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									20 Southern California elite Introduction
Los Angeles City College
Los Angeles City College, built in 1929, former Los Angeles Community College
District 9 merger is the largest community college, located in the world of Hollywood
film the Holy Land, covering 40 acres, just 5 miles from downtown Los Angeles.
Los Angeles City College as Hollywood's influence in the film and
television production has a strong faculty and teaching experience, teaching facilities
and the environment very well, for those interested in learning advanced students of
film and television production technology provides a powerful and broad hardware
support for the practice of stage. Graduation of students will receive the equivalent of
U.S. bachelor's degree and two years before a film and television
production professional certificate, and then can help LACC Transfer Center into the
University, two years after completion of their undergraduate study. To participate in
this project, students can enter the LACC film and television production professional,
but also can select any of the other professional schools have set up schools. Los
Angeles City College is a community college, tuition is much lower compared to
other universities in the United States, allowing many students average family can
achieve the dream of studying abroad, but also make English the basis of low
pre-university students into an over- .

Stanford University
Stanford University was founded in 1885. It is a four-year private university, was
"U.S. News And World Report" ranked the nation's
first five-star university, the nation's academic ranking. Stanford University
Fund strong, well-funded, teaching equipment is also very abundant. Library
Collection 6.5 million. School with more than 7,000 computers for students, also has
a number of computer rooms and computer centers to provide services for students.
Students can use the network connection with the school's teachers and
students. In addition, there are many sports facilities in schools have to accommodate
85,000 people Stadium, golf courses and swimming pools. Once the U.S. Supreme
Court's nine judges, much as six are from Stanford Law School graduate.

University of California-Berkeley
University of California system, the oldest school. Established in 1868, recognized the
world-renowned academic status. Golden Hill is located in the old city of Berkeley.
Free and open atmosphere, the offer and called the nation's most diverse
forms of life the most adventurous, the school students aspire not only to the United
States, more are foreign students from around the world praised as one of NO.1 in the
elite .

University of California, Los Angeles
University of California at Los Angeles (University of California, Los Angeles,
referred to as UCLA) is the nation's largest public universities in the
University of California, the largest one. University of California, founded in 1868,
after nearly 140 years of development, University of California, has become one of 10
campuses have a comprehensive public university alliance, under which the Berkeley,
Los Angeles, San Diego, etc., have in the world of higher education occupies a very
important position. University of California, nearly 300,000 current students,
including 240,000 undergraduate students, graduate more than 60,000. University of
California, with its world-class education and research attracted worldwide attention,
was born here 27 Nobel Prize winners, and selected the number of U.S. Academy of
Natural Sciences at the University was ranked first in the nation.
University of California-Irvine
University of California, Irvine University of California system's nine
campuses in the latest branch, built in 1964, the University of California campus in
the various branches of the youngest one, but its development is extremely rapid. In
1995, the University of California at Irvine to become a total staff in the same year
won the Nobel Prize in two different areas of the United States and the
world's first public university, the two Nobel Prize winners are physicist
Friedrich Lai Burns and chemists f · 谢伍德洛兰德. In 1995, the National
University Ph.D. program ranked in the University of California, Irvine resident in the
top 30, in the public universities among the top 15. Meanwhile, the school or the
United States Institute of Arts and Sciences and the U.S. West Campus Location
Science and Engineering Research Institute Beckman Center site.

California State University-Long Beach
California State University Long Beach campus in the western United States is ranked
the top three public master's universities. University for its outstanding
academic achievements and for two consecutive years in the "U.S. News
and World Report" annual "America's Best Colleges
Guide" in the list were. Report highlighted the success of California Long
Beach university programs in the list are projects such as the National Assessment
Institute, and quality of master's programs, such as Ben Jieke University is
committed to developing Youxiuxuesheng and academic achievement of
Qudezhuoyue the best example.
Long Beach, California students must not only provide a top of the list of academic
institutions. University of Southern California School site is located only 3 kilometers
from the Pacific, students to world-class entertainment and recreation places or work,
are very convenient.

Alliant International University
United International University by the United States International University and
United University in 2001, merger. The school offers undergraduate, graduate and
professional in the humanities, education, business, behavioral sociology. Total
students in 6200. The school is a non-profit private universities, six campuses in
California. Also have a branch in Mexico City, also has a branch in Kenya. United
International University, all courses have been certified Association of Western
universities and colleges.

University of the Pacific
University of the Pacific as a private liberal arts university, in education and five other
health professionals all have career-oriented professional education for many years by
"U.S. News and World Report" as one of America's
best universities. Today, University of the Pacific have come from 30 states and 28
countries, 2,500 full-time students. University has been committed to providing
students with excellent cultural, science education, as well as many professional
highly professional, enabling them to enter a challenging social, national and world

Pepperdine University
Pepperdine University, the University was founded in 1937, is located in the beautiful
California coastal city of Mali City. Only 35 miles from Los Angeles. Is a well-known
universities and social sciences. Existing 8,000 school students, school education,
Institute of Psychology. Business Administration, School of Law, Graduate School of
Public Policy Studies and so on. Schools are now more than 70 countries from more
than 400 students.

University of California, San Diego (University of California, San Diego) referred to
UCSD is a public university in California, is one of the University of California
system, located in San Diego, Southern California's La Jolla (La Jolla)
community. School was founded in 1959. UCSD is an important research center, its
research costs up to 600 million U.S. dollars or more. National Science Foundation is
listed in the University of California San Diego University of California system, the
highest research expenditures, research expenditures in the United States its sixth
series. San Diego University of California system and the graduates in the local
establishment of around 200 companies. Employees of the local biotechnology
industry for more than 40% of the University of California at San Diego, the company
generated work. The school has 16 members, won the Nobel Prize, of which nine are
still in school work. UCSD number of members of the American Academy of America
in terms of ranked sixth.

Pasadena City College
Pasadena Community College is the University of California, one of the best, in
Pasadena, near Los Angeles, about 20 miles from downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena
College is a large comprehensive university, with a unique and flexible curriculum
design, students can be used flexibly, with sub-degree courses, junior college transfer
courses, certificate courses, career courses school of about 350 people each year apply
for the University of California at Berkeley and other systems, 1000 for the California
State University System , University of California, one of the best quarters in 1924,
the school, there are more than 60 kinds of further education courses and more than
80 kinds of certificate courses, students 25 549 people, auditors 4000.

UIUC Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland, the United States one of the most famous public research
university. Association of American University is one of 60 members. University of
Maryland, Department of Computer Science major is to build models of physical
phenomena (eg weather), human (expert systems, robotics) and computer systems.
Through the study of this weak courses to students in artificial intelligence, systems
and networks, databases, human factors, data analysis, programming languages,
computer software engineering and theory in the field has been harvested and

University of Southern California
University of Southern California (Uni.of Southern California) was built in 1880, in
Los Angeles, California, is a long history and high level of research and teaching, the
campus has a rich cultural life of the world's leading private universities.
Schools, more than 28,000 current students, about half of them graduate students, is
named the Western United States Association of American University in one of four
private universities, their graduates as business, government and areas of expertise
there is no lack important leadership positions throughout United States, the Pacific
region and the world. University of Southern California strong financial background,
academic reputation in the nation's top 40.

Golden West College
Golden West College is located in Huntington Beach in Southern California coastal
communities, was established in 1965 under the California Community College
system. Campus covers 120 acres, beautiful, pleasant environment, 1.3 million
students in school, is a medium-sized two-year college.

California State University-Fullerton
Location Southern California, California State University, Fullerton was founded in
1957, are one of America's major universities, a total of 30,000 students
from more than 80 different countries, 1,300 international students. The school system
is complete, a total of 55 undergraduate departments, 47 research departments.
California State University Fullerton (CSUF) has 40 years of history, over the years
fostered more than 130 thousand of the elite, these students lack many have become
outstanding entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, teachers, Broadway shows family, Emmy
and Oscar winners such as the world's honor, well-known example, so
Kevin Kou Meissner.

School of Law Boalt Hall
University of California, Berkeley, the University of California campuses in 9 of the
oldest, the best quality of education campus, the University of California system is the
most prominent representative. University of California, Berkeley Peter
organizational structure is: The traditional multi-disciplinary liberal arts college
mainly to supplement the emerging disciplines and professional schools. Law school a
total of three.

Orange Coast College
OCC, founded in 1948, is a two-year community college, from the beautiful coast of
Southern California just minutes by car, 40 miles south of Los Angeles, away from
Disneyland and other attractions only a short drive away. OCC has developed into the
United States are the best and the biggest one of several community colleges, enroll
each semester of about 28,000 students, it has more than 130 kinds of academic
courses and vocational courses, including the country's largest and most
prestigious public sailing program Students can obtain after completing the associate
degree and Associate of Arts degree, continuing education certification, may also
transfer to four-year universities. In fact, OCC in Orange County (Orange County) all
of the nine community colleges in the number of transfer students to the University of
California and California State University system, most schools. OCC has the most
advanced equipment and conserve more than the rich variety of academic staff,
campus life easy and interesting. School has more than 50 active student
organizations and many school and extracurricular activities, to ensure that students
attending OCC during the memories and experience.

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