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									Elaborate on Bloomberg

   Description: Bloomberg, whose full name is Michael Bloomberg (Michael
Bloomberg), has translated Michael Bloomberg in 1942, was born on February 14 of a
middle class family, descendants of the Jews. After entering Johns Hopkins University,
parking and lending by man to complete their studies. 1966, an MBA from Harvard
University. Salomon Brothers after graduating into the stock of any member. 1972,
became the company's shareholders. He soon took over the
company's stock, trading, sales, and later took over the information system.
In 1981 the company was fibro Salomon Brothers Inc. after its acquisition, because of
his straightforward character, easy to offend people, but was abruptly dismissed, he
received 10 million U.S. dollars in severance pay. Merrill Lynch subsequently agreed
to a 30% stake in the situation, he use the money to set up his own name company
information company Bloomberg. In 1990 he opened Bloomberg Keizai Shimbun
(Bloomberg). Then opened the Bloomberg radio, television, web sites. November
2001 was elected the 108th mayor of New York City, January 1, 2002 inauguration.
November 3, 2009, has served eight years of the billionaire New York Mayor Michael
Bloomberg, local time on the 3rd night at the end of New York City won the election,
will be the third consecutive election to the post of Mayor of New York.
   A successful businessman, entered the political arena, it will be easy, like a duck,
why not? Business to do with the concept of politics, a clever political and business
links between the so formed. Of course, politicians in the history of the
world's business, Bloomberg is just a small microcosm, is still
representative of significance.
   The three New York City Mayor election campaign he spent more than 250 million
U.S. dollars. Single in the third invented a game in his personal spending on more
than 100 million U.S. dollars, and entirely from his personal pocket.
   He was a Democrat, but in 2001 left the party to run for mayor of New York, to
name Republican candidates; in 2007, he was mayor again in a second term from the
Republican Party, once all parties that he would become an independent presidential
reference one candidate. October 2008, another change in the past that he supports
term limits mayor's argument, to convince City Council to amend the
election law limits the mayor re-elected City. In the fierce market competition,
business people usually do not stick to an end implementations, it is difficult to do the
traditional politicians.
Taking over New York, the city had just experienced the 9-11 incident, faces nearly 60
billion budget deficit, Bloomberg has abandoned the usual cuts in public services,
remedies, he thinks it is tantamount to the outside world to recognize the
"New York to die. " He will "New York"
as a brand, with technical, marketing, data analysis and management means of
encouraging companies to operate.
   He has three departments will be integrated into a non-profit organization, and
invited who have Coca-Cola, Disney served as a senior advertising agency CEO
George Fertitta and made a series of budget and planning, required by 2015 to attract
50 million visitors, say New York is committed to the brand culture to other regions.
   If he has 1.65 billion U.S. dollars of tax cuts, successfully persuaded Goldman
Sachs to build the site in the 9.11 an explosion of new headquarters building. In his
tenure, he has to focus on efficiency to achieve fiscal prudence, succeeded in New
York six billion U.S. dollars of budget deficit to reverse into 30 billion surplus.
   In his possession, business methods to be used in politics was dripping fine.
Traditional politicians before him on the looks bloated, because they do not have such
a forward-looking and business brains. In the upcoming election, 2009 New York City
Mayor Bloomberg's campaign spokesman Wolfson said: "New
York will face a five billion U.S. dollars next year's budget deficit, we still
do not out of the woods, which is why Mayor Bloomberg says leadership is necessary.
"I believe that under the financial crisis hit the United States, a number
similar to the Bloomberg business practices need people there. The business and
going into politics.
   In fact, business, administration have tied up a truth, that is, advances in
communication, in advance of hard work, wisdom in fighting in the capture you want.
So every step, also as chess general, or said: "Chess like the composition
of ideas such as the Troops, river wide third sector, resourcefulness bottomless
deep." Similarly, in China, businessmen are also numerous cases of
   With the victory of the party's National Congress held,
"business in politics," the phenomenon has surfaced. In
Zhejiang Province, the trend is more intensified. Really be called "political
business" phenomenon, often refers to the person in charge of private
enterprises as the leading positions in government agencies. Because many Chinese
state-owned enterprises has always been responsible officials in fact, not businessmen.
These channels of private entrepreneurs in politics generally is recommended by the
various democratic parties and governmental organizations, study, and then perform
the formal voting procedure, access to government decision-making. Many private
entrepreneurs have become "village officials", many of private
entrepreneurs was elected CPPCC, the CPPCC Vice-Chairman positions. The list goes
   Since it has become an inevitable trend, then, I just want to Strengthening
Democracy Now, to the emergence of more classes, like Bloomberg, a businessman
and political elite. Official position is that people hosting the peace, and stability and
hope for the fundamental, and not some personal gain, to meet the desires of the tool.
Economic recovery in the world on the road, there are always the people with lofty
ideals come to have the power of the state contribute.


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