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   Mankind has entered the space age.
Which Pipi first astronauts on the moon, roughly the same time favorite player.
However, nearly all of them who Europa.
Dr. Wang Ganjun is the world's first Chinese into space orbit. He crossed
the space shuttle seven minutes on a vast land. Thus, he became the pride of Chinese
people. Homeland to meet his Oh how grand.
Even the Chinese themselves may be almost forgotten, nearly 500 years ago, the
Ming Dynasty, a man named Wan Hu's people, by tying themselves to 47
rocket, to fly overhead, and go. He was bang in smithereens. It should be said that five
hundred years with the "Challenger One" as tragic. No wonder
the astronomers use the 10 000 Tiger's name to a crater on the moon
Around the first century AD, the East and West has two astronomers also alive.
Roman Empire Ptolemy founded his great geocentric, and Oriental Taishiling Zhang
Heng of the Han empire, built a water transport celestial globe, it is simply to
Ptolemy's geocentric model became. However, the Theory of sphere from
the geocentric theory, after all, one step worse. In this step, the Chinese made no be
able to step past.
It has thousands of years ahead of the light of Chinese civilization, how to get to the
seventeenth century to dim out? Such a clever people, why get up slow and aging?
Yesterday we once had, only to find that lost today, what is it?
The source of civilization, has been among the lost in a chaos. Let us remember that
up, is contending that the great late Spring and Autumn era. Confucius, Lao Zi, Mo Zi,
Zhuang Zi, Han Fei Zi, etc., the philosophers, illuminating as heavenly stars.
Coincidentally at that time, the Eastern and Western philosophy have appeared in
major saints.
Travel the world when the time of Confucius, in the Himalayas on the other side,
Sakyamuni founded Buddhism.
When King Xuan Jixia College was founded, bringing together scholars, while the
factions, Plato also organized a Mediterranean College in Athens, Aristotle studied
Today's philosophers have claimed that the axis of that era is era of world
culture. Then, for a variety of ideas, has also affected the human race.
AD 60 years, a Chinese emperor dreamed of Buddha, it would raise the Himalayas on
both sides of the two ancient civilizations of human encounter, resulting in nearly
eight centuries of cultural fusion. A Western scholar once said: the human adventure
when the most spectacular is probably the Greek civilization, Indian civilization and
Chinese civilization, when the encounter.
(Buddha in Longmen Fengxian Temple Lushena)
This plump beautiful face, this pair of wins and engaging eyes, this pair of big-hearted
in style, so that each has its first stand in front of people who have been shocked in an
Fengyun braved the famous spiral-fat □ huge head, and now almost become a
Chinese Buddhist art and even a symbol of oriental civilization. However, according
to the experts to research, it is that the dog nose is typical of ancient Greek sculpture
Act. Far-flung east and west, there is such a meditation.
Lushena to Dragon style all sitting here, it is an Eastern Athena. It is a well-deserved
hilltops. It is mysterious, wistful smile, as if it never refused a foreign culture, nation
smile with confidence. This is Flourishing.
(Studio. Scholar on cultural spirit of the Tang Dynasty)
Ye Lang (Peking University): Drama Writer Tang Ming Tang said that
"mercy of the world", which means that contribute to cultural
development in the Tang Dynasty, more suitable for human development. Li Bai in
the Tang Dynasty, if not life, genius can not get to play. Look at a nation's
self-confidence, vitality and creativity of performance, a very important aspect is to
see the attitude of foreign culture it is rejected, and the development acceptable.
Unmatched Lushena, always goes undying Lushena is our miracle and pride, but
today when we face it, if carefully thought: What kind of power and it created the
perfect spirit and broad? Why do not we never made a second come from?
If, literary and artistic peak in the Tang Dynasty, then China's science and
technology is the most mature in the Song Dynasty. Find the trajectory of Chinese
history of science often find that the main focus of the invention are in the Song
Human is the first testing ground for explosives, the Central Plains Song war. About a
thousand years later than in the year the Chinese people have been able to use the
Catapult to launch explosives, and could never have guessed that the same is the
Chinese people, eight hundred years later, the gunboats could even the foreigners
under the crushing defeat.
AD July 5th year, China and the Arab Muslims in the battle of Talas River Assembly.
Tang's defeat to China in Central Asia to never have the ability to return.
But this war is of great significance in the history of science. Captured the Tang
dynasty to the tens of thousands of Arabs, Westerners brought papermaking
technology. Then, movable type, compass and gunpowder have spread from China in
the dark Middle Ages in Europe, where the ground-breaking. Cemented the great
wisdom of the Chinese invention, actually won the European feudal society, following
yet another technological development since the peak in Greece. It is because the
station to the peak, the West has been far ahead of the seventeenth century Bianba
Chinese father behind.
However, the four great inventions in the fate of their home is bad. The first stars lit
the flame that conquered the Chinese people, not to become the first person into space.
Rockets and fireworks consistent system for hundreds of years, has also played an
exorcism only evil spirits and lively celebration of the function. Paper and printing
technology such invaluable communication means of communication in the Shiji Hao
Han, books rife in China, a thousand years have failed to lead to the explosion of
knowledge in the end or the West in turn, we entered the letterpress printing technique
to. Although Shen Kuo early as the eleventh century in "Meng Xi Bi
Tan" in describing the phenomenon of magnetic declination compass
needles and can never become China's maritime power, it touches on the
Western powers to rely on a compass needle guide into just our doorstep. . . What
kind of power in the end so tease Chinese?
(Studio. Scholar on modern scientific revolution, why did not happen in China.)
Qing-feng (Institute Research Associate): ancient Chinese science and technology
development, technology is mainly developed. Four great inventions of all invention,
and not the general technology, and the National Unification, and the feudal landlord
economy to adapt to the kind of Unity-based technologies, such as communications,
water conservancy and military. It is to put the shackles of ancient Chinese science, it
is difficult to achieve the transfer. In addition, from a cultural point of view, the
ancient Chinese concept of organic natural and intuitive way of thinking outside the
push, there is an ethical centrism, may have an impact on China's ancient
science, which we studied not enough.
In retrospect, 16, 17 these two centuries, is indeed very sad that the Chinese people
two hundred years. West of the stars, the human body, lever and chemical substances,
the Chinese are working on books, words, and so pile. Therefore, Hu Shi had said:
The Humanities in China created a more textbook knowledge, and Western science,
has created a new world.
Thus, the seventeenth century, the New World to come knock knock the old one
closed the door to the Orient. Out of medieval obscurantism of Christianity, to a
dynamic posture, with a new civilization came from the sea. If, 1500 years ago the
Emperor of China take the initiative to invite the Indian monk, then,
today's "Western monk" is a unsolicited. The deep
eye-nosed, bearded man dressed but a Rufu is the famous Italian missionary Matteo
Ricci. He came to China in 1582, died in 1610 in Beijing, Beijing are still grave. Very
long period of time over the past years we have been to him as "a tool of
Western cultural invasion." In fact, since the history of China could give
support him, Kumarajiva those preachers in India a very high position, why should we
discriminate against the Western monks happens then? This is probably because this is
the second time the impact of foreign culture, the Han and Tang China has no past and
the bearing of the kind of mind.
(Yuanmingyuan flood law that dogs compete in the spray mist)
Once the Qing emperor and Empress play their favorite place, this world-famous
Qianlong years of the Royal Park is designed by the Italian Giuseppe Castiglione.
The emperor and empress also tired of the pavilions and Imperial Oriental Garden in
the false pastoral scenery, is willing to come here to see the Western landscape.
Emperor of China seems to have never refused to show the pleasures of Western, this
situation looks somewhat like today, though some of us to criticize Western lifestyle
and values, their own, will never be good enough for those who refuse to ultra-luxury
cars and luxury goods, like. Bad to worse in the Qing Dynasty emperors also used this
stone wall surrounded the tall, armed with machetes and shuttle to send troops to see
cover your subject Banners their dreams. They also have to lock up the door to
thousands of miles of coastline and the treaty ports are all closed, so that sword, spear,
Tu Bao and flesh and blood to resist the approaching rumble of armored warship.
Result, a dream destroyed.
Modern Chinese people often like to pay homage to Beijing two historical sites:
among them some of the total strength and prosperity to the Great Wall as a symbol,
such as the Great Wall, the proud, the world was deemed insignificant; the Summer
Palace which came unsightly heap of stone debris before they grieved their gear and,
of course, they also energies, they want revenge. Dear compatriots, you thought about
the two monuments for ~ fruit among us?
Emmanuel Chinese science, technology and culture, can help the West to create a new
era, and why the exotic culture and science from the light, but always looming in
China do?
China is thinking.
Young people are questioning history.
(Dates back to ancient relics and prosperous Central Plains)
The southwest corner of this land, the death of three of China shine in the annals of
the history of outstanding figures, but they are behind the treatment is so poor, in
Chinese history for these three individuals between respect and indifference, as if
history took mystery presented to us. (Nanyang west of Wollongong on the Temple of
Marquis Wu. Temple pavilion, carved beams, pines and cypresses, inscriptions
inscription, spectacular.) Nanyang Dongguan Medical shrine. Zhongjing that the title
of Changsha Prefecture, was surprised at the tombstones before the crown at the
Medical Saint appellation) in three of the most shabby cold, must be the tomb of
Zhang Heng of Nanyang north of the city. Zhang Heng was a large world-class
scientists, but also a great writer one of the few Eastern Han Dynasty, in the present of
some famous universities in foreign countries has his statue, but in his homeland, in
the end but is a scientific and intellectual writer's image, attract any extra
respect people, after the death of a pile of loess is enough - is still lonely tomb of
Zhang Heng of Nanyang shiqiaozhen side lying farmland in the corner, with his
companion, and only crops and grass . But for a few days he had been a Taishiling and
Book of a class of ordained officers, but even this pile of bones buried in mounds, it
may not be able to extend it last until today.
Who has seen the great commoner life scientists and Song Zu Chong Zhi you should
sing the mass graves?
Twentieth-century Chinese intellectuals, and now finally relieved despite stinking
ninth category of misfortune, though worth more than in the past also higher, but the
economic distress shabby and spiritual distortions suppression are still with them.
Premature death of the bad news they keep coming, the heavy burden of being the
most outstanding groups of middle-aged intellectuals entirely away.
Even more frightening is that the tablets in the ancient civilization revered Confucius,
the teacher's status actually reduced to a very humble * situation, the older
generation has wax torch ashes, oil lamp will do, the new generation is no longer
willing to follow in their footsteps. The crisis in education as the most pressing crises.
A sacred Industry in China, so the number of primary and secondary teachers and
intellectuals sorrowful cried.
These can be turned into the sun twinkling aura of people, body monomer thin, slim
face, in the small room in the idea of human civilization in the Milky Way belongs to
the Chinese people are bound to the new constellation.
No humans were a profession, than they need the free air and infinite space.
If you give them the spirit of the plug in a black cross, or the pressure of the gray
section of the Great Wall T-shirt, then Emmanuel will never turn into the sun! I hope
that history does not make fun of Chinese intellectuals.
This is our deep wish today!