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					12th Tour of Japan Toyota Lean Training
Training Background
With unique manufacturing system, Toyota has created profitable and stable growth,
and strong competitive! As a "world factory" is facing a
"crisis of profits," Chinese enterprises, there is no reason not to
learn to make the Toyota way!
Manufacturing, are destined to be "smiling curve" the most
bitter of the valley point of it? Management, are only the helplessness of the Red Sea,
small profit margins in the struggle it? → Definitely not!
Toyota must go see!
When "Made in China" for "Blade profit"
difficult and anxious embarrassment, and because of "Blue Ocean
Strategy" passion inspired to look for victory without fighting, the
following facts are enough to make us reflect on those who suddenly hearsay
"a matter of course . "
In 2005, six major Japanese car manufacturers have made impressive record.
According to statistics, last year, global production of cars, 1 / 3 of the Japanese cars.
The third largest in the world where Toyota 2005 sales of 21.04 trillion yen (about
183 billion U.S. dollars); profit of 1.8783 trillion yen (16.3 billion U.S. dollars), has a
record for 6 years ; its net profit to 1.37 trillion yen (about 11.9 billion U.S. dollars),
the fourth consecutive year has been high. According to the first quarter of this year
(March-June) of the outstanding performance, Toyota is expected 2006 profits will be
high. Meanwhile, Toyota or Standard & Poor's highest credit
rating (AAA), also owns the world's only car manufacturer ratings.
Toyota Yiqijuechen behind, it is loss of U.S. auto companies have plunged into the
quagmire of inability to extricate itself - "boss" of General
Motors, the huge loss of 8.6 billion U.S. dollars last year actually! The
"second" Ford, although the profits of 2 billion U.S. dollars last
year, the first quarter of this year will fall into the bottom of the huge loss of 1.2
billion U.S. dollars; "ranks the fourth," Daimler Chrysler profits
last year, but 6.1 billion U.S. dollars ... ....
That is, a net profit of Toyota, the three major European and American car companies
than the combined profits of more than!

However, the Japanese manufacturing industry in the eyes of many, is still closed and
conservative, the lack of strategic awareness, lack of technological innovation, lack of
financial connotation, but also the lack of blinding of marketing. Japanese, it seems
that only the manufacture, very simple - but on the virtue of the unique manufacturing
system (Toyota Production System, TPS), Toyota has created the most profitable
counterparts, the most stable growth, and competitiveness of the most solid!

Japanese expert advice and more worth pondering: "should now return to
the Orient management culture. Relative to Europe and the United States, in culture,
the similarities between China and Japan more factors may learn more, learn them
more easily.
As a "world factory" is facing a "crisis of
profits," Chinese enterprises, there is no reason not to "create
the root" of Japan, not "lucrative" Toyota, learning
quest, exploration what!
When       to     "enhance       the     competitiveness      of    Chinese
manufacturing," Gap mission is duty-bound to take up this consultancy
mission, together with Japan HIRA Ltd. day training organized visits of Chinese
enterprises, Chinese entrepreneurs Offered unusually warm, so that we personal
feeling: Chinese entrepreneurs are full of vigor, so that in future the world will be

"15 on learning." With the impact, Fang thinking; have thought,
will progress. Along the way the market economy for 15 years, to a new height, Gap
Consulting starting with the Chinese manufacturing industry go the same way, into
the Toyota.
University Toyota! To do our own!
Training Features
? Training and guidance
Throughout the 40 years of experience in the Toyota lean production, Toyota senior
expert instruction guide for your Toyota Production of DNA analysis
? to improve the theme confirmed
According to the actual situation of enterprises, selected training topics, each
participant has a separate opportunity for counseling
? representative of the factory tour
Visit a typical plant, different angles to show you the charm of the Toyota Production
? Simulation of factory practice
High degree of simulation in the center of the internship, hands-on practice, see what
they have learned to enhance the understanding of the essence of the lean.
? provide opportunities for exchange between participants
Make the trade with China, the elite, the establishment of a network of high-quality

Japanese partners
Established in 1967, HIRA is the TPS in Japan's largest consulting
company, is a hands-on practice of the Toyota Production System and concluded, the
company consultants all come from Toyota Motor Corporation. Headquartered in
Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and other places with offices, by teaching the Toyota
production system in Japan and overseas, and world- level production of
medium-sized manufacturing enterprises own production management and
performance improvement consulting services . Practice the three major temples TPS
(Toyota dojo \ Motegi dojo \ Yamaguchi temple) every day can accommodate more
than 100 training and guidance, provide lectures, case exercises, factory visits and
field training facility and other services.
Taiichi Ohno the occasion of his retirement, Mr Toyota Production System has set the
worldwide promotion of the vision, as Taiichi Ohno around the right- hand man of a
good Hirayama, Ren Fengtian Tahara factory director, founded the HIRA company
after retirement. As Taiichi Ohno in Japan during his lifetime recognized one of the
three TPS consulting company, has been adhering to the vision of Mr. Taiichi Ohno,
TPS production techniques spread throughout the world, now has helped more than
5,000 enterprises, more than 40,000 people Experience Toyota Tour. Only South
Korea's Samsung Group has received more than 5,000 people, South
Korea's LG Electronics received more than 1,000 people.
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