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					10 tips for successful job college students
Accurate positioning. To find out what you want? Like what? What are you interested?
Their own advantage? Suitable for any kind of work? Like which city, which the
industry, what jobs? Some graduates work for a few years or even 10 years later, only
to find their own work with this is not where their interest or expertise, then re-select
later than the others for many years, endless regret. Therefore, accurate positioning is
the key to success, the first step on a half success.
   Good career planning. With positioning, the next is to define goals, make career
planning. Planning can be divided into long-term (10 years) planning, medium term
(3-10 years) planning and short-term (1-3 years) planning. Plan must be feasible, can
be achieved through the efforts, not planning to do could get the ideals and aspirations.
Career planning is comprehensive, not only do the number of jobs and income, but
also include study plans, capacity-building plans, etc..
   Down to earth, care about the future and not care about salary. University graduates
in choosing the most likely mistake is attracted me, choosers, high quality and too low
not to. This mentality is never wise, much excess supply of university graduates has
become an objective reality in the race for survival, has become the only choice. In
addition, students must clearly realize that employers need to be able to solve
practical problems of people, rather than a university degree, graduation is just the
beginning. Therefore, the first job is totally unnecessary care about how much salary
and income, it is important to select a promising industries, companies and jobs to
meet their own position and career planning, job skills training capacity and first up,
this time naturally have and employers about wages and conditions of selected jobs.
   Multi-channel, selective collection of jobs. Search from the various sources of
useful jobs, especially to learn to use recruitment website. But the recruitment of the
collection of information must be selective, according to their position and plan to
choose, to focus on a particular industry or job, so as to improve the success rate.
   To resume concise. Write a resume is a very important part, but not too much
because its important to carry out his tricks and packaging, to counter such anti-.
   The best resume or short, to show his true strengths come out on the line.
   Show youth and college students image of the sun. Those who recruit a large
number of well-known enterprises of fresh students every year, students can not plan
to bring much immediate value to the enterprise, while value is plasticity students,
college students like a white, no pollution, corporate culture more easily into his you
want talent, so graduates must understand this truth, to fully demonstrate their
strengths, to show youth the image of the sun.
   Before the interview to find out each other's needs. This point of the
university graduates may be more difficult, but as much as possible through various
channels to understand the user unit is necessary. A total lack of understanding went
to interview the employer or applicant fails, or select the wrong unit.
   Directly to the remote city, deep into the job line. China's economic
development is very uneven, 80% of the employment needs are from the coastal cities,
and the remaining 20% of the demand also comes from the mainland capital cities, so
go off-site urban employment, conduct safety and will be more opportunities. To
remote job must be arranged prior to travel plans, good cost estimates, particularly in
the accommodation must first contact is good, this security is very important.
   Expert advice and more to come. For over people, the employment aspects in some
personal experience, can provide some experience for your own reference, so big
brother big sister to the brothers and sisters to ask advice is also very necessary, but
the final choice must still own, do not fully trust the opinions of others Because in the
end only you know what they want.
   Continued to remain optimistic, confident attitude. Finding a job is very difficult
process, especially for those poor family, professional and school is so not good
students, but to learn to adjust, treat the process as a learning and growing process,
this stage as the last class of the University to maintain an upbeat attitude, continued
to have confidence that this is the most critical job successful job search point.
Features reduce the age of
Eyes by age

   1. To keep the environment moist. Dry eye not only induced by the environment
dry lines, but also makes the eyes dry eyes affect the nutrient supply and ability to
rule out foreign bodies, cause dry eye syndrome, conjunctivitis and other issues. Solve
this problem just need a humidifier, not only for body-week moist air can also reduce
the computer screen radiation.

  2. Drink green tea. Tea in the LPS can improve the hematopoietic function of the
eye, as well as the role of radiation damage. In addition to drinking, the cooling of the
wet green tea bags will be wrapped in tissue paper and wrap it in tightly closed eyes,
so that will help alleviate eye fatigue and itchy eyes caused by the cold air.

  3. To do eye exercises. Orbital eye exercises can promote blood circulation,
improve nerve nutrition, can eliminate the over-congestion in the brain and eye, due to
loop flow, the eye muscles can be ruled out regulating the accumulation of
metabolites, so the eye muscles to relax, be useful for alleviating eye fatigue .

  4. Eat blueberry yogurt. Contained the blue pigment in blueberries - anthocyanins,
with the promotion of eye blood circulation, maintain normal intraocular pressure,
ease the role of vision loss. Extra points if you want more, then matched with yogurt
on it, because the dairy products of vitamin B2 can remove eye congestion and chaos

Training the eyes look

First of all, have attractive eyes and look. Mr. Mei Lanfang practiced eye has kept a
flock of pigeons, when the pigeons in the sky, use eye shadow to follow the pigeons,
One day, the eyes have a look. We can use a more simple way - to play table tennis,
this is the best exercise eyes, myopia prevention campaign
Ears by age
   1. Eat more carrots. Carrots contain a lot of vitamin A. It is found that this
substance can promote the regeneration of inner ear nerve cells, experiments with
vitamin A have hearing cell regeneration after three days, seven days after the hearing
rebounded significantly. Snail, oyster, chicken liver is also rich in vitamin A treasure.

   2. Eat food containing iron. In vivo red cell degeneration caused by iron deficiency
is easy to block the inner ear blood flow, resulting in hearing dystrophy. Eat iron
foods, such as crustaceans, animal liver, kelp, seaweed, black fungus, spinach, can
increase the oxygen concentration in the inner ear to correct hypoxia and improve
inner ear blood circulation, maintain normal hearing.

   3. Acupoint massage hearing aids. Ear hearing aid with two points, namely: high
bone behind the ear lobe and depression between the Department Wind Point, tragus
before the bottom edge of the mandibular articular depression after the hearing point.
Twice daily massage once every 5 to 10 minutes, the inner ear can increase blood
circulation, the role of the protection hearing.

Lee ears plant

The sensitivity of the auditory nerve with the concentration of carbon dioxide in the
air a great relationship, when the room closed, a higher proportion of carbon dioxide,
the auditory nerve conduction will be blocked, the brain can not receive the auditory
signal. If more indoor plants, especially spider plants, orchids Huwei more, the
concentration of carbon dioxide would be a suppression hearing sensitive help
Teeth by age

  1. Knock teeth. Wake up every morning and before bedtime, up and down each
tooth tapping, tap the start of the next decade, after the daily increase in the number
and strength of rap, to about 50 per rap.

  2. Floss once every day. Doctors recommend daily use of a dental floss on the line,
that is, to use before going to bed. Some dentists even believe that flossing important
than brushing your teeth 10 times. Dental floss into the space, not to force too much,
so as not to damage gums dental floss. Use of dental floss into the different segments
within the different teeth, keeping always clean floss to remove dental plaque.

   3. Use a straw to drink. A U.S. study showed that, soaked in Coca-Cola, Pepsi,
HEDY other carbonated beverages for two days, reducing the weight of enamel slice
more than 5%. Of course no one will drink with in the mouth two days, but the acidic
drinks can not be ignored. If soda is your love, drink straw can reduce the corrosion of
the teeth.

  4. A teeth cleaning every six months. In a clean place not produce on teeth, gums
unhealthy calculus, only a professional dentist to remove the plaque through scaling,
to erase traces of the teeth above the years.

Younger teeth design

In general, the central incisors (front teeth) on behalf of the age: the young man in the
incisor teeth slightly longer than the other, over time, teeth wear, the muscles around
the lips began to relax, more and more central incisors exposed less, has become
increasingly short, people will look old. So the beauty of prosthetic dentistry that,
sometimes slightly longer central incisors, so that the formation of a beautiful smile
"smile curve" (upper anterior edge of the arc connection), can
make people seem more young and vibrant
Nose by age

   1. Early morning wash with cold saline nose. Although the filter and clean the nasal
mucosa have some effect, but if you often wash the nose, the timely removal of waste
within the nasal cavity, so that a better functioning of the nasal cavity. Is: when the
morning wash your face with cold saline containing palm, gently bow nasal inhalation,
and then blow out through the nose, repeated several times. This not only makes
immediately clear, the spirit of them, but also to enhance the nose and the upper
respiratory tract of the cold air outside the adaptability of the prevention of the
common cold.

   2. Often for pillowcase quilt. Bedding is satisfied most easily kept dust and mites,
for both of these allergens on the nose, replaced once a week can significantly reduce
the risk of allergic rhinitis caused.

   3. Do not cold wind. Winter indoor and outdoor temperature changes, nasal nerve
stimulation by cold in the excited state, so that nasal blood vessels expand to bring a
lot of water, combined with low temperature, water evaporation is not easy, so nose
up in winter. Nose, but bacteria, viruses, media necrosis, easily went through the
raised nasopharyngitis, pharyngitis, flu. Or early winter when the seasonal outdoor,
scarf or hand should cover the nose to nose meet the cold air time.

Aromatherapy to enhance the sense of smell

Medical scientists found that pregnancy hormone changes, the sense of smell has also
been enhanced response to pregnancy in early pregnancy can be explained: a sensitive
sense of smell so that pregnant women consciously inconsistent with hazardous
substances, smoke or expired food, the body a kind of self-protection measures . This
effect can be achieved using aromatherapy will be 5 to 10 drops of essential oil into
the incense pottery lamp, coupled with water after the fumigation, or you can drop a
piece of paper to sniff at the surface. However, an essential oil 2 to 3 weeks,
preferably for a change, to maintain the sense of smell sensitivity.
Throat by age program

  1. Rock sugar + water chestnut + tea. Water chestnuts and green tea have a thirst,
heat and toxic effects, crystal sugar moist and nourishing the strongest effect. Often
eat these things, you can moisten the throat to protect the vocal cords.

  2. With hot water to the voice to do the sauna. Sore throat and can pour a cup of hot
water, mouth breathing hot air, for the voice to be a sauna, it can ease dry itchy throat.
However, note that the water temperature should not exceed 50 ℃, high temperature
hot air easily gets damaged by the release of the oral mucosa. Each
"sauna" for just 20 minutes.

  3. To avoid damaging the vocal behavior. For example, drunk hot or cold beverage,
eat a lot of irritation or eat salty food, smoking, staying up late.

Medical instruments: Voice cosmetic

In Europe and the United States, features medicine, there is a separate discipline,
called "Language Pathology", mainly of voice. Some hospitals
have opened up our voice clinic, the doctor checks through the vocal cords, voice
assessment analysis, voice training in the United States three steps, to guide how the
correct use of voice. We are now two of the first study, to sound more beautiful.

  1. Spoke Note Speed. Speed too fast is also an injury to the vocal cords. Each
sentence should have a pause for breath to do, or speak too fast breathing less than the
middle, forced expiratory volume in the length of a word can not be maintained,
barely used air left lung, are likely to cause chest neck muscle tension.

   2. Protection of vocal intonation. In particular, speaking at length, to take such a
position: the body to relax, head upright, natural Straighten chest, shoulders sink, in
front of the lower abdomen to the middle of a line between the two eyebrows, back of
neck and back, waist with a line. This can relax the throat muscles, so that with the
coordination of muscles around the vocal cords, throat to save power and reduce the
voice, the purpose of injury
Teach you 10 good way to fall asleep quickly
1. Turn your bedroom into a sleep haven. First of all, your bedroom to be quiet, black
and dark, because darkness will promote the pineal gland produces melatonin, the
hormone is the control of circadian cycle (that is you that 24-hour biological clock).
With a thick curtain (or something) isolated from external light source, a fan or white
noise mask annoying sounds. The cool temperatures help to sleep, so the thermostat
should make a regulation. Of course, windows or use fans on the indoor air circulation
is good. If indoor air is too dry, you can also use the point humidifier.

2. Follow your instinct. Evening you will be easier to switch to sleep because your
body knows - the point was. Can easily do something in order to sleep well in the
psychological preparation. (Read a few pages of the book, take a 5 to 10 minutes take
care of personal hygiene, or meditation for a while?) To go to bed and get up on time
every day is important - even on weekends
3. Guarantee your bed only for sleep and xx. Avoid working in bed, paying bills,
reading or watching TV. If you want only to sleep and your bed this link, then on the
bed you need to do is sleep, not the night turn pancakes.

4. Tame your stomach. Both too full or too hungry will interfere with sleep. Do not eat
a big meal before going to sleep, or hungry can not sleep. On the other hand, if you
down to the ground when the stomach is stuffed full to the brim, then the acid will
return to eat Road. If you are really hungry, eat a small snack rich in carbohydrates
can trigger the release of brain serotonin, this thing will help relax. Try whole wheat
crackers or a bowl of cereal. With milk or a slice of turkey, these foods are rich in
amino acids, also promote sleep.
5. Alert caffeine. Excessive amount of caffeine per day, if not to influence sleep, can
lead to irregular sleep. When you're 50 years old, their metabolism slows,
so caffeine longer retention time for the human body - even 10 hours. 6 hours before
bedtime can only come to two cups of tea / coffee / cola. If this does not work, then
quit the caffeine.

6. Tired, sleep. Matter is very simple: if your body feel tired, then sleep very easily. A
study by Stanford University School of Medicine, asked a group of between the ages
of 50-76 by the test persons of sleep disorders, one and a half hours of
moderate-intensity exercise, 4 times a week. Compared to similar situations not to
participate in sports in the other tested members of the group, participation in sports
of Cheng Yuan per night to increase the average sleep time for an hour, sleep time,
even fewer, shorter sleep time short t, 而且 According to reports, sleep quality of the
whole. Outdoor sports particularly effective. Exposure to sunlight can help avoid a
nap, to consolidate human biological rhythm. Exercise 3 hours before bed.
7. Shower. 1 to 2 hours before going to bed to a hot water bath. When you leave the
bath temperature will gradually drop, make you feel tired. But do not just wash went
to bed, it will make people excited, but could not sleep.

8. Back to nature. Chamomile, valerian, kava pepper,, passion fruit, the United States
skullcap, catnip, hops proved to be effective. These herbs can be added to tea or
something inside. A cup of chamomile tea before bed can help relax the spirit. If you
are willing to try valerian, under the proposed control for the average dose of 2-3
grams a day. But do not mix drugs and alcohol, and irritating to use. If the slip, the
dose to control 60 and 120 mg before bedtime
9. Do not force sleep. If half an hour, can not sleep, do not lie in bed quietly grief. Do
something else altogether to relax, such as listening to soothing music or point of
view magazine. Or a glass of warm milk.
10. To buy a good bed. Not too soft a bed, sleeping position that will lead to errors
(also lead to muscle stiffness and back problems). If you go up when a concave
mattress, then this bed's too soft. If your mattress more than 10 years of
military age, man, good for friends, a comfortable bar for Zhang hardness.

If you do not feel trapped or feel does not need to sleep, then do not force themselves
to sleep, so sleepy had to say!

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