; Electric pressure cooker manufacturers next several potential routes
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Electric pressure cooker manufacturers next several potential routes


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									Electric pressure cooker manufacturers next several potential routes
   Electric pressure cooker prototype produced in 1996 in Beijing, from Beijing to
expand peking and "contraband structure," Professor Wang
Yongguang patent holders to jointly develop the market the same year. Then Yung
Sheng Guangdong, Ningbo Tang were pot, Shandong multi-satellite, Le Bang, Supor,
owner, etc. have moved into, because some manufacturers sell their own restrictions
on the regional market channels, like Chinese pot, pot and more for the regional sales
Adi; and Like Supor, owner of these companies are low-key to enter the industry,
electric pressure cooker market which has been in previous years tepid state. Until
July 2005, the United States to declare an electric pressure cooker industry, through a
series of operations. Electric pressure cooker began to be noticed by people, while
also targeting business opportunities in a number of vendors entering flood, in which
Guangdong and Zhejiang in the vicinity of the majority of small manufacturers, the
absence of relevant standards make electric pressure cooker market quite a mixed bag,
market concentration is low.
   2006: establishment of patent pools to be rapidly growing electric pressure cooker
industry reshuffle
   In recent years, rice cooker, induction cooker, electric pressure cooker Electric
cooker market is developing rapidly and is expected to reach market size in 2008
about 68 million units, the average market growth rate will reach 38%, electric cooker
will be developed in a big business, electric pressure cooker as the main rival of the
rice cooker market output has reached 60 million units. The electric rice cooker and
pressure cooker pressure cooker as an upgrade product, with energy, security, etc,
although fewer than 700 million total market, still in the emerging market stage, if the
training to promote moral, the future market will be considerable.
   Since a large number of household electrical appliance enterprises to enter the
market in 2006, pressure cookers growing rapidly, but some manufacturers for
immediate, in order to enter the market quickly with low-quality parts at low prices
rob city. Currently there causing more than 100 electric pressure cooker production
enterprises, these enterprises are not only suspected of infringing intellectual property
rights, and part of the production conditions are poor, lack the necessary safety
standards, prone to security risks, and operating blindly keep the prices down,
resulting in vicious competition in the industry and internal friction damaged the
interests of consumers. October 2006 lead by the United States, and Shunde create Di,
Shun De Yida, Shun Tak co-initiated the establishment of electric pressure cooker
patent pool, mainly refers to Professor Wang, "contraband
structure" patent for the electric cooker industry built firewall would like to
take this reshuffle electric pressure cooker industry and to ensure the electrical
pressure cooker industry profits.
   Electric pressure cooker market: sales of first in the country in Hunan
   Electric pressure cooker because the average price in the 300 to 400 yuan or so,
electric pressure cooker sales in the country now stands at the forefront of Hunan,
followed by the production of pressure cookers headquarters in Guangdong, as the
products produced in more than a local brand, and therefore have a unique advantage,
consumer groups spending power and degree of new understanding of things is good,
so high, medium, low electric pressure cooker can be popular in the Guangdong
market. Beijing, Tianjin, Nanning, etc. As the consumption level and cultural level is
relatively high, so high-end consumer products on new products and high level of
acceptance, beauty, Supor, owner, such as electric pressure cooker Sunpentown In
these places have good sales.
   In recent years: electric pressure cooker able to maintain 20% margin
   Although the early development of electric pressure cooker to achieve higher
margin products. Electric pressure cooker market now average gross profit margin
remained at 35% of basic? 40%. Workshop-type businesses and some mixed in there,
free use of electric pressure cooker of the core security technology patents
Contraband structure, cost, gross profit margin to more than 65%. Profit will lead to
more business involvement, rice cookers, electric cooker and other enterprise products
transformation, expansion and other major brand product lines, electric pressure
cooker will make the market follow along the development path of home appliances,
gradually return to a reasonable profit from the high . However, in recent years,
pressure cookers, according to estimated gross profit of the industry be able to
maintain a minimum of 20% -30%, respectively.
   Electric pressure cooker manufacturer's future:
   According to incomplete statistics, electric pressure cooker now about more than a
hundred manufacturers, due to a number of large firms involved in home appliances,
such as the largest international commercial rice cooker the other, through some of the
mature market, electric pressure cooker will be fried for a longer hot, but electric
pressure cooker with the establishment of patent pools and the introduction of electric
pressure cooker of the national standard, the future of people's
consumption of electric pressure cooker brand awareness will tend to centralize.

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