Peseta as the currency of which European

Which bald, high-collared comedian has a blue puppet cat called Stouffer?                           Harry Hill

In the fairy tale, what food did Goldilocks eat in the house of the three bears?

St Stephen's Day is generally known by what other name?

                                                                                                    Boxing Day

In which continent is the Republic of Kazakhstan?                                                   Asia

In English grammar what 'P' is the term for an element that is attached to the front of a word to
create a new word?

How many inches are there in 10 feet?                                                               120

What 'E' is the name of the underground den of a fox?                                               Earth

Bobby pins are designed to be worn on which part of the body?                                       Hair

What beats scissors in the 'Paper, Scissors, Rock' game?                                            Rock

In 1989, which Liverpool comedian was tried and later acquitted on charges of tax evasion?        Ken Dodd

Which British coin has three feathers on one side?                                                2p

In which fairy tale did a Princess sleep for 100 years, until she was found by a Prince and the
                                                                                                  Sleeping Beauty
enchantment was broken?

On the first day of which month do people traditionally dance round a pole?                       May

In the United States, what are Cornell, Rutgers and MIT?                                          Universities

What is the slang word for riding a bicycle with the front wheel off the ground?                  Wheelie

How many feet are there in 2 yards?                                                               6

Are snakes invertebrates or vertebrates?

Old-School', 'bow' and 'bootlace' are all names of types of which male garment?


In chess, which pieces cover the four corners of the board at the start of a game?                Rooks

What `P` is the word use to describe the pecuniary gain of any transaction?                       Profit

The cartoon character 'The Roadrunner' is the arch-enemy of which coyote?                         Wile E Coyote

Which romantic gesture traditionally takes place under a mistletoe at Christmas?                  Kissing

In the UK, which is the first bank holiday in the calendar year?                                  New Year's Day

Which feature of winter weather is personified as Jack?                                           Frost

Which word can mean a punctured tyre, a residence that is part of a house or a piece of stage

What is 12 x 20?                                                                                      240

A leafcutter is a type of bee and which other insect?                                                 Ant

A clothes fastener consisting of a small hook and a small loop of metal or thread is called a 'hook
and…' what?
In which party game do the players remain completely still when the music stops and not move
                                                                                                      Musical Statues
until it starts again?
Introduced in Britain in 1978, the State Earnings-Related Pension Scheme is known by what
In 2005, which Irish boyband secured their 13th UK number one hit with the single 'You Raise Me

In the United States, Air Force One is the name of the official aircraft for the holder of which
political post?
Which word follows Green, Richmond and Regent's to give the names of three London Leisure
and Tourist Attractions?
The flag consisting of 12 yellow stars arranged in a circle on a blue background usually


represents which continent?
What five-letter word for a line of people sounds identical to the seventeenth letter of the modern
English alphabet?

In imperial weights and measures how many pounds are there in a stone?                                14

The gorilla is indigenous to which continent?                                                         Africa

Moccasins are worn on which part of the body?                                                         Feet

In poker, what name is given to the hand reportedly held by Wild Bill Hickok after he was shot in
                                                                                                      Dead Man`s Hand
the back mid-game?

When referring to amounts of rent on property, the letters P C M stand for `Per Calendar...' what?   Month

According to the proverb, there is safety in what?                                                   Numbers

In September 2000 protesters caused blockades in the UK in response to the price of which

The Gleneagles Hotel and Golf Course are located in which country of the UK?                         Scotland

The flag known as the Jolly Roger is sometimes referred to as the 'Skull and…' what?                 Crossbones

Someone who remains unmarried beyond a certain age may be said to have been 'left on the…'

In imperial measurements how many inches are there in 5 feet?                                        60

Elephants are indigenous to Africa and which other continent?

Slingback is a style of which article of clothing?


Which of these South African cities is on the coast; Cape Town or Johannesburg?                      Cape Town

In the monetary world the initials E C B stand for the European Central... what?                     Bank

According to the Bible, which Old Testament character owned a 'coat of many colours'?                Joseph

In 1979, Mother Teresa of Calcutta was awarded the Nobel Prize for what?                             Peace

Which city can be reached by driving west from Manchester along the M62; Stoke-on-Trent or

Until the 20th century, in which country were upper class women subjected to binding of the feet?    China

Which word is an informal name for 'a cleaning woman' and is also a slang term for 'tea'?     Char

How many regular bottles of champagne are there in a magnum?                                  2

Green-veined white and tortoiseshell are both species of which insect?                        Butterfly

In fashion, what `D` is a pair of trousers with a bib attached?                               Dungarees

Which of these countries is situated on the Equator; Kenya or Egypt?                          Kenya

What 'L' is the term for an easily recognised emblem used by a company as its symbol?         Logo

What is the official language of Colombia?                                                    Spanish

Until 1991 the KGB were the secret police of which country?

The River Exe empties into which body of water; the Bristol Channel or the English Channel?
                                                                                              Soviet Union

                                                                                              English Channel

What does the 'N' stand in the abbreviation R.N.V.R.?                                         Naval

Somebody agitated may be said to have their what... 'in a twist'?                             Knickers

What is 9 x 12?                                                                               108

What name is normally given to the male seal?                                                 Bull

In fashion, which of the following is an Eskimo word for a coat; `anorak` or `duffel`?        Anorak

Which country shares borders with Belize, Guatemala and the United States?                    Mexico

What 'T' is a sheet of canvas that has been coated with tar to make it waterproof and is used to
keep things dry?

The country of Guinea is located on which continent?                                                 Africa

According to the title of the traditional Christmas song, what colour is the nose of Rudolph the
Aldgate, Moorgate and Bishopsgate are all streets found in the financial district of which English

What does the 'M' stand in the abbreviation of the gallantry medal the M.C.?                         Military

What 'A' is a stage of life that is generally asscoiated with teenagers?                             Adolescence

How many inches are there in one foot?                                                               12

Hackney, Shire and Holstein are all breeds of which animal?

In military clothing, what `V` is a part of a suit of armour that protects the face?


The word 'Yugoslav' literally means what; Northern Slav or Southern Slav?                            Southern Slav

What name is given to a mechanical device that regulates the speed, of a watch; a ballast or a

With which type of music was singer Maria Callas most closely associated?                            Opera

What are pan-pipes; musical instruments or cooking utensils?                                         Musical Instruments

St Andrews in Scotland stands on the coast of which body of water?                                   North Sea

What does the 'G' stand in the abbreviation of the gallantry medal the G.C.?                         George

If you do something for a reason that is not out in the open you are said to have an 'ulterior…'

In imperial measurements how many inches are there in four feet?                                    48

An ectothermic animal is more commonly known as cold ... what?                                      Blooded

In fashion, which colour has a shade called `Shocking`?                                             Pink

In which country is the city of Waterford famed for its production of crystal glass?                Republic of Ireland

The concept of the world as a single community because of international communication, is
called the 'Global... what'?

Which British boxer was famed for his catchphrase "Know what I mean, ‘Arry?"?                       Frank Bruno

In the musical scale beginning 'Doh, Ray, Me', which note immediately precedes Soh?

Where is Wales in relation to England; to the east or to the west?

                                                                                                    To the West

What does the 'C' stand in the abbreviation of the gallantry medal the V.C.?                        Cross

Which word can mean a large container for milk or to stir violently?                                Churn

How many grams are there in a kilogramme?                                                           1000

Which term describes an animal standing on its back legs with its forelegs in the air; rampant or

In clothing, where on the body are `Galoshes` worn, above or below the waist?                       Below

The Gulf of Guinea lies off the west coast of which continent?                                      Africa

Which two-word term refers to the assistance given to an accident victim before specialist
                                                                                                      First Aid
treatment is given later?

In UK company law, what do the initials AGM stand for?                                                Annual General Meeting

What was the first name of the German composer Beethoven?                                             Ludwig

In the sign displayed on a car indicating the country of registration, what do the letters GB stand
                                                                                                      Great Britain

What does the 'V' stand in the abbreviation of the gallantry medal the V.C.?                          Victoria

Which word meaning higher or superior is also the name given to the part of a shoe above the

What name is given to the longest side of a right-angled triangle?                                    Hypotenuse

What is the smallest rodent in Britain?

On which part of the body are winkle-pickers worn?

The Cajuns, famous for their folk music and spicy cooking, live in which continent; North America
                                                                                                      Harvest Mouse


                                                                                                      North America
or Africa?
Which three-letter word is a colloquial abbreviation for an animal Doctor or an American ex-

What is the name of Paul McCartney's fashion designer daughter?                                       Stella McCartney

Who was the French composer of the opera 'The Pearl Fishers'; Debussy or Bizet?                       Bizet

Which word follows Greenwich, Battersea and Hyde to give the names of three London leisure
and tourist attractions?

In which branch of the British armed forces is Petty Officer a rank; navy or army?                    Navy

What 'U' is the name of an Asian language that is a form of Hindustani written in a modified
Arabic script?

How many centimetres are there in five metres?                                                        500

The Small Tortoiseshell and the Holly Blue are varieties of which winged insects?                     Butterflies

What 'C' is a product in a cream or liquid form that is used on specific areas of the face to cover
The Strait of Magellan is a sea passage around the southern tip of which continent; Africa or
                                                                                                      South America
South America?

Which three-letter Latin word is commonly used in travel directions to mean 'by way of'?              Via

Which Hollywood actor starred alongside Julia Roberts in the 1990 romantic comedy ‘Pretty
                                                                                                      Richard Gere

In musical notation, which note is equal in length to half a crotchet; a quaver or a minim?

Which seaside resort in north-west England has a tower over 500 feet tall?


In which branch of the British armed forces is Commodore a rank; Royal Navy or Army?                  Royal Navy

Used as an expression of approval or enthusiasm, 'fab' is an abbreviation of what word?               Fabulous

Which of the following is a prime number; 5 or 15?                                                    5

What is a house martin; a bird or a frog?                                                             Bird

Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas starred in the 2001 film 'Save the Last…' what?                  Dance

Which European country is nearest to Africa?                                                          Spain

Which punctuation mark constitutes the lower part of a semi-colon?                             Comma

What is the nationality of the fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier?                            French

The composer Mendelssohn was born in which city; Hamburg or Hull?                              Hamburg

On the banks of which river are the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew situated?                     Thames

In which century were tanks first used in battle?                                              20th

A romantic attachment between adolescents is often referred to as 'puppy…' what?               Love

Which word means a whole number; denominator or integer?                                       Integer

Do cats or dogs belong to the Canidae family?

The 1989 thriller set on a boat that starred Nicole Kidman was called 'Dead…' what?


The Swannee River which features in a popular song is located in which country?                United States

Which punctuation mark consists of two dots; one above the other?                              Colon

The 2006 marriage of which two Hollywood stars was known in the popular press as the TomKat
                                                                                               Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
What name is given to a plot of land rented from a local authority for growing vegetables or

What is England`s most easterly point; Land`s End or Lowestoft Ness?                           Lowestoft Ness

For what does the 'V' stand in the British decoration for bravery the V.C.?                    Victoria

Which word meaning a bottle rhymes with the word 'cask'?                                                Flask

In imperial measures what percentage of a gallon is a quart?                                            0.25

Are bluebottle and greenbottle types of blowfly or hoverfly?                                            Blowfly

Cameron Diaz and John Cusack starred in the 1999 film 'Being John... ' what?                            Malkovich

Which of these European states is the smaller; Monaco or Liechtenstein?                                 Monaco

Which punctuation mark consists of a dot placed above a comma?                                          Semi-Colon

'Nigella Bites' is a recipe book written by which British cookery writer?                               Nigella Lawson

What 'R' is the general name for the parts of a plant that extend underground?

Which popular English seaside resort in the north-west has 3 piers and a tower?


In which world war was the Sopwith Camel used as a fighter aircraft?                                    First World War

If you are an expert on a subject you are said to know it 'like the back of...' which portion of your
                                                                                                        Your Hand

What is 12 x 12?                                                                                        144

Pigs roll in mud to cool themselves down because they lack which type of glands?                        Sweat Glands

In which 2000 film, set in Thailand, did Robert Carlyle play a character called Daffy?                  The Beach

In which European country are the Cantabrian Mountains; Spain or Italy?                                 Spain

Which letter is silent at the beginning of the word 'psalm'?                                       P

In the Bible, which Philistine giant was slain by David?                                           Goliath

The word 'Tory' is used to refer to members of which modern-day British party?                     Conservative

In which English city is Lambeth Palace, the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury?   London

The Royal British Legion uses which flower as its emblem?                                          Poppy

In office life, the abbreviation 'admin' is short for what?                                        Administration

Where in a fraction does the numerator appear; above the line or below the line?                   Above The Line

Is a male giraffe called a bull or a stud?

Which surname links an Oscar-winning actress named Vanessa, and an Olympics rowing
champion called Steven?


The southernmost point of the continent of Africa is in which country?                             South Africa

Which informal name for an electrical percussion instrument was also a popular 1960s word for
feelings or sensations?

In the nursery rhyme 'Mary had a Little Lamb', what was the colour of the lamb's fleece?           White

What is another name for the `B` side of a single; the flip side or the flop side?                 Flip Side

Under which river do the Rotherhithe and Blackwall tunnels run?                                    Thames

Which Mediterranean island was invaded in 1943 in a mission codenamed Operation Husky;
Sicily or Cyprus?

Which spherical object do people often start rolling, have at their feet or have in their court?   Ball

1000 millimetres is equal to 1 what?                                                               Metre

The spikes of a hedgehog are made from a form of which material; bone or hair?                     Hair

In films and cartoons, the character Batman lives in which mythical city?                          Gotham

The country of Mozambique is in which continent?                                                   Africa

Which French term widely used in the English language literally means 'reason for being'?          Raison d'Etre

Which war is the setting for the 1920s novel ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’?                     World War I

The rock festival 'Ozz-Fest` is named after which heavy metal singer?

The Dartford Tunnel runs under which English river?
                                                                                                   Ozzy Osbourne


The 1st March is the feast day of which patron saint?                                              St David

In South America, what is the official language of Argentina?                                      Spanish

100 centimetres is equal to 1 what?                                                                Metre

Which part of the body of a fox is often called the brush?                                         Tail

Stan Laurel of 'Laurel and Hardy' fame was born in which country; the United Kingdom or the
                                                                                                   United Kingdom
United States?

On the coast of which ocean is the US city of San Diego?                                           Pacific

Which four-letter word is used in Spanish to mean 'Long Live!', as in 'Long Live Spain!'?          Viva

Born in 1966, which US supermodel is famous for the mole above her lip?                            Cindy Crawford

The group Abba had how many UK No 1 singles; one or nine?                                          Nine

Sharing their names with cities, Justin Edinburgh and Dion Dublin have both played which sport?    Football

What is the English translation of `Coeur de Lion`, the nickname of King Richard I?                Lionheart

In informal English, something that has many features or gimmicks could be described as 'all
singing all...' what?

What number must you cube to get 125?                                                              5

What `G` is defined as including hares, pheasants, partridges and grouse?

Which London-born actor wore a costume including large shoes, a moustache and cane in most
of his silent film roles?
Which group of islands off the coast of West Africa shares its name with a bird commonly kept as

                                                                                                   Charlie Chaplin

                                                                                                   The Canary Islands
a pet?

Which British queen shares her name with a variety of plum?                                        Victoria

The city of Cairo stands on which famous river?                                                    Nile

At the 2002 N.M.E. Awards which female Australian singer won the Best Pop Act category?            Kylie Minogue

Portobello Road market is located in which UK city?                                                London

In which century was the Battle of Hastings fought?                                                Eleventh

Which word is both the name of a feature common to all birds and also one of the weight-ranges
in boxing?

How many sides does a decagon have?                                                              10

What `W` is another word for the neigh of a horse especially a low or gentle one?                Whinny

Which 1996 film had the first 20 minutes re-dubbed on American release to make the Scottish
accents more intelligible?
In 1923, which mountain did George Leigh Mallory state that he wanted to climb "Because it's
When someone has a personal motive for behaving in a certain way they are said to have what
                                                                                                 An Axe
item to grind?

In which decade did genetically-modified food first appear on supermarket shelves in the UK?     1990s

Gary Barlow, Robbie Williams, Mark Owen, Howard Donald, and Jason Orange were members
of which group?
Which item of wet weather protection consists of a dome-like fabric canopy supported by a
framework of ribs on a pole?
                                                                                                 Take That


What sort of vehicles were `Biremes` and `Triremes`; chariots or warships?                       Warships

If the term singular denotes one, what 'P' denotes more than one?                                Plural

How many sides does a pentadecagon have?                                                         15

Which country has the largest population of wild tigers in the world; India or China?            India

Who directed the films 'Amistad', 'Always' and 'Raiders of The Lost Ark'?                        Steven Spielberg

Which city in the west Midlands has a clock tower known locally as 'big brum'?                   Birmingham

When constantly required to comply with the requests of someone you are said to be at their
'beck and…' what?

In 1773, which cargo was tipped into Boston harbour in protest at British taxation?             Tea

The song 'Chattanooga Choo Choo' takes which form of transport as its theme?                    Train

What kind of establishment did William Claridge open on Brook Street, London in the 19th

The Pharaohs were the ancient kings of which country?                                           Ancient Egypt

What 'G' is another word for a present given to a friend at Christmas or birthdays?             Gift

What 'D' is a 12-sided polygon?                                                                 Dodecagon

What type of venomous creatures are the brown recluse and the redback?

The 1993 film featuring a boy and a captive killer whale was called 'Free…' what?


In which city is the National Gallery of Scotland?                                              Edinburgh

What 'V' means to disappear or cease to exist?                                                  Vanish

According to the nursery rhyme, who are made out of 'slugs and snails and puppy dogs' tails'?   Little Boys

What was the name of the 'magic dragon' featured in the 1960s hit single by 'Peter, Paul and

What `E` is the name of the Scottish city that was destroyed by the English in 1544?            Edinburgh

Which military figure was leader of the French forces at the Battle of Waterloo?                Napoleon Bonaparte

Which word can mean a vigorous Scottish dance or a short light-hearted romance?                    Fling

A dodecahedron has how many sides?                                                                 12

The word `avian` means relating to or resembling, what kind of creature?                           Bird

The 1988 film starring John Cleese, Michael Palin and Jamie Lee Curtis was 'A Fish Called…'

In which city is the National Gallery of Ireland?                                                  Dublin

What 'V' is the term for a member of an unauthorised group who act as the local guardians of law
and order?

In 1966, which missing sporting trophy was found by Pickles the dog?                               World Cup

The trio 'Peter, Paul and Mary' had a 1960s US hit single with 'Puff The Magic…' what?

Which footballer has the name Brooklyn tattooed across his lower back?

Under the occupation of which empire was the city of London founded and known as

                                                                                                   David Beckham

                                                                                                   Roman Empire

A very young or small person is said to be 'knee-high to...' which insect?                         A Grasshopper

Which of the following is a type of solid object; a polygon or a polyhedron?                       Polyhedron

What `H` is a box or cage for keeping small domesticated animals especially rabbits?               Hutch

The 1991 film in which three businessmen take part in a cattle drive is called 'City…' what?       Slickers

The word 'sierra' as in Sierra Madre is the Spanish for which geographical feature; river or
                                                                                                   Mountain Range
mountain range?

What 'V' is the complete range of words in a particular language?                                     Vocabulary

The 2006 animation film 'Happy Feet' centres around a community of which flightless birds?            Penguins

What 'C' is the general name for a religious song that is especially associated with Christmas?       Carol

Which rock star once said, "I'd rather be dead than singing 'Satisfaction' when I'm forty-five"?      Mick Jagger

Which Empire reached its maximum extent around the year 117 AD?                                       Roman

The initials 'TGIF' are an abbreviation of the expression 'thank Goodness It's...' which day of the

In geometry what 'S' is a quadrilateral with all four sides and angles equal?                         Square

Which boy`s name follows 'house' and `sand` to make the names of two small swift-flying birds?

In the 1964 film of the same name Mary Poppins uses which of her personal possessions as a


What 'D' is a region characterised by little or no vegetation, as a result of very low rainfall?      Desert

What 'V' is a collection of houses and other buildings in the countryside between a hamlet and a
town in size?

In which US TV series did David Duchovny play FBI agent Fox Mulder?                                   The X Files

What 'C' is the name we now give to the mid-winter religious festival formerly known as Yule?         Christmas

The first names of the two male members of Abba are Bjorn and... who?                                 Benny

The Macedonian hero and leader born in 356 B.C. is known as Alexander the ... what?                   Great

The name of which hot beverage sounds identical to the twentieth letter of the English alphabet?   Tea

What is the cube of 10?                                                                            1000

A creature that is described as 'diurnal' is active at what time; day or night?                    Day

Which 34 letter word comprises a song title in the 1964 musical 'Mary Poppins'?                    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

In the abbreviation of the international peace group CND, for what does the letter 'D' stand?      Disarmament

Someone who refuses to tolerate stupidity is said to 'not suffer fools…' what?                     Gladly

Boo Boo was the diminutive friend of which TV cartoon character?                                   Yogi Bear

Water that has been blessed for use in religious ceremonies is known as what... water?

Which British actress and singer played the character Tiffany in EastEnders?

Which conspiracy was described by King James I of England as "a thundering sin of fire and

                                                                                                   Martine McCutcheon

                                                                                                   The Gunpowder Plot

To achieve two results with a single action is to 'Kill two birds with one...' what?               Stone

What is the square root of 25?                                                                     5

Which popular breed of dog is born with a white coat but develops black spots with age?            Dalmatian

Which British-born actor played the character Mason Verger in the 2001 film 'Hannibal'; Gary
                                                                                                   Gary Oldman
Oldman or Joan Collins?

Which ocean lies directly between Europe and the USA?                                              Atlantic Ocean

Someone who is in a risky or precarious position is said to be 'skating on…' what?                 Thin Ice

Scafell Pike is the highest peak in which of the countries of the United Kingdom?                  England

On what date in February is St Valentine's Day?                                                    Fourteenth

When Uri Geller renewed his marriage vows in March 2001, which US pop singer was his best
                                                                                                   Michael Jackson
The Rosetta Stone inscribed with hieroglyphs and Greek letters was found in the delta of which
African river?

According to the proverb, how often should one eat an apple to keep the doctor away?               Once A Day

What name is given to decomposed vegetable or animal matter used for incorporating into the

In which continent do most of the swallows that are summer visitors to Britain spend their

Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif starred in which 1962 film directed by David Lean?

                                                                                                   Lawrence of Arabia

Which line of latitude is further south; Tropic of Cancer or Tropic of Capricorn?                  Tropic of Capricorn

Somebody in a bad or irritable mood is said to have 'got out of the wrong side of…' what?          Bed

At what age does a UK provisional driving licence for a car become valid?                          17

The four Gospels were written by John, Matthew, Luke and whom?                                     Mark

In the higher education degree abbreviations 'MA' and 'MSc', what does the letter 'M' stand for?   Master

The city of Strasbourg, now part of France, was controlled by which country from 1871 until the
end of World War I?

According to the proverb, you shouldn't put all your what in one basket?                           Eggs

What `H` is the word used to describe the natural environment of an organism?                      Habitat

Udders are found on the cattle of which sex?                                                       Female

In which series of films have Shirley Bassey, Duran Duran and Tina Turner all performed title
                                                                                                   James Bond

Which line of latitude is further north; Tropic of Cancer or Tropic of Capricorn?                  Tropic of Cancer

Sinistral' is to 'dextral' as 'left' is to what?                                                   Right

The Bolshoi Ballet is based in which Russian city?                                                 Moscow

The four Gospels were written by John, Luke, Mark and whom?

Pupils of which sex are accepted into the public schools of Benenden and Roedean?

What `A` was the name of an empire that was prominent in central and southern Mexico before


the Spanish invasion?

A risqué joke is said to be which colour?                                                          Blue

What `V` is the plant notable for its habit of catching and digesting insects?                     Venus Flytrap

What `S` is the name of a marine invertebrate with a spiny skin and five or more radiating arms?   Starfish

The actress famous for wearing men's suits during the 1930s was Marlene... who?                    Dietrich

Beverly Hills is in which US State?                                                                California

Sandy is an informal version of which boy's name?                                                  Alexander

According to Christian tradition, how many deadly sins are there?                                  Seven

The four Gospels were written by Mark, Matthew, John and whom?                                     Luke

The majority of pupils take which exams at the end of the summer term of year 11?                  GCSEs

Which specific term refers to either of two offspring born to the same mother at the same time?    Twin

What name is shared by an instrument used for finding direction and a device used to draw

What is the sap of the Sugar Maple tree used to make?                                              Maple Syrup

The name of which pet goes before `Burglar` to give a term for a thief who breaks into buildings
by climbing walls?

Charles Laughton starred alongside Marlene Dietrich in the 1957 film 'Witness For The…' what?


What is the weather-related nickname for the US city of Chicago?                                   Windy City

Quotation marks are also known as 'inverted…' what?                                                Commas

On which part of the body would a pair of Mary Janes be worn?                                      Feet

A polygraph is a piece of equipment commonly known by what name when used to tell if a person
                                                                                                   Lie Detector
is tell the truth?

What are classified using the dewey decimal system; animals or books?                              Books

Which sex produces an ovum?                                                                        Female

Bedside, card and dining, are all types of which piece of furniture?                               Table

What term is used for processing genetically identical plants or animals?                          Cloning

The name of which spotted feline follows `Clouded` and `Snow` to give the names of two
members of the cat family?

In which 2001 film does Sir Ian McKellen play a wizard named Gandalf The Grey?                     (The) Fellowship of The Ring

In which European country are there two cities called Frankfurt?                                   Germany

People who talk a lot are said to have the 'gift of the…' what?                                    Gab

What name is given to the group of animals who keep their young in pouches?                        Marsupials

The combined measles, mumps and rubella vaccine is usually abbreviated to which three letters?

What 'I' is the name for a formal, pre-arranged meeting to ascertain someone's suitability for a


Which sex is graphically represented by a circle above a cross?                                    Female

What is the usual French word for 'thank you'?                                                     Merci

A yellowhammer is a variety of which type of animal?                                               Bird

What `Q` is a four-sided court commonly abbreviated to `quad`?                                     Quadrangle

The term Bollywood combines the name of Bombay with which Californian suburb?                      Hollywood

In the US, which part of a city is known as downtown; the residential area or the business area?   Business Area

Johann and Ivan are both foreign equivalents of which common English boy's name?                   John

In which English city do Novocastrians live?                                                       Newcastle

Which body in the solar system is classed as a G2 V Yellow dwarf star?                             The Sun

How is the term 'permanent wave' usually abbreviated?                                              Perm

Which sensory organ is contained in a bony socket called an `orbit'?                               Eye

Which three-letter word is the name for the temporary change of skin colour that is the main
purpose of sunbathing?

A region subject to drought where the wind has led to soil erosion is known as a 'dust...' what?   Bowl

What `M` describes a dull surface finish in painting and photography?

Which word describing the film industry of India is a combination of the place names Hollywood
and Bombay?


What is the name of the US national holiday celebrated every year on the 4th July?                 Independence Day

In written French which accent is a short line over a letter sloping upwards from right to left?   Grave

What is the square root of 25?                                                                     5

When referring to pollution, acid deposition is often described as acid... what?                   Rain

What name is given to an ornament that has a hinged pin and is worn to decorate female

Which professional would be most likely to be found suturing; doctor or lawyer?                    Doctor

According to the proverb 'Rome was not built in a…' what?                                             Day

Which three-letter word precedes 'field', 'floe', and 'berg', to make the names of floating hazards
in polar seas?

What `A` is the name given to a decorative object or item of furniture, usually over 100 years old?   Antique

The word Bollywood refers to the film industry of which country?                                      India

In which hemisphere is there more water, northern or southern?                                        Southern

Which side of a family is referred to as the 'distaff' side?                                          Female

Just like that, was the catchphrase of which English comedy magician?                                 Tommy Cooper

The lengths of all three sides of a scalene triangle are what; equal or unequal?

What type of clothing are chinos?


Where is the larynx located; in the throat or in the brain?                                           In the Throat

Which word can be a blow landed with the fist and a party drink usually served from a large bowl?     Punch

What `F` is the act of moving a lens in order to produce a sharp image?                               Focus

What `S` is the name given to a sculpture of a human or animal figure that is usually of life-size
In the film 'America's Sweethearts' which actress stars alongside Catherine Zeta Jones as her
                                                                                                      Julia Roberts
sister Kiki Harrison?

In South American geography, Ecuador has a coastline on which ocean?                                  Pacific

What 'H' is the name given to a valued article that has been owned by a family for several

The islands of Mykonos and Santorini are part of which country?                                    Greece

Where in a fraction does the denominator appear; above the line or below the line?                 Below the Line

Which tights are thicker; 10 denier or 20 denier?                                                  20 Denier

What `H` is the name given to the region on either side of the body below the waist and above
the thigh?

Which four-letter word is the opposite of both less and fewer?                                     More

What `F` precedes the word `fuel` to describe substances such as coal, oil and natural gas?        Fossil

Which part of a building is the façade; the front or the back?

Which 2001 film co-stars Robert Redford and Brad Pitt as CIA agents?

What is the collective name for the republics of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, Baltic states or

                                                                                                   Spy Game

                                                                                                   Baltic States
Balkan states?

The monarchy will fall if the ravens leave…' which London tourist attraction?                      Tower of London

'A Question of Sport' presenter Sue Barker competed professionally in which sport?                 Tennis

Which year came immediately before 99 B.C.?                                                        100 B.C.

In academic dress, a mortar board is worn on which part of the body?                               Head

What `C` is a word that refers to the flow of blood through the heart, arteries and veins?         Circulation

Which three consecutive letters of the alphabet are often used to mean the alphabet itself?            ABC

One thousand millivolts is equal to one what?                                                          Volt

In painting, what `L` is the term for the depiction of natural scenery?                                Landscape

In the 1997 film 'Tomorrow Never Dies' which actor played James Bond?                                  Pierce Brosnan

Into which body of water does the River Seine empty?                                                   English Channel

To possess everything that is required is to have the 'whole kit and…' what?                           Caboodle

In the novel 'The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' which of the two title personalities is the
                                                                                                       Mr Hyde
evil one?

Pythagoras devised a theorem relating to which sort of triangle?

Traditionally, what colour tie is worn with a dinner jacket?

The muscles which work together to allow the arm to bend and straighten are the biceps and
                                                                                                       Right-Angled Triangle


which other?
Which word can mean an affectionate greeting made with the lips and also the gentle touching of
two snooker balls?

One thousand milliamps is equal to one what?                                                           Amp

The method of external wall rendering made by casting small stones on a coat of mortar is known
as 'Pebble…' what?

In which 1995 Disney film did Mel Gibson provide the voice of Captain John Smith?                      Pocahontas

The southern-most point of South America is called 'Cape…' what?                                       Horn

According to popular wisdom, one hour of sleep before midnight is worth how many hours after

Which BBC Radio 2 presenter has become known as 'The Togmeister'?                                    Terry Wogan

Which academic subject deals specifically with sins, cosines and tangents?                           Trigonometry

To which clothing accessory is the term 'fishnet' usually applied?                                   Stockings

Of what is pharmacology the study; drugs or speech?                                                  Drugs

Which two-letter word is a colloquial way of saying thank you?                                       Ta

Which unit is equal to one thousand watts?                                                           The Kilowatt

Which word can mean a building in which works of art are exhibited or the highest level of seating
in a theatre?

In which film did Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman star as prisoners in a New England jail?

                                                                                                     The Shawshank Redemption

The fruit tangerine is named after which city in Morocco?                                            Tangier

In slang, which country is referred to as `Oz`?                                                      Australia

Len Goodman and Arlene Phillips are judges on which 2006 BBC1 celebrity dancing series?              Strictly Come Dancing

How many days after New Year's Eve is St Valentine's Day?                                            45

What is the name of the wide neck tie introduced by fashion designer Michael Fish and
fashionable in the 1960s?

In which part of the body is the Achilles tendon; the heel or the knee?                              Heel

Which word can refer both to 60 seconds of time and also to a written record of what is said at a

What `G` is a huge group of stars and planets of which the Milky Way is the best known?             Galaxy

A brick that is laid exposing its longest face is known as what; stretcher or header?               Stretcher

In which 2001 Disney animation did Michael J. Fox provide the voice of Milo Thatch?                 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

The island group of Polynesia is in which ocean?                                                    Pacific

Which part of the day is referred to by the abbreviation 'P M'; morning or afternoon?               Afternoon

According to the proverb, "he who hesitates is .." what?                                            Lost

The letter 'Pi' used in geometry comes from which alphabet?

In the world of glamour, members of which sex have 'vital statistics'?


How many lungs are normally present in the human body?                                              Two

According to the common saying, if you expose yourself to risk to help someone else 'you stick
your...' what out?
What `L` is the cosmetic surgery performed on the skin of the face to counteract the effects of
ageing and wrinkles?

Russian painter Kandinsky was a pioneer in which style of art; abstract or romantic?                Abstract

Which 1991 Disney film features the songs 'Gaston' and 'Something There'?                           Beauty And The Beast

The resort of Las Palmas is on which of the Canary Islands, Tenerife or Gran Canaria?               Gran Canaria

In the UK, what three-letter abbreviation is used to refer to the Citizens Advice Bureau?          CAB

Often referred to as a sixth sense, what do the initials ESP stand for?                            Extrasensory Perception

Which year came immediately before 54 B.C.?                                                        55 B.C.

What 'B' is a word meaning an ornamental trinket of little value, commonly used for Christmas
tree decorations?

Enamel, pulp and dentine are all parts of which structures?                                        Teeth

According to the proverb, 'all work and no play makes Jack a…' what?                               Dull Boy

By which unit of measurement is one thousand grams better known?                                   A Kilogram

In art, ultramarine is a shade of which primary colour?

Robert Redford starred as Tom Booker in which 1998 film?

                                                                                                   The Horse Whisperer

In which ocean are the islands known by the collective name of `Oceania`?                          Pacific

What is the first letter of the word 'honourable`?                                                 H

If a person is in an impecunious state, what are they short of?                                    Money

Isosceles and scalene are both forms of which plane figure?                                        Triangle

What name is given to the large absorbent rectangular cloth used to dry the body after a bath or

Decalcification is the loss of which element from teeth and bones?                                 Calcium

The adjective crab-wise describes movement in what direction; backwards or side-ways?             Side-Ways

What `M` is the name for the extraction of minerals from underground?                             Mining

The companies Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, and Royal Worcester all manufacture which goods;
china or carpets?

What type of insect is the voice of conscience to the puppet Pinocchio in the 1940 Disney film?   Cricket

Burundi is a country in which continent?                                                          Africa

What is the first letter of the word `heiress`?                                                   H

By what name is a wind-formed mound or ridge of sand better known?                                Dune

What shape is a set square?

What name is given to the fine mesh fabric hung at windows to let in light but to stop people
seeing inside?
What 'P' is the general term for a person receiving treatment at a doctor's surgery or in a

                                                                                                  Net Curtains

According to the common expression, someone who is hard and resilient is 'tough as old…'

The optic nerve is essential to which of the body`s senses?                                       Sight

The shaping of molten glass, by breathing air into it, is called what?                            Glass Blowing

In the abbreviation BBFC, the letter `F` stands for what?                                         Film

Which commonwealth country has administrative regions called Canterbury, Otago and
                                                                                                  New Zealand

In rhyming slang, what is a 'tea leaf'?                                                             Thief

What name is given to a person who takes unauthorised possession of unoccupied premises?            Squatter

A nonagon is a plane figure with how many sides?                                                    9

What name is given to a pad filled with soft material used to make a seat more comfortable?         Cushion

In human anatomy, when they are not straight, which parts of the body are said to be 'bandy'?       Legs

Which word can mean the most important city of a country, an upper-case letter or an irreversible
type of punishment?

Medals awarded to athletes who come third in competitions are generally made of which alloy?        Bronze

What `A` is a type of desk lamp with a sprung and jointed adjustable arm?

Samuel L Jackson and Robert Carlyle starred in the 2001 action comedy `The Fifty-First…' what?
                                                                                                    Angle Poise


The Japanese city of Hitachi is a centre of which industry, electronics or fishing?                 Electronics

A `carrot-top` is a person with hair in a bright shade of which primary colour?                     Red

What name is given to a person who is proficient in two languages?                                  Bilingual

What is 6 x 7?                                                                                      42

Which oily cosmetic usually in stick form is used to colour part of the mouth area?                 Lipstick

Which part of the body is affected by a cleft palate: the mouth or the stomach?                     Mouth

What is the usual formal name of the part of the human body for which the word 'cake hole' is

A lunar eclipse involves the alignment of the Earth, the sun and which other celestial body?     The Moon

In which month of the Gregorian calendar does Twelfth Night fall?                                January

Which city features in the title of the 1997 film sequel to 'An American Werewolf in London'?    Paris

The concept that a number of social groups will fuse together to form an Integrated Society is
called a melting.. what?

In the English alphabet, which letter is the first consonant?                                    B

Which name is generally given to the imaginary guitar used in miming to rock music?              Air guitar

If the time is 9.40am how many minutes must pass before it is midday?

What `L` is the name for close-fitting trousers similar to thick footless tights?
                                                                                                 140 Minutes


Which word follows 'ear', 'back', and 'head' to give the names of three types of pain?           Ache

Which device, whose name is an abbreviation of intercommunication, enables a resident to
speak to someone at the door?

In which sport do competitors perform from a highboard and a springboard?                        Diving

The name of the ouija board is made up of French and German words that both mean what?           Yes

In the 2002 Oscars a new award category was launched to cater for which type of feature films?   Animated

In relation to Greenwich Mean Time, is France ahead or behind?                                   Ahead

Which surname is shared by an 18th century British prime minister and a Hollywood actor called

In which live action and animated 1988 film comedy is an animated rabbit accused of murder?           Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

How many colours are there on a standard Rubik cube ?                                                 6

Which hair treatment uses chemicals to give straight hair long-lasting waves or curls?                Perm

What 'W' is the name for an arrangement of artificial or human hair, which is worn to conceal
Before the introduction of comprehensive education, children who passed the 11+ could attend
which type of school?

Which sport uses the terms 'dribble' and 'dunk'?                                                      Basketball

What 'A' is the name of the sphere of light that mystics claim to be able to see surrounding living
The actor who described his acting range as "Left eyebrow raised, right eyebrow raised" is
Roger... who?
Which Asian country comprising over thirteen thousand islands has land borders with Malaysia


and Papua New Guinea?

The advertising slogan attributed to the novelist Fay Weldon is 'Go to work on an…' what?             Egg

Which barbed missile, attached to a cord and fired from a gun, is used for hunting whales?            Harpoon

Which number is represented by the Roman numerals 'XVI'?                                              18

The front of a woman's dress might be described as having a plunging... what?                         Neckline

A quintuplet is one of how many children born at a single birth?                                      Five

What 'A' is the Process of modifying something to suit new conditions eg, the conversion of a
book into a play?
What is the name of the move in rugby, in which the player in possession of the ball is brought to
the ground by an opponent?

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius represent which element of the Zodiac; fire or water?                     Fire

In the film `Ocean's Eleven` released in the UK in 2002 which British boxer plays himself?           Lennox Lewis

In the USA, Florida has what nickname, the windy city or the sunshine state?                         The Sunshine State

Which name is shared by a shrub with red berries and prickly leaves, and a 1950s rock & roll
singer called Buddy?

In Rudyard Kipling's 'The Jungle Book', what type of animal was Baloo?                               Bear

How many sides does a quadrilateral have?

Which 1960s group was associated with a smart, stylish appearance and the riding of motor
scooters; mods or rockers?


Which word follows head, tummy, and tooth to give the names of three types of pain?                  Ache

Which word means a ruling line such as the Chinese Ming, Sung and Tang?                              Dynasty

Which four-letter word is a score nobody wants to end up with in tennis, but is also an emotional

A 'Jonah' is a person who is said to bring what type of luck?                                        Bad

In which 1968 film musical did Dick Van Dyke sing a song entitled `Me Ol` Bam-Boo`?                  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The Caribbean island of Saint Christopher is better known by what abbreviated name?                  Saint Kitts

Which first name links one of the footballing brothers called Charlton, and a Labour politician
called Straw?
In the legend of Ali Baba, which magic phrase opens the doors of the Forty Thieves' cave of
                                                                                                  Open Sesame

What is 8 x 8?                                                                                    64

Which word follows 'pony' and 'pig' to give the names of two hairstyles?                          Tail

The inhalation of smoke from other people's cigarettes is commonly known by which two-word
                                                                                                  Passive Smoking
Which indigenous people of northern Canada, Greenland, and Alaska rub noses as a traditional
form of greeting?

In which sport are Andrew Flintoff, James Foster and Ashley Giles England internationals?         Cricket

If you were born on the fifth of August what star sign would you be?

In the 1997 film `Batman and Robin` which actor played Robin?

                                                                                                  Chris O'Donnell

Which country has the largest population in Africa; Nigeria or Namibia?                           Nigeria

Which first name links a former Conservative MP called Portillo and an England footballer whose
surname is Owen?

A bushy extended moustache that curls at the ends is named after which part of a bicycle?         Handlebar

What is 12 x 5?                                                                                   60

The name of which short hair cut is also an abbreviation of the boy's name 'Robert'?              Bob

Which four-letter word means a tightly closed hand, with the fingers doubled into the palm?       Fist

What `W` is a piece of furniture used to store items of clothing?                                       Wardrobe

In rugby, which word follows free, place and drop to give three different ways of propelling the

The senior lady of the Queen's household is known as the 'Mistress of the... ' what?                    Robes

In a 1984 film a boy is transported to a magical world called the `Never Ending…' what?                 Story

In which Canadian province is French the dominant language?                                             Quebec

Which first name links the author of 'Oliver Twist' and a former leader of the Liberal Democrats?       Charles

Which biblical mistress robbed Samson of his strength by cutting off his hair?                          Delilah

What is 12 x 6?

What 'P' is the dividing line in a hairstyle from which the hair is combed or brushed in different


Crow's feet are wrinkles that appear at the outer corner of which facial features?                      Eyes

Palmistry is the practice of telling fortunes by interpreting the lines and contours of which part of
the body?

Spin bowlers and wicketkeepers participate in which sport?                                              Cricket

The traditional English quarter day known as 'Lady Day'' falls in which month; March or June?           March

The Australian-born director of the films `Romeo and Juliet` and `Moulin Rouge` is `Baz…' who?          Luhrmann

The inhabitants of Sardinia are known by what name; Sards or Sardines?                                  Sards

What relation is a man`s daughter to his grandmother?                                             Great Granddaughter

In the UK Inland Revenue, what do the letters PAYE stand for?                                     Pay As You Earn

What is 8 x 6?                                                                                    48

Khaki is the colour of the uniform of which group of UK workers; police or soldiers?              Soldiers

In hospitals, what 'W' is the general name for the rooms in which particular groups of patients
stay until they recover?
What are sheets of foam, rubber, polymer or other materials laid beneath a carpet to provide
cushioning called?

Boxing matches take place in a square, rope-lined arena known as a 'boxing…' what?                Ring

The island of Iona is in which Scottish island group; Hebrides or Shetlands?

007 the code number of which fictional secret agent?

                                                                                                  James Bond

In which European country is the police force called the Garda?                                   Republic of Ireland

What `V' describes the family of a murdered person seeking revenge on the killer of their

In imperial weight, how many pounds are there in a stone?                                         14

What is 8 x 7?                                                                                    56

The short sticks with fibre around both ends used for applying make-up are known as 'cotton…'

Which word describes the use of both eyes; monocular or binocular?                                Binocular

What 'P' is the name of a large solid cushion used as a seat or footrest?                          Pouffe

Which large padded items of equipment must be worn on the hands during a boxing match?             Boxing Gloves

On which coast of England is Spurn Head; east or west?                                             East

The 1997 film `Tomorrow Never Dies` follows the exploits of which fictional secret agent?          James Bond

Which organisation runs the Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas?                                NASA

The belief that certain people can inflict disease or death simply by a glance is referred to as
giving the `evil…' what?

Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks were legends in which TV sport?                                      Wrestling

How many 5 pence pieces would you get for £5?

A 'Khanga' is a cloth garment with a Swahili name usually worn by which sex?


What is the name of the muscular organ of the mouth on which taste buds are located?               Tongue

What is the name for the type of freezer that is low and wide and has a hinged lid rather than a
                                                                                                   Chest Freezer

The horseracing festival known as 'Royal Ascot' takes place in which country of the UK?            England

The towns of Grassington and Malham are in which English National Park; Lake District or
                                                                                                   Yorkshire Dales
Yorkshire Dales?

In which 1993 science fiction film did actor Sam Neill play Doctor Alan Grant?                     Jurassic Park

The Falkland Islands lie closest to which South American country?                                  Argentina

In education, reading, writing and arithmetic are known by which colloquial phrase?                  The Three Rs

In 2006, of which international football team did Theo Walcott become the youngest-ever

How many 50 pence pieces are needed to make up 20 pounds?                                            40

Which Christmas decoration is made up of many thin strips of metallic foil attached to a length of

Which part of the body may also be referred to as the 'auditory organ'?                              Ear

What is an alternative name for an elastic band which includes the name of the material out of
                                                                                                     Rubber Band
which it is made?

The major charitable initiative launched nationally in March 2002 is called Sport... what?           Relief

In which Scottish island group is the town of Stornoway; the Hebrides or the Shetlands?

Which 1982 science fiction film by Steven Spielberg was nominated for nine Oscars?

                                                                                                     E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

In South America, what sort of physical feature is `Titicaca`; a waterfall or a lake?                Lake

What 'T' is a bush which characteristically, pieces break off and get blown about by the wind?       Tumbleweed

São Paulo is a city located in which South American country?                                         Brazil

How many 10 pence pieces make up 20 pounds?                                                          200

The sole of a clog is traditionally made from which material?                                        Wood

The name of which department within a organisation is often abbreviated to PR?                       Public Relations

What name is given to a closed loop of thin springy material used to hold together things such as
                                                                                                    Elastic Band
bundles of documents?
How many women competed in the first modern Olympic Games held in Athens in 1896; none or

Robin Hood's Bay is an inlet on which coast of England; east or west?                               East

In which 1982 science fiction film did Drew Barrymore play the character Gertie?                    E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

The tourist island that lies off the coast of the US state of Massachusetts is called `Martha`s…'

What 'V' is a Latin term that means word for word?                                                  Verbatim

In the TV cartoons, what is the name of Dick Dastardly's dog?                                       Muttley

How many feet are there in 9 yards?

Pumps are a type of which article of clothing?

If your house needs rewiring or your hair-dryer breaks down you require the services of which


specialist worker?

In a house, what 'B' is the name given to the railing and supporting balusters on a staircase?      Banisters

Which sporting event features fewer individual disciplines; triathlon or decathlon?                 Triathlon

In the Channel Islands which island lies closer to the French coast; Jersey or Guernsey?            Jersey

The title of the 1941 Orson Welles film was 'Citizen...' what?                                      Kane

The US state of California borders which country?                                                   Mexico

Which word can come before majority, victory, support and vacuum, to make four well-known

In the 1978 film blockbuster 'Superman', which actor shot to fame playing the title role?           Christopher Reeve

What is 25% of 500?                                                                                 125

On which part of the body are plimsolls worn?                                                       Feet

Which word originally derived from Latin, refers to a list of items to be discussed at a meeting?   Agenda

Salsa, Twist and Frug are all types of what?                                                        Dance

Which snooker player with the surname Davis was World Champion from 1927 to 1946; Joe or

In which country of the UK is the headland called St David's Head?

Which actress starred in the 1960s films 'Doctor Zhivago', 'Darling' and 'Billy Liar'?

                                                                                                    Julie Christie

The initials U.C.L.A. stand for University of California... what?                                   Los Angeles

According to the proverb, there is no point in shutting the stable door after... what has bolted?   Horse

What is name is given to a rope with a noose at one end, used especially in North America for
catching cattle?
What do you get if you subtract the number of days in a week from the number of calendar
months in a year?

Flares, hipster and drain-pipe are styles of which type of clothing?                                Trousers

What is 15% of £300?                                                                                45

If you are abseiling are you climbing up or down?                                                Down

In the 2001 Athletics World Championships, in which event did Jonathan Edwards win a gold
                                                                                                 Triple Jump

The Farne Islands lie off which coast of England; east or west?                                  East

The 1953 film in which Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr kiss on a beach is called 'From Here
to…' what?

Which US State is nicknamed the Sunshine State?                                                  Florida

Which word can come before float, tooth and chocolate to make three well-known terms?            Milk

In the animal world, what name is given to a bird of prey's claws?                               Talon

How many 50 pence pieces are there in 10 pounds?

Ponytail and dreadlocks are types of what?

What `U` means `paid in advance` regarding money and `open and honest` when referring to


someone`s manner?
Which phrase describes an official local crime-prevention scheme in which householders monitor
                                                                                                 Neighbourhood Watch
each other's property?

What type of animals are ridden in the Dubai World Cup; horses or camels?                        Horses

The village of Coalport in Shropshire is well known for producing what; cheese or china?         China

In the 1949 film 'White Heat', James Cagney says the line "Made it, Ma! Top of the…" what?       World

Which country lies between Canada and Mexico?                                                    United States

Which three-letter slang word for a child also means to tease or to pretend?                          Kid

Which country is referred to by Nelson Mandela as the 'rainbow' nation?                               South Africa

How many 50 pence pieces make up 12 pounds?                                                           24

Eton crop, Mohican and Bob are types of what?                                                         Hairstyles

A wage increase that applies to everybody is said to be `across the...' what?                         Board

What name is given to a small container for ink often fitted into a hole in a desk?                   Inkwell

What type of animal is ridden in the Melbourne Cup race in Australia; horses or ostriches?            Horses

In which part of England is the area known as the Black Country; the midlands or the north-east?

In which 1939 film does Scarlett O' Hara say the line "As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry

                                                                                                      Gone With The Wind

In Spain what kind of traditional spectacle is a 'corrida'; a flamenco contest or a bullfight?        Bullfight

What `P` is a row of small holes punched into paper so that a part may be torn off easily?            Perforation

What is the official language of the Principality of Monaco?                                          French

What 'P' is the name for a polygon with five sides?                                                   Pentagon

In cosmetics, what `B` is used to give an artificial colour to the cheeks of the face?                Blusher

In a business organisation what is the full name of the department that is often abbreviated by the
                                                                                                      Human Resources
letters 'HR'?

Which item of mail traditionally sent whilst on holiday features a picture on one side and does not
need an envelope?

In which sport would you 'tee off'?                                                                    Golf

The London market in Nine Elms which sells fruit, vegetables and flowers moved there from
                                                                                                       Covent Garden
where; Soho or Covent Garden?

During which world war was the 2001 film 'Enigma' set?                                                 World War II

The term Mare's Tails refers to a variety of what kind of weather feature?                             Cloud

According to the popular expression if you achieve two aims with a single action you `kill two…'
what with one stone?

What name is given to the high whinnying sound characteristic of a horse?                              Neigh

What 'D' is a polygon with as many sides as there are Commandments in the Bible?

What name is given to the coloured liquid that is applied to the finger and toe nails as decoration?

                                                                                                       Nail Varnish

What `F` is the type of study undertaken to determine if a project is practicable?                     Feasibility

What name from the Latin for 'day' is given to a book with daily sections for recording forthcoming
appointments or events?

At which Olympic Games do the luge and curling events take place; summer or winter?                    Winter

The town of Maidenhead in Berkshire stands on which river?                                             River Thames

Which area in Los Angeles features in the title of a 1984 film starring Eddie Murphy as the cop
                                                                                                       Beverly Hills
Axel Foley?

In Geography, for what do the initials U.S.A stand?                                                    United States of America

A common phrase used to spur people on is `onwards and…' what?                                      Upwards

What is the only state in the USA whose name begins with the letter 'U'?                            Utah

What is the name for a 7-sided polygon?                                                             Heptagon

What is the name of the type of soft cosmetic powder which is often scented and used for drying
                                                                                                    Talcum Powder
the body?
What is the thin rectangular sheet of metal, with highly sharpened edges, in a safety razor known
Which hosiery garment is traditionally hung from the mantelpiece at Christmas in anticipation of
gifts being delivered?
In croquet, what 'H' is the English name given to the metal arches through which the balls are

The popular phrase which refers to the full length of the British mainland is 'from Lands End to
John…' what?

Which legendary British comic actor's films included 'The Gold Rush' and 'The Great Dictator'?

There is a regular ferry service between Santander, Spain and which UK Port; Harwich or
                                                                                                    O' Groats

                                                                                                    Charlie Chaplin

Which word can mean the way into a garden or what lies between the departure lounge and an

The Footsie is an informal name for the share index for the stock exchange of which city?           London

What 'H' is the repeating geometric shape in bee honeycombs?                                        Hexagon

The moisturiser used on the lips to relieve chapping and dryness is known as what?                  Lip Balm

If an Australian orders an 'amber nectar' they are asking for which drink?                          Lager

Which term describes two layers of glass in a window with a small space between to act as
                                                                                                Double Glazing

In basketball, how many players in total would be involved in a game of 'three on three'?       Six

Which British city is further east; Bristol or Cardiff?                                         Bristol

For which 1997 film, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, did James Cameron win a Best Director Oscar?   Titanic

Which Swiss city's airport has the abbreviated code GVA?                                        Geneva

By what name is the Spanish language known in Spain?                                            Espanol

The style of drama known as 'Pinteresque' is named after which English playwright?              Harold Pinter

Which polygon has six sides?

In the 2001 film 'Pearl Harbour', what was the profession of the Kate Beckinsale's character
Evelyn Stewart?


In the British peerage, what 'C' is the title used by the wife of an earl?                      Countess

What is the name of the Finnish steam bath traditionally housed in a wooden building?           Sauna

In which American sport do you have 'hook shots', 'fast breaks' and 'slam-dunks'?               Basketball

The Preseli Hills are in which country of the UK?                                               Wales

What 'F' is a word for the main film in a programme?                                            Feature

Which Polish city's airport is named after Frederic Chopin and has the abbreviated code WAW?    Warsaw

The German Language is known by what word in Germany?                                               Deutsch

Which fictional castaway was based on the real life marooned sailor, Alexander Selkirk?             Robinson Crusoe

Which shape has as many sides as an octopus has tentacles?                                          Octagon

The type of aquatic mammal that was the star of the 1993 film 'Free Willy' was a Killer... what?    Whale

When a situation has gone wrong, what 'P' is the name of the fruit of which it is said to have
taken the shape?
Which handicraft involves creating patterns on cloth by knotting pockets of the material before
                                                                                                    Tie Dye
dyeing it?

In which sport is the 'FA Premiership' England's major League?                                      Football

The town of Wilton in Wiltshire is well-known for the manufacture of what type of floor covering?

The 1988 film starring Steve Martin and Michael Caine is called 'Dirty Rotten...' what?


In terms of area, which is the largest country in the British Commonwealth?                         Canada

When used to describe an ardent admirer of a celebrity the word `fan` is an abbreviation of which
longer word?

Chelsea Pensioners traditionally wear a distinctive coat of which colour?                           Red

Which geometric figure shares its name with the home of the American department of defence?         Pentagon

In the animations by Nick Park which character is the dog; Wallace or Gromit?                       Gromit

According to the expression, to not reveal confidential information is to 'keep…' what?             Mum

What name is given to the Japanese craft of paper folding?                                          Origami

In darts, do you pick up penalty points if you miss the board?                                      No

Which Scottish loch forms part of the Caledonian Canal; Loch Lomond or Loch Ness?                   Loch Ness

Walt Disney developed the Fantasound system for the 1940 release of which musical film?             Fantasia

The East China Sea forms part of which ocean?                                                       Pacific

According to the common expression if someone misleads you they `lead you up the garden…'

In the theatre, what name is given to an afternoon performance of a play?                           Matinée

What is the cube of 2?

Which 2000 film starring `Samuel L. Jackson` was a new version of a 1971 film with the same

The phrase 'Go Get Beers' is an anagram of the first name and surname of which legendary


                                                                                                    George Best
Belfast-born footballer?
What name is given to the long-handled cleaning tool with a head made of twists of cotton that is
used to wash floors?

The pavane, the shimmy and the gay gordons are examples of which leisure activity?                  Dancing

Which country of the UK is crossed by the Caledonian Canal?                                         Scotland

In the 1982 film 'Tootsie', which actor dressed up as the character Dorothy Michaels?               Dustin Hoffman

If you sailed due west from Ireland which country would you reach first?                            Canada

Which word can mean a band of criminals or children who play together or labourers working as
a group?

With which aquatic sport are the names James Gibson and Katy Sexton most associated?                      Swimming

The traditional circular firework that throws out coloured stars as it rotates is called a Catherine...
In which 2002 film does `Sex In the City` actress Kim Cattrall play the mother of a character
played by Britney Spears?
Which model buildings are traditionally created on the beach by children using a bucket and

Kitchen appliances such as fridges and freezers are usually referred to as which colour goods?            White

The section of a waste pipe under a sink that is bent double to create an air-trap is what sort of

In which country of the UK is the University of St Andrews?

In the 1988 film `Without a Clue`, Michael Caine played which fictional detective?

                                                                                                          Sherlock Holmes

Karnak is a famed archaeological site in which African country?                                           Egypt

Which English city gives its name to a twelve-volume dictionary first published complete in 1928?         Oxford

Which singer was the youngest member of 'The Jackson Five' pop group?                                     Michael Jackson

Which kitchen appliance is designed solely for storing items that need to be kept at a
temperature below 0 ºF?

Vinnie Jones stars as a disgraced ex-England footballer in the 2001 comedy `Mean…' what?                  Machine

The name of which item of baby furniture refers to its function as an elevated seat?                      High Chair

At a church wedding, what name is given to a man selected by the groom whose duty is to show
the guests to their seats?

Which domestic appliance might feature a 'wool' or 'worn once' cycle?                              Washing Machine

Which country of the UK has a Royal flag known as the Rampant Lion?                                Scotland

Complete the title of the 1962 thriller starring Frank Sinatra, `The Manchurian...' what?          Candidate

Which former British colony has a name that translates into English as Fragrant Harbour?           Hong Kong

The name of which aquatic rodent follows the word `eager` to give a common expression for a
very enthusiastic person?

Which British medical drama celebrated its 20th birthday in 2006?                                  Casualty

At normal pressure, what point does water reach at 100 degrees centigrade?

The 2002 film starring Ewan McGregor and Josh Hartnett, and directed by Ridley Scott is `Black
Hawk...' what?


According to the saying, if you shirk responsibility you are said to pass the… what?               Buck

What type of animal is Winnie the Pooh?                                                            Bear

The service which informs one that another incoming call is holding is commonly known as call...

Lerwick is the chief town of which Scottish island group; the Shetlands or the Hebrides?           Shetlands

The characters Dr Frank Bryant and Rita appear in which 1983 comedy written by Willy Russell?      Educating Rita

Which European country has a region called Andalusia?                                              Spain

What is the French for `red wine`?                                                                Vin Rouge

What is the world’s most southerly continent?                                                     Antarctica

To which liquid does the Greek word `hydro` refer?                                                Water

The actor James Cagney is associated with the much-quoted line "You dirty, double-crossing…"

Which day of the week is Domingo in Spanish and Sonntag in German?                                Sunday

Which Irish writer, who was imprisoned in 1895, had an affair with Lord Alfred Douglas?           Oscar Wilde

What is the name of the leading annual dog show in Britain run by The Kennel Club?                Crufts

Which county is the most south-westerly of England?

In the 1999 film `The Sixth Sense`, which actor starred as Doctor Malcolm Crowe?

                                                                                                  Bruce Willis

The islands of Crete and Elba are in which body of water?                                         Mediterranean Sea

Which word meaning to divide into two is also the name of a coastal resort in Croatia?            Split

On what continent are the Balkan Mountains located?                                               Europe

What `A` is the name of the vehicle designed for the transportation of the sick or injured?       Ambulance

In the 1987 film `The Witches of Eastwick` the three female leads were played by Cher, Susan
                                                                                                  Michelle Pfeiffer
Sarandon and who?
If you have a hidden advantage, that may well prove decisive you are said to have which playing
                                                                                                  An Ace
card up your sleeve?

Which famous Irish dramatist is sometimes referred to by his initials G.B.S.?                          George Bernard Shaw

In which city is the 'Yorkshire Post' newspaper published?                                             Leeds

Of which type of sea-front building are there two in Brighton, called Palace and West, and one in

Richard Gere starred opposite which actress in the 1999 romantic comedy `Runaway Bride`?               Julia Roberts

In which European country does the city of Magdeburg stand on the banks of the River Elbe?             Germany

Which boy`s name precedes the word 'warm' to give a word that means half-hearted?                      Luke

In human physiology, the term 'astigmatism' refers to a condition affecting which sense?               Sight

Which metric distance is equal to one thousand metres?

John Nash, played by Russell Crowe in the film `A Beautiful Mind`, won a Nobel Prize for which


Moving in a straight line is said to be travelling as which bird flies?                                The Crow

The right hand pages of a book have which numbers; odd or even?                                        Odd

Which British Film Classification indicates that a film is suitable for all?                           U

Which UK town is further north; Middlesborough or Carlisle?                                            Carlisle

Who starred as Jerry Maguire in the 1996 film of the same name?                                        Tom Cruise

The level area by the side of a river over which it spreads when it bursts its banks is known as the
what '...plain'?

In French, the word `maison` translates into english as the term used to describe which type of

Lough Neagh is a lake in which country of the UK?                                                 Northern Ireland

The name of our own Galaxy is the `Milky...' what?                                                Way

Which speedy cartoon character voiced by Mel Blanc said "Beep Beep"?                              Road Runner

In language, someone who becomes very angry is said to see which colour?                          Red

What type of pie was the favoured meal of comic character Desperate Dan?                          Cow Pie

Which English city has the dialling code 0121?                                                    Birmingham

In which country of the UK is the famous public school Gordonstoun?

Complete the title of the 1971 gangster film starring Michael Caine, `Get…' who?


Whose official residence is the Élysée Palace in Paris; the President or the Prime Minister?      President

According to the popular saying 'the darkest hour is just before…' what?                          Dawn

The Capitoline, Viminal and Palatine are three of the seven hills of which ancient city?          Rome

What `S` is the general term for operations that treat injuries and disorders?                    Surgery

The title of which 1995 film starring Sharon Stone and Robert De Niro is also the name of a
gambling building?

According to the well-known proverb, what type of rodents will play 'when the cat is away'?       Mice

Which crime writer published her first novel 'The Mysterious Affair at Styles' in 1920?                 Agatha Christie

In April 2000 the first three digits of the telephone dialling code of which Midlands City changed to

To which island group do the islands of Herm and Sark belong?                                           Channel Islands

Complete the title of the 1986 John Hughes movie, 'Ferris Bueller's…' what?                             Day Off

The Cote D`Azur is an area of the coastline of which European country?                                  France

The Latin expression that translates into English as 'solid ground' is 'terra…' what?                   Firma

Which yellow garden flower is also known as the Lent lily?                                              Daffodil

What name is given to one thousandth of a litre?

In the 1995 film `GoldenEye`, what was the name of the character played by Pierce Brosnan?

                                                                                                        James Bond

A common phrase meaning `no chance` and incorporating a girl`s name is `not on your…' what?             Nellie

In 1955 brothers Ross and Norris McWhirter compiled which best-selling book of world records?           Guinness Book of Records

Since the 28 April 2001 all UK pager numbers have begun with which two digits?                          7

Which Welsh city is the home of the Millennium Stadium, built in time to host the 1999 Rugby
World Cup?

Complete the title of the 1989 film starring Jeremy Irons, 'Danny, Champion of the…' what?              World

What 'K' is a name given to a north African citadel or the area surrounding it?                         Kasbah

The usual English translation of the Latin expression 'tempus fugit' is 'time…' what?             Flies

In Canadian law enforcement, what do the initials 'RCMP' stand for?                               Royal Canadian Mounted Police

What name is shared by a unit of time and the person who looks after a competitor in a boxing

The 2001 film starring Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman was called 'Moulin...' what?               Rouge

According to the saying what '… is always greener on the other side'?                             Grass

Which company first published a book of world records in 1955?                                    Guinness

What is Duke Nukem 3D an example of; a computer game or board game?                               Computer Game

Which university is the third oldest in England; Oxford or Durham?

Gwyneth Paltrow and Judi Dench both won Oscars for which 1998 film?

                                                                                                  Shakespeare In Love

Fed is a slang word for an agent of which US government department?                               FBI

For what is the word 'caps' an abbreviation?                                                      Capital Letters

In music, a septet is a composition for how many performers?                                      Seven

Which item of football kit is traditionally swapped by members of opposing teams after a match?   Shirts

In the 1992 film 'Beethoven', what type of animal is Beethoven?                                   Dog

Which word meaning a space, is also a name given to the year off, taken by many students
between school and University?

According to Gertrude Stein, "A rose is a rose is a…" what?                                           Rose

The newspaper owner Joseph Pulitzer was an immigrant to the US from which present-day
eastern European country?

Aberystwyth and Pembrey are beaches in which country of the UK ?                                      Wales

Who won an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in 'Silence of the Lambs' in 1992 ?                      Anthony Hopkins

In which decade did Ronald Reagan serve as president of the USA?                                      1980s

Which four-letter word means a headland or a covering for the shoulders?                              Cape

The 1992 film 'Honey I Blew Up the Kid' was the sequel to which 1989 film comedy?                     Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

UEFA is the European governing body of which sport?

In the 1994 film written by Richard Curtis, there is a funeral and how many weddings?


In accommodation, what `F` is another name for an apartment?                                          Flat

In the 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', the depressive character is Marvin the Paranoid... what?   Android

The Village Voice is a local paper for which US city?                                                 New York

Which French town is nearer to Dover; Dunkirk or Calais?                                              Calais

Complete the title of the year 2000 film starring Nicolas Cage, `Gone in Sixty...' what?              Seconds

The US state of Washington borders on which other country?                                            Canada

If you stay up late and get up early what are you said to be 'burning what at both ends'?          The Candle

Which abbreviation is commonly used to denote the international standard book number?              ISBN

A snorkel is used to allow a swimmer to do what while face down on the surface of the water; see
or breathe?
In which 1975 film does a cello, alternately playing two ominous notes, signal the presence of a
great white shark?
Which item of office equipment uses small pieces of metal shaped like a letter `U` to fasten
together pieces of paper?

In the Shakespeare play 'Richard III', what will King Richard give for a horse?                    His Kingdom

Which internationally renowned newspaper was launched in 1851?                                     New York Times

In London, the Tate Modern on the south bank of the River Thames is opposite which cathedral?

Who played the lead role of Jack Torrance in the 1980 film `The Shining`?
                                                                                                   St Paul's

                                                                                                   Jack Nicholson

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration was set up in July 1958 in which country?        United States

What 'T' means to attach a secret listening device to a telephone?                                 Tap

Which US basketball player is sometimes known by the nickname Air Jordan?                          Michael Jordan

In which sport would you be more likely to abseil; rowing or climbing?                             Climbing

In the 1988 film 'Rain Man', what blood relation were the characters Raymond and Charlie

If two people dislike each other it is said that there is `no... what lost between them`?          Love

According to the Shakespeare play 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', "the course of true love never
did run…" what?

On the Internet, the initials H.T.T.P. stand for 'Hypertext Transfer... ' what; process or protocol?   Protocol

Which is further south; Plymouth or Penzance?                                                          Penzance

Which war is the subject of the 1978 film `The Deer Hunter`?                                           Vietnam

Whose official residence is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC?                                   The President of the United States

A person who has to take the blame for some misdemeanour has to 'carry…' which container?              The Can

In South America, Sugarloaf mountain overlooks which city?                                             Rio de Janeiro

What is the minimum number of competitors in a game of badminton?

In the 1986 film 'Crocodile Dundee', in which country does the American reporter meet the
eccentric poacher?


In S.M.S messages sent on mobile phones, which word is shortened to the abbreviation `M.S.G`?          Message

In 'Romeo and Juliet' Romeo says ''what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and
Juliet is the…" what?

In which decade was the compact disc first sold in the UK?                                             1980s

On the east coast of England which port is thought to be named after St Felix?                         Felixstowe

Complete the title of the 1992 film starring Bridget Fonda `Single White…' what?                       Female

For which US institute of higher education do the initials NYU stand?                                  New York University

What is the past tense of the verb 'can' when it means 'to be able'?                             Could

In 1994, Lisa Marie Presley married which US pop singer?                                         Michael Jackson

What is the minimum number of competitors in a game of tennis?                                   Two

In the 1976 film 'Taxi Driver', the line; "You talkin' to me?" was delivered by which actor?     Robert De Niro

Which word meaning 'to pull with a jerk' is also a slang term for an American?                   Yank

Which Charles Dickens novel begins with Mr Gradgrind saying "Now what I want is facts"; 'Hard
                                                                                                 Hard Times
Times' or 'Bleak House'?

In the law courts of which country of the UK might the jury return a verdict of 'not proven'?    Scotland

In which country of the UK is the seaside resort of Colwyn Bay?

Which Bill & Ted film was released first, 'Excellent Adventure' or 'Bogus Journey'?

Which major North American river passes through St Louis and Memphis before draining into the

                                                                                                 Excellent Adventure

Gulf of Mexico?
Which word means 'exaggerated and affected' in the theatre and a collection of tents in the

Published in 1888, which Irish dramatist and wit wrote 'The Happy Prince and Other Tales'?       Oscar Wilde

In the Olympics, which medal is awarded to a person gaining third place in an event?             Bronze Medal

The 1957 film, starring Burt Lancaster as Wyatt Earp, is called 'Gunfight at the OK... ' what?   Corral

Which word is both a fabric used to make face-cloths and a slang term for flattery?              Flannel

The book sub-titled `The Edge of Reason` written by Helen Fielding is the sequel to which of her
                                                                                                     Bridget Jones`s Diary
earlier novels?

What 'D' is a sum of money paid in compensation to a person for loss or injury?                      Damages

In which English county are the towns of St Ives and St Austell?                                     Cornwall

In which 1993 film did Meg Ryan star as a woman who finds her perfect partner after listening to
                                                                                                     Sleepless in Seattle
a radio talk show?
The Nazca civilization, famous for creating large pictures in the sand, were from which continent;
                                                                                                     South America
South America or Africa?

The practice of blatantly overcharging for something is often referred to as 'daylight…' what?       Robbery

Which three letters correspond to the number two on a standard mobile phone keypad?                  ABC

What 'B' is the official name of the activity sometimes known as fisticuffs?

The title of the 1969 film starring Shirley Maclaine and Sammy Davis Junior is `Sweet...' what?

A derogatory term for someone whose work involves a lot of paperwork or administration is a


'pen…' what?

Astrid Lindgren was the creator of the children`s character `Pippi…' who?                            Longstocking

What item of restraint used to secure the wrists of a prisoner is known by the slang term

The port and seaside town of Whitby overlooks which body of water?                                   North Sea

Complete the title of this 1998 film starring Cameron Diaz, 'There's Something About…' whom?         Mary

Roanoake was the first English colony in which continent; North America or Australia?                North America

If something is much less impressive than expected it is referred to as a 'damp…' what?            Squib

From which country of the UK does celebrity chef Nick Nairn come?                                  Scotland

A 'toreador' takes part in what type of traditional spectacle in Spain?                            Bullfight

Sidney Poitier starred as the character `Porgy` in which 1959 musical?                             Porgy and Bess

What 'N' is the metal writing point of a fountain pen?                                             Nib

What type of book was the Marian Keyes best-seller `Sushi for Beginners', a novel or a
What 'C' is the name for a public official who holds an inquest to investigate a sudden or
unexplained death?

The seaside resort of Scarborough lies on the shore of which body of water?

Ewan McGregor starred as a cleaner in the film `A Life Less…' what?
                                                                                                   North Sea


Which warrior conquered Egypt in 332 BC?                                                           Alexander the Great

The name of which bakery product is also an alternative word for 'bar' when applied to soap?       Cake

The 1989 film ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ concerned the search for which religious
                                                                                                   Holy Grail

A regatta is a series of races using which mode of transport; boats or motorcycles?                Boats

How many weddings did Hugh Grant attend, according to the title of a film in which he starred?     Four

The Latin phrase used to describe the reversibility of a statement or situation is 'vice…' what?   Versa

Doctor Robert C. Atkins is a best selling author of books on which subject; diet or reflexology?         Diet

In English law what is the term for a person who brings a civil action in a court of law; plaintiff or

Which national map-making agency has its headquarters in Southampton?                                    Ordnance Survey

Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and Daffy Duck are cartoon characters created by which production
                                                                                                         Warner Brothers
Which engineer, who died in 1834, designed the Menai Suspension Bridge and had a town in
                                                                                                         Thomas Telford
Shropshire named after him?

Someone who is very enthusiastic is often said to be 'as keen as…' which condiment?                      Mustard

Which 'Wallace and Gromit' film won the Best Film award at the 2006 Children's BAFTA's?                  Curse of the Were-Rabbit

At which sport did Irishman Willie John McBride captain the British and Irish lions?

Brad Pitt stars as Tyler Durden in which 1999 film; `Fight Club` or `End of Days`?
                                                                                                         Rugby Union

                                                                                                         Fight Club

Which English town with a royal castle lends its name to a loose knot in a necktie?                      Windsor

A ghost story by Susan Hill that was adapted into a successful stage play is called `The Woman
in…' what colour?
In pantomime, if a character on stage says "oh no it isn't!", the audience traditionally responds
                                                                                                         Oh yes it is!
with which phrase?

The city of Lancaster is in which English county?                                                        Lancashire

Ratatouille is a French dish, traditionally containing peppers, tomatoes, courgettes and which
dark purple vegetable?

Which civil war happened first; the Spanish or the English?                                              English

What 'F' is a word meaning to cheat or to play the violin?                                            Fiddle

In Britain, how many years of marriage constitute a diamond wedding anniversary?                      Sixty

What shape is the bullseye at the centre of an archery target?                                        Circular

Complete the title of the 1991 film starring Julia Roberts, `Sleeping With The...' what?              Enemy

What 'B' means both an American cake flavoured with chocolate and a junior member of the
Guide Association?

What was the first name of the woman with whom Tarzan fell in love?                                   Jane

What `L` goes before `crossing` to give the name of a point where a railway line crosses the
surface of a road?

On which coast is Southend-On-Sea; east or west?

What 'R' is the thick outer layer of citrus fruit?

What was the name of the Mongol leader who was served by the Venetian traveller Marco Polo;


                                                                                                      Kublai Khan
Imran Khan or Kublai Khan?

An excellent person or thing is often compared to what part of the face of a cat?                     Whiskers

Which British actor played Will Turner in the 2003 film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the
                                                                                                      Orlando Bloom
Black Pearl’?

Which domestic appliance might feature a 'delicates' or 'spin' cycle?                                 Washing Machine

Complete the title of the 1998 film set during World War Two, `The Thin Red...` what?                 Line

Sharing the cost of a restaurant meal evenly can be described as 'going…' what?                       Dutch

The `Revised Standard` and the `New English` are both versions of which book?                     The Bible

How many wheels are there on a Reliant Robin?                                                     Three

In which English county is the town of Braintree?                                                 Essex

What 'P' is the term for removing the stones from cherries and olives?                            Pitting

Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Drake received their knighthoods from which English
                                                                                                  Elizabeth I
Someone who talks incessantly and tediously when asking for a favour is said to be 'bending
your…' what?

In which 1999 supernatural film did Bruce Willis play child psychologist Dr Malcolm Crowe?        The Sixth Sense

Which item of bedding is designed to be plugged into the power supply?

Which famous animator produced the 1964 musical 'Mary Poppins'?
                                                                                                  Electric Blanket

                                                                                                  Walt Disney

What 'P' is a word that can be used to describe 'stress', 'physical force' and 'provocation'?     Pressure

The American novelist Stephen King is famed for which style of writing, horror or comedy?         Horror

At UK airports, what colour is the `something to declare` channel?                                Red

Situated to the south of London, the airport that stages an annual air-show is called Biggin...

The term pitting means removing what from certain fruits?                                         Stones

Jean-Paul Marat was a leader of the revolution in which European country?                         France

What 'B' can mean a sausage, a firework or a worn-out old car?                                     Banger

In 2003, Gwyneth Paltrow married the front man of which UK band?                                   Coldplay

Which type of computer disc is usually an integral part of a computer; floppy or hard?             Hard

Which character did Ewan McGregor play in `Star Wars Episode One`, Obi Wan Kenobi or
                                                                                                   Obi Wan Kenobi
Anakin Skywalker?

Which word can mean a telephone connection, the cry of a bird or a short visit?                    Call

In the 'Mr. Men' books by Roger Hargreaves, what colour is Mr Bump beneath his bandages?           Blue

At UK airports, what colour is the `nothing to declare` channel for those arriving from a non-EU

The abbreviation SSSI stands for Sites of Special Scientific... what?

Which cheese is used as an ingredient in pesto?


In the naval infantry unit known as the R.M. the Letter 'M' stands for what?                       Marines

Innuendo is sometimes implied by adding the phrase 'as the actress said to the…' what?             Bishop

Tackleberry, Hightower and Mahoney were characters in which series of police comedy films?         Police Academy

What `T` is the term for the sending and receiving of SMS messages by mobile phones?               Texting

The 1998 film starring Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins was called `Meet Joe…' who?                   Black

If you benefit from two alternatives you can 'have your cake and…' do what to it?                  Eat It

In the title of the 1865 children's book, which character has 'Adventures in Wonderland'?               Alice

What 'T' is the name given to a ring of rubber fitted round the rim of a wheel that is usually filled
with air?
The barrier built across the Thames at Woolwich in 1982 is designed to prevent what; invasion or

What 'H' is another name for a bunch of bananas?                                                        Hand

The 'Admiralty' formerly administered which branch of the British Armed Forces?                         Royal Navy

Which four-letter word follows silver, glass, and iron to give the collective terms for various
manufactured articles?

In the UK, in which decade did the 'Festival of Britain' take place?                                    1950s

In the media the abbreviation I.T.C. stands for the 'Independent Television…' what?

Who directed the 1939 western 'Stagecoach', John Ford or John Vauxhall?

                                                                                                        John Ford

A man who attracts a great many women is said to be a 'babe…' what?                                     Magnet

Which time period has a different starting point depending on whether it is Academic, Financial,
Jewish or Chinese?
A UK road sign comprising a red circle with a blue centre containing a red cross means what; no
                                                                                                        No Stopping
entry or no stopping?

What kind of institutions are Bart's, Guy's and the Royal Free?                                         Hospitals

Which part of the ginger plant is used as a spice?                                                      The Root

Admiral Of The Fleet is a senior rank in which branch of the British armed forces?                      Royal Navy

Was and were are the singular and plural of the past historic tense of which verb?                  To Be

On UK TV, who presents 'The Bigger Picture'?                                                        Graham Norton

In a UK work place what is the typical background colour on a fire equipment sign?                  Red

In slapstick comedy, people traditionally slip on the skin of which fruit?                          Banana

In the common expression, if something is going well it is said to be 'as right as…' what type of
In the annual San Fermin festival, held in Pamplona, which animals are made to run through the
city streets?

What `F` is the name of the electrically powered vehicle that is used to deliver milk?              Float

A UK road sign comprising a blue rectangle with a white arrow pointing upwards indicates what?

Napa Valley in California is famous for the production of which type of drink?
                                                                                                    One-Way Traffic


To which branch of the British armed forces does an admiral belong?                                 Royal Navy

Which of the following names is a palindrome; Bill or Bob?                                          Bob

How many kilograms are there in a metric ton?                                                       1000

Which UK city has the dialling code 020?                                                            London

What is the occupation of Gordon Ramsay; artist or chef?                                            Chef

Which word means 'to come back' or 'to give back' and can also mean a two-way ticket?               Return

What word means `rapid` or `swift` and is also the collective term for all the warships of a nation?   Fleet

What `S` is the name given to a large portable piece of luggage with a hinged lid designed for
carrying clothes?

In classified property adverts the letters 'OSP' stand for 'off-street... what?                        Parking

What 'M' is a device used for grinding salt and pepper over food?                                      Mill

Big Willie was an early example of which type of vehicle; tank or helicopter?                          Tank

Which word means a room in a hospital containing beds or a young person placed under the
protection of a court?

In Imperial measurements, how many inches are there in one yard?                                       36

If you were in the US dialling the international code 0044; which European country would you be

Eggy bread is also known as French... what?

At weddings and similar functions you often hear the opening line "Un-accustomed as I am to


public…" what?
In the US, the militia force which may be called into federal service is called the `National…'

What name is given to the panel in the top of a car that can be opened to let in air or light?         Sunroof

In February 2002 which footbridge over the River Thames re-opened after months of repair work
                                                                                                       Millennium Bridge
to stop it swaying?

Latte is the Italian word for which natural beverage?                                                  Milk

What 'T' is the name for an armoured fighting vehicle that travels on articulated metal tracks?        Tank

Chocks away' is a slang expression famously used by which group of workers; confectioners or

On which continent are the Atlas mountains to be found?                                           Africa

What is the four-digit international dialling code to the UK when calling from France or Spain?   44

The name of which small dwelling is given to a savoury pie whose main ingredient is minced

According to the nursery rhyme, who are made from "frogs and snails and puppy dogs' tails"?       Little Boys

In the 2001 General Election, which party won four hundred and thirteen seats?                    Labour Party

What `G` is a severe traffic jam, usually at a junction, in which no one can move?                Gridlock

What is the combination of letters and numbers added to an address to speed mail distribution
and delivery called?

The celebrity chef who has presented Ready Steady Cook is Ainsley... who?


Which bird is depicted on the badge of the Royal Air Force?                                       Eagle

What 'C' is a French word for the person in charge of the entrance of a building?                 Concierge

In which TV cartoon series could Benny the Ball, Choo Choo and Officer Dibble be found?           Top Cat

What is the international dialling code to the United States and Canada from the UK?              1

Which of these types of coffee is topped with steamed milk and a dusting of cocoa powder;
espresso or cappuccino?

In the nursery rhyme, which little girl "Lost her pocket"?                                        Lucy Locket

The Wall Street Crash and the American `Great Depression` took place in which century?               Twentieth

What `C` is the job title of someone who delivers urgent packages often by bicycle or
The statue that stands on top of the highest column in Trafalgar Square is of which British

What colour is pistachio ice-cream; pink or green?                                                   Green

Burns Night commemorates which event in the life of Robert Burns; his birth or his death?            His Birth

The phrase intended to assure someone that you are telling the truth is 'cross my heart and hope
to…' what?
Which Greek letter represents the number that is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its

Since April 2001 all UK premium rate numbers have begun with which two digits?

The Imperial weight measurement, the ounce, is represented by which two letters?


Which boy's name lends itself to the type of towelling used to make traditional nappies?             Terry

The 1942 battle of `El Alamein` took place in the north of which continent; Africa or Europe?        Africa

The UK road sign indicating `no entry for vehicles` consists of a white bar on what colour
Honours lists are published in the UK on the Queen's official birthday and which other day of the
                                                                                                     New Year's Day

What name describes tomatoes that have been cut in half and left outside in the hot sun?             Sun-Dried

Which English King`s nickname was `Coeur de Lion`?                                                   Richard I

The expression days of yore means what; last week or a long time ago?                                 A Long Time Ago

In TV's 'Dangermouse', what kind of amphibian was the villain Baron Silas Greenback?                  Toad

In April 2000 the first three digits of the telephone dialling code of which Welsh city changed to

The Imperial weight measurement of the pound is represented by which two letters?                     Lb

According to the words of the children's song, "All I want for Christmas is my two front ..." what?   Teeth

The evacuation from Dunkirk took place in which World War?                                            World War Two

Which three-letter word follows `black` and `mini` to give the names of two vehicles for hire?        Cab

The wife of a living male sovereign has the title 'Queen… what'; dowager or consort?

Which liquid used for flavouring and preserving food derives its name from the French for sour


Which King Henry of England was married to Margaret of Anjou; Henry VI or Henry VIII?                 Henry VI

The slang word yonks means what; a short time or a long time?                                         Long Time

Which title for former rulers of Russia is derived from the Latin for 'caesar'?                       Tsar

In April 2000, in which of the four countries of the UK were all the telephone dialling codes
                                                                                                      Northern Ireland

Welsh Rarebit is a dish consisting primarily of buttered toast topped with melted... what?            Cheese

In the nursery rhyme 'Baa baa black sheep', who gets the third bag of wool?                           The Little Boy

Which Russian Tsar was assassinated in 1918, Nicholas the First or Nicholas the Second?          Nicholas the Second

Charles de Gaulle airport is in which French city?                                               Paris

Which city lies on the River Severn; Leicester or Worcester?                                     Worcester

What is the name of the pie made with bananas, toffee and cream?                                 Banoffi Pie

Who was the first Plantagenet king of England; Henry II or Henry VII?                            Henry II

The name of which sprite can come before cake, story and godmother to make three well known

On which continent do the Carpathian mountains lie?                                              Europe

In April 2000, what changed for Cardiff, Coventry, London, Portsmouth, Southampton and
Northern Ireland?

Gorgonzola and stilton are examples of which type of cheese; blue or smoked?

A phrase originally used in reference to bread and now meaning the aristocracy is 'the upper…'
                                                                                                 Dialling Codes



What was the name of the Russian Tsar who was executed in 1918, Nicholas or Nigel?               Nicholas

If you travel downstream how are you moving in relation to the current; with it or against It?   With It

Which Roman wall ran from the River Clyde to the Forth; Hadrian's or The Antonine?               The Antonine

How is the dish steak tartare served; cooked or uncooked?                                        Uncooked

Which English King established the New Forest as a royal game park; William the Conqueror or
                                                                                                 William the Conqueror
Henry VIII?

Which word means both a scheduled period of work and a key on a computer keyboard?                Shift

The Southern Alps are located in which antipodean country?                                        New Zealand

What is the name of the more famous brother of the game character 'Luigi'?                        Mario

A cafetiere is a pot used to make which beverage?                                                 Coffee

What name is given to all the rooms on the same level and also to the lower supporting surface
of a room?
Which song, thought to be the most frequently sung in English, was written by Patty and Mildred
                                                                                                  Happy Birthday to You

A heliport is a landing place for which type of aircraft?                                         Helicopters

Which of these North Yorkshire towns has a well-known racecourse; Whitby or Thirsk?

Which fruit would you be using if you were baking a tarte tatin?

The reign of which King Richard of England was brought to an end by the Battle of Bosworth;


second or third?

What 'B' is a French term for a shop, especially a small shop selling fashionable clothes?        Boutique

Which small street in London's West End became synonymous with boutiques and fashion in the
                                                                                                  Carnaby Street

What 'Z' means to compress a file so that it takes up less space?                                 Zip

The traditional food made from the blood of pigs is called black... what?                         Pudding

What relation is the daughter of your brother to you?                                             Niece

According to tradition, which date in December is the first of the Twelve Days of Christmas?         25th

In a standard gear-box, `fourth` is what sort of gear; low or high?                                  High

Malton, Thirsk and Helmsley are all towns in which county; East Sussex or North Yorkshire?           North Yorkshire

The two main ingredients of cock-a-leekie are chicken and which vegetable?                           Leeks

The Battle of Agincourt took place during the reign of which English King; Henry V or George VI?     Henry V

The phrase yo-heave-ho was originally used by which group of workers; sailors or hairdressers?       Sailors

On TV's 'Going Live!' Philip Scofield was often seen with which puppet?                              Gordon the Gopher

Lara Croft is the protagonist of which series of games?

Which fairground and seaside sweet consists of a fluffy ball of coloured sugar, spun on the end of
a stick?
                                                                                                     Tomb Raider

                                                                                                     Candy Floss

A flag is usually flown from what; a perch or a pole?                                                Pole

According to the children`s song, "If you`re happy and you know it and you really want to show it,
clap your…" what?

What two word term is given to the metal frame attached to the top of a car for carrying luggage?    Roof Rack

The district known as the Isle of Dogs is in which English city?                                     London

Dolmades consist of a savoury meat or rice filling, wrapped in which type of edible leaf?            Vine Leaf

During the reign of which English Queen did the Battle of Blenheim take place; Anne or Victoria?     Anne

A periodic lack of creative inspiration which may affect authors is known as writer's... what?       Block

In 2002, Scotswoman Rhona Martin lead a British team to an Olympic gold medal in which winter

What is Space Invaders an early example of; computer game or board game?                             Computer Game

What 'C' is the kind of pie traditionally thrown in slapstick comedy?                                Custard

Which three-letter word follows 'travelling', 'sleeping' and 'shopping' to give the names of three
types of container?
By what name is the series of concerts held in the Royal Albert Hall from mid-July each year
                                                                                                     The Proms
commonly known?
What name is given to the rectangular display of digits and figures attached to the front and rear
of a vehicle?

South Bank University is in which English city?

Are petits fours sweet or savoury?


Which Queen Mary was nicknamed `Bloody Mary`; the first or the second?                               First

A ceremonial meal hosted by the Monarch and usually followed by speeches is called a state...

How many ‘A’s are there in the first name of Emmy-award winning singer, Ms Streisand?                2

Which Australian-born businessman founded the global media company News Corporation Ltd?             Rupert Murdoch

Blue Vinny and Red Leicester are both types of what?                                                 Cheese

Which word is the usual term for the planks of wood that make up an ordinary floor?                  Floorboards

The musical instruction 'crescendo' means gradually getting louder or quieter?                  Louder

Which French word is the title of a person employed to act as a driver for someone else?        Chauffeur

Which Royal Family member has been involved in a village development based on his vision of
                                                                                                Prince Charles
an ideal rural community?

Vanilla pods come from a plant native to which region; Central America or South-East Asia?      Central America

Mary I of England married the future king of which European country in 1554?                    Spain

In some Muslim and Hindu communities, purdah is the custom of keeping which sex in

How many sequels were made to the blockbusting movie, 'Back To The Future'?                     Two

Which British newspaper is known in cockney rhyming slang as the 'currant bun'?

Which article of clothing gives its name to a potato cooked in its skin?
                                                                                                The Sun


Which word follows 'idiot' and 'goggle' to give two colloquial expressions for 'TV'?            Box

Before a concert an orchestra traditionally tunes to which instrument; the viola or the oboe?   Oboe

What `R` is the name of the hard level surface from which aircraft take off and on which they

What 'E' is the name of a coastal resort and conference centre in East Sussex?                  Eastbourne

The African game bird, similiar in size to a chicken, is known as a Guinea... what?             Fowl

For supporting which cause were the Tolpuddle Martyrs convicted in the 19th century; trade
                                                                                                Trade Unions
unions or votes for women?

The production of goods by a worker partly or wholly in the home is known as a what type of

Used to classify the content of motion pictures, for what does the letter ‘U’ stand?            Universal

The R.N.I.B specifically supports people with which form of disability?                         Blindness

Filo is a type of what; pastry or salad?                                                        Pastry

What type of weapon is a machete; a knife or a spear?                                           Knife

The composer Ludwig Van Beethoven was born in which city; Bonn or Vienna?                       Bonn

Which two-word phrase is used to refer to aggressive behaviour caused by driving?               Road Rage

Runnymede, the meadow where Magna Carta was sealed, is on the bank of which river?

What 'G' is the French word for cake?


In which century was the Battle of Marston Moor fought?                                         Seventeenth

In the Peanuts comic strip, which character has the catchphrase 'Good Grief'?                   Charlie Brown

Which West Indian island is named after the Spanish for 'trinity'?                              Trinidad

What 'M' is the noun used to refer collectively to the many types of mass communication?        Media

What name is given to a large wickerwork basket with a cover, traditionally used for picnics?   Hamper

What 'M' is the name given to the structure above and around a fireplace?                       Mantelpiece

What 'V' is the more traditional name for the musical instrument known as the fiddle?               Violin

Which striped member of the horse family gives its name to a type of pedestrian crossing?           Zebra

The flag of which island in the British Isles features three legs joined at the hip against a red
                                                                                                    Isle of Man
The name of which finger-shaped pastry, filled with cream and topped with icing, derives from the
French for lightning?

The Battle of Naseby was fought in which century?                                                   Seventeenth

What 'B' is a common word for 'child', used mostly in Scotland and parts of Northern England?       Bairn

Who wrote and starred in the TV sitcom ‘Dinnerladies’?                                              Victoria Wood

In a monogamous marriage how many current wives would a husband have?

What 'H' is the general name for the plants of which coriander, basil and rosemary are varieties?


What 'G' is the name given to the floor of a building that is at street level?                      Ground Floor

Which comic superhero wore a red and blue outfit and was able to shoot webs from his wrists?        Spiderman

In US travel jargon, an overnight plane journey is sometimes referred to as a `red... ' what?       Eye

The town of Fort William stands on a Loch on which coast of Scotland; east or west?                 West

In North America, which type of syrup is traditionally poured over waffles and pancakes?            Maple Syrup

In the 17th century, which calamitous event started in a baker`s shop in London?                    Great Fire of London

Which word follows 'measuring', 'insulating' and 'masking' to give the names of three useful
things to have about the house?

Falmouth and Newquay are seaside towns in which county?                                              Cornwall

How many performers does it usually take to dress up as a traditional pantomime horse?               Two

Cooked grated potatoes, which are formed into small cakes and fried, are known as hash...
In Cosmetics what `E` means to scrub skin with a gritty substance to remove the dead surface

What `J` is the name for the broadcasting or gathering and writing of news?                          Journalism

What type of animal is the Disney character Pluto?                                                   A Dog

Petticoat Lane Market is situated in which English city?

The tomato belongs to the same family as which fruit; aubergine or apple?

As well as Catherine Howard, which other wife of Henry VIII was executed in the grounds of the


                                                                                                     Anne Boleyn
Tower of London?

A garage door that is horizontal in the 'open' position is usually described as 'up-and-...' what?   Over

In the NATO phonetic alphabet, which word is used to represent the letter ‘B’?                       Bravo

In which English city is the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane?                                              London

What is a date; a fruit or a vegetable?                                                              Fruit

Smart or fancy clothes are informally known as `glad…' what?                                         Rags

What is the subject of the weekly newspaper, 'The NME'; motoring or music?                       Music

In the children`s TV Series `Postman Pat`, what type of animal is Jess?                          Cat

The town of Burton-upon-Trent is famous for what; mining or brewing?                             Brewing

Which foodstuff gives its name to a type of circular chart used to show relative quantities?     Pie

In 1665, which disease killed over seventy thousand people in London?                            Bubonic Plague

What 'I' is often confirmed by a passport, a driving licence or a benefit book to show who you

Which Welsh singer became known as the ‘Tigress of Tiger Bay’?                                   Shirley Bassey

The Comedie Francaise is a theatre company in which country?

Pasteurised, skimmed and condensed are types of which dairy product?


What is a ghetto blaster; a drum or a portable stereo?                                           Portable Stereo

The name `paparazzo` is given to a freelance member of which occupation?                         Photography

Daffy, Donald and Daisy are all types of which cartoon water bird?                               Duck

Derby lies roughly in which compass direction from Sheffield; north or south?                    South

Piccalilli is pickled what; fish or vegetables?                                                  Vegetables

The Roman leader Mark Anthony is widely known as the lover of which Egyptian Queen?              Cleopatra

Which word can follow 'compass', 'knitting' and 'gramophone' to give the names of three different
sharp objects?

Complete the saying: 'If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with...' what?                     Fleas

The lane along the side of a motorway on which vehicles can stop in an emergency is known as
the `hard... ' what?

What is the name of the soft, fluffy confectionary, often toasted over fires?                       Marshmallow

The reverse side of a coin is commonly known by which name... heads or tails?                       Tails

What is the collective phrase for print journalists, named after printing equipment?                The Press

Which cartoon characters were billed as a "modern stone-age family"?                                The Flintstones

The towns of Neath, Newport and Pontypool are in which part of Wales; north or south?

To what does the French term fruits de mer refer; offal or seafood?


In ancient history, which Queen of Egypt was the lover of Julius Caesar?                            Cleopatra

What `B` is the 3 letter name for a concealed microphone used for recording conversations?          Bug

For which Latin phrase does the abbreviation 'NB' stand?                                            Nota bene

In American slang, a `gas-guzzler`consumes large quantities of what substance; fuel or

What flavour cake is filled with cherries and cream to create a Black Forest Gateau?                Chocolate

According to the proverb 'a chain is no stronger than its weakest…' what?                           Link

The `Big Issue` magazine is sold in aid of whom; the homeless or the elderly?                     Homeless

Which character in the cartoon series 'The Simpsons' frequently uses the exclamation 'D'oh'?      Homer Simpson

The Dartford Tunnel connects Kent to which other county?                                          Essex

Mange-tout is a variety of which common vegetable?                                                Peas

What relation was King Edward VII of Great Britain to Kaiser Wilhelm, uncle or nephew?            Uncle

What `A` is the name given to a collection of important public records and historic documents?    Archive

In the original arcade game, what colour was 'Pacman'?                                            Yellow

In1983, the wearing of which safety device became compulsory for those travelling in the front
seats of cars?

What is the name of the drink of which pilsner is a central European example?


What is the male equivalent of a 'widow'?                                                         Widower

What name is given, to the flat, usually green, parts of a plant that extend from the stems and
constitute its foliage?

Pluto, Muttley and Spike are all cartoon examples of what kind of animal?                         Dog

What is the name of the headquarters of the London Metropolitan Police?                           Scotland Yard

The French for breakfast is petit... what?                                                        Dejeuner

In which century were fingerprints first used as a means of identification?                       Twentieth

What `C` is a name is given to a greenhouse-like structure forming an extra room on a house?          Conservatory

In the Spider-Man comics, what is Spider-Man's real name?                                             Peter Parker

What name is given to a large ship designed to carry oil in bulk?                                     Tanker

In baking, self-raising, plain and wholemeal are varieties of what?                                   Flour

What 'J' follows 'silver' and 'diamond' to give the name of a special anniversary notably that of a
reigning monarch?

Would you describe socialism as left or right wing?                                                   Left

Felix, Tom and Sylvester are all cartoon examples of which animal?                                    Cat

The two lines of chalk hills in south-east England are known as the north and south... what?

What 'F' is the name given of a chewy biscuit made with rolled oats, syrup and butter?


Which Royal house preceded the House of Stuart?                                                       Tudor

Which word means both a place where horses are kept for breeding and a small projection fixed
on the sole of a shoe?

‘Williams' and ‘Conference’ are both varieties of which fruit?                                        Pear

Which internationally known UK airline, privatised in 1987, has the initials BA?                      British Airways

Balsamic, malt and cider are varieties of which pickling and preserving agent?                        Vinegar

The form of non verbal communication that relies on physical gestures rather than words is
known as 'body…' what?

The wife of the president of the United States is known as the 'First...' what?                    Lady

Which sitcom starring David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst returned in 2001 for a Christmas
                                                                                                   Only Fools And Horses
special after a 5 year break?

In relation to Edinburgh, where are the Grampian mountains; north or south?                        North

The French term meaning new cooking is nouvelle... what?                                           Cuisine

To which Royal house did Queen Victoria belong, Hanover, Windsor or Stuart?                        Hanover

What 'E' is the term used to denote an agreement between two people to get married?                Engagement

Which actor played the title role of '70s movie classic 'Dirty Harry'?                             Clint Eastwood

According to the song sung by Kermit in the TV series 'The Muppet Show', "It's not easy being…"
what colour?

Treacle is produced from the process of refining what?


What name is given to a slight raising of the shoulders to indicate indifference or uncertainty?   Shrug

Which colour is traditionally used to describe a communist: black or red?                          Red

Ally McCoist became a team captain in 1996 on which long-running sports quiz show?                 A Question Of Sport

Which word follows Millennium, Hammersmith and Tower to make the names of three London
Which Irish dish is made with cooked cabbage and mashed potato mixed with butter and cream;
colcannon or cobbler?

The `Roundheads` and the `Cavaliers` were opposing sides in which English war?                     English Civil War

What is the two-word English term for what Americans call a 'hickey'?                              Love Bite

In 2006, who stepped down after 18 years as presenter of Radio 4's 'Desert Island Discs'?          Sue Lawley

In the BBC2 comedy series 'The Office', David Brent was played by Ricky... who?                    Gervais

The light and puffy prawn-flavoured snack made from rice flour is known as a prawn... what?        Cracker

In the western world which movement of the head is used to signal disagreement?                    Shake

In terms of population, which country is the largest democracy in the world; India or Australia?   India

Which programme is regularly presented by Ray Stubbs; 'Gardener's World' or 'Football Focus'?      Football Focus

The headlands called North Foreland and South Foreland are on the coast of which county in
south-east England?

A dill pickle is a pickled what; onion or cucumber?


For how many years did Queen Victoria reign, forty-three or sixty-three?                           Sixty-Three

Which early name for a matchstick derived from a name for the devil?                               Lucifer

Which 1970s disco group had hits with 'In The Navy' and 'YMCA'?                                    Village People

The action series featuring teams of undercover espionage agents was called 'Mission:…' what?      Impossible

Which word follows 'doner' and 'shish' to give the names of two varieties of a Mediterranean

The zone around individuals which they reserve for themselves is known as 'personal…' what?        Space

What was the first name of the originator of the political and economic theories known as
Marxism; Karl or Harpo?

The BBC show 'Horizon' is about which general subject; science or the arts?                         Science

Slieve Donard is the highest peak in which country of the UK?                                       Northern Ireland

Which spoon is largest; teaspoon, tablespoon or dessert spoon?                                      Tablespoon

In American history, the state of Vermont in 1777 was the first to completely abolish what

In classified property listings what do the letters 'GCH' stand for?                                Gas Central Heating

In the film ‘You’ve Got Mail’, with which actress does Tom Hanks fall in love over the Internet?    Meg Ryan

What is the common abbreviation for the term 'situation comedy'?

A drink served with ice is said to be on the... what?

In email communication the letters 'IMHO' are often used as an abbreviation for the phrase 'in my


humble…' what?

What is the primary means of subsistence in an 'agrarian' society; farming or service industries?   Farming

The TV programme where members of the public bring along objects to be valued by an expert is
called 'Antiques…' what?

The town of Berwick in Northumberland stands at the mouth of which river?                           Tweed

What name is given to rashers of bacon with visible lines of fat cut from the belly of a pig?       Streaky Bacon

In 1841, in which role did David Livingstone first visit South Africa, missionary or merchant?      Missionary

The word 'SWALK' written on the back of an envelope is an acronym for 'sealed with a loving…'

What breed of dog was 'Beethoven' in the 1992 film of the same name?                                  Saint Bernard

In children's TV, what 'P' was the name of the fictional bear for whom Sir Michael Hordern
provided the voice?

In a restaurant, what 'G' is another word for a service charge or tip?                                Gratuity

In the NATO phonetic alphabet, which letter is represented by the name 'Charlie'?                     C

In October 2006, the government announced an increase from £5.05 to £5.35 of the 'National
Minimum... ' what?

The BBC religious programme early on Sunday evening is called 'Songs of…' what?                       Praise

The town of Chepstow is in which country of the UK?

Consisting of thin slices of marinated lamb roasted on a vertical spit is known by which two-word
In medieval times, prisoners would be attached to the torture instrument the `rack` by their wrists

                                                                                                      Doner Kebab

and their what?
What 'B' is a sign of membership found on the cap of a soldier, the shirt of a footballer or on a
school blazer?

Which meat is traditionally used to make the dish, cottage pie?                                       Beef

Enterprise' is the name of the fifth series of which long-running US science fiction show?            Star Trek

The dish Foo Yung originated in which cuisine, Indian or Chinese?                                     Chinese

What 'D' is the rehearsal of an evacuation procedure so that it can be carried out in case of an

The official residence of the US president is commonly known by what name?                             White House

The BBC1 omnibus edition of 'EastEnders' is usually broadcast on which day of the week?                Sunday

Which of these cities is further north; Kingston-upon-Hull or Newcastle-upon-Tyne?                     Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Which is the French name of the bakery product consisting of sticks of chocolate within a flaky
                                                                                                       Pain au Chocolat
bread casing?

In which century did the famous Salem witch trials occur, fourteenth or seventeenth?                   Seventeenth Century

Which four-letter word can mean a gathering for a dancing or a spherical object used in games?         Ball

In 1536, in which fortress was Queen Anne Boleyn beheaded for treason?                                 The Tower of London

In foreign language films, what 'S' is the name for the on-screen text that translates the dialogue?

What shape is the pasta known as Tagliatelle; long and thin, or short and round?

What 'F' is a piece of cloth used as a standard or emblem such as 'old glory', the 'tricolour' and

                                                                                                       Long And Thin

the 'jolly roger'?

The abbreviation 'TUC' stands for 'Trades Union... ' what?                                             Congress

Which annual international musical competition has been won by 'Abba', 'Sandie Shaw' and the
                                                                                                       Eurovision Song Contest
'Brotherhood of Man'?

The clocktower of Big Ben is at the north end of which London building?                                The Houses of Parliament

What is the general term for the Italian dough product usually found in minestrone soup?               Pasta

Ferdinand and Isabella, who sponsored Columbus`s 1492 voyage of discovery, were rulers of
which newly-united country?

The words traditionally used by conjurors whilst performing tricks are Hocus... what?            Pocus

With which fashion accessory is Jimmy Choo most closely associated                               Shoes

Which Australian soap opera has featured the characters Helen Daniels and Mrs Mangel?            Neighbours

What colour is the German wine Liebfraumilch, red or white?                                      White

According to the Chinese proverb 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single…' what?     Step

What is the first name of the son of Margaret and Denis Thatcher?                                Mark

A comedy act involving two people such as Morecambe and Wise is known professionally as a
                                                                                                 Double Act
what sort of act?

Which group of Scottish Islands is separated from the mainland by the Pentland Firth?

What type of product is yoghurt; dairy or bakery?
                                                                                                 Orkney Islands


Who ordered the imprisonment of Edward II in 1326, his wife or his son?                          His Wife

A trick or prank played on someone to make them look silly is known as a practical... what?      Joke

In 1941, the campaign named 'Barbarossa' initiated Germany's invasion of which country?          Soviet Union, USSR

In the TV series 'Doctor Who', which word meaning to destroy utterly is the battle cry of the

What 'S' is the name given to a strip of bread or toast that is dipped into a soft-boiled egg?   Soldier

If you strive not to be outdone by your neighbours you are 'keeping up with the…' whom?          Joneses

What title is given to the officer presiding over debates in the House of Commons?                    Speaker

Steve Rider is a regular presenter on which subject; sport or pop music?                              Sport

Fort Augustus stands at the southern end of which famous Scottish loch?                               Loch Ness

What name is given to the time of the grape harvest, the product of a particular year or a wine of
high quality?
In the Crimean War, which lady famous for her lamp was in charge of nursing at the Scutari
                                                                                                      Florence Nightingale
Military Hospital in Turkey?
Which small but essential item of the equipment of a seamstress gives its name to the work she

Which hit by Madonna begins with the line "Papa I know you're going to be upset"?                     Papa Don't Preach

Freda the tortoise was a pet on which long running children's programme?

Shepherd's pie is normally topped with a layer of which vegetable?
                                                                                                      Blue Peter


In buried treasure maps, which letter of the alphabet traditionally marks the spot?                   X

In which country of the UK are the constituencies of the Labour MPs Ann Clwyd and Denzil
In 2002 the four-part series 'Masterworks' covered which field of the arts; painting or classical
                                                                                                      Classical Music

Which national park is in Cumbria?                                                                    Lake District

French dressing is made of vinegar, herbs and which other major ingredient?                           Oil

In medieval Britain, May Day was a festival for children celebrating the arrival of what in spring,
lambs or flowers?

What 'A' is a French word commonly used in English meaning 'mood', 'surroundings' or

With which country does South Korea share a border?                                                 North Korea

The duck puppet Orville is what colour; green or red?                                               Green

A red and silver striped foil top on a bottle indicates what specific type of milk?                 Semi-Skimmed

In spelling, how many times does the Letter 'S' appear In the word 'Mississippi'?                   Four

The system of voting in general elections in Britain is commonly known as First Past The... what?   Post

Which type of animal was the portly Looney Tunes character called Porky?                            Pig

On which coast of England is Margate; east or west?

What is the name of the Italian pasta sauce which is derived from the Italian word pestare,
meaning to crush?


Salisbury Cathedral is an example of which type of architecture; Gothic or Baroque?                 Gothic

What word means 'able to express oneself readily and easily' or 'able to flow like liquid'?         Fluent

Taken from the Latin 'plumbum', what is the chemical symbol for lead?                               Pb

In the 1960s sitcom 'Mister Ed', what kind of animal was the title character?                       A Horse

In a French restaurant, if you ordered a bottle of vin rouge, for what would you be asking?         Red Wine

My love is like a red red rose' is an example of what; a simile or a metaphor?                      Simile

In 2001 the United Nations along with its secretary-general Kofi Annan won which major
                                                                                               Nobel Peace Prize
international peace prize?

Which surname links two comedians called Harry and Benny?                                      Hill

On which side of the River Thames is Victoria railway station located; north or south?         North

What kind of sauce is harissa; chilli or chocolate?                                            Chilli

Hadrian`s Wall was built to protect Roman Britain from which tribe; Picts or Iceni?            Picts

According to the saying 'every dog has its…' what?                                             Day

In which 1987 film did Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey share a kiss?                          Dirty Dancing

The interior design programme 'Changing Rooms' regularly featured Laurence Llewelyn… who?

Gateau is the French word for which bakery product?


When telling a joke or humorous story the final sentence is known as the what '... Line'?      Punch

In which century did Abraham Lincoln serve as President of the United States?                  Nineteenth

Which subject was the theme of the panel game `They Think It`s All Over`; religion or sport?   Sport

On which side of the River Thames is Paddington railway station situated; north or south?      North

Plum pudding is traditionally eaten during which annual Christian festival?                    Christmas

In central America, which civilisation flourished earlier; Mayan or Aztec?                     Mayan

In informal English an exact likeness of someone is known as a 'spitting…' what?                   Image

Which is the smallest of the world's oceans?                                                       Arctic

What `N` is the name of the successful Australian TV soap opera first broadcast in Britain in
Which word follows icing, caster and granulated to give the names of three types of a common
The name of which insect is commonly applied to a fluttering sensation in the stomach caused by

Which Icelandic actress and pop singer had a 1995 UK hit single with `It`s Oh So Quiet`?           Bjork

The game show in which panellists try to guess whose house they are looking at is called
`Through the…' what?

Which mount is a granite island nearly 400 metres offshore in Mount`s Bay, Cornwall?

Which type of hot beverage would you be served in an Italian restaurant if you ordered a
                                                                                                   St Michael`s Mount


What sort of building was the Pharos of Alexandria; a tomb or a lighthouse?                        Lighthouse

Something that is perfectly new or neat is said to be 'spick and…' what?                           Span

In Roald Dahl's classic novel, what do the initials BFG stand for?                                 Big Friendly Giant

The actor Matt LeBlanc played Joey in which long-running sitcom?                                   Friends

Popular in the north of England, the dish that traditionally accompanies fish and chips is mushy

Which word can mean to mock or to eat greedily?                                                    Scoff

The albums 'Let It Be', 'Rubber Soul' and 'Help' were released by which pop group?                 The Beatles

What 'B' was the name of Batman's secret underground headquarters?                                 Batcave

On which coast of England is the town of Hartlepool; east or west?                                 East

The coffee term 'Decaf' is an abbreviation of which word?                                          Decaffeinated

In which group of islands is January 10th celebrated as Margaret Thatcher Day?                     Falkland Islands

What 'T' is a four-letter word meaning job or piece of work?                                       Task

The Headquarters of the Red Cross are situated in which Swiss city?                                Geneva

What is a gibbon; a mammal or a reptile?

What are the segments of a garlic bulb called?


A common phrase meaning retaliation is 'tit for...' what?                                          Tat

The first solo single released by Robbie Williams was a cover of which George Michael song;
'Freedom' or 'Faith'?
In which cult comedy series did the sketches 'The Lumberjack Song' and 'The Dead Parrot' first
                                                                                                   Monty Python's Flying Circus

In which European City was the world`s largest moveable flood barrier officially opened in 1984?   London

A variety of which dairy product is named after Caerphilly in Wales?                               Cheese

Until 1918 Austria was joined in a dual monarchy with which country?                               Hungary

Someone who is eager and alert can be described as being 'bright eyed and bushy…' what?         Tailed

Madonna married and divorced which Hollywood actor during the 1980s?                            Sean Penn

What is a Razorbill; a fish or a bird?                                                          Bird

In Indian cookery, what `K` is the name of a mild coconut sauce?                                Korma

Which word can be an area of still water, a shared supply of resources and a game played on a
green baize table?

What relation is Kylie Minogue to Dannii Minogue?                                               Sister

In the TV cartoon 'The Simpsons,' what is the name of the baby sister of Bart and Lisa?         Maggie

The M4 and the M48 motorways cross into Wales over which river estuary?

A colander is used in cooking for what purpose, chopping or straining?


In the English civil war the New Model Army fought for which side; king or parliament?          Parliament

Which word can mean a device for moving water and a plimsoll worn at school for P.E?            Pump

Ernie Els and Vijay Singh are leading competitors in which sport?                               Golf


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