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					2009 'Conference in Meizhou in the world merchant
First World customers Assembly 12 to 14 October in Meizhou, Guangdong Province
held a grand!
● Wang Yang started the World Congress website customers, Huang Huahua Joe
Tsang Hin Chi, Wei Liu Ri Zhi Yu Kwok-chun fat, Tin Ka Ping Yang Zhao Ye
Huaneng be extended in the speech, the provincial leadership of Zhou Zhenhong
Shao-Keh Huaxie Jiang Hua Cai Dongshi, Wang Zhong Qiquan Tang Weiying old
comrades attended the meeting, Jia Li presided over
● Zou Xu Ye Ping Wu Po-hsiung Lin Jun inscription or the General Assembly sent a
congratulatory message
● 21 countries and regions, the Mainland of 14 provinces (municipalities and
autonomous regions), 36-level representatives to the listing of well-known
businessman and leading more than 1,500 guests attended the event

                Wang Yang started the World Congress website customers

           ?Meizhou Ji Huang Huahua speech
Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, United Front Work
Department, Minister Zhou Zhenhong, Provincial Standing Committee, the
Secretary-General, General Director of Rediscovering Provincial People's
Congress deputy Renxie Jiang Hua, Cai Dongshi provincial CPPCC vice chairman,
former Deputy Director of Provincial People's Congress Wang, Zhong
Qiquan, Tang Weiying, Wang, director of the National Federation of the General
Office Building, Provincial Government Secretary-General, Chief of Staff Xu
Shangwu, deputy secretary general of the provincial government, Hong Kong and
Macao Affairs Office of the Tang Hao, Deputy Minister of Provincial Party
Committee United Front Work Department, Guangdong Overseas Friendship
Association executive vice president of Lok-yee Chiang Provincial Overseas Chinese
Affairs Office Director Wu Ruicheng, Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office Director Chen
Guo Xing, Provincial Federation of Industry President Chen Dan, the All-China
Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Vice President Rong Bao provincial
federations and other higher-level leaders and organizers to guide support unit is
responsible for comrades ; Indonesian Parliament, Zhen Shun holding company
president Zhouyi wide, Macau Federation of Hakka Associations President,
production base for the development of Macao's new General Manager of
Pearl South, Dongguan City Association of Taiwan Investment Enterprises in Taiwan
Director Yue Feng Technology Co., Ltd. Long Ye Chunrong, Taiwan Association of
Shenzhen, Taiwan Enterprise Co., Ltd. Chairman Huang Mingzhi well be, Nanyang
Hakka Association President, Singapore Private Limited, Chairman of the British
Lung Ho overseas Chinese, Thai, Honorary Chairman of Tai Po Center, Thailand
Xinhua Thailand Co., Ltd. Chairman Tian Zhenrong, Shenzhen City, Parkway Group
President Wen Yuqing, the top mining Co., Ltd., Guangdong Province Zhang Jian Li,
from the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao
and Taiwan and other 21 countries and regions, China 14 provinces (municipalities
and autonomous regions), 36-level representatives to the listing of merchants; Wen
Guanghua, ancient Xiaoping, Chen hills and other Municipal, Municipal
People's Congress, the municipal government, municipal CPPCC,
Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of all the leadership at home; and
the central, provincial and municipal and dozens of foreign journalists and other
media, a total of more than 1,500 people attended the meeting.
All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Deputy Secretary-General Qiao Wei,
Meizhou City Party Committee Secretary Liu day notice, the former National
People's Congress Standing Committee, Hong Kong Goldlion Group Co.,
Ltd. Chairman of the Board Dr. Zeng Xianzi, CPPCC Standing Committee, Hong
Kong, overseas Chinese communities together Association, Yue Hwa Chinese
Products Co., Ltd. Yu Kwok-chun, chairman of the CPPCC National Committee
member, Hong Kong Legislative Council, Hong Kong Executive Council member
Lau Wong-fat, Hong Kong, Tin Ka Ping Foundation, Chairman of the Board,
Chairman Tin Ka Ping Tian Chemical Co., Ltd., the CPPCC National Committee
member, president of the Federation of Hong Kong Huizhou Societies, Hong Kong
Sunrise Holdings Ltd chairman Dr Charles, Honorary President of the Malaysian
Federation of Hakka Association, Tan Sri Dato more Diamond Jewelry Co., Ltd.
Chairman extended in the United States, Provincial Federation of Industry
Vice-Chairman Guangdong Polaroid Group Co., Ltd. China Huaneng Chairman of the
Board leaves, etc., to speak at the opening ceremony. Customers at the opening
ceremony presided over by the Meizhou City Mayor Jia Li.
2009 'Meizhou World Famous Products Fair and Trade Project customers
signing ceremony in Meicheng Referees Stadium Plaza. A total of 128 contracted
projects, total investment of 30.38 billion yuan, covering manufacturing, new energy,
modern agriculture, modern services and infrastructure fields, which signed the
project site 30, the amount of 18.39 billion yuan investment.
World Famous Products Fair, on businessmen to participate in over 213 enterprise
products on sale, from 5 countries and regions, and 6 provinces in the Mainland of 18
cities, involving nearly 20 participating products industry, more than 1,000 varieties.
Ganzhou, Jiangxi, Fujian Longyan, Guangdong Meizhou Hakka areas exhibition is a
special organizational development.
The General Assembly commissioned the CPPCC National Committee
Vice-Chairman, China Federation of Industry President Huang Meng Fu, former vice
chairman of NPC Standing Committee Xu, former vice chairman of CPPCC National
Committee, Ye Ping, Lam, Chairman of All China Federation of Returned Overseas
military and other four comrades as the Meizhou Advisor of the world's
To show the customer is the business community for economic and social
development of outstanding contributions to improve the world's customers
taste and influence the General Assembly, the world's merchant Meizhou
Hakka Conference genuinely global business elite gathered in the event, the World
Hakka development of regional cooperation event, under the "General
Assembly meeting system Meizhou World clients," the relevant provisions
of the General Assembly decided to hire Mr. Zeng Xianzi well-known merchants such
as 62 for the Honorary President of the General Assembly of Meizhou in the world
merchant, hired well-known businessman Mr. Ye Wangnian for the Assembly of
Meizhou in the world merchant Honorary Chairman, Mr. Xiong Linxiang hired
well-known merchants such as three customers for the Honorary Advisor of Meizhou
in the world.
Annex 1, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, is located in the northeast of the
junction of Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi, has jurisdiction Meijiang District,
Xingning City, Meixian, Pingyuan, Jiaoling County, Dabu County, shan, Wuhua 8
counties (cities, districts), the city's total area of 15,900 square kilometers,
with a total population of 5 million, of which 97% of Hakka people, is the
world's most representative of Hakka settlements, is hailed as
"the world's customers are," Hakka system not only
in this mature setting, even this trend overseas.
Meizhou is the home of Marshal Ye Jianying, the state historical and cultural city in
China Excellent Tourism City, China's top ten cities in one of the most
security, known as "hometown of culture, the hometown of overseas
Chinese, the Football" and "The Citrus Grandis China township,
the famous hometown of Oolong Tea, Chinese Hakka food town "in the
world. Meizhou peak style, ecological and beautiful, rich, honest, modern times, have
emerged 227 University (secretary), 473 generals, 22 academicians of China is the
cultural history of the party, Earth, investing party hot land, suitable for living in
paradise party.
Annex II, Hakka, is a notable feature of the Han Chinese population is Han Chinese in
the world's most extensive distribution, affecting one of the most
far-reaching public system. Live in the Guangdong Meizhou, Heyuan, Huiyang
counties, Jiangxi Ganzhou in 18 counties, western Fujian, Sichuan, Guangxi, Hunan,
Taiwan, Hainan, Hong Kong, parts of the distribution of about 120 counties. The first
native of the Yellow River Basin, the Western Jin Dynasty (early 4th century), the late
Tang Dynasty (9th century) because of the war a large number of south.
Song's demise after 1270 moved to Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong and other
places.           Self-proclaimed             "Hakka"                 or
"bearer", to distinguish it from local people. Hakka is one of
Chinese dialects, keeping more of the ancient Chinese Phonology. Folk songs in style.
Hakka people in populated areas to maintain their customs and traditions, women are
natural feet, to participate in labor productivity, bad habits from feudal constraints, an
enterprising spirit. In modern times, after the failure of the Taiping Rebellion, many
Hakka people were forced to disperse in a wider area, some Zhuanxi living southeast
Annex III, the world merchant Assembly, is the world's 74 most famous
Hakka associations, chambers of commerce and 86 of the most influential
businessmen co-sponsored; by the Chinese Communist Party in Meizhou, Meizhou
City People's Government of Guangdong Provincial People's
Government Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office
of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Provincial People's Government
Taiwan Affairs Office of the Federation of Industry of Guangdong Province,
Guangdong Province, federations, co-sponsored by the Guangdong Overseas
Friendship Association. Preparation and convening of the General Assembly,
supported by the National and provincial departments of the strong support of the
All-China Federation of Industry, the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas
Chinese and gave great guidance and help.
Annex IV, part of the merchant elite. Reputation at home and abroad, the strength
superior business tycoons are: Hong Kong's "King
tie," Tsang Hin-chi, "Chemical King" Tin Ka Ping,
"King of domestic products," Yu Kwok-chun, "king
of jeans" Yang Zhao, Indonesia, community leaders, the financial giant leaf
joint ceremony Malaysia, community leaders, "Jewelry King"
extended in the Triple Mainland mining giant, "cupboard King"
Yaoliang Song ... ...
Former National People's Congress Standing Committee, Chairman of the
Board Tsang Hin-chi Goldlion

Tsang Hin-chi was born in Meizhou, Guangdong Meixian. Goldlion founder, former
National People's Congress Standing Committee, vice chairman of China
Federation of Industry, was held in Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR Preparatory
Committee, the Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce,
the Trade Development Council and other staff members, the Hakka Association of
Singapore, Nanyang Honorary President, Professor of Business Administration,
Peking University, Honorary President of Life Sciences, Zhongshan University,
Guangzhou, Zhongshan University, Guangzhou Honorary Doctorate, University of
Iowa Weisilien Ph.D. in political science. Hong Kong SAR Government in 1997 was
made honors system's highest award - the Grand Bauhinia Medal. More
than 600 million donation to the mainland.
Old Chinese in Southeast Asia's richest man, founder of Cheong Fatt Tze

Meizhou, Guangdong Province, the late ,1841-1916. The last century became the
richest man in the Chinese legend, in 1869, when they have more than 80 million taels
of silver in the large amounts of property, at a time when the Qing
government's annual revenue 70 million, but two; him than another red top
Money Changers heyday of the assets, but also two more than 50 million, is a
well-deserved richest Chinese. According to historical verification, Cheong Fatt Tze
was the first Chinese tractor maker, the first industrial machine-made brick, glass
factory, weaving factory, founder of the machine, but the Cheong Fatt Tze life is his
greatest achievement founded in Yantai, Shandong Province "Changyu
Pioneer Wine Company."
All Insurance Group Chairman Liang Shizhen Indonesia

Liang Shizhen all founded by Noble, to high-end boutique residential development is
known, after 30 years of development, the property sector in Indonesia has become
the flagship of the company. Success of the company listed in 1990, becoming the
first property in Indonesia Stock Exchange listed company.
?Hopson Development Board Chairman Chu Mang Yee

Fung Shun was born in Meizhou, Guangdong Province
Hong Kong -0,754 Hopson Development Holdings (May 1998)
Main industries: Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin Real Estate
2008 China Property Rich List Zhu Meng 19 billion yuan of wealth by family second,
affecting the Chinese public 60 philanthropists.
China Guangdong Polaroid Group Chairman Ye Huaneng

Born in Meizhou, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Entrepreneurs Association Vice
Chairman, 000 690 new energy treasure the actual controller.
     ?Hubei richest BONS Liang Liang Sheng
Guangdong Meixian people. BONS since 1989, has set up 12 wholly-owned domestic
investment, joint ventures; business success Zoran in cosmetics, cleaning products,
health supplies, beauty salon, medical, real estate, advertising and other areas of
communication arts and culture, with Li-hua wire Bao, Shu Lei, Jie Ting, United
States Tao, Bolan, Feng Ying six well-known brand, distribution of branches across
the marketing liaison office, the office has more than 300; the same time in Japan,
France, Italy, Canada to establish a branch institutions.
Hong Kong Tin Ka Ping Foundation, Chairman of the Board, Chairman Tin Ka Ping
Tian Chemical Co., Ltd.
Goldlion Group Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer has Tomoaki
Hong Kong stock exchange chairman Zhu Lianfen East
The new Hong Kong International Holdings Ltd chairman Fu Hui-right
Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd., the Triple
Friends Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong III, Chairman, President Friends of the
Guo-Quan Zhang
Vitasoy International Holdings of Hong Kong Chairman Luo Youli
Hong Kong China Limited and Chairman of LO Wun-chong big trip
Hong Kong Pao Holdings Ltd chairman and general manager of Liu Yu
Hong Kong Star Group Chairman Lam Kwong



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