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									2008 Chinese baby diapers market research reports
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    2000-3000 million Chinese babies born each year, of which about 8-36 months
old infants 45 million, 320 million children. 0-4 years of age for infants and baby
have 80 million consumer groups. According to statistics released by the fifth census
bulletin, China 0-3 years old newborn supplies more than 900 yuan monthly
household consumption, coupled with infants and young children in urban areas, rural
consumption market for baby products in China will be more than 100 billion yuan of
annual size of the market. Among them, the baby has a diaper on a huge share.
    China's economic development, the well-off areas, diapers as a baby
daily necessities, as accepted by consumers; in economically underdeveloped areas,
was used as a luxury. Looking at the national market, showed a rapid growth in recent
years, disposable diapers market conditions, this and China's rapid
economic growth are inseparable. The end of 2006, baby diaper market as high as
about 4.5 billion, and the annual increase rate of 20%, the market prospect is broad.
    This research report is based on National Bureau of Statistics, State Customs
Department, the basis of domestic and foreign publications relevant statistical
information, and provincial and municipal units, and provided large amounts of data
published. Report on the status of Chinese baby diaper industry and development,
consumer demand characteristics, competitive landscape, trends and industry key
enterprises and other topics in-depth research on the development trend of
China's diaper industry has given careful and cautious forecasts argument ,
yes diaper production and marketing enterprises, enterprises and other units Touzi
accurate understanding of current developments in China baby diaper Xing Ye, grasp
the corporate positioning and development orientation important Juece basis.

    ?Report Contents

Chapter baby diaper industry, domestic and international environment for the
development of
   1.1 Environmental Analysis International Baby Diaper
       1.1.1 International baby diaper industry maturity analysis
       1.1.2 International baby diaper industry trends
       1.1.3 Market of the major countries of baby diapers
   1.2 Environment Analysis of China baby diaper
       1.2.1 China Population Environment
  China's birth case
  China's regional distribution of birth
       1.2.2 Analysis of domestic economic environment
  Overview of China's national economy in recent years
  urbanization and living standards

Chapter diaper industry competitiveness analysis
   2.1 The competition pattern of China's baby diapers
       2.1.1 baby diaper industry, major corporations and major brands
       2.1.2 The market concentration of baby diapers
   2.2 baby diaper industry, "Porter five forces model"
       2.2.1 Competition among existing firms
       2.2.2 Analysis of potential
       2.2.3 The threat of substitutes
       2.2.4 The bargaining power supply
       2.2.5 The bargaining power of customers
Chapter baby diaper industry in China Production and Consumption of
   Baby diaper industry in China 3.1 Analysis of Production
       3.1.1 2003-2006 baby diaper production situation
       3.1.2 Main manufacturing enterprises and their capacity
       3.1.3 baby diaper industry trends in production capacity expansion
       3.1.4 Capacity of key provinces
       3.1.5 baby diaper industry, the main problems in production
   Baby diaper industry in China 3.2 Analysis of Consumption
       2003-2006 3.2.1 Consumption situation of baby diapers
       3.2.2 Consumption of Key Provinces
       3.2.3 Characteristics of China's consumption of baby diapers
  Characteristics of urban and rural consumer demand
  demand characteristics of different income levels of families
  breakdown products such as baby diapers demand characteristics
  baby diapers of consumer decision-making process
   3.3 Import and Export of diapers
   3.4 Analysis of supply and demand balance in China baby diapers
Chapter baby diaper industry in China Market Analysis
   4.1 Analysis of main marketing mode
       4.1.1 Direct Mode
       4.1.2 The Distributor Model
       4.1.3 The large-scale integrated chain store mode
       4.1.4 Marketing
   4.2 Marketing strategy in diapers
       4.2.1 diapers channel construction enterprises
       4.2.2 diaper brand construction
   4.3 diaper industry marketing trends

Chapter Five major Chinese brands of diapers industry
    5.1 Company Summary
        5.1.1 Company Profile
        5.1.2 Main Financial Indicators of Enterprises 2003-2006
    5.2 Competitiveness of Enterprises
        5.2.1 Competitive Analysis Product
        5.2.2 Competitive Analysis Marketing
        5.2.3 Competitive Analysis Technology
    SWOT Analysis 5.3 Company
        5.3.1 Advantage
        5.3.2 Enterprise disadvantage
        5.3.3 Opportunities and risks
Key Brands:
    1. Curious diaper
    2. Pampers diapers
    3. Mommy Baby Diaper
    4. Beiqin pigeon diaper
    5. On Lok diaper children
    6. Hush music diaper
    7. Kao diaper
Chapter VI of the baby diaper industry, China investment risks and investment
    6.1 Prospect of baby diaper industry
    6.2 Analysis of Investment Opportunities
    Baby diaper industry 6.3 Investment Risk Analysis
        6.3.1 Market Risk
        6.3.2 competing risks
        6.3.3 Risk Management
        6.3.4 Policy Risk
    Baby diaper industry 6.4 Investment Strategy
Chart catalog (part):
    1. China's table of birth
    2. Regional distribution of China's birth plan
    3. Highlights of China's national economy in recent years
    4. Baby diaper industry, major corporations and major brand list
    5. Baby diaper market concentration analysis
    6. 2003-2006 table of baby diapers production
    7. China's major manufacturer of baby diapers and capacity table
    8. 2003-2006 table of consumption of baby diapers
    9. Kimberly key financial indicators 2003-2006
    10. P & G's main financial indicators 2003-2006
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