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43-year-old known as "Rich Dad" in Doing teachers will be
another two years of commercial speech and step down the podium training in the
past in April 2005 the decision made four years after retirement, then practice at home
knowledge management within the Group launched the "Doing the
liberation, achievement practitioners" campaign, also launched the
"Ocean lecturer practitioners elite group" Global 108 elite
instructor selection, training activities. After several years, the Team from the
beginning of the 16 to 56 people.

Knowledge management practitioners chairman

"Training" magazine, founder of the International Chinese

China Education and Training and Development Association

Saint Clements University of Management United Kingdom, Dr.

With the "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki both
T · Money & You professional lecturer (the world's total of six),
and is the Chinese Business & You, Chinese Money & You and
Winning for life the founder of three international courses.

Has given more than 3,000 world-class curriculum training experiences.

Has 17 international lecturer qualifications, covering "business
management",     "organizational    management",
"time      management"         and      "efficient
management",        "business       management",
"dominant bargaining", "team consensus"
and so on.

Best-selling book, "schools do not teach things",
"Money & You the success of 14 required course,"
"successful life of Revelation," "I love money, more
love you", "Commercial Road", "do first
in my life "" Innovation in China ","
decision-making power, "the author.

Taiwan's most respected Master Cheng Yen praised his quick sharp mind
another well, as "the golden head."

Ten Chinese International Trainer
Top Ten Asian Corporate Trainer

China's outstanding trainer the Year
Educational Background
Doing family practice was established in May 8, 1998, the same year on August 6
officially operating, is headquartered in Taipei; June 3, 2002 established
"practice of management consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.";
February 2004 set up a "practice of management consulting (Shanghai) Co.,
Ltd. Shenzhen Branch", the same year in September set up a
"practice of management consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Beijing

Doing the practice of management consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a family practice
Doing Knowledge Management Group (Doers Group) in China's
institutions, mainly in the high-level business to provide a variety of training
programs and courses. Knowledge management practitioners Doing chairman
respected teacher in Asia, speed the fastest super teacher. Doing the practice home of
competitive advantage is to have many with unique and irreplaceable, and enjoy good
reputation in the international well-known lecturer and brand programs, including the
Doing of Money & You, BSE, DISC, Supercamp, Winning for Life and
other international famous brands the whole of China and the world distribution rights.
As the world's three leading publications and training sector the United
States      "Training"        magazine,     the     United     States
"Learning"             magazine,        the      United        States
"Knowledge" magazine issue of the International Chinese side,
led by practitioners Doing Knowledge Management Group has a strong reputation for
the industry overseas advantages. Doing led practitioners to business school, college
lecturer, Institute of Youth Development, Software and Internet Development Institute,
College of successful sales the main line of the wide range of products and services
more from the pursuit of excellence than-warm welcome.
Work experience
Doing any of the knowledge management practitioners chairman, is a management
Ph.D., is co-founder of Mandala training, Doing the Chinese Business &
You, Doing the Chinese Money & You and Doing the Winning for life the
founder of three international courses, is Doing Asian Speed fastest top international

Doing the teacher was the "successful" International Journal of
Chinese into a Chilean deputy publisher and chief trainer of the Group. Doing
best-selling book "schools do not teach," Doing "the
success of 14 required course," Freaky "You're
money," Freaky "I love love you even more money,"
the author. Doing the current U.S. "Training" magazine
(Training Magazine) International Chinese issuers cum-president, with 16 top
international training institutions cum-renowned master of Chinese language
certification award in person qualified professional lecturers, covering
"business management", "Knowledge Management
"" Time Management "," efficient
management "," business marketing ","
marketing     development       ","      successful  motivation
"," instructor training "," dominant
bargaining "," team consensus, ""
spiritual growth "and so on. Doing the work of the international
community has a wealth of experience, has over 2000 Doing field strength of more
than lecture teaching experience, has excellent reputation, and reputation.
Taiwan's most respected Master Cheng Yen, praised the quick thinking,
sharp Doing it well, Doing reputation as the "golden head."

Doing the teacher's much anticipated not only an outstanding student of
Asia's top respected teacher, was also a successful entrepreneur Doing,
Doing business as outstanding performance to create, in just three months Jibei
Taiwan TV media special report for the "excellence", Doing
service has been the benchmark companies sure. Doing quickly and career
development to Taiwan and Singapore, Malaysia, China and other regions.
Good field
Coaching, marketing planning, marketing techniques, character analysis, time
management, MBA, finance and investment
Speaker programs

MONEY & YOU MONEY & YOU BSE Youth Entrepreneur
Business School lecturer and training (CSTD international award for the certification
of instructors, marketing lecturer groups, CSTD Commercial Road, lecturer groups)
SUPERCAMP Superman Camp

Forums and events:

Global Chinese MONEY & YOU in Hui MAP Ultra Mobile Power
Conference MEP Chaojizhixing force the General Assembly Public Lecture will be:
Advantage Tan Pan VS Juedui transaction gender Gou Tong Chong find Qi Ye Xin
Jing Shen Ruhejianli learning system Shijianguanli investment VS Money to Gou Jian
efficient win-win situation with excellent execution team Hypnotic sales

Corporate Training:

Asustek Computer Group, China's Cheng Lu Jih Sun Securities Amway
Alibaba Group China China Ningbo Beifa Alexander Group, Zhejiang Province,
China Trust Commercial Source Food and Beverage Co., Ltd. Cathay Nan Shan Life
Insurance Enterprise's Science and Technology, Guangdong, China United
Telecommunications International, Inc. Aetna Life Insurance Man Du Applied
Materials Taiwan, Shanghai Small and Medium Enterprises
Customer rating
Doing the teacher is the fastest growing Asian Speed top international speaker, Doing
the Writing, many articles are stirring masterpiece. Like "I love money,
more love you" Doing, "Innovation in China" Doing
are welcome by customers. Doing the teacher training sector has a well-known and
authoritative, Doing with extensive experience in international social work, Doing,
and excellent word of mouth and reputation. Doing the teacher's much
anticipated not only an outstanding student of Asia's top respected teacher,
Doing is also a successful entrepreneur.

Doing the teacher more wholeheartedly in the public welfare, Doing in 2004 funded
200 thousand yuan, Zhejiang Chun Doing reconstruction of the Hope Primary School,
Doing more appeal to all our family of mutual interest and funding need of help,
Doing to love and support M & Y spirit passed to more people.

Doing the teacher is a patriot, said he Doing as the Chinese people in Taiwan, Doing
claimed that "the situation across the Taiwan Strait, such as brothers,
forever enduring flesh and blood," Doing determined to "bring
the world into China for the Chinese pilot the world. "Doing that he is
engaged in education, rather than the training industry, Doing advanced education
should be brought into the world of China. Doing almost 365 days a year teachers to
students in the class, but the body is extremely tired Doing circumstances
Jiangdajingshen lessons to students, Doing the best course is always presented quality,
dedication and willpower Doing, Doing well in the broad minded, compassionate
heart Doing all admirable. Doing general said: "I was not Doing teacher, I
am Doing is the boss, I am Doing a business. I Doing is based on the feedback of
psychology, I want Doing more ways to share this success." Doing really
very grateful to the teachers The consistent pay.
Peer review
"Money & You" changed my life and reboot the
direction of my career, this course appears on the surface, to explore the relevance of
self than about the money part, but on this to learn how to complete the process of
self-development I was more natural to learn and earn more wealth beyond
imagination. - Robert Kiyosaki (the world's best-selling book
"Rich Dad Poor Dad" author)

Wilson practical and useful courses can move people's hearts! - Qiaojilade
(Guinness Book of World Records of the greatest salesman)

Rich who want to succeed Wilson's class listening to the answer! - Mark
Hansen (best-selling book "Chicken Soup" author)

Doing the teacher is the fastest Speed in Asia, learn the strongest, most sensitive
excellent marketing thinking motivation training courses, is a model of successful
school teachers. "Money & You" is a super course not
to be missed. - Li Jian ( wind relaxation Media CEO, founder of Success
Teaching style
Taiwan's most respected Buddhist Master Cheng Yen thoughtful praise his
quick sharp it well, was rated as the "golden head." Lin
absorption capacity and the transformation of learning speed is amazing, even has
become Asia's teacher, his courses and lectures are to
Superman's speed is still constantly in progress.

The most skilled at it and thought-provoking humor, talking about family then the
point of courses to help each person build their own successful system, the practice of
their dreams of success.
Professional Milestones
King      Car     Education      Foundation,   former    Deputy      Director-General;
"successful" International Journal of Chinese into a Chilean
deputy publisher and chief trainer of the Group; World Vision Taiwan [Famine Africa]
and the Tzu Chi Foundation [Reservation Paradise] series of public service Event
Planning founder; current chairman of knowledge management practitioners; China
Business Education and Training Development Association, the China Venture
Painters Association long;
Popular publications
[Successful 10], [Time Management System], [the system used to Rich], the image of
marketing], [creative thinking], [heart program], [charm of expression], [successful
power], [rich in the rich], [ sense of commitment], [men are very crying], [the success
of 14 required courses], [schools do not teach things], [change the master], [fresh
succeeded Chi], [successful life of Revelation], [I love money even more love you],
[Business Road], [to do the first in my life], [innovation in China], [awoke],
[decision-making power], [the art of negotiation], [Thanksgiving], [charm eloquence] ,
[creative lighting business] and so on.
Media area
Served as a remarkable commercial television [Book Club] Moderator

Truth TV [wealth challenge] panellists

Taipei Broadcasting Station FM93.1 [knowledge of E Academy] Moderator

Malaysia, Korea's 988 radio stations [in the new century thinking] Speaker

UFO [1:00 relations] special host
China Education Television [Masters Forum] Speaker Professor
(1) UFO Network FM92.1 『』 feel the later the better programs

Friday invited to serve as a fixed unit and Miss Zhu Weiyin common answer audience

(From January 2000 until now)

(B) of the Broadcasting Corporation of China FM103.3 『35』 programs jin sung

Thursday invited to serve as a fixed unit 』 too hard for me show host

(October 1993 to October 1994, the year a total of 52 episodes 30 minutes)

(C) of the Police Radio Station FM104.9 』 Xunmeng Yuan programs

Invited to serve as a fixed unit on Friday, dreams and success 『』 main site CALL-IN
A person

(July 1996-June 1997, the year a total of 52 episodes 60 minutes)

October 1996 personal hearing has been held three Friends of lectures, a total of 1,850
participants audience

(D) of the Taipei Broadcasting Station FM93.1 DJ 』 Taipei Made Easy

(Since December 1999, the Education learning programs)

(E) in October 2006, Singapore received the radio, "Hall of
Fame" section interview]
(1) Rebar U2 Taiwan, the Tzu Chi world 』 program

Sunday, invited as a fixed unit 』 Happy Life DJ

Collaboration with Miss Ye Shushan over which two sets

(August 1996 to 10 months, a total of 10 episodes, season, episode 30 minutes)

(B) small and medium 』 extraordinary satellite TV programs

1. Invited to serve as a fixed unit at a book club 』 CALL-IN show host site
(August 1998 to June 1999, 60 minutes per episode)

2. Invited to serve as a fixed unit at corporate who's who 』 CALL-IN
show host site

(December 1998 fixed on behalf of the class to June 1999, 60 minutes per episode)

(C) 2002 held in Fuzhou large lectures and TV interview

(D) of Hunan in 2004 by the invitation to serve as the "MBA large
platform," special chair, and record the highest ratings

And starting from January 2005 will be invited to serve as many as 104 series
"Cheer" program hosted

(E) in September 2004, by the Shanghai Fashion "heroes"
invited as special guests, the evening program ratings record high of the day channel,
but also "heroes" program high ratings in several of the history.

(Vi) the only invited to the 2005 China Education Television "Oriental
masters", Shandong Education TV "forum famous"

(7) in December 2005, "First Financial" Outstanding Enterprise
YellowPage 2005 STE.

(8) in March 2006, a guest of Singapore's most watched "Good
morning you."

(9) April 2006, CCTV's "Win in China" road show
"Business Pioneer Story," was held in Shenzhen hot. Doing the
teacher invited guests as the show, from the "wealth with you, money
& you" perspective of the business secret. Speech teacher was
highly infectious to the audience atmosphere boiling point.

May 2006, participated in "Win in China" program recording,
as guests.

(10) in May 2006, accepted Hunan Economic TV "Economic
Aspect" interview.

(11) May 13, 2006 onwards, CETV-1 China's educational television station
broadcast a set of formal Doing teacher, "the art of negotiation."
Broadcast time: every Saturday morning, 8:00-8:50, 30 minutes per episode, each
broadcast two sets (20 sets).

(12) June 23, 2006, the China Education TV Shandong-Taiwan CETV-SD full play
every day 23:00 Doing a teacher of "creative marketing."

(13) in June 2006 to accept the economic life of Dalian television station Channel 2,
"First Interview" interview, called "Enterprise
teacher" program.

(14) in June 2006, a guest of Singapore's most watched "Good
morning you."

(15) in November 2006, China Education Television CETV1 Doing teacher speaker
broadcast the "charm eloquence."

(16) in March 2007, in Shandong Education TV broadcast from the practice of family
planning teacher Doing the moderator of "Masters Forum - Western
practitioners" program.

(17) in April 2007, the second organized by China Central Television,
"Win in China" Doing the teacher once again invited as a
special program guests.

(18) in April 2007, China Central Television CCTV - News Channel
"People new magazine," Doing the teacher as the guests invited
to share "I love money, more love you."

(19) in May 2007, Dalian TV Station, "Who is my example of the
wealth," Doing the teacher was invited as the guest program.
Paper media area
(A) Youth, Soochow University, Soochow 』 magazine deputy editor (1984 -1,985

(B) the success of the international Chinese magazine publisher cum Deputy Deputy
Editor (Founded in October 1994 to May 1998 only)

(C) of the number of interviews at home and abroad in major newspapers, magazines,
interviews (such as: "Beijing News", "Liberation
Daily",      "Lianhe     Zaobao,"     "Daily
Economic News", "Nanfang Dushi Bao",
"South Weekend "," Shenzhen Evening News,
"" Economic Herald "," Oriental Today
newspaper, "" 三湘都市报 "" At 6:00
"," Shanghai manager, "" financial
intelligence "and" new business ""
training "," Qilu Weekly "," Zhejiang
Business Magazine "and" New Shanghai Business
"," Success Unlimited "," Chinese
business "," China Report, "" business
research "," Fortune Yangtze River Delta ", etc.)
January 2006 guest Alibaba network, the first successful network of users to accept
online access.

Alibaba in August 2006 to accept the invitation to conduct live video interviews.

Alibaba received in March 2007 an invitation to a telephone interview.

June 2007 to accept Alibaba invitation, live video interviews.

July 2007 to accept Alibaba invitation, live video interviews.

September 2007 to accept Alibaba invited to conduct live video interviews.

May 2008 invitation to accept Alibaba, live video interviews.
Doing teacher with 17 leading international training institutions cum-known Chinese
masters personally granted permits qualified professional instructor, covers the scope
of [corporate management], [organization and management], [time management], [the
efficiency of management], [business marketing] , [direct the development], [success
motivation], [instructor training], [edge negotiations], [team consensus], [spiritual
growth] and [subconscious hypnosis] and so on. Has extensive experience in the
international community, and from 1994 to date, accumulated over more than 3000
field strength of teaching experience lectures, renowned mainland China, Taiwan and
Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and other regions, has an excellent reputation and the
reputation has effectively to help thousands of people to succeed, the widely
successful partners welcome and love.

Doing teacher career in 1998 and was in serious harm to the confidence blow almost
total loss of the occasion, after the recommendation of a friend in Singapore to
Malaysia to learn Money & You, and has since changed his life. He and
friends started from 60 million NT dollars. From scratch in just six years that created
the 16 companies with operations in mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei,
Hong Kong and Taiwan. Project management software includes technology, culture,
publishing, distance education, knowledge and training. For the present Chinese
world's most respected lecturer and actual entrepreneurs. Wilson teachers
since 1999 to accept Money & You global headquarters commissioned to
teach the world the Chinese Money & You important success principles.
The end of 2006, has opened 150 classes, the number of students more than 25,000
people from Asian countries who have entered the elite of excellence Money
& You in the classroom. Create the most extraordinary platform for business
and life.

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